tagLoving WivesOur Night Ch. 02

Our Night Ch. 02


I await your ever loving touch, the moment when our breaths become steam in the cool night's air, the moment your fingertips command my body to tremble and surrender to your presence. My mind wonders back to that night we shared in the barn. A blind person could have seen the passion radiating from our sweaty beings.

We've yet to relive that intense moment. Even though I can feel every thrust again, as I close my eyes, I anticipate the next time we will come together. Our anniversary is here. I was hoping you'd surprise me with another toy.

It's only an instant before I'm not dreaming and you're finally home. There's a bag with you. I run up and kiss you softly with a big smile on my face. You ask if my bags are packed for the weekend. I nod with anticipation. "When can I open my gift?"

Your answer me with, "when we get to our destination." The drive to our retreat doesn't take long at all. I open the door to our room and hear water from our private pool. I look around in surprise to see rose petals scattered all over the floors, leading to the bedroom.

You smile at me as my eyes light up. "OH Honey! This is the perfect romantic surprise!" I turn the corner to our dining area to see a lovely dinner for two prepared by candlelight. I can tell you took extra time planning this. We each have a favorite meal awaiting us.

As you eat your steak, I enjoy my creamy seafood pasta. Once our meals are devoured, you feed me some black tie mousse cake. I almost melt in your arms as I savor every morsel you pass to my lips

As I gaze into your eyes, I grin and ask what you're having for desert. There's a twinkle in your eyes and silence. Your eyes seem to strip away my clothes on the way down to your real desert.

I lift an eyebrow and casually ask you to join me in the shower. You practically fall over your feet when you see the water steaming from the top of the shower and cascading over the curves of my body. You hold off joining me and just observe.

My nipples harden as my hands lead a soapy puff over them. Your mouth is watering probably as much as my pussy as the soapy bundle sails south and rubs my throbbing clit. I open my eyes and seem to catch your glance.

I step out of the shower and hug you allowing the soap suds to tickle your skin. I run my fingertips through your bundle of chest hair. I drag you into the shower. "Squirt," shampoo goes from the bottle to my palm. I rub my hands together as the aroma of coconut fills the shower. I start massaging your scalp.

Back and forth, back and forth my hands go through your hair. I caress your scalp with small massaging circles. Soap trickles down your neck and onto your chest to my breasts. Your erection starts to grow as my hardened nipples graze your chest. As I tip toe to reach the back of your head, my nipples are almost to your chin.

You bend downward, allowing my breasts to escape into the bounds of your lips. Goosebumps emerge from the small of my back, up my spine, as soon as your fingertips collide with my skin, as my nails dig into your scalp your suction upon my nipples increases dramatically causing more cream to flow from between my legs.

The last bit of suds runs down the drain and we're standing under the water with steam all around us. I fondle the knobs until the flood stops.

We take steps together out of the shower, kissing, allowing our moistened bodies to rub against one another. The couch is near. You slide your palms under the curves of my ass cheeks and lift me upward, carrying me the distance o the couch. You release your grips on my ass and slyly move your fingertips to my inner thighs and push my legs apart.

I immediately affix my fingers to your head, running my nails across your scalp and tugging your hair closer to my honey hole. I can feel you breathe in my aromas. When you exhale, the steam from your breath collides with my lips as my entire pussy starts to tingle.

I can feel your tongue parting my lips, moving very slowly. Then flicking my clit, you start to enhance the pressure of your love tool. My hips start to gyrate toward all these pleasures.

I allow a pearl or two of my juices to escape to your taste buds. You moan aloud as you taste your ever famous favorite desert. While I'm thrashing, I slide one of my legs into your groin to feel your erection. This turns me on at the same time you glide fingers inside me and hit my Gspot all the while your tongue is working my clit over.

My body spasms as I moan aloud and dig my nails into your back, I clench down on your fingers and commancd you to give me the real thing.

your reply of "Yes, Ma'am," fills the room as the head of your erection peeks into my opening. I feel this and thrust my body downward to meet you. Oh! How heavenly you feel inside me, like you belong.

I tilt my bottom skyward, meeting your thrusts, allowing you to venture deeper inside your glove. your pelvic area rubs my clit as you dwell further inside me ingniting an inner ripple, met with muscle spasms.

I grab a handfull of your hair and pull your mouth onto my breasts. While I'm telling you to bite them, I roll on top of you.

One of my eyebrow's lift; grinning, I tell you it's my turn to take commmand. Your ass is mine! I feel your erection growing even more beneathe my stomach. As much as this turns you on, you stop me. "First, you need to open your gift."

I had almost forgotten about it and got excited. you walk over to our bags and pull a box out of a bag. The box is plain with a simple ribbon bow on top. I pull the ribbon and lift the lid. You remembered how much I loved leather and still needed a pair of boots. Inside the box, a new pair of above the calf leather boots with a four inch heel awaits me. These will be perfect for me: Not too extreme but edgy enough to go with my harness and chaps.

I slide my feet in and zip them up. I lean over going through my bags until my hand reaches my gurlcock and harness. I pull the lube and some rubber gloves from the side pocket.

I put on my harness, then the gloves. I stand over you rubbing my gurlcock with lube. "You're my little bitch now."

I force my lips to yours for a quick kiss. I move down your body kissing softly while I lovingly caress your ass with my gloved hands. As soon as I rub my gurlcock against your shaft, I take a hand and start pumping up and down slowly. Your shaft stiffens. My lips again find yours as I glide a finger inside your bud.

"GASP!" your lungs inhale quickly.

"Do you like this? Do you? My Bitch?"

Even though I'm talking dirty to you, you can see the love in my eyes as I slide tow more fingers inside you. In and out, in and out, slow then fast, my fingers probe inside you while my other hand is lubed and is matching the rhythm on your shaft.

Slowly I stretch your hole to accommodate all four of my fingers. Very slowly I pull them in and out, opening my hand as I go. Finally, I think you're stretched enough to take my gurlcock.

I apply more lube to my gurlcock and squirt some on my hand that is inside you. As I pull out my fingers, my gurlcock is there. As soon as they are out, I guide my gurlcock inside you. I start to slowly go inside your cavity.

Deeper and deeper I go in. I slowly rock my hips until you feel the leather from my chaps rubbing against your ass. I command you to stroke your shaft up and down with my motions.

The rhythm I've built up is teasing my clit as it gets rubbed every time I thrust into you. My wetness starts to run down my inner thigh and I'm moaning aloud.

I stop only to bend down and kiss you sensually. Between panting breaths I tell you that, "I love you very much and really appreciate you taking me here."

You stop gliding your hand up and down your shaft to tweak my nipples. I grind inside you and the harness hugs my clit as my body begins to tremble. Seeing me reach my high point, you tell me how sexy I look as you start cumming all over my tits. We're both gasping for air. My body is trembling so that I collapse beside you in pure exhaustion.

I smile with a great sense of pride knowing that I made you cum for me. While I'm lying on the bed, you roll over on top of me and undo my chaps. Pulling them down, you only stop to lick my juices on your way to my boots. Once both my boots are off, you rub my feet up to my calves and kiss your way up to my inner thigh. My pelvis thrusts toward your face as you place your hands underneath my as and grab hold of my hips.

"God, I love it when you eat my pussy!" I moan softly barely getting the words out. Between holding my breasts and squeezing my nipples, I reach my hand between your legs and tug your stiffening cock toward my sopping wet pussy.

I then scratch your scalp and grab a handful of hair to push you harder into my pussy. "Baby, I want you to fuck me; I want to feel your raging cock inside my tight pussy!"

You answer with a quick, "Yes, Ma'am."

I reach down again and feel your manhood before you slide inside me. Even though we've made love a lot and once already tonight I still gasp every time you're hard cock squeezes into my tight, juicy pussy.

As I slowly dig my nails into your back I tell you how much I love having you inside me. I love the connection we have overtime we're inside one another. To meet your rhythms I take my fingers and slowly grind into my clit. My body starts trembling from the inside out. I can feel my inner muscles hugging your manhood for dear life.

"Cum inside me honey! DEEP!" Hearing these subtle commands turns you on, yet you disobey me and fuck me harder. "What did you say my little love slut?" "I Said: Fuck me deep and come inside me!"

As my claws dig into your back slightly and I start bucking my hips faster you finally meet my demand after my legs start trembling again as another orgasm washes throughout my body.

We lie in bed kissing each other for a while before we make our way to the shower. After a quick rinse, we decide to cool off our hot bodies with a swim in the pool. I tell you how much I love you as we're floating in the water holding on to one another and the song from our wedding plays in the background.

"Baby, I love you too and can't wait 'till next year! Happy Anniversary!"

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