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Our Pleasure


I strip you of your clothes, tossing them into a pile on the floor. You do the same to me. I kiss you passionately and guide you to the bed. With a playful shove, I throw you down on your back. You growl seductively as I throw you. Climbing onto the bed, I stretch your arms out on each side.

Reaching over you I pick up the end of a silken cord. A playful smile dances across my lips as I pin your left arm and tie the cord around your wrist. Ignoring the questioning look in your eyes, I do the same to your right arm.

You try to move your arms, testing the boundaries. I have made sure you are unable to move too far. Moving down, I take your left leg and pull it to the side. Another silken cord, like the ones on your wrists, is tied around your ankle. Your right ankle is soon tied in the same fashion.

Now you're laying spread eagle for me, completely at my mercy. I kiss you passionately, my tongue dancing with yours. I break the kiss and move to your neck. Applying enough pressure to be felt, I bite you gently. A soft moan escapes you. You have always enjoyed it when I bite your throat.

I smile as I trace your collarbones with the tip of my tongue, causing you to softly moan again. I move lower on your chest. My tongue flicks over each of your nipples. Gently, I take each one into my mouth and suck lightly on it. I carefully bite the tiny bud just before I release it. You arch your back and moan each time.

Another smile dances across my lips as I begin to move even lower. The tip of my tongue traces a line from the center of your chest down over your stomach. You are already beginning to harden. A purr rumbles in my throat as I turn my attentions to your legs.

I very lightly trail my fingernails up the insides of your thighs. Following my nails is my tongue, licking and tracing designs. Each side receives a playful nip that causes you to buck and arch against the cords. A devilish chuckle escapes me as I move my way up your thighs.

I glance deeply into your eyes. They are begging me to make you cum. Slowly I begin to draw my tongue up your firm shaft. Every inch receiving the skilled attention I have chosen to bestow upon it. Reaching up, I drag my nails down your chest as I take you into my mouth and begin to gently suck.

You are so hard. I am unable to contain a moan as I slowly suck you. Slowly, rhythmically I move up and down, my tongue swirling and flicking. You begin to buck your hips, pushing yourself into me. I release you from my lips only to wrap my hand around you.

Over and over you moan as my hand slides up and down. I return my tongue to you. It swirls and flicks across your tip as my hand massages your hard, solid shaft. The tip of my tongue picks up the drops of precum that appear, sampling you. Just as you are about to explode, I stop.

A little whimper escapes you. Rising to my knees, I straddle you. I move my way up slowly and offer myself to you. Happily, you accept the offer. Your tongue flicks over me, lapping at my juices. I rock my hips against your mouth as your tongue darts all over.

Raising your head, you push your tongue into me, moving it in and out. You flick my hard clit, sending tingles of pleasure through me. As I am about to explode, I pull away from you and move back down to your cock. With a few, long licks I bring it back to full attention.

Straddling you, I rub myself over you, covering you in my juices. Reaching down, I grasp you and rub you tip along my slit, making it slick. Holding it at my entrance, I slowly begin to take you in. Little by little, I let you penetrate me. First I take an inch, then two, then three, pulling up, then taking four, five, six, pulling up again to tease you, then finally I take all of you into me.

You feel so good inside of me, filling me. I moan as I begin to ride you. My hips rock back and forth, my walls gripping you tightly as you slide in and out. Your hips buck to match me. I begin to move faster. You are moaning over and over and driving yourself into me as best as you can. Soon you tell me that you are about to cum.

I lift myself from you and move down. You cock glistens with my juices. I take you into my mouth and begin to suck gently. My head quickly moves up and down while my tongue flicks over your most sensitive spots beneath your tip. Your cock begins to twitch, preparing for release.

Your cock twitches one last time and explodes as you moan loudly. Streams of your hot cum shoot into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. I swallow each stream as it is released, milking you of every last drop. You twitch and squirm uncontrollably as I drink you.

Releasing you from my mouth, I move you and straddle you face. Your tongue furiously laps at my dripping juices. My hips rock against you as your tongue darts in and out. Moving to my clit, it flicks it rapidly. The tingle races through me over and over, each wave intensifying as it passes by.

I begin to feel the start of a big wave. Faster and faster your tongue flicks, dipping inside and then returning to my clit. I rock faster, meeting each skilled brush of your tongue. Suddenly, the huge wave crashes through me and I let loose a long moan as the climax runs its course. I gasp and moan as you continue to drink my juices, your tongue brushing ever so lightly against my super-sensitive clit.

Breathing heavily, I lay beside you. You turn your head and smile at me. I smile back as I come down from the climax. My breathing almost back to normal, I release you from your bonds. Once freed, you wrap your arms lovingly around me and pull me close.

"Thank you." You whisper into my ear

"It was my pleasure." I reply with an equally soft whisper.

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