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Our Night Out


It's summer and the weather is gorgeous—not too humid, just the right temperature. We decide to head out to a bar for some drinks, to relax. Lately we've been talking about how hot it would be for us to pick someone up at a bar and we've left that idea open for tonight, deciding to see what happens.

You're wearing black slacks and a crisp, open collared white shirt. I'm wearing a form-fitting black halter dress—when I move a certain way, you catch quick glimpses of my breasts and you can see my hard nipples through the clingy material. As we get out of the car to head into the bar, you place your hand on my ass and can feel that I'm not wearing any underwear, which instantly makes your cock stiffen in your pants.

We enter the bar, which is loud, music pounding. You guide me to the bar where we order drinks and then head back to the dance floor. We're both keeping our eyes open for potential candidates to our little game, sweeping the crowd for promising prospects. As we walk, I feel you pause for an instant and I know you've spied someone interesting. You lean into my ear and whisper to me to look to the left, on the dance floor, where a white woman and a Black man are dancing closely together. She's grinding her ass into him as he holds tightly to her ample hips and you can feel the music flowing through their bodies. I grab your hand and maneuver us near them and we begin to dance ourselves, feeling the rhythm in our bodies.

We study the couple, now that we're closer, to see what they're like. The man is not quite as tall as you, an inch or two shorter, with a slighter build. His head is shaved and he has a beard and glasses. The woman is brunette and older. Her breasts are generous and you can see her large nipples through her sheer shirt as she dances. Her ass is what really captivates you, though, large and round with thick thighs and ample hips that her tight jeans showcase nicely. You eye her appreciatively and then notice that the man is watching you. You give him a slight nod and he gives you a look that indicates he's noticed and appreciates me, too.

We dance a bit longer and when the song ends, the man indicates to his woman that he's going to the men's room. You give me a look and follow him, so I know you're going to see what you can arrange. In the meantime, the woman and I head to the bar, where we begin to chat. As we talk, she leans in closely to me, touching my arm frequently to make her points. I can feel her eyes on me, looking down my dress and I flush with excitement.

You and the man emerge from the man's room, talking and laughing, and as you come toward me, you give me a quick wink that tells me we're all on the same page. The woman and I are sitting on bar stools and you and the man come up to us. You stand closer to the woman, right across from me and the man positions himself next to me. As we talk, I see your hand go around the woman's waist and she moves into you. Your fingers creep around to brush the side of her breast and I can see your finger flick her nipple through her shirt. I feel my pussy get wet, knowing how good that feels.

At the same time, I feel a hand on my back and fingers that move caressingly towards my ass. I stand up casually to give the man better access and feel his hand grip my hip and then his finger dips quickly into my pussy. You can tell he's up to something and you begin to breathe more heavily.

We talk a little longer and then the man suggests that we go some place quieter, back to their place for a drink. We quickly agree and head out.

When we get to their house, we're surprised to see how nice it is. We enter their beautiful living room and the man lights a fire while the woman gets us drinks. You and I linger in the entranceway, where you've pulled me. You kiss me deeply, your tongue filling my mouth, and as I touch your hard cock through your pants, you finger my soaking wet pussy. You tease my clit, still kissing me, and I moan with excitement. Then I feel your hands on my breasts, cupping them, and you release the left breast from my dress, teasing my hard nipple with your mouth.

We break away, breathing heavily, and go into the living room. The man is leaning back on one of the two large couches, while the woman kneels between his knees. She is sucking and slurping his hard black cock, and stroking his balls as she licks him. I push you to the sofa next to them, eager to feel your cock in my mouth. I undo your pants and pull them off as your straining cock is released to my eager lips. I tease the head of your cock at first, lightly with my tongue, and then suck you deeply into my mouth.

As I suck you, I see that you're watching the woman and so I nudge her to switch places with me. I take the man's swollen cock into my mouth and watch as she does the same to you, your eyes closing with this new pleasure. I see them open then and I know you want to both feel the woman's mouth on you and watch me as I suck another man. I know that this is turning you on, so I put on a show, first lightly teasing his dick with my tongue and fingers and then taking him deep into my throat. I make loud sucking noises, as his black cock goes in and out of my mouth and he moans loudly in response. I can tell that the woman is giving you what you love, too, and that the combination of her mouth and watching me is bringing you close to the edge.

The woman must realize this, because I see her stop and look over at me. She is naked now, having removed her clothes when she went to make the drinks, and she eases me onto my back, on the soft carpet, motioning to you and the man to watch us for a while. I feel her hands move up under my dress and then softly onto my breasts. She unties the halter top of my dress and begins to circle my hard nipples with her tongue. I hear you groan and I know that you're enjoying watching us. She strokes my breasts and I take her tits into my hands as she touches me. I flick her nipples with my fingers, twisting them as I like to have them twisted and teased, and then I bend my head to take one into my mouth as she groans softly.

She pushes my dress up around my hips and I feel her mouth on me, flicking my clit. I moan and she presses her mouth into me harder, sucking at my sex. I push my hips into her mouth, circling her mouth, eager to feel more of her and I see her man come up behind her, drawn to her bare ass and thighs. As she licks and sucks my pussy, he takes her doggy style, fucking her softly at first and then harder. I motion to you to come over to me and you do, giving me that hard black cock I'm eager to suck again. We are all so turned on.

The woman's mouth becomes more frantic on me, as she moves closer to orgasm. I can feel your hard cock, swelling in my mouth as I suck and stroke you and that pushes me closer to the edge, too. Suddenly, the man stiffens and cries out, dumping his hot load into his woman's pussy. Within seconds, I feel her reach orgasm too, her fingers fucking my pussy as her spasms claim her, her tongue and mouth working my clit.

I want you now—NEED to feel your hard dick inside me--so I push her away and push you onto your back. I plunge your hard cock inside of me and begin to fuck you hard and fast. You're moaning loudly and squeezing my breasts, sucking the nipples as I buck on top of you. As I go over the edge, I cry out, my pussy tightening around your cock. You feel my pussy squeezing your hard blackness, and you begin to jerk as hot cum shoots into my pussy. I fuck you hard, wanting every last drop of you. When we're finished, we fall back, spent for now, and a little surprised at our latest experience.

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