tagBDSMOur Niece's Visit

Our Niece's Visit


Our German niece came to stay with us in February for a few days, she was 19 and it was her first visit for many years.

Her daddy is my nephew, whom I disciplined as a kid with his 2 sisters when they stayed over before they all moved to Hanover.

We picked her up from the airport and she hugged us so lovingly, the first words out of her mouth were, in her German/English accent "My Daddy said I would be spanked if I was naughty or disrespectful and if I was, I had to thank you very much for it." We stopped for dinner on the way home and chatted all things family, she is such a sweet, if naïve girl.

When it was bed time I told her to go put her jim jams on and come down for some supper.

With it being winter she asked if she could get changed in front of the log burner like she did at home.

I obviously did not refuse and said her aunt would go and get them for her.

My wife went up for them and she began to undress whilst we watched tv. First her wooly jumper then her shirt, button by button, not so she was sexy but because she was watching a programme.

Her tiny bra followed, I picked it up, 32A, it reminded me of years ago when my wife was the same size.

She knelt topless a little till my wife came in and told her to put her jim jam top on, my wife was caned when she went to bed for interfering.

She dropped her jeans and began to put on her pyjama bottoms, I stopped her and said under my roof no one sleeps with knickers on underneath, she quickly pulled them down and apologized and leant over and kissed my cheek.

She has a cookie and milk and said nitenite.

I went to her room when I went up and she was fast asleep cuddling a tattered pink rabbit, I kissed her forehead and whispered nitenite lilone.

In the morning I was in the shower/wet room showering and she walked in, lowered her jim jam bottoms and sat and had a pee.

She just walked in and sat on the loo for a pee, I could not believe it!

She asked if she could have a shower and I said ok.

She stripped off her jim jams and went under the other shower head and I got out.

She said, "your willy is bigger than my daddy's!"

I dried and went to my bedroom and told my wife to bring her to me when she had showered. To describe her, she was 19 and a skinny girl, 32A titties and a designer pussy in the shape of a question mark.

She knocked on my door and I made her wait a little then called her in. She was shivering, her nipples were really like little hat pegs, she said aunty had told her not to dry, I said no, that's correct, I will spank you dry.

I lectured her on her forwardness and remarks about my willy. I sat on the dressing table stool and instructed her over my knee.

It was in the traditional position feet on the floor, over my knee and hands flat down.

She had faint lines across her pale bottom cheek's, I asked if her Daddy had to take his belt to her before she left home.

She said no, it was her boyfriend who gave her 40 with her bedroom strap as to not forget him whilst she was away.

I soon covered the faint welts and spanked her red.

It was so nice to have a young bottom looking up at me, not had one so young since my 3 were her age.

No other problems till 3 nights later, in between she still got undressed in front of the log burner and knocked before she came to pee when I was in the shower, lol.

She was to be in by 9.00 and it was 10.15 when she came in.

She apologized and asked if she was to be spanked for being late and I nodded.

My wife moved the settee corner cushion and I told her to go over and stretch her hands into her aunts hands.

She went to undo her jeans.

I said not this time and unbuckled my belt.

I gave her 30 hard lashes, covering the backs of her legs, bottom and lower back.

I left her to cry and when she got to a sob I hugged her tight.

My wife brought her a cookie and milk and she stripped for her jim jams, she was glowing.

My wife asked me if she could put some Avon cream on and I agreed. She lay over her knee for maybe 10 minutes as my wife rubbed in the cream as it was her last night. The morning after she caught a train to London to catch up with her parents who were arriving that night.

A week later we all met up in Whitby for a family reunion.

Her sister told me she had told her she was spanked twice by me and she had shown her the belt welts when she got home and said she had been so naughty. She asked if she came on an exchange if she too would be spanked.

I replied yes, but only if she was naughty.

When we left they came down into the hotel foyer to say bye, she was in her jim jams, the same she was wearing at our house.

I kissed and hugged her and patted her bottom and she said she enjoyed having her botty spanked and thanked me, on leaving she asked if she may come over next year and bring her boyfriend Kurt as he too could be very naughty. We all chuckled as we waved goodbye, roll on next year...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/30/18


but this is just silly. If you write any more, ask an English speaking friend to read it through and correct any mistakes. Decide if you want to write in English or American. They really are very differentmore...

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by Anonymous04/07/18


I can not believe that person saying all that. I think jim jams os very appropriate for this story as this man is treating this woman like a little girl. All in fantasy fun, she is naughty and needs tomore...

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by DonBrown03/08/18

Thank You

I wrote it how it happened, she will be visiting with her boyfriend @ Easter so watch this space.:-)

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by Anonymous03/07/18

Great Story

I liked it. Especially the numerous harsh punishments!

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by DonBrown03/07/18


Such a rude person, if you do not like my style, don't read them, simple.
I can take criticism but abuse, Is unfair.

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