tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOur Past Comes Back to Haunt Us

Our Past Comes Back to Haunt Us


Maria and I once again tried to put the latest incident with our captors behind us. What else could we do? Our healing process wasn't helped when we both received anonymous packages in the mail about two months later.

In the package was a videotape and a typed note telling us that the film we had been forced to make had been distributed nationwide and was also available on-line. The note told us sales had been "through the roof" and sarcastically thanked us for our help.

At least with that one exception, our former captors had left us alone. We had been allowed to live our lifes in peace, as Maria had pleaded when they last released us.

The next spring, Maria and I were married. Life was good. No, it was better than good. It was great. In the summer, Teresa, Maria's older daughter, graduated from college. We knew she was going to graduate school in the fall, but she dropped the bombshell on us that she was getting married.

Her fiancee was just finishing law school, and already had a job lined up with a good firm in town. Maria was ecstatic and threw herself into the preparations for what promised to be a lavishly produced wedding.

Maria heard from a friend about a little shop that carried designer label women's clothing, but specialized in weddings. Teresa would certainly need a dress. But Cheryl, Maria's other daughter, would be the maid of honor and would also need an outfit.

Although I myself was not really enthusiastic (I couldn't help wondering how much all of this was going to cost), Maria insisted I go shopping with them. "We are going to all do this as a family," she insisted.

The shop was tucked into a nondescript storefront in a part of town that had seen better days. It wasn't in the prime retail areas in the city--basically, neighborhoods surrounding our two malls. It seemed like a strange place to me for an upscale women's boutique.

As soon as we entered, Maria and her girls started "Oohing" and "Ahhing." They were like kids in a candy store. I was thoroughly bored.

I noticed two employees in the store. One, about 35 or so, I assumed to be the manager or owner. She was assisting Maria and the girls. There was also a younger clerk. After speaking to her briefly, I learned she was a sophomore at the university (like Cheryl) and was just working there during the summer. The manager and the younger clerk were both very attractive. I guess that would basically be a job requirement in a place like that.

We were the only customers there. About ten minutes after we entered, three masked men, two of them armed, burst through the door. The first one, who would end up doing most of the talking, fired his gun in the air and ordered everyone into the back room.

When we were there, the unarmed man demanded the door key from the manager. Getting it, he rushed to the front and locked the door. He also turned the sign in the door to read, "CLOSED," instead of "OPEN." He then rushed back to join his comrades.

During that time, the leader was staring intently at Maria. "You look very familiar. Have I seen you somewhere before," he asked?

Maria didn't answer.

Then it came to him. "You're Cinderella," he exclaimed. Turning to his comrades, he informed them, "This is Cinderella, from that movie 'Cinderella Learns Her Lesson.' And these two," motioning to Teresa and Cheryl, "were the bad sisters."

Turning to the manager and clerk, he told them, "You know, we had been staking out this place. Our plan here was to rape the two of you. But now I have a better idea."

The two employees were then hustled into a nearby closet. The door was closed and locked.

The leader then returned his gaze to Maria. Although revolted by the situation, I could understand how he would remember her. Maria was a woman you didn't easily forget. Today, she looked especially pretty. She was wearing a sundress that hugged her still-trim figure. The hem was well above the knee and the V-shaped top showed ample cleavage.

Calmly, the leader instructed her, "Pull up that dress above your crotch."

Maria looked over at me, helplessly. Seeing this, the second armed man pointed his gun at Teresa's head and told me, "Don't even think about it." I tried to avoid Maria's stare that silently screamed, "Help me. Don't let this happen again."

After what seemed like an eternity, Maria haltingly clutched the sides of her dress in her fingers. With a sigh, she pulled her hands up, revealing her white lace panties. The leader picked up a box cutter laying on a nearby table.

Grabbing the panties at one thigh, he made a quick slashing motion with the boxcutter. He grabbed the panties on the other side and, after making a similar motion, pulled off her panties into his hand. One of the other men whistled and exclaimed, "Damn, that is some nice pussy. It's even better in person than in the movies."

Coming over to me, he grinned and told me, "Open up and say 'Ah.'" I did and he stuffed my wife's panties into my mouth. One of his comrades had some duct tape he had found in the stockroom. He tore off a piece and wrapped it around my mouth to ensure that the panties stayed in place. He then used the tape to bind my wrists behind me and my ankles.

By this time, the leader was back to Maria. He told her to remove her hands from her dress, and it dropped back below her thighs. Walking up to her, he grabbed her dress at the V and proceeded to slash it from top to bottom with the boxcutter. Pushing it down her arms, the dress fell to the floor. He briefly massaged her breasts, which were still in her bra. Then, with quick slashes along the shoulder straps, he pulled the bra away.

"You know," he said to her,"we saw you get fucked by the prince in the movie, but we didn't see you do anything for him in return." He then led Maria to where I was propped up against a wall. That took my attention away from Teresa and Cheryl, who each had one of the attackers fondling and kissing them. Maybe they would be mainly interested in Maria, or 'Cinderella', as they knew her and the girls wouldn't be abused too much.

Ordering Maria to get down on her kneees in front of me, he told her to take down my pants. She looked up at me and hesitated, but a quick slap to the side of her head got her cooperation. She fumbled to loosen my belt. She undid the button on my pants and pulled down the zipper. With one quick tug, she got them down around my bound ankles. The bulge in my briefs was clearly visible. Slowly, she lowered the briefs until they collapsed to the floor.

"Lick it. Pretend it's an ice cream cone," he ordered. Slowly, Maria's tongue began to explore my manliness. "Don't forget about his balls. Get them, too," he ordered.

I had to confess this was not unpleasant to me. I liked oral sex but Maria was not really comfortable with it. This was actually the first time she had done that. For a beginner, though, she was incredible. (But then, everything Maria did was incredible.)

After teasing me briefly with her tongue, the criminal commanded, "Now suck on it." She dropped her head and mumbled something under her breath. With a sharp, "I told you to suck it," he grabbed her head and forced her mouth far down my cock. He pushed her head back and then in again. "Like that," he snarled.

Maria then took over on her own. I had always hoped she would eventually be willing to do this with me, but I certainly didn't want it under these circumstances. Nevertheless, I could feel the excitement building within me. When I couldn't take it any longer, I groaned loudly through my gag and ejaculated into Maria's mouth. Grabbing her head and pushing her lips tight, the criminal ordered her to swallow. Maria momentarily tried to resist, but saw it was futile.

Standing her back up, he tied her wrists and ankles and left her standing there next to me. He then went over to where his two comrades were still fondling Teresa and Cheryl. Addressing them as if they were the "evil sister" from the movie, he said, "You girls have been bad-very bad. You were very mean to your sister Cinderella and now you must be punished."

He looked straight at Teresa. "Undress you sister," he commanded. Both girls began to cry.

Maria, who was bound next to me but not gagged, begged them, "Oh, God. Please don't do anything to them. I'll give you whatever you want." But the men ignored her.

That day, Cheryl was wearing shorts and a tank top. Like her mother, Cheryl was absolutely beautiful, and was not above advertising it. I actually imagined that Maria had looked a lot like Cheryl at that age.

Teresa was certainly attractive, but not the stunning beauty her sister was. Her chest was not as developed as Cheryl's, and she was a little on the thin side. But she had long slender legs that could sometimes seem to reach to her shoulders, and a really tight little ass.

Teresa turned to face her sister. She mumbled, "I guess we will have to do this," and pulled Cheryl's tank top over her head. Since Cheryl had not been wearing a bra that day, her ample breasts were immediately exposed.

"Damn," said one of the men, "not bad for a college girl."

Teresa unbuttoned Cheryl's shorts and pulled them off. Cheryl was now covered only by her thong underwear.

The lead captor snapped, "I'll take it from here." Picking up the box cutter from the table, he roughly grabbed her underwear, and with two quick slashes, pulled it off of her. "Now you return the favor," he said to Cheryl.

Cheryl unbuttoned her sister's blouse and pushed it off her. Teresa's nervous and heavy breathing was evident as the small breasts inside her bra rose and fell. Cheryl pulled off Teresa's slacks.

"How come you don't wear thongs, like your sister," the leader queried? The men could see that Teresa was much more self-conscious about her body than her younger sister, and they intended to make full use of that.

"Take off your bra and panties," the leader said. "Let's see what you have to offer a husband." Teresa removed her underwear and then stood with her arms crossed in front of her.

Laughing, the other two men pulled her arms to her sides. Rubbing his finger on his chin, the leader commanded her, "Turn around--slowly. Let's look at the whole package." She did so, with her arms ramrod straight at her sides and her eyes glued to the ceiling.

"This is bullshit," uttered Cheryl.

Ignoring this statement of deviance, the leader nodded at one of his comrades. The other man briefly walked away, and upon his return, tossed a vibrator device onto the table. He had found it somewhere in the backroom. It apparently belonged to one of the employees.

Handing it to Teresa, he ordered her to make herself cum "like the slut I know you are." As she began to explore herself with the device, the men noticed that the sight was beginning to arouse me. The leader told her to stop and came over to Maria. Cutting the tape from her wrists, he ordered her to stroke my cock. When she did, he motioned to Teresa to resume her activity.

All of my senses were challenged. There was the feel of my lovely wife's fingers massaging my penis. The sight of my pretty step-daughter pleasuring herself. The sound of her moans and cries as her self-exploration became more intense. With muffled moans through my gag, I exploded.

"Look at this mess you made," he said sarcastically. He pulled Maria down to the floor and ordered her to lick it up.

One of the other men picked up Cheryl and sat her on the table. He and the third man pushed her back onto the table and held her arms. The leader came over and tied her arms to the table legs with the duct tape. Moving over in front of her, he snapped, "Spread your legs."

Cheryl shouted, "No," and tried to spit at him. She could be a real firecracker. The other two men pulled her legs apart and tied her ankles to the remaining table legs.

Cheryl was now squirming helplessly on the table and muttering obscenities. The leader ordered Teresa to pick up her panties from the floor. Pushing her over to her sister, he ordered Teresa to force them into her mouth. When she did, one of the others used the duct tape to see that they stayed there. (I've heard the saying, "Duct tape works for just about anything." Now I believe it.)

Two of the men began working on Cheryl's tits. Roughly rubbing her nipple, one of them jokingly commented, "These things are hard as rocks. You are some slut." Cheryl could only squirm and moan through her gag. The leader took the vibrator. Pushing her lips apart with his fingers, he pushed the humming item into her as she squealed.

The three men stayed at their stations until Cheryl gave them what they wanted. They then rotated, each one moving to the next position. The process was repeated. Again, the men rotated, with the same result. Now, each of them had had a turn using the vibrator on her. Her older sister Teresa could only stand by and watch.

"Have you learned your lesson? Are you going to be mean to Cinderella again," the leader asked her.

Looking at the floor, she meekly responded, "No."

Removing the gag from Cheryl's mouth, he asked her, "What about you? Are you going to be mean to Cinderella again?"

"Fuck you," shouted Cheryl.

"Wrong answer. I suppose, unlike your sister, you will need more convincing. But maybe your sister here can help us with that attitude problem of yours."

Walking away from the table, he called back, "We will just leave you tied there. When you are ready to adopt a better attitude, you can let us know."

Coming over to us, he cut the tape from Maria's ankles and brought her over to the others. Standing her in front of Teresa, he ordered, "Put your arms around each other."

At that, Cheryl called out from behind, "Okay, okay, I won't be mean to Cinderella again."

The leader turned back toward Cheryl and said, "Too late for now. We already started. I'll ask you again in a few minutes."

His atttention returned to Maria and Teresa. "I gave you an order," he snapped. Reluctantly, mother and daughter embraced. "Kiss her and tell her you love her," he said to Maria. Maria gently kissed her daughter on the cheek.

"No, kiss her passionately on the lips and tell her you love--"

"I promised to change my attitude, like you wanted. What more do you want," cried Cheryl.

The leader motioned to Maria to continue. Their bodies both shaking, Maria lightly kissed her daughter on the mouth and told her she loved her.

"Now you," he said, motioning at Teresa. Teresa kissed her mother and told her she loved her.

"God damn, this is great," said one of the other men.

"Yeah, and it's about to get better," the leader said. As he motioned to Teresa to get out down on her knees, Maria put her hands over her face and muttered, "Oh, my God."

"Save that for your orgasm," he taunted. "Suck this cunt. Lick it dry," he commanded. "Use you fingers, too. Make it good."

Maria still had her hands over her face. She didn't want to watch what her daughter was doing to her. But she couldn't help feeling it. When she came, the three criminals all laughed and applauded.

The leader then told Teresa to stand up. He pushed Maria down on her knees. "Your turn," he said. "Show her what to expect on her honeymoon."

As Maria began to work on her daughter's pussy, the three men began a chant of "Go, Go, Go." They kept this up until mother brought her oldest child to orgasm.

Turning back to Cheryl, the leader asked, "So, have you improved your attitude?"

"I promise not to be mean to Cinderella again," she muttered.

"That's all I needed to hear," he replied. He then cut her wrists and ankles loose from the table. He then came over to me, freeing my wrists and ankles and removing the gag.

He asked Teresa if she had picked out a dress for her wedding. She mumbled she had seen one she really liked. The leader motioned to one of his comrades to go with her and get it.

When they came back with it, the leader took the dress from Teresa and threw it at me. "Put it on," he sneered. I did, and he laughed. "I hope it does more for her than it does for you," he said.

The three of them then gathered up all of the clothes we had been wearing. "You can wear your daughter's dress home. It will save them from having to wrap it," the leader joked. To Maria and the girls, he said, "I'm sure you can find something here to wear out."

He then motioned us back into the store area. Maria, Teresa, and Cheryl were all bound again with duct tape at the wrists and ankles and positioned in a semi-circle near the store entrance. Tossing me a pair of panties from a table display, the leader ordered me to put them on. They then tied me to a chair at the checkout area.

They then moved toward the front door. "Don't worry," said the leader. "We'll call the police from a payphone down the street and tell them to come here. Don't forget to tell them about the clerks in the closet. It's been real." And with that, they unlocked the door and left.

There we were. My wife and step-daughters bound and naked in the floor. The store employees locked in the closet. And me tied to a chair, wearing my daughter's wedding dress and panties. How would I explain this? I resolved to just tell the truth--and hope they believed me.

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