tagFetishOur Public Watersports Dares

Our Public Watersports Dares


Hi again, everyone! First off, we want to say huge thanks to those who left such great comments on our last story, Lorraine's Risky Outdoor Naked Dare. It means a lot to us that people are enjoying and getting invested in our work! In return, we've tried our hardest to incorporate your advice into our stories. If you've been reading our stories since the beginning, you may have noticed that we changed our first two publications to add our real names! As long as the community remains respectful and courteous, we're happy to share those with you.

Another thing, some of you noticed that are stores are kind of short and to the point. That's because we did some of these dares over a decade ago! We just don't have such great memories anymore, but we'll try our best to include every detail we can remember. To compensate for the lack of detail, this story is actually two true stories in one! The first half is written by me, Lorraine, and the second half by Jim. Please enjoy!


Throughout the years, Jim and I have carried out a lot of our dares at the park, the same one I did my outdoor bondage dare in. This is a story about a little peeing we did in the park.

Jim told me to get dressed for the park on a Saturday afternoon. I remember this because Saturday afternoons are the busiest time at the park, and we usually like to do dares when no one else is around, like at night. But he said he had a plan, and that I would enjoy it.

Jim had picked out a very specific outfit for me-a black sports bra, combined with a pair of black yoga pants. He said that would make the dare easier for me, so I slipped on the items. Usually, I only wear such revealing clothes to yoga, but I was excited to see what Jim had in mind.

We drove to the park, but instead of hitting the trail, Jim led me to one of the portable toilets and instructed me to get in with him. First, he told me to stand facing away from him. I did so, and suddenly I felt him peeing on my butt! He let out a little bit of urine at a time, waiting until it soaked into my pants before letting out any more. When the back of my pants were soaked, he told me to turn around so he could finish off getting the front, and then he had me kneel so he could soak my bra in similar fashion. Since I was wearing black, moisture wicking fabrics, my outfit concealed the piss so the only trace of it was the smell. Jim let loose the rest of his urine into my hair, and I wrung the excess into the toilet so I wouldn't be dripping.

After that, we went for our jog along the trail, only every time we passed someone, Jim made us slow down to a walk so I would have to pass slowly by them covered in the scent of piss. You might think this is gross, but pee is really just concentrated sweat, look it up! But I was still humiliated, because everyone we passed must have thought I was the sweatiest woman they had ever encountered.

By the time we got home, it was time for me to prepare dinner, and Jim wouldn't let me change, so I had to cook and eat covered in piss. Afterwards, he took me up to the shower and cleaned both the outside and inside of me ;)

After Jim's fun little dare, I started to get ideas for a piss dare of my own, which Jim is going to write about next!


Jim here, with the second half of the story. So Lorraine was a bit mischievous after our first piss dare, and she wanted to get me back. One night, she told me to get dressed for the park. She picked out my outfit for me as well: a t-shirt, and a pair of black boxer briefs. But there was one more catch. She pulled my penis and balls through the fly of my underwear, so that they would stick out and be visible. Now, the tight, black fabric of my boxers framed my exposed genitals for anyone who might look at me from the front.

Lorraine drove me to the park, and she had me sit up front in the passenger seat with my cock out. This meant that I had to use both hands to cover myself as we drove, since one hand wasn't quite enough to conceal the bulge of both my penis and balls.

When we got to the park, we took a walk down the trail in the forest. Loraine explained the idea behind my outfit. From the back, it would look like I was wearing a normal outfit (albeit with some tight short shorts), so we wouldn't have to worry about people sneaking up behind us and seeing me. If anyone passed us or we saw anyone approaching from the front, I would have to cover myself with my hands to avoid exposing myself to them. But Lorraine had a trick in mind. We would hold hands as we walked down the trail, and Lorraine wouldn't let go if we saw anyone. So I'd have to partially shield myself with my free hand, and hope that whoever was walking by didn't take a close look at my crotch.

The dare turned out not to be too hard. It was late evening when we left, so there wasn't too much foot traffic on the trail. I ended up only having to hide myself once; it was another couple, and they seemed to be more focused on each other than me.

Soon enough, we came to the halfway point in the trail. The park runs parallel to a main road, but the trail winds through the forest in a roundabout way. The halfway point is marked by a clearing that someone cut through the dense grass and trees. Walking from the halfway point back to the parking lot takes about the same amount of time through either direction on the winding trail. But if you walk through the clearing, you will find yourself right next to the main road, and you can walk along the straight road to the parking lot in about half the time.

At this point, Lorraine beckoned for me to step a little ways off the trail just in case anyone happened to pass by. She told me to take off my clothes, so I did. Lorraine laid them on the ground and peed on them. She told me to do the same.

After I added my own piss to the clothes, Lorraine took my shirt and tied it in a tight knot around my underwear. I couldn't put either on without untying them. "See you back at the car," said Lorraine, and she walked through the clearing towards the road, headed for the parking lot, leaving me alone and completely naked.

I tried to untie my clothes, but they were soaked through with urine. The moisture made the knots in the thin fabric super tight, and they were impossible to untie without waiting for them to dry. It was a cool, humid night, so that wasn't happening anytime soon. My only choices were to follow Lorraine down the road, finish the hike down the trail, or turn back and walk through the section of trail we came from. I couldn't follow Lorraine because there would be no escape if I walked down the road, and any car driving by could get me in trouble. At least if I took the trail, I could dive into the bushes if I saw someone approaching. I decided to walk back down the trail the way we came. The reason was that we had parked closer to that entrance of the trail, so there would be a little less distance for me to cover naked.

I headed back down the path. There was about 30 minutes of walking time for me, and I had to avoid getting caught. I felt vulnerable as I walked, carrying my urine-soaked clothes in my hand. I walked with light steps so I could hear anyone approaching behind me, and I kept my eyes peeled for anyone in front of me. But the sun had set, and I couldn't see very well. I would have to hope that anyone who saw me would only get a glimpse of my silhouette and not the details of my body.

As I walked, the cool night air began to give me chills. I had to dive into the bushes once, but no one walked past. It must have been an animal that I heard. Soon enough, I made it to the end of the trail. But when I got to the end, our car was gone!

I frantically looked around at the empty parking lot. I considered just walking home, but someone would surely see me, and then our neighbors would also see me walking up the street! I decided to step out of the woods and take a closer look at the lot before I'd consider walking. In the darkness, I thought I saw another car parked near the entrance. I looked closer, and it sure looked a lot like our second car!

Lorraine must have beaten me to the parking lot, driven home, and got our other car before coming back! Now I had a choice to make, should I get closer to the car to make sure it was ours? What if it wasn't, and whoever was inside saw me naked? I decided I didn't have any better choices, so I got close enough to read the license plate. Sure enough, it was ours. It was too dark to see who was inside it, but it had to have been Lorraine.

I walked up to the passenger door, but before I got there, the engine turned on, and the car drove into the street! I saw the driver park it on the side of the road. I had no choice but to run after it, hoping Lorraine wouldn't keep on driving. The car stayed put, but I had to run under the streetlights fully naked for about 10 yards to get to it. When I got to the door, it was locked! I saw Lorraine in the driver's seat, smiling. I was starting to get nervous standing on the sidewalk in the nude, so I started pulling on the door. But then that bitch set off the car alarm! I was mortified and instantly crouched down to hide. After a few seconds, I heard the door unlock, so I opened it and jumped in.

I was angry with Lorraine in the moment, since we had both agreed not to get either of us caught in our dares, and I thought she had gotten pretty close to getting me in trouble. But after everything was over, I realized how much I enjoyed the risk of being caught. The thrill was so intense that I asked Lorraine to keep upping the stakes on me in the future. She laughed and said she would try.

So that was our story! Hopefully next time, we can write about one of our more recent dares. As always, thanks for reading!

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by Anonymous

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by hbcpl201610/18/18


Please keep up this great work!!

5 big wet stars!!

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by Adrian6970200609/19/18


Thanks for sharing your wet stories. As a pee lover I really appreciated them.

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by Anonymous09/15/18

Very Hot Stuff

Love your stories and so does he wife. Just wish we had the courage to try some of these type of things. I believe that we will be fans of your stuff for the duration. Thanks for posting them.

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by Familyluv2114u09/12/18

You two are crazy!

In a good way lol.....
I just found out about your stories and naked adventures and I'm slowly becoming a fan.....I also loved reading the part where Lorraine was completely 'soaked' in urine and everyonemore...

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