tagGroup SexOur New Year's Eve Dinner

Our New Year's Eve Dinner

byMystery Squaw©

My husband and I decided to throw a small, but discreet dinner party for New Year's Eve. We discussed who we wanted and why and came up with Trish and Doug because you never know what will happen when we all get together.

Trish is medium height, shoulder length auburn hair, firm ample tits and a nice round ass and loves to wear high heeled spiked boots. Doug is tall with sandy blond hair, slim with a firm build and what looks to be a good sized package in his pants. As for my husband and I, well he is tall, brown hair, slim with muscles in all the right places and a large thick cock (that I am sure of), and I am short with brown shoulder length hair with small perky tits and a round ass.

We told Trish and Doug to show up around nine. I had decorated the house with streamers, party hats, and celebration horns. I was ready for the fun night to begin. I had just put out the appetizers when Trish and Doug arrived. They had brought a couple bottles of Champaign and a board game to play. They told us that they got this at one of their "special parties" that they go to and loved it.

I poured everyone a glass of Champaign to get the evening going and started to ask about the board game they brought over called "Obey the Commands". Trish was telling me that with this game you never know what to expect at every turn of the cards and the best part was that it kept you guessing on what was coming next. I was so intrigued that I asked if we could play it before dinner. Everyone seemed to be game.

Trish and Doug set up the game and placed us around the board so it was Trish, my husband, me and then Doug. The game board had a lot of squares with remove an article of clothing, pick up a dare card, add a rule, and two little hour glasses for timing (one said three and the other said five on it). Trish said we HAD to do what the cards said or the game would not turn out as it was intended to be.

Trish rolled the dice first and landed on remove an article of clothing. She removed her shirt showing her ample breasts to us all. Her bra was a see through mesh material and showed her fully hard nipples that were trying to poke through. I looked coyly at my husband who was smiling with quite an approval on his face.

My husband rolled and landed on a dare spot. His card said to kiss and lick any of the bare spots on the player to his right for three minutes. He looked at me to see if this was ok, and I nodded in approval. He licked his lips and moved over to Trish and started to nibble her neck down to her breasts. His tongue was darting between her cleavage and running along the trim of her bra. Trish let out a low groan of approval.

My turn came and I landed on remove two articles of clothing, I groaned as I removed my shirt to reveal my perky breasts being pushed up in my black and red push up bra and I removed my mini skirt to reveal my matching thong, garter belt and black thigh highs with the seam going down the back. I left my stilettos on for merit.

Doug rolled and landed on make a rule. He decided that wife swapping fore-play was an option, but any intercourse was to be with each others respective partner and to be a rule we all had to agree. My husband and I looked at each other and nodded our agreement.

Trish rolled next and landed on a dare card. Her card told her to touch and massage any player for five minutes. Trish looked at me and said come here. I went over and her hands slowly went to my breasts. They were so soft and warm that they felt good as she worked her fingers into my bra and pinched my nipples. She then slowly slid her fingers down tracing ever so slightly to the rim of my thong. She trailed two fingers inside my thong just barely touching the top of my now protruding clit. As I was starting to really get into this, the time was up.

My husband rolled next and landed on a dare spot which told him to suck on the toes of any of the players. He got excited because he has a real big foot fetish and was way up to the challenge. He looked over at Trish and moved over to her. He raised her pant leg and started to lick down her boot until he got to her foot all the while unzipping her boot. he slowly removed her boot to reveal a perfectly manicured foot with bright red toe nail polish. He carefully sucked each toe like a kid licking a frosted beater. Not one toe was left out. Trish was moaning in pleasure and hated for it to stop.

I rolled and landed on a dare card that told me to undress and touch all the bare parts to the player to my left. I looked at my husband and he nodded in approval as I moved over and started to undress Doug. I came over and straddled Doug's lap and unbuttoned his shirt kissing and licking all the newly exposed bare skin. I started flicking my tongue on his nipples until they were as hard as little frozen peas.

As I was working my way down his chest I could feel his cock pushing up against my now getting wet pussy through his jeans. I backed up a little and started to work on his jeans exposing his hard shaven cock. I came to find out that he did not wear any underwear and chuckled at the convenience of it.

Before I went any further, I looked back at Trish and my husband to make sure they were not getting offended. Trish had a big grin on her face and her hands were exploring her body. She had one hand inside her bra pinching her nipple and the other was down the front of her pants with her fingers rubbing her pussy. My husband had removed his clothes and was stroking his long hard cock.

As I went back to Doug, I was pulling off his jeans and working my way back up to his cock. I first let my tongue flick the tip of his cock licking off his pre-cum, then slowly taking his head into my mouth. I was sucking his head in and out of my mouth and I had one hand gently caressing his balls.

I opened an eye and looked at Trish and my husband. He was undressing her very slowly making sure to touch and caress every part of her body. She was responding to his touches by arching her body to every move he made.

When they were all undressed Trish crawled over on all fours to where Doug and I were and started to lick the base of Doug's cock. I moved over so she could lick one side and I the other. My husband came over too and started to lick Trish's shaved wet dripping pussy from behind. The board game was now completely forgotten as we were now playing our own game. Here is how our game went.

The four of us all became entwined as Doug laid back and I straddled his face. He was pulling my thong aside as he let his tongue flick on my clit. Trish and I shared Doug's cock while my husband was probing his tongue into Trish's dripping pussy and letting one hand probe her ass and the other stroking his swelling cock. She was backing up to him so he could fuck her in both places.

In the heat of the moment, I decided I wanted to become a little daring and sat up and pushed Trish backward so she was on her back. I crawled over Doug and stopped when I got to her swollen pussy. The sight of her protruding clit from her swollen lips was so beautiful, I bent down to kiss it very tenderly.

After the kiss to her clit, I parted her swollen lips with my hands to spread her wide open and was moving my tongue to trace her inner walls and clit. I took one finger and started to make little circular motions just inside her opening while I kept licking her. I then started to take my tongue and probe it into her making a fucking motion. She was getting so wet, she was running down the crack of her ass. She tasted sweet as I tried lapping up all her juices.

This drove Doug and my husband wild and they could not just sit back and watch. My husband came over and started to tease Trish's lips with his cock. She opened her mouth and took all of him in until it was hitting the back of her throat. She hungrily sucked him while one hand caressed his balls and the other was finding his ass-hole. She gently slid one finger into his ass and was gently pushing down on his male "G" spot. My husband was amazed at this feeling as he had never experienced this sensation before. He grew even harder than ever before.

Meanwhile Doug came up behind me and started to finger fuck my drenched aching pussy with two fingers and two more into my tight ass-hole. The feeling of having both holes fucked at the same time was indescribable. I was rocking back and forth to meet his every thrust. I was just about ready to cum when I pulled away and said the time has come to pair off.

I was so horny for my husbands cock, that I pushed him back and straddled him. I parted my pussy lips so they would lay along the sides of his cock, which was rock hard on his stomach. I started sliding my pussy and clit up and down his glistening shaft. I love watching the head of his cock pop through my lips. When I felt him start to tighten, I raised myself up, grabbed his cock and thrust it up deep inside me. I was grinding my hips deep into his lap and we both came hard and long. I could feel his juices filling me.

When we were done, I looked over to Trish and Doug. Doug had her on all fours and was pounding her from behind. He was leaning over her back and was pinching her nipples as he was thrusting deep inside her. He then straightened up and with one hand was probing her ass calling her his dirty little girl and the other hand was slapping her ass. She was replying punish me hard and long. Their rhythm was getting quicker and as they were cumming, Doug was pulling her head back with a handful of hair. Her body tensed and she let out a loud moan of pleasure.

When we were all done and laying on the floor, I looked at the clock and it was almost mid-night. We raised our glasses and wished each other a Happy New Year and more dinner parties to come.

The end.

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