tagLoving WivesOur Sailing Vacation

Our Sailing Vacation


We decided to make our sailing vacation to the British Virgin Islands an annual event. We couldn't wait to get away from the usual daily activities and work, soak up the sun and enjoy the sailor's life.

Lea is a very sensuous blonde with a great body and looks much younger in her bathing attire. When she gets an all over tan I have a hard time keeping my hands off of her.

Our usual sailing experience takes in many of the beautiful islands, stopping each evening to go ashore, enjoying the local bars and restaurants. During the day Lea is usually topless and sometimes she comes out of the cabin totally naked, making me smile at her lovely shape and large breasts.

Some days while sailing she can get a little naughty with a wonderful blow job to keep me straight.

Our lovemaking is usually very pleasurable, although sometimes infrequent during the monthly routine at home. A chance to get away at least once a year is definitely a necessary occasion. During some of our fuck sessions we imagine Lea taking on another hard cock for our imaginary threesome. She generally gets off very quickly and cums harder than usual with the stimulating fantasy of two cocks to pleasure her every desire.

I usually fantasize about my reaction of her having another hard cock and using her oral skills to pleasure another man. Of course, this has always been just a fantasy, so I never have to worry about how I will really react to this scenario, until this particular vacation.

Lea was working on her tan prior to our trip in October and was looking hotter than usual. She was also very sexually charged before the trip and continued to tell me about how much fun she wanted to have this year. She was ready to have sex everyday and drink pain killers until we were happy all day. She also said she would make up for all of our separations during the year during this adult only week.

We arrived at our boat and started to get all things in order to sail out in the afternoon. We would spend the night in a little cove just a two hour sail away.

All was going wonderfully this day as we prepared and our boat was ready to sail away. We left the harbor and Lea was very close to her Captain. Holding me tightly and showing me the wonderful affection I only get when we are away. I always feel like a King when we are together like this. It just doesn't happen during our normal routine. After we left the harbor, I set sail for the two hour jaunt across the straight to our oasis at sea. The breeze was warm and the seas were calm. The next thing I notice is Lea unhooking her bikini top and freeing her magnificent breasts. Oh what a sight, her medium size nipples hardening in the breeze.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on her as she pressed up against me and asked "you like, happy boy?" Of course I like. I never get tired of playing with her gorgeous tits and sucking on her very erotic nipples. I started to fondle her tits and brushed my tongue against her hardening nipples. We were in a very Horney state.

Lea moved around in front of me and slowly lowered my shorts to reveal my hardening cock. She slowly moved her hands around me and started to move her fingers in a circular motion as I got harder for her. When I was stating to feel the effects of her movements she engulfed me with her beautiful mouth. She continued sucking me and using her hands to jack me up and down. She would play with my balls at the same time giving me a wonderful blow job in the afternoon air. She continued this motion for a few minutes, taking me up and down, sometimes putting my cock between her large breasts and milking me. She would look up into my eyes with a naughty look of lust and pleasure. She continued sucking my hardening cock, licking and spreading her saliva over the head until I was ready to blow my seed into her waiting mouth. She usually doesn't swallow and many times doesn't even let me see her in her ministrations while sucking me. This particular day, however, was all for me. This is a rare occasion as I am usually the naughty one in our sexcapades!

I was getting very close to losing my cum and she sensed my closeness. This particular day she was using all of her talents as if she had been reading a book of how to pleasure me. Finally I reached an intense orgasm and came hard into her mouth. When she occasionally keeps me in her mouth while I am cumming, I feel the most intense orgasm and it continues for many moments. She held me in her mouth while I was screeching with joy and pleasure.

Wow, what a start of our vacation. "Can we stay forever" I said coming down from an intense orgasm.

Lea said "don't worry honey, there will be many more pleasurable days and nights on this trip, I promise."

We arrived at our anchorage for the night and prepared to go to shore for our first night of drinking, eating and dancing. When we were ready to go to our home at sea, I started the dinghy and Lea would ride forward like a princess, ready to get fucked when we got back to the boat. We arrived at the boat, tied the dinghy and started removing our clothes on the way into the cabin.

I laid her on the bed and started sucking on her wonderfully trimmed pussy. I licked her into ecstasy, and she had two very large orgasms. I placed the head of my now hard cock at the entrance to her love tunnel. I was teasing her as I stroked her clit and pussy lips with the head. Finally I plunged deeply into her. Her pussy is like silk, so wet and wonderful that fits my cock perfectly. I started pumping harder looking down at her pussy lips moving with the movement of my cock. My large shaved balls were slapping against her ass, I could feel her heat and intensity engulfing me with each stroke. She always tells me she loves that I shave and my cum filled balls hitting her, sends her over the edge. I have always told her I can't understand why a woman would want to suck on tennis ball textured balls when a man can shave and be much more erotic to his girl. On this particular night I asked her if I was fucking her or was some new stud with a shaved cock giving it to her.

She cried out that she wanted a stranger's cock in her and she wanted me to see his hard member splitting her apart. She wanted to have two cocks one time in her life and she wanted it this week.

What a proposal! She was getting so wet I believed her as she had her eyes closed and was sucking my fingers in her mouth like a second cock. She was so hot; I knew she was ready to cum all over my cock. She finally came with a massive orgasm.

My cock was covered with her juices as I began to empty my cum filled balls in her pussy, mixing our love juices and feeling the heat of her cum filled pussy. We gradually came down from our passion and she ordered me out of her pussy. When she has a massive orgasm, she has to be left alone to come down with her entire body tingling and shaking. I knew on this night I had done another good job of intensely pleasuring my girl with a body shaking orgasm.

I always tell her, "I pay attention baby, to your body and its telegraphed messages."

She was spent, hardly able to get up with both of our juices spilling down her legs. We quickly fell asleep, a wonderful day for both of us on our sailing adventure.

We awoke the next day to wonderful weather. I decided to have coffee on the deck. This was a particularly wonderful morning.

I figured Lea would probably be tired of sex because of the day before, as she came up from below. She was wearing only her bikini bottoms and came to me with full exposed breasts. As she hugged me I could feel her nipples getting hard against my body. This was going to be another great day!

We had some food and continued to look at each other, gently stroking each other and I was getting very hard!

Lea looked at me and said "lose the trunks and I will make it worthwhile."

Soon she was sucking on my hard cock on the back of the boat and I was getting very very Horney. I turned Lea around and had her sit on my cock. Facing away from me, she could control our movements. Lea was bucking against me and softly moaning as I could feel her orgasm coming. I couldn't hold out anymore and erupted inside her silky pussy as she came all over my cock. What a rush, having sex in the cockpit of the boat, not knowing or caring if anyone was watching.

The next three days were filled with sailing diving sunbathing and sex. We were getting what we both wanted, wonderful passion and togetherness.

After another great day of sailing and sunbathing, we found ourselves spending the night at a great little cove with one beach bar. We could hear the music and we decided to go ashore for a great night of drinking and dancing. Lea looked very hot tonight, when she came out of the cabin. She was wearing a very small top allowing her luscious breasts to spill out the top. She also had a very short miniskirt cover up revealing her fantastic legs.

I was wondering what kind of thong she was wearing, if any.

As we came down the back of the boat steps into the dinghy, it seemed as if she wasn't wearing any panties. On the way into shore I kept trying to find out if it was true. As she stepped out onto the dock, it was obvious to me that she had not worn anything underneath, revealing her lovely shaved lips.

This had the makings of being a great night.

As we reached the beach bar there were quite a few people dancing drinking and listening to the island music. We found a place at the bar next to each other so we could view the entire dance floor.

I ordered two drinks from the bartender. As I turned to give her the drink I could see her beautifully shaved pussy peeking out for my view. I whispered to her that I liked her look and we might have to go back to the boat shortly so I could ravage her.

She just laughed and said "I thought you would like it." I asked her about everybody else that might see her pussy and she just shrugged it off.

We danced to a few songs had some more drinks. Lea was radiant.

I excused myself to go to the restroom and when I arrived back at the bar a good looking guy was talking to Lea. He introduced himself as Jim and we started to talk about the wonderful fun we were having in the islands. He was about 40, and in good shape with light brown hair and a chiseled face. He was certainly paying a lot of attention to Lea and she would occasionally uncross her legs as he was standing in front of her. I could tell she was a little flushed realizing she needed to be careful not to expose her beautiful wet pussy to this stranger.

Jim asked if he could dance with Lea and she looked to me with a look of desire.

I said "of course honey if you wish."

They danced a couple fast songs and the next was a slow number. I figured Lea would end their dancing, but instead she stayed with him and got very close, wrapping her arms around him, her body touching his during this slow romp. After they were finished she returned to the bar and he returned to sit with another couple he had come with.

Lea had a very flushed look and asked for a drink. I asked "what's the matter, you look very flush and uncomfortable." She proceeded to tell me that Jim had seen us making love on the back of the boat the other morning. The couple he was with were good friends and they were anchored near us a few days ago. He said her breasts were magnificent when she was bouncing on top of me and he was really turned on.

She could feel his hardness while dancing and he had also noticed she had lost her panties. Lea said she felt so naughty and I had to protect her from doing anything more.

I said "I am not going to protect you from harmless fun." If she felt sexy and desired from this guy, then it was harmless.

She seemed to feel more comfortable with her voyeurism and kissed me passionately, giving me her hot tongue. She thanked me for letting her be naughty and loved the way tonight was going. She felt alive and loved.

Jim returned a while later and asked to dance again. Lea took his hand to the dance floor and was really getting into it. They danced another slow song and their bodies were swaying together. Jim was grinding his pelvis into Lea and she seemed to be very happy with his movements.

Lea came back to me afterwards and described how Horney for me she was getting. She said Jim was getting hard and feeling his cock against her stomach was turning her on.

I asked her how big he was and she said in a naughty voice "I think he is really big."

Lea wanted to go back to the boat.

I slowly put my hand under her skirt and she was on fire. Her pussy was wetter than ever before. I knew it was time to stuff my hard cock in her waiting pussy.

As we got up to leave, Jim came from across the room to say goodbye. He asked why we were leaving so soon and Lea said "we have some unfinished business on the boat." As he gave her a hug he asked if he got to watch again and Lea responded by saying "I guess you will see what you will see."

We headed off to our dinghy and climbed aboard the boat in record time. I laid her down on the cushions at the top of the steps and slowly raised her small skirt to expose her beautiful pussy. It was like a flower with two beautiful petals glistening with its nectar. I slowly licked her slit up and down exposing her to the night air. She was so hot she was gushing all over my face. I gently pushed her top up exposing her nipples to the warm air and she was so hard. I massaged her tits as I ate her pussy. I was licking her clit and sucking on her pussy lips until she was ready to explode.

She covered my face with her juices. She was trembling again with a monster orgasm, only this time she said she needed my hard cock now to finish her. As we exchanged places on the seat she hovered over me guiding my hard cock towards her pussy.

Just then she said "hello Jim."

I turned around and there was Jim in his dinghy looking over the railing at our lovemaking.

Lea asked him if he liked what he saw and he said "yes, absolutely, you two are very lucky to have such a great relationship."

Lea asked him to come on up and whispered to me that she wanted some harmless fun. She said "you will keep him from fucking me right?"

I replied "it is your call and you should have fun and be satisfied."

Lea said "just don't let him do it, ok?"

"Sure honey, whatever you wish."

As Jim climbed the steps I could see the outline of his bulge and Lea was mesmerized with it also. As he came closer he removed his shirt and sat down next to us. Lea was stroking my cock and reached out to feel Jims bulge. It was like she was in a cock trance. He removed his pants and showed her his very large package. She reached for the mushroom shaped missile and was stroking both of our cocks in total lust.

She moved her mouth to my mouth and kissed me deeply while continuing to stroke us to hardness. Jim and I both stood up facing Lea and she wrapped her lips around my cock while jacking off Jim. She moved her mouth over Jim's cock and sucked him deeply. I thought I was going to lose it watching her engulfing his member so deeply. She started alternating between our cocks, one then the other, coating us with her juicy mouth. She would fondle our balls and lick the underside of our dicks.

I reached for her pussy and it was like a river. Jim was cupping her tits, rubbing the nipples between his fingers. Lea was in a euphoric state. The look of lust and desire in her eyes was magnificent. I had to have her pussy so I turned her ass around while she faced Jim. She greedily sucked his cock while I watched and just plunged my hard stiff cock into her pussy. She was on fire! I started pumping faster and you could hear her muffled screams of desire, being satisfied by two hard cocks.

What a sight she was displaying, like she had done this many times before. It was pure sexual animal hunger.

I finally stopped pumping her and turned her around to face me. I wanted her to suck me like she was sucking Jim. She laid back against him as his cock slipped between her legs. The head was sliding against her pussy and you could see both of their juices. She sucked me and pumped Jim against her pussy lips all the way to her clit.

She whispered to me that she couldn't fuck him because she was afraid it would hurt our life together. I whispered to her that if it was the other way around, and I had a silky wet pussy in front of my cock right now, I'm afraid I couldn't stop it.

I said "I love you no matter what."

I gently lifted her body up as Jim's cock sprang straight up aligned with her pussy and let her down as he engulfed her. She fell all the way to his balls with his massive dick in her tight pussy.

She just stopped with a look on her face and said "I can't do this, I can't fuck him."

I said "honey you're already fucked so you might as well enjoy it."

With that, she kissed me and started bouncing on his dick. She would rise up exposing the head of his hardness and drive her body down to his balls. Her pussy lips were sliding open with each thrust and her juices were coating him.

I rose up so she could suck me and I watched him enter her pussy each time. I was mesmerized and very calm about this massive dick splitting her open. She almost swallowed me completely with each stroke.

I pulled away and said "we should go downstairs where we can get more comfortable." I said "we need to be on the bed in the main cabin so we can fill your lust desired pussy with our man meat."

We headed downstairs and Lea sat in front of us devouring our cocks once again. She laid back on the bed and Jim entered her from above. His long cock pushed her pussy lips away and filled her full.

I watched her facial expressions and could tell she was enjoying this stranger's meat.

He fucked her pussy so hard she was screaming with joy. His balls were slapping against her ass and plunging deeply inside her womb. Finally she came with a roar and went limp as his dick slowly withdrew from her pussy. She was uncontrollably shaking.

After a couple minutes she said she wanted his cum in her pussy and wanted to be on top. She asked me if I was happy watching her be a total slut.

I nodded my head stating "I want you completely satisfied."

She slowly dropped her pussy over his cock and he was once again buried to his balls. She was bouncing up and down and he was licking her tits.

I was watching from behind and I was enjoying this visual of her pussy being exposed with a hard cock pounding her. I couldn't resist pushing my cock in her ass.

The feeling was glorious. Her tight ass was around my cock and Jim's cock was pressing against mine from her love tunnel. As we got in a rhythm we were filling her up with the most cock she had ever had.

At the same time we filled her with our seed. Our juices were leaking out of her pussy and her ass, as she had another fantastic orgasm. I could feel her ass contracting around my cock, and I am sure Jim felt the same from her pussy.

She slowly removed herself from our cocks and turned to me. She stuck her tongue down my throat and said "thank you for the wonderful fantasy; I will never forget this night."

I told her "It's not over baby; we have more to do to make this the most sexually charged night of your life".

We all started to fall asleep, her facing me and Jim behind her, making her the sandwich.

I whispered to her "He will want some of that silky pussy in awhile. When he does, wake me up."

A couple hours later I awoke with Lea engulfing my cock with her mouth. What a way to wake up. I could feel the bed moving and saw Jim pounding her again from the back.

She was charged again pushing against his hardness, sucking my dick and getting fucked deeply from behind. This went on for some time until I erupted in her mouth and Jim filled her pussy full of cum again.

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