tagGroup SexOur Night with John Continues

Our Night with John Continues


A special thanks to isthisdesire for editing both my stories...

We lay there for a while and dozed in and out. I woke to a hard on that was being stroked. When I looked up, Sara had both our cocks in her hand and a mischievous smile on her face. I suggested that we move to the bedroom. On the way Sara said that sex with the two of us had been fantastic and better than she had ever imagined. She said she still couldn't believe that she had made love to two men at the same time.

"Are you boys ready for another go 'round?" she asked.

I looked to John and he said, "Sure why not?"

Sara said "Good, and I do mean you boys."

She reminded me that I had asked earlier if she wanted to watch me suck John's dick. "Well," she said, "I am ready now."

As we lay down on the bed I asked John if he was up for it. He said, "See for yourself."

His hard dick was pointing at the ceiling very proudly. I moved myself in between John's spread legs while Sara positioned herself so she could take in the view. I could see the moistness that was developing between her legs. She teasingly told me not to be shy and to get busy, that John was waiting patiently.

I started by sucking John's balls, first one then the other while I stoked his hardness. I ran the flat of my thumb across the head of his dick through his pre-cum. Sara was running her finger through her wetness and across her clit. I sucked the head of John's cock and ran it down my throat. I was bobbing my head up and down on him in unison with my hand. John could only lie there and moan. I was blowing him the way I like to be blown, and he seemed to be enjoying it. Sara was running her finger up and down her slit and across her hard clit like a wild woman. She told us when she started to cum. She asked John if he was ready to fuck. All he could do was moan in the positive. Sara asked me if it was ok. I nodded in agreement.

"That's good," she said, "turn around and get ready to be fucked."

That is something I never thought I would hear my sweet wife say and will probably never forget. I gave her a somewhat quizzical look, but did as I had been told. John said nothing as he positioned himself between my legs and pushed my knees into my chest. Sara had some lube and started rubbing it on my balls and ass. She placed the head of John's dick against my asshole and moved herself up to my ear. Sara started whispering to me. She said that her and John had not slept for as long as I had and that they had needed something to do. She said that John had a sweet tasting cock and really knew how to use that tongue of his on her pussy. She said they had 69'ed until they had both came. This was making me so hot that I didn't even feel John's cock slide into my ass. He had his hands on the back of my knees and was running the length of himself in and out of my ass. I could feel his balls lightly slapping my ass. I hate to say it but it felt fantastic. Sara was still in my ear telling me how hot this was making her. She told me I was also an excellent cocksucker, that she may need to take some lessons from me. She told me to watch John fuck me. I picked my head up off the bed and watched as John fucked me for the first time, but hopefully not the last. She was right; it was very hot.

Sara leaned over and started sucking my dick while John tweaked on her hard nipples. I'm not sure what I was feeling right then. The blow job Sara was giving me had me right on the edge, but John running in and out of me was fantastic too. He was hitting my prostate on every deep thrust he gave me. Sara swung her leg up over me and sat on my face. I ate her and sucked her clit for all I was worth. I was doing my best to fuck her with my tongue. John's hands were on her breasts while she was stroking my dick. I could tell she was getting ready to cum again when she pulled off me, slid down my chest and sat on my hard on. She started riding me while wrapped in John's arms. I believed I had died and went to heaven.

I think what she did next surprised even her. In our 5 years of marriage, anal had always been where she drew the line. Now, wrapped up in the heat of the moment, she slid her pussy off my dick and placed it to her ass. Slowly she sat down getting accustomed to the feeling. John had stopped fucking me and we just watched what she was doing. Slowly she started to move up and down on me. She started moving faster and told us both that being this was a night of firsts, we may as well try another. She stopped briefly and told John to fuck her. She leaned back as John withdrew from my ass and plowed into her wet pussy. John and Sara started moving together with Sara leaning back on her hands. We were moving faster and faster with the sweet smell of sex in the room. Sara was dripping down my leg as John fucked her with sweet abandon. John was the one who started to cum first, but Sara and I were right behind. Damn, what a sight that must have been.

We all crumbled on the bed in a sweaty heap. John spooned up behind Sara, and I had my arms wrapped around my sweet wife. Sure hope we get together with John again. I guess a guy can only hope.

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