tagGroup SexOur Night At The Swing Club

Our Night At The Swing Club


This is a 100% true story. We’re not mentioning our names and the name of the club to protect confidentiality, but everything else is just as it happened.

My wife and I have been going through some tough times lately, and we thought, (ok, I thought,) that it might be fun to liven up our marriage by going to a so-called “swing club”. It took a little while to talk my wife into it. She is pretty conservative and had wild ideas about everyone fucking everyone else at the drop of a hat and she didn’t want to do that. Frankly, neither did I. I just wanted to go to a place where we could let our hair down and loosen up a little - you know, just be together and share something new and sexy.

We decided to go to this club which we found online. They had a published schedule of events which were basically dances with specific themes. We chose the Mardi Gras in July for several reasons. First, we could wear masks so no one would recognize us and secondly, we could bring lots of beads and encourage some boob flashing.

The night of the dance came and we were both pretty nervous. When we got there, we signed in, paid our money (it operates as a private club with a membership fee) and took a seat in a large room with a bunch of tables and couches in it. There was food available, a lighted dance floor and a D.J., with a porno movie showing on a big screen tv. We sat down at a table with two other couples and made their acquaintance. They were very nice and were relative novices like us. It was BYOB and we had brought a bottle of Ron Rico to get us started.

After a bit, the owner of the club went to the microphone and greeted everybody. We opened up with a series of dances designed to loosen everyone up by dancing with a variety of partners. Nearly everyone was open to dancing with various partners. No sex, no groping, just simple dancing and talking - you know, where are you from and that sort of thing.

A little while later, they asked all the new people to come up and sit on chairs on the dance floor. The regulars gathered around us and paid us some very special personal attention. My wife had a really well-built guy rubbing her shoulders and arms and encouraged her to rub his chest, which she did. That’s about all she was going to put up with, so he didn’t push it. I had a middle aged women sit on my lap and quickly get topless. She rubbed me and I ran my hands over her back and legs. When I whispered to her that I didn’t have anything on under my pants, she took this as permission to grope my cock through my pants. As things were winding down with my wife and I, we had a chance to look around us and found that several guys were getting blow jobs right there on the dance floor. No once seemed particularly surprised, although I must admit it was a turn on to be sitting right next to someone getting sucked off.

As I said, it was a Mardi Gras theme, and my wife and I had brought lots of beads with us to give away to any girl who would show her tits to us. It didn’t take long for someone to come up. But instead of just showing us her tits, she pulled up her skirt and stuck her pussy in my face. She put several fingers in her pussy, pulled them out and had me lick them. I had noticed someone eating her out a few minutes before that. She then leaned over to my wife and I bared her left breast, whereupon the girl licked and sucked it for a minute. Then the girl bared her breast and invited my wife to suck on it, which, to my utter amazement, she did. It was so hot, I almost came right there in my pants. My wife has never done anything like that, ever. Man, what a visual!

There were rooms around the periphery of the large dance room where couples went for more intimate contact. Sometimes more than one couple was in a room, but there didn’t seem to be any interaction between them. It was just cool to have sex with your wife with another couple in close proximity, I guess. I couldn’t talk my wife into going in when there was another couple in there, so she sucked my cock in the semi-dark hallway outside. It was really sexy, especially as people wandered by and looked at us.

We went back into the big room and things were starting to loosen up. It was probably midnight by now, and when we danced, I bent over and sucked my wife’s boobs and put my hand up her skirt. There aren’t too many dance clubs around that will let you do that! She fondled my cock through my trousers and we were getting pretty heated up, so we went back to the hallway to see if any rooms were open. There weren’t, so as we waited, she sucked me off again in the hallway as people wandered by.

Finally the couple in the room orgasmed, cleaned up and left, so we went in and semi-closed the door. We were both really horny by this time and I ate her out to orgasm, turned her over and fucked her until I came. It didn’t take long for either of us. We knew that people were watching through the window and that made it even sexier. We cleaned up and went back out and one guy leaned over to us and said, “Nice show”.

We went back to sit down and the two couples who had been sitting with us all night and not doing anything were finally starting to get into it, so we watched for a minute then got up to walk around. As we rounded the corner into the hallway, we noticed a room a little larger than the couples rooms and it was littered with naked bodies. There must have been 12 people in there, all locked up in a daisy chain of sorts. Several people were in the doorway watching, and I must say, having never seen a live orgy, it was pretty exciting to watch.

We went back to sit down and found that our two couples had switched partners and were sitting on the opposite partners’ lap making out. It was after one o’clock by this time and the place was starting to empty out (except for the group sex room), so my wife and I gathered our stuff and left. It was quite a night.

Over the last few weeks since we went to the club, my wife and I have talked about this experience at great length and decided to go to another party next month to try it again. It actually strengthened our relationship and helped my wife to open up a little, adding some excitement to our marriage. We probably won’t swap partners or anything like that, but we hope to have more fun in a casual, laid-back atmosphere where we can let it loose a little and not worry about what people think.

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