tagLesbian SexOur Night Together & The Morning After

Our Night Together & The Morning After


This story was written in conjunction with a co-author called Shady_Lady also on this site. The first part called "Our night together" was written by me and the second part called "The morning after" was written by her in response to the first part. It seems a shame to split them so we have put them together as one story.

Our night together by California Yankee

You're so horny! You keep thinking of our first encounter and all the ways we pleased one another last night! You couldn't think straight. You needed to get back home, I was staying one more night, we kissed in public – long and hard you had no concern to who might see us! As our lips parted I whispered "I wish you could stay one more night"...

You got into your car as I watched you drive away but unbeknown to me, you turned and went back to the hotel, up to the room beating me back, quickly threw off all your clothes and got into bed.

Instantly your fingers flew to your pussy, feeling how wet you were. You stroked one finger over your clit and another you dipped inside your hot fiery walls. You started moaning, it felt so good and your eyes clamped shut. Your breathing grew faster and heavier as you rubbed your clit harder and harder. Your nipples tightened and your legs started shaking as you reached an orgasm on a loud moan.

You opened your eyes and gasped. I stood there transfixed, watching you pleasure yourself. "Hi babe," you said softly. "I guess you're wondering what I'm doing here?"

I didn't answer, just walked to the bed and grabbed your arm. Reaching over on the night stand for the silk scarves I placed there the night before but we never used them. I tied your hand to the post and then leaned over you and tied your other hand down.

"What are you doing babe?" you whisper.

"You tease. You knew I was watching and you wanted to drive me crazy. Well you did that and now you're going to pay." I said with a smile on my face.

Sliding down your naked body I tie your legs tight to the posts at the foot of the bed. Then slid up and licked your pussy. You moan loudly, but I stopped, got up and left the room. Five minutes passed and you were left there tied up, not knowing what was going on. Your body tingled in anticipation and you could feel yourself getting wetter.

Then the door opened and I returned. I have a box in my hands, which I set beside the bed. Before you could see what was in it, I lean over and kiss you passionately on the lips. The next thing you know, I'm slipping a blindfold over your eyes.

"Baby?" you murmur

"Hush," I said sharply.

You listen and hear me rummaging in the box and setting things on the bedside table. You hear the click of a lighter, and the clink of a glass being set down. Then the bed shifted as I sit next to you. You feel my warm breath on your neck as I begin kissing all the sensitive spots I know so well. I kiss my way to your breasts, but instead of stopping to play with them, I continue down your belly, causing you to shiver, then slide my body between your legs and began licking. My tongue strokes over your clit and it felt so good you shout in pleasure. My tongue works on you till you're squirming, straining in your bonds wanting to press me closer, deeper into you.

Then I stop and you cry out, "NO!", but I laugh and get off the bed. Your body is dripping with sweat and your chest heaving with your ragged breathing. You are so turned on. All of a sudden, you feel a drop of ice-cold water hit your stomach and you gasp. Another drop hits your belly and drips down your pussy, and then you feel something ice cold on your knee, running up the inside of your thigh.

"Oh god..." you moan. Feeling it travel up first one thigh, then the next. It trails up over your pussy and around your navel, intensely cold and erotically sensual. I bring it up to your breasts and then run it around your nipples, hardening them with the cold. Then as I move to the other breast, you feel my hot lips suckling your nipple and sucking deeply.

"Oh my god babe!" you moan loudly. I straddle your hips and you feel this hard cock and knew I had a strap-on. You arch your hips into me. At last the ice leaves your body and you lay, shivering and wet all over your body. I began blowing on your stomach, drying up the moisture and causing you to moan all over again. Then you feel me lean over and grab something on the nightstand. You waited, then feel a drop of hot wax burn your stomach.

"OHH!" you gasp. Another drop lands on your nipple, the slight pain sending a rush of pleasure to your pussy. I let a few more drops fall over your chest and stomach, then peel the wax away and kiss the red spots with my lips. You were ready to cum any second and begin arching your hips into me, begging me with your body to take you. You feel me slide my body away from the bed and you groan, I kiss you softly and stand up. You hear me walk to the door and then hear the door click shut. I couldn't have left you now!

"Oh god" you thought you'd surely die from frustration. You needed to cum so bad there were tears in your eyes. You begin murmuring, "baby, please come back. I need you so much. My pussy is dripping. Please come fuck me".

The bed moved and you stopped talking for a moment, "babe?" you whisper. You feel two hands slide up your legs and over your stomach, cupping your breasts. Then you feel a naked body press against yours and lips you'd kissed a thousand times that weekend trailing over your neck and chin to kiss your lips fervently.

You moan as you feel the strap-on cock pressing into your pussy. You are so wet that it slides right into you all the way. You climax right then and scream, your body lifting sharply off the bed.

I remain still until you calm down somewhat and begin thrusting slowly into you. Your body shakes and you moan as I fuck you so sweetly at first, then faster and harder as the passion grows. Then I thrust more quickly, lifting your body and cupping your ass in my hands as I feel your body tighten again. "Oh god I'm going to cum again," you scream!

You begin moaning softly as we savagely slam our bodies together. I reach up and untie your hands and you fling them around me, digging your nails into my back as you begin moaning louder. Your body convulses hard and fast and you scream my name as you cum. My moans follow yours as the pressure of the strap-on pushes hard enough against my clit, sending a mini string of orgasms through my body with yours.

We collapse together, as I slide the strap-on out of you ....you moan and hold me tight to you. Kissing you sweetly on the lips, whispering to me, "I'm spending one more night."

You smile, knowing I am proud of myself for driving you wild the way I did. Sometime later, when our breathing had returned to normal, I untie your legs and we cuddle as we fall asleep...before waking and making love again!

The morning after by Shady Lady

You wake as the first rays of sunshine drift into the room catching the little flecks of dust, your brain still fuddled from sleep.

Yawning you roll over expecting to find me there, but to your surprise the bed is empty. You glance quickly round the room almost in panic but then relief hits you as you see my clothes still strewn around the room tangled with yours. Where we dropped them the night before, in our fits of passion.

Still you aren't sure where I am when a breeze blows open the net curtain giving you a glimpse of me sitting naked on the balcony. Pulling the covers from the bed you wrap them round yourself and move to the french windows.

"Julie" you exclaim, "people will see you"

I just smile and then like a striking cobra grab the covers from you and in an instant you are naked. You squeal and try to cover yourself and move inside in the same movement. You try the door and your heart beats quickly when you realize its locked. I laugh softly and you turn to face me and see the key dangling from my finger tips.

You go to scold me and grab at the keys but as you reach out I drop beneath your outstretched arms and kneel pushing you back against the railing. You feel the cold metal press against your ass and your hands reach to either side to support yourself as you open your legs for balance. Before you can protest further you feel my tongue rasp against your pussy lips catching your clit ring. Moaning you open your legs further allowing me fuller access.

My tongue delves quickly inside lapping inside your pussy causing your juices to flow faster. You moan softly as you feel me push 2 fingers inside and then squeal with pleasure as my lips catch on your clit ring tugging gently. Your hands grip the railings and you close your eyes and without conscious thought start to ride my fingers. Faster and faster you bend your knees, fucking yourself on my fingers. You hear your pussy squelching and your knees buckle slightly as I work a third finger into you.

Your thighs strain with the effort as you try to open them wider still, squatting up and down. All inhibitions have been driven from your brain fuelled by lust and love and the pleasure coursing through you. Your eyes fly wide open for a second as I push the forth finger in, then they close again. Your hair is damp as your brain tries to reconcile what you know is happening, 'oh my god' you think I am about to be fisted on a balcony in public.

Part of you wants to run and hide but another part couldn't care less as you feel the pressure mount. You yell loudly and sob with pleasure as you feel my whole hand slide into your pussy. Your whole world is focused on the sensations and you almost collapse as your orgasm bursts like a tidal wave. Your juices flood down my arm as you can't stop yourself rocking up and down and for a moment you almost pass out.

You open your eyes and try to work out where you are as you see my concerned face over you in bed. "Are you alright Christine?" I ask in a worried tone, "You were thrashing about and moaning, did you have a bad dream?"

As the realization dawns on you that it was a dream you look at me and see the rays of sunshine drift into the room catching the little flecks of dust. Then softly you whisper, "No darling I had this wonderful dream, let me tell you about it."

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