tagRomanceOur Passionate Play

Our Passionate Play


After the wine, the dancing, laughter with friends, and a quiet, charged walk home, we were both so eager. I helped you out of your winter coat and stole a kiss to your momentarily bare neck. The kiss lingered as your hair brushed back against my cheek and your fingers touched my head.

There were no words, none necessary. Behaving myself I hung up your coat and my own. Turning back, you'd removed your heels and were halfway up the stairs. You looked back at me over your shoulder with a playful smile.

I took that moment and drank it all in. You looked beautiful in the shimmering blue dress you bought for the New Year's Eve Party. Your dark brown hair fell in long waves to brush your shoulders and back. Your blue eyes twinkled in the light of our Christmas tree in the family room.

As you walked up the stairs, I almost moaned aloud watching your hips sway perfectly and the shape of your legs.

Hurrying to catch up I met you in the bedroom. Your arms crossed behind my neck as mine circled your back low and high. Our lips met. I could taste your soft breath and flowerly perfume, feel the slight wet smoothness of your lipstick. Your tongue teased mine, inviting you in and I eagerly invaded. When you sucked on my tongue I did moan.

Our heat was momentarily ebbed as we laughed. You stepped toward the bed, taking my hand in yours. Turning away from me, you gestured to the zipper of your dress. I found the small black hook and then the zipper. Drawing it down slowly, I kissed your skin as it appeared, then over your bra-strap and the sheer camisole over that.

Rather than kneel, I let my hand finish the zipper down to the top of your tush and the waistband of your thong panties. My lips returned to your neck.

The dress slid to the floor forgotten as my arms held you tight. My cock was so hard, pressing against my slacks and nestling between your cheeks. Your hips arched and pushed back against it, sending your signal of aching desire clearly.

I kept kissing your neck and shoulders as my hands roamed over the delight of your body. I cupped and held your breasts as I pressed us together. Your nipples were already straining to be free of the lingerie.

Grasping the bottom hem of the camisole, I drew it upward. You raised your arms letting me whisk it off of you, then reached back to caress my head. My fingers fumbled a moment then unsnapped the bra and we cooperated in its departure as well.

I felt a particular thrill being clothed while you were almost naked. I hooked your thong and drew it down past your thigh high stockings. Out of impatience, you helped me, rolling down the stockings as well. They were expensive stockings and you couldn't fling them away to be snagged.

I watched you lay out the stockings smoothly over a chair and then add your dress. Watching you naked has never ceased to entrance me, no matter that we've been married ten years and have a son together. Our common, daily intimacy was a different thing than watching your sexuality this night.

You walked slowly back to me, that hip sway making me smile. Returning to our pose from the door of the bedroom, lips embraced, your arms around my neck. Now your naked body was pressed against my own. You could feel the roughness of my cotton button down shirt against your bare back, the firm strength of my hands as they cupped your bottom and held your upper back.

After several minutes of lip to lip, eye to eye passion, I stepped back, more than ready to fling off my own clothes. Your hand gripping my shirt stopped me.

With a wicked smile, you slowly lowered yourself to the rug beside the bed and drew me closer to you. Your eyes never left mine as your hand moved to cover the bulge in my slacks. I could feel each of your fingers probing, searching, and caressing me. You gave me a squeeze that forced my breath out in a whoosh.

Looking down, you found my zipper and drew it all the way down. My cock pressed the cotton of my boxers partly through the gap and your fingers helped from there. You negotiated the flap on the boxers to free my cock to the warm air of the bedroom. My balls were hidden behind my clothing making my shaft seem even bigger, though perhaps that was just a sign of my intense arousal.

My breathe was ragged by then. The last time you'd done this was in the year or two after we were married. I'd thought it wasn't going to happen again.

Watching your lips part and sink over the velvety head of my cock made my heart race. I could feel precum oozing from my cock which you spread over your tongue. Your bottom teeth gently grazed my urethra but you corrected quickly.

My mind was a blur of sensations. Looking down at a beautiful, naked woman sucking my cock while I was fully clothed added a surprisingly thrilling component to the mosaic of pleasures. The movement of your head as you began to bob gently up and down my shaft mixed with the wet heat of your mouth and the touch my cock head against different soft parts of your mouth.

You were no pro at the act having little experience so you didn't chance pushing me into your throat. The manipulations of your fingers, lips, and tongue were more than enough.

"Stop or I'll..." I finally blurted as I felt you taking me past that point. Your firm hand on the base of my shaft told me not to pull away. Your head moved faster and I barely choked out a few misplaced beseechments to heavenly powers before my balls got tight in that wave of pleasure. They started clenching and I felt my cum shoot out of my cock. The fact that you still held my cock in your mouth made it that much more intense and drew even more cum from me.

My balls didn't stop clenching and pumping until they were aching from the release. As I uncrossed my eyes, I watched as you drew back slowly, careful to bring all the cum with you. My cock jumped one last time as I realized what you were planning.

Your smile had a bit of soft white glaze as you stood up. Wrapping your arms around my neck again, you drew me into a kiss and I opened my mouth. Your tongue pushed some of my cum into my mouth and spread it around my teeth and tongue. I returned the favor filling each of us with the slippery taste of passion.

We each swallowed slowly, letting our tongues find every last drop. You finally leaned back to look into my eyes. My face was one of such pleasure and gratitude that you lit up.

I reached down to grab your bottom and hiked you up into the air. Your legs naturally wrapped around me as you whooped in surprise and then laughed. My soft cock rubbed against you and felt the slickness of your pussy. It wouldn't take too long to revive and slide into you but I had other plans.

Leaning over the bed, I lowered you to it, laying you on your back. We kissed before I urged you to lay back against the pillows by the head board. That gave me room on the bed to nestle between your legs when I wanted to.

I climbed on the bed over you, still clothed from the party. My clothing made you feel even more naked, more exposed, more intimate and sexual. Holding myself up with my arms and leaned down to kiss you, still tasting the lingering cum and lipstick.

Moving down, my lips found your neck and the skin just beneath your chin that always makes you moan. from there, they trailed down your shoulders and across your chest to find your breasts.

I love your breasts, perfect fullness and large areola. Both nipples were very engorged and I happily took each into my mouth in turn. I freed a hand to cup and squeeze your breast as I sucked and nipped your aroused flesh. Your body shifting and writhing underneath my attentions was a wonderful reward.

Your hands ran through my hair, pressing me firmer to your breast. Channeling our wanton lovemaking from our early marriage, I bit a little firmer and was rewarded with 'oh god yes'.

Keeping my lips and teeth against your nipple, I took my hand down and cupped your pussy, my palm instantly slick with your juices. Your hips rocked upward, pressing and grinding yourself against my hand and I kept it firm there for the purpose.

Shifting to the second nipple I was more aggressive, pulling harder and nipping deeper. My palm moved in a circular motion against the hard nub of your clit. Your hands gripped my hair so hard it hurt but I didn't flinch as you wailed out in orgasm. Your legs locked around my hand and I felt your pussy throbbing, my fingers getting soaked.

With our son usually in the house, sex has been a hushed affair but with him staying with his grandparents you took full advantage, your voice expressing the passion of your pleasure and reinforcing it. You always liked to be loud when we were dating.

I kept up my motions against your pussy, avoiding too direct attention to your clit, and I didn't hold back on your breasts.

"Yes, yes, don't stop..." you begged, your legs twisting and turning against the bed. Within a minute, you orgasmed again. Your body seemed to lock and contract around me as you grew silent, then loosened with a whoosh of air as you let the waves flow over you.

I held you knowing that after the second orgasm you were too sensitive to be stroked. Your arms were around my shoulders, pressing me against your breasts which is a wonderful place to be.

In all this, my cock had regained its form, thrust proudly from the fly of my slacks. You drew me up into a kiss.

"I want you," you whispered directly to my ear. Your hands found my belt and I quickly joined the project until my boxers and slacks were wadded up around my knees.

Your legs locked around mine and drew me forward. I took a moment to align well and then sank into your body.

My bare cock inside you felt amazing, sliding smoothly from all your arousal. Your legs drew me in and out as you smiled and bit your bottom lip. I thrust evenly in and out of you, sometimes all the way out to tease your labia and clit with my head before sliding back in.

We got into a good rhythm together and I watched your breasts bounce each time my body met yours. You took your hands from my shoulders and reached above you to brace yourself against the headboard. I thrust harder.

I noticed you were sweating and I was too. Some moments, I would thrust and hold inside you, feeling your talented muscles stroke and caress my firm shaft and soft head.

"Deeper," you whispered and I knew what to do. You lifted your legs and rolled to your right. I laid down behind you, all without actually slipping out from you. (Close but not quite).

Now we were serious. I grasped your breast from behind in my left hand and both of your wrists above your head in my right hand. I began to thrust, enjoying the soft pillow of your bottom against my waist.

This was our favorite position. My cock got just enough deeper that on a powerful thrust I touched you inside, making you gasp. Pulling on your nipples as we fucked pleased you as I got to hold and squeeze your beautiful breasts to my heart's content. Holding your wrists was another little variation we hadn't done in years. The way your body responded to it, I couldn't think why we stopped.

Even after having cum once already, I wasn't going to last long like this. I left your breast and grabbed your hip. My thrusts became faster and deeper. Sooner you were gasping each time I felt my tip bump you inside.

I got faster and faster, again with a rush of sensations driving me wild: the tightness of your pussy, your eagerness in thrusting back to meet my cock, the roundness of your gorgeous ass, your hair wild around your head. Even the tiny struggles you made against my hand grasping your wrists injected an electric submissive nuance to our passions.

Finally, I released your wrists and reached around to stroke your pussy. I knew I was getting close to another release and wanted to feel you cumming around my cock. Luckily you were close already and began to cum.

I held my cock inside you as you came relishing the feel of your spasming pussy muscles kneading my cock. You twisted back to me and kissed me as you came and I moaned. My balls tightened again in intense pleasure and then released in contraction after contraction. What cum I had left spat from the tip of my cock inside you.

We held each other as we rode our waves of pleasure and relaxed as our bodies wound down. We kept kissing until my cock finally softened to slip out of you. I held your body against me, spooning and feeling our breathing calm and move into rhythm together.

Worn out by the alcohol, long night and passions, you were ready for sleep. I helped pull the sheets over you and left to disrobe and turn off lights.

In the dark bedroom I slipped under the covers with you and back into our spoon, my soft cock happily nestled against your bottom and my arm around you.

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