Our New Neighbors Ch. 7


Teri was in shock, she couldn't recall if Kitty was in the bathroom when she did that, but realized that she must have if she saw her doing that.

Kitty knew that she had her. "Teri, I want you to sit back down and I want to watch you masturbate in front of me, is that understood?"

"You can't make me do that, that would be immoral, that wouldn't be right. I won't do it." I could see the tears running down Teri's face as she protested

"Well, if that's the way you feel about it, I'll just go to my PC and start making copies." Kitty said as she started for the door.

"Please, come back Kitty, I'll do it, my parents would die if they saw me in a video masturbating. I'll do anything that you ask as long as you promise not to show anyone those pictures and movies."

"I promise that I'll not show anyone, as long as you do as I tell you. However, if you don't obey me, all bets are off and you better believe that you'll see them in your mail box. One more thing, I want you to start calling me 'aunt Kitty, just as Kim and Nicole do."

At that point, I grabbed Sandy's head and pushed my rigid cock deep into her throat. Sandy took it from there and worked my cock and balls like a horny pro. In a matter of minutes she was swallowing my hot cum down her throat.

Teri was now back on the toilet seat and was playing with herself as Kitty watched. I could see that Teri was starting to get all worked up,, she couldn't control her bodies response and she would be cumming in another minute or two. She was moaning louder, the closer she got to her orgasm. Then Kitty said, "Teri, I want you to open your eyes and look at me." Teri was lost to the tremendous state of arousal and did as Kitty requested, This time Kitty asked, "Teri, are you about to cum?" Teri could do no more than nod her head that she was when Kitty said, "I want you to stop. NOW."

Teri continued for another two or three seconds, hoping to reach her climax, but Kitty went right up to Teri and pulled her hand away from her dripping pussy. Kitty then looked right into Teri's eyes and harshly said, "Teri, when I give you an order, YOU DO IT IMMEDIATELY, IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?"

Poor Teri was now not only in tears, but she was also trembling and I wasn't sure if it was because of fear or her need for sexual release. She said very quietly to Kitty, "you made me masturbate in front of, and when I did, you wouldn't let me cum, it hurts and it will only take me f few more seconds. Please, Kitty, I mean, aunt Kitty"

Kitty looked at Teri and said, "come here and give me a big hug. Teri, I don't want you to cum right now, I want you to learn discipline. However, a little later on, I'll let you cum many times and I want to teach you, as well as Julie and Tina how to fully enjoy your sexuality. I have taught Kim and Nicole and you will see how much they have learned about their own sexuality just through my discipline. Now give me a nice wet kiss and then we'll go join the girls." Teri opened her mouth and kissed Kitty, in fact, she didn't want to let go of Kitty. It immediately became obvious to me, Kitty realized that Teri just needed some 'tough love' and some physical contact and evidently she wasn't getting from her parents.

They walked back, hand in hand, and joined the other girls.

To be continued?? Depends on comments and feedback.

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