tagLoving WivesOur Second Time Around.

Our Second Time Around.


I first met Jenny when I called into the restaurant for a meal. She was serving at the tables and looked very beautiful despite the fact there was quite a crowd dining in that night and she was very busy. I didn't know it then but she would play a big part in my future life. She was too busy to take any notice of me or probably any other customer in particular as they were short staffed that night and she was literally running with orders and meals and generally doing a wonderful job keeping the place going. The big boss was keeping the tables full but there was only one waitress to take all of the orders and deliver all of the meals and she was run off her feet. The cook was keeping up with the meals but Jenny had some difficulty keeping everyone happy.

I wasn't in any hurry and took it upon myself to tell her not to worry about me and I wouldn't mind waiting until most of the customers had been served. She was very grateful when I told he there wasn't any rush and so she left me sitting at my table with just a drink in my hand. I was watching her intently and admiring her ability to cope. She rushed past my table about half an hour after I ordered and placed another drink in my hand and whispered - "On the house" - before she scuttled off to deliver another order.

When at last there was a bit of a lull she came over with my large steak and smiled at me when I thanked her profusely for delivering it. She was so pleased I hadn't minded waiting for the steak as most of the customers were getting very anxious and some of them were giving her a hard time.

I thoroughly enjoyed my steak although I was dining alone but I did have the chance to keep on watching Jenny and for that I was very grateful. The restaurant began to clear about an hour later and I had finished my steak and had ordered dessert from the menu and Jenny was delivering it to my table. She looked worn out and as there wasn't much to do for a few minutes, she dropped into one of the spare chairs at my table and introduced herself to me. She told me her name was Jenny Short and we shook hands when I told her I was called Jeffrey Anderson. She had very soft hands and I held on to her hand just a little too long for an introductory handshake but she didn't seem to mind. We chatted amiably for a few minutes before the bell sounded which meant more meals were ready for delivery. I finished my dessert and then my coffee before she was able to return to my table. I asked her if she had time for a coffee as well and she grinned and said, "My boss has been working my ass off tonight so I reckon I deserve a break!" With that she dashed off and returned with two coffees and we sat down together and enjoyed the coffee and each other's company. I learned she is 26 and she has been married but her husband was a soldier and was killed in a motor vehicle accident over a year ago after only being married for 2 years.

Jenny didn't seem as if she was in mourning although I guess everyone gets over the loss of a loved one after 12 months. I asked her what time she finished work this evening and she grinned at me and said, "Jeffrey, I know you would like to meet me after I finish work but I have a date tonight and wouldn't be able to meet you. Perhaps another time if you are still interested!" I felt a bit rejected as I sort of had a crush on Jenny after such a short time but I smiled and her and told her I would certainly try for another night!

I finished my meal and said goodbye to Jenny and we shook hands and I gave her a big tip for looking after me so well. Before I left I asked her when she was working next and she told me she worked every evening except Sunday. This was a Tuesday evening so I thought I would come for a meal again in a few days and see if I could meet her later in the week. I thought about Jenny on my way home to my lonely apartment and somehow I couldn't get her out of my mind.

My marriage had been a failure right from the start. My wife, Susie, was really a slut and I was an idiot not to be able to recognize that right from the start. We had courted for about 6 months before we married and for most of that time we lived together. I don't know why we even got married because about a month before we were scheduled to marry, I came home from work early in the afternoon because I wasn't feeling very well and found her in bed with another man. When I walked into the bedroom - the house seemed so quiet I thought she might be having a sleep - there she was, naked and being fucked by this stranger! I am a fairly big man and even though I wasn't feeling very well, I grabbed this bastard, pulled him off my girlfriend and dragged him naked and screaming to the front door. I managed to get the door open and then punched this guy very hard in the stomach and, as he doubled over, I smashed another hard blow to his nose. With blood streaming down his face and him yelling like mad, I turned him round and kicked his arse with the point of my shoe so hard he sprawled forward onto the path! This man never did get his clothes back - I burnt them - so I have no idea how he left our premises. I went back to Susie and pulled her naked body from the bed, slapped her face several times and then, because she was crying, I took her into my arms and kissed her and told he I still loved her! What an idiot I was.

Susie and I married never-the-less and all seemed to be going well until I noticed she was acting very funny when I came home early from work. As was my usual custom I pulled her to me and kissed her and ran my hand down her back to her lovely bum and then worked my hand under her dress but found to my amazement she wasn't wearing any panties. I quickly had my hand around to her cunt and I guess I wasn't really surprised to find it was dripping wet! I shoved her out of the way and rushed to the bedroom to find a man in the process of getting dressed. This man, too, received a nasty blow to the belly and a swift uppercut which just about knocked him out. While he was staggering, half dressed (he had no pants on at this stage) I stood him up straight and then kicked him extremely hard right in the balls! His scream was probably heard some distance away. He grabbed his balls and I frog-marched him out the front door minus his pants!

I went back to Susie who, of course, was crying her eyes out and slapped her face several times. I am not in the habit of striking women but this act had really got me riled up! I then tore her dress off her body - she was naked underneath - and I held her hands behind her back as I marched her to the front door and shoved her out onto the path! I have a bit of a habit of tossing people out of the house!

Susie pleaded with me to let her in and she hammered on the door but I just turned up the TV and watched while I tried to cool down. Because of the layout of our home, she couldn't get to the back door because of a garage which was closed and so she was still naked out the front. I looked out the window later and saw her crouched behind some shrubs trying to hide her nakedness from passers by! I allowed her to enter the house after dark but only to collect her things and then she was gone. I started divorce proceedings and as soon as all was completed and the divorce was finalized, I moved to an apartment to try to erase Susie from my mind!

While I was trying to go to sleep I kept thinking of Jenny. Although I don't usually masturbate I just couldn't help myself and so I jerked off thinking of a naked Jenny watching me! I really had fallen for Jenny.

Two evening later I was back in the restaurant for a meal but more to meet Jenny and I was excited like a schoolboy as I entered looking around for my love. Yes, Jenny was there and she smiled at me when she saw me and soon came over to my table to take my order. There were two waitresses working this night so she wasn't so busy and had time to have a brief chat with me. After several interrupted conversations I asked her if I could meet her after work tonight but she told me she had a date but if I still wanted to meet her she would probably be free tomorrow night although she wasn't completely sure. I wouldn't be put off by this rebuff so I told her I would be there next night for sure.

By this time I was wondering if Jenny had a boyfriend seeing she had dates on both occasions I had met her but I didn't care because I wanted to spend some time with her.

I was back to the restaurant on the next night and she again smiled at me when I came in but when she came to my table she apologized and said she had a date tonight but would definitely be free Monday night. I asked her straight out if she had a boyfriend but she assured me she didn't and told me she was meeting up with some old friends. I accepted this and enjoyed my meal and looking at Jenny at the same time. I said goodbye and told her I would see her next Monday night.

Surely I would be lucky this time so back to the restaurant again. This time the smile was much brighter and she agreed to meet me after work. I ate a leisurely meal and waited with a lot of anticipation for her to finish. She changed her clothes and met me at the door and surprised me by leaning over and kissing me on the mouth with a rather passionate kiss. Things were looking up.

We walked along some street holding hands and talking generally when I asked her where she lived and did she want to go home. She asked me where I lived and when I told her it was only about 10 minutes away by taxi, she suggested we go there. This was really making progress. When we arrived at the apartment I was so pleased I had taken the trouble to clean up this morning and the place looked rather neat. We kissed some more and then, almost without any delay, she suggested we head for the bedroom. I was having difficulty catching up with all of this but I showed her the bedroom where we kissed a lot before she stripped off all of her clothing and stood naked in front of me. She has a petite body, she is not much more than 5'4" tall and fairly slim. She has nicely shaped breasts with barely discernible nipples, and lovely slim waist and beautifully rounded hips and a lovely blond triangle shaped bush. Between her belly button and her bush between her legs, she has this amazing treasure trail of pale blond hair which is rather sparse but terribly exciting to look at and touch. She also had lovely hairy blond hair on her arms. She looked lovely and I quickly shed my clothes and joined her on the bed. Because I was so much in love with her, I didn't hesitate and with a little caressing and foreplay, I entered her and we made love. She was very passionate and we were both really turned on. She came several times while I was pumping my cock in her cunt and, before I was about to cum, I asked her if I should pull out! She simply said, "No, Jeffery, please cum in me - I really want you!" With that I came inside her lovely cunt and she came at the same time. We were very weary after this episode but we clung to each other and dozed off to sleep. I woke up rather suddenly about an hour later and suddenly realized where I was and whom I was with. She was already awake and smiled at me and told me she loved me and would I please make love to her again! I didn't wait any longer and aroused her as best I could until she was ready and I entered her again. This time we made love much slower and we both enjoyed the experience a great deal. I was definitely in love! Jenny stayed the night and, although I had to go to work the next morning, she asked if she could sleep a little longer and she would lock up when she left. Of course I agreed and we set a date to meet the night after next - she couldn't meet me tonight because she had a date - and I left my lovely girl in my bed and went to work in my office. I couldn't concentrate at all but did most of my work by habit!

I knew what time she finished work tonight so I made it my business to be near the restaurant when she was due to leave. I was really surprised when she met a young man with passionate kisses at the door and they walked off holding hands until they caught a taxi. I managed to hail a taxi and the driver followed the other taxi. When they alighted I followed them into some apartments and watched them go up the stairs to the first level. When they entered the apartment I crept to the door and found a name on the doorbell. It read Hank Hall. I spent the next 6 hours in uncomfortable surroundings watching that door until, I presume, Hank came out to go to work. I had to go to work too so I left and hurried to work.

That evening was a repeat of the former night with Jenny. She met me and kissed me passionately and then we went to my apartment where we made love all night, just as before. She was very passionate and we really clicked when making love. Again I had to go to work so she stayed in my bed after I had gone. We had made another date for the following Saturday evening so I had to content myself with waiting until then.

Rather naturally I was waiting in hiding at the restaurant when Jenny finished and sure enough she met a different man and they went off together. Again I followed them in a second taxi and she went into an apartment with this man. I didn't bother to wait around because I knew she would be spending the night with him and it troubled me a lot.

Of course Friday night was a repeat of the other nights when she met another different man and they went off together. I didn't know what to make of this but decided to wait until my date next night and see what happened then. My Jenny certainly seemed to be playing the field if that was what it is called.

My Saturday night date started off wonderfully. Jenny met me after her work and we went again to my apartment. Again she stripped off all of her clothes and I did the same and we hugged before we climbed into bed where I played with her body making sure she was totally aroused before I entered her and we made love. I decided not to broach the subject of her other friends just yet and so we lay in each other's arms and kissed and told each other how much we loved one another. When she seemed sufficiently aroused and I was rock hard as well, we made love again. When we were resting after this session, I leaned up on my elbow and looked into her lovely face. She really looked happy and contented lying there and I didn't want to lose her but I just had to ask about these other boyfriends or whatever. I kissed her and told her I loved her but that I didn't know much about her and would love her to tell me about herself. She smiled at me and said, "Well, that is fair enough. Where do I begin? Let me start with my husband. I really loved Simon and we were getting along very well and even planning a family when he was killed in a terrific motor accident. I just didn't know how I would cope without my Simon. His very close friends in his platoon were wonderful to me. They came around and kept me from thinking bad thoughts because I really wanted to die and be with Simon. They really comforted me wonderfully and I owe them a great deal. Later I managed to get my life together and found this job in the restaurant where I am very happy working as I do. I have been there almost 2 years now and I get on very well with everyone and the boss has been very kind to me. A week or so ago I met a really wonderful man and I am sure I love him a great deal. I am at present in his bed and we have just made love and I want to do it again and again until we just can't do it any more! I want to stay in bed with him all day tomorrow and we will make love as often as possible. Unfortunately I have a date for tomorrow night and I can't spend it with him but I know he will understand and I will meet him the next night for sure!" She smiled at me again and kissed me hard and asked me if that summed up what I wanted to know about her!

I didn't know what to say next. She was openly declaring love for me and I was really thrilled but should I ask her about the other men she had been sleeping with or just ignore that for the time being. Although I badly wanted to make love with her again I couldn't get my cock hard so soon after the last session but she helped by sliding down in the bed and taking my flaccid cock into her lovely mouth and sucking me until it was hard. She asked me then if I would prefer to cum in her mouth or in her cunt and being the lover that I am, I told her I wanted to make love and would prefer to cum in her cunt! She made me promise to let her suck me off during the next day, for sure.

After we were resting again from our lovemaking I thought of a way to ask about her boyfriends. I asked my question very carefully and quietly, "Jenny, I know you said your late husbands friends comforted you after your sad loss but I am wondering just how they comforted you so well - can you tell me about that?"

Jenny was completely open with her reply. "Jeffery, I hope you don't think badly of me, but almost straight after the funeral of Simon, the first of his comrades came around to my apartment and, without much in the way of preliminaries, he fucked me! That certainly comforted me and took away some of the pain. The next night the second of his friends came around and he fucked me and so on until all of Simon's friends had fucked me. Then they started over again and I was fucked on a very regular basis right up until now. I just don't know how I would have survived without them - they saved my life. I had found several boxes of sleeping tablets in Mum's cupboard and intended taking all of these with some alcohol to end all of my troubles. At first it was just an almost impersonal fuck with them but gradually this has changed to where I now spend a whole night with these men. Not only do I get some pleasure from them but I feel I have a duty to them to reward them after looking after me so well in my time of crisis!"

Well, that certainly explained the men to me but I still wasn't very happy about her fucking around so much! I kissed her passionately and told her I really loved her and also thanked her for her honesty in telling me about these other men. I decided to be honest with her and tell her I had followed her! She smiled when I confessed I had loved her so much I just had to follow her and see why she couldn't meet with me. She said, "Jeffery, you will never make a private investigator! I saw you watching the restaurant before I left work the first time and knew you were checking up on me but that made me love you even more! I also saw you hailing the taxi to follow us. I just couldn't desert these men who had been so kind to me so I went ahead and met them knowing that you cared enough to wonder what I was doing. I know this will be hard for you to understand but until we have married (yes, she actually said that) I still want to meet these men and I hope you will understand why I am doing this. Once we are married I will either cut it right back or stop seeing them altogether but until then I want to keep seeing them. Do you understand how I feel?"

I was rather shocked but in a perverted sort of way I could understand she felt she had an obligation to these men. I asked her how many men she was seeing and she told me there were still 12 of them and she usually managed to see them twice each month if all went well. This further shocked me as I thought there might be only a couple of them. I hugged her tightly and told her I loved her and asked if we could marry the next day and that would then stop her from seeing the men straight away. She laughed and said that wasn't possible but she would try to taper off seeing the men over the next 6 - 12 months when we could marry if I still wanted to do that!

I guess I am a sucker but reluctantly I agreed for her to continue seeing the men but only once per month each. I also asked her if she would move in with me permanently now as it seemed we were so suited to each other. She told me she would think about that but thought it would be a good idea. Thinking back to when she said she saw the men twice each month before I wondered how she managed this because she would be out of action some of the time with her periods. She grinned at me and told me they men used her asshole on the occasions when her cunt was out of action. She also said she was able to blow the men as well so they didn't miss out at all. Some lady my Jenny!

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