tagIncest/TabooOur Secret Diaries Ch. 01

Our Secret Diaries Ch. 01


This is the first instalment of my diary. I just found out my dad's been keeping one too! I hope you enjoy them.

All characters are over eighteen years old.



Dear Diary

My dear old Dad spies on me in the shower, can you believe it? There's this hole in the bathroom wall, and if you go into the den, between the bookshelves you can see right into the bath. The first time I realised someone was there watching it felt really creepy, but once I realised it was just him I've sort of got used to it and it doesn't seem so bad. The other day I started touching myself up in the shower, I was getting quite turned on. Pretty soon I heard this sort of heavy breathing and I remembered the hole. That turned me on even more knowing he was there watching and I had this fantastic orgasm. I'm sure he came too. I had to try really hard not to look at the hole so I wouldn't give myself away.

Another time I started masturbating in the shower while he was there and just as I started coming I looked straight at the hole all wide eyed. There was this sort of muffled thud from the next room like he panicked and knocked over some books. I guess it really put him off thinking maybe I'd seen him. On the other hand maybe it was just the shock, cos he was back a few days later. I don't know if he knows I know, surely he must. Sometimes I bend over and pretend to dry my feet so he can see my cunt. That really turns him on - I can hear him breathing. It's really hard not to stare at the peephole when I know he's there. I watch him in the bathroom too sometimes, but I'm sure he doesn't know about that. He's got this really thick cock, I keep imagining what it must be like when it's hard. Sometimes after he's been watching me I can hear him and Mum fucking. I keep imagining what it must be like with that thick cock inside you. Mum must be wondering why he's so randy all the time.

I wouldn't mind fucking him myself, just to show him it's no big deal but I can't imagine how to start - he's so uptight. We read this book in Literature called Woman of the Future where the girl fucks her old man while he's in a drunken stupor after lunch. She starts by undoing his fly and looking at his cock, pretty soon she's wanking him, and one day she fucks him, sitting on top of him while he lies there. He doesn't have a clue even though he comes. Really weird. Only thing is my old man doesn't get drunk, not like that anyway so I guess I have to be content with the bathroom. Still there's no harm dreaming!



I've never written a diary before. But I feel I have to tell someone what's been happening to me recently, how I've been feeling, and that's not something I can tell anybody I know.

Ever since Lucy's breasts started to bud I've been fascinated with her body. A couple of years ago I started trying to catch glimpses of her in the bathroom and in her bedroom. But it was hard because she was pretty modest. But the harder it was the more obsessed I became. Now we have this sort of game going. I watch her in the bathroom and she watches me. There's a hole in the bathroom wall and you can stand in the next room and get a great view of the bath. I'm sure she knows I'm watching because she shows off for me. She has such nice small breasts. They're going to be fantastic in a year or two, but right now they're really firm and taut and pointy with light brown nipples and a few hairs growing around them. Her skin is tanned all over with just a faint bikini line - I don't know where she and her friends do their sunbathing, but I'd like to find out. Her pubic hair is still fair and wispy, just enough to hide her lips and vagina, but it gives her a really virginal look - not that she's a virgin. No way! I don't think any of her friends are either. Certainly not her friend Sophie. But with Lucy and me it's strictly for eyes only.

Sometimes she starts stroking herself in the bath or spraying warm water on her pubes and breasts. One hand teases her nipples as they grow harder and longer and her other hand strokes her smooth belly and thighs, the fingers creeping down to the secret area hidden behind the sparse hair. She licks her finger and strokes her clitoris and labia, a curious look on her face, discovering new pleasures She looks so innocent, the young girl pleasuring herself, but then she looks straight at where she knows I'm watching through the peephole and it's as if she's begging me to fuck her. Then she starts coming and often as not I do too just watching her. I perform for her too, but I'm a little more discreet about it. I have to be. I never let on I know she's there. I really don't think she knows I can tell when she's watching me. Once I was masturbating after I got out of the shower and I moved gradually over to where the peephole is. Eventually my cock was just opposite the hole and I stroked myself until I came. I could actually hear her moaning faintly on the other side of the wall at the sight of my cock coming so close to her face. I could feel her wanting to put it in her mouth and suck me dry.



My best friend Sophie just told me this amazing story. She came round to see me last weekend but I was out shopping with my mum and there was no one at home except Dad. Sophie had just ridden her bike all the way from her place and got caught in a heavy shower of rain. Dad asked her in for a drink. She was all hot and sweaty and she could see he was checking out her tits through her wet t-shirt. She's got great tits, Sophie, and a great arse. In fact she's got a great body all round. Anyway somehow he persuaded her to take off her wet t-shirt and put on a clean one of mine - that would have really made her tits stand out - but she never got as far as putting the new one on. He's a fast worker my old man, the dirty old bugger. Pretty soon they were kissing and then they were fucking on the kitchen bench, can you believe it? He got all paranoid and guilty afterward and begged her not to tell anyone. She promised but of course us girls talk.

She went back a couple of days later when she knew no-one else was home. He was acting real proper and nervous, but this time she invited herself in for a drink. He was pretending nothing had happened before but she started rubbing herself against him in the kitchen - what a tart! After a while he couldn't help himself and they did it again, this time up in my bed, can you believe it? In fact they did it three times. They might have done it some more except my mum came home and Sophie had to sneak down the back stairs. I got really suspicious because he stripped the bed even though I'd changed the sheets the day before. Anyhow Sophie told me all about it at school the next day. She said he wasn't bad for a guy of 45. She and Kelly reckon they're going to go round together one day and try and get him into a threesome. They would too! Jasmin - she's Lebanese and she reckons her parents would kill her if they knew what she does after school with Gary, and they probably would too 'cos they're really strict Muslims - she looked like she wouldn't mind coming too but she's really shy so she probably wouldn't.



Sophie's been Lucy's best friend for years and I've been watching her grow up throughout that time. I'm sure she's been watching me too. The first time we got together was two weeks ago. She had ridden her bike round to see Lucy who it turned out had gone out shopping. It was a hot summer's day so I invited her in for a cool drink. Sophie and Lucy had been best friends since kindergarten so we knew each other pretty well. There had been a sudden downpour of rain and Sophie's clothes were soaked which made them cling to her body. I hadn't really thought of her as a sexual being before but seeing her breasts clinging to the wet t-shirt really turned me on. Her breasts are already quite large and I realised she wasn't wearing a bra. I got out one of Lucy's t-shirts for her to change into, all the time watching her nipples which were clearly outlined against her wet garment.

I was about to show her the bathroom so she could get changed, when she reached for the bottom of her t-shirt. She glanced at the growing tent in my shorts and up to my eyes. Holding the bottom of the t-shirt at both sides she slowly pulled it up. I watched as it crossed her navel and revealed first the underside of each breast. She took her time, watching me watching her. Suddenly one breast popped down followed by the other and she pulled the t-shirt over her head. Her breasts were slightly concave on top and full and round underneath. They quivered ever so slightly and I watched the nipples contract a bit as they hit the warm air. I was fascinated by her youth and boldness and couldn't tear my eyes away from those beautiful breasts She saw my gaze, smiled shyly and dropped the wet t-shirt on the floor. I reached over to gently stroke her breasts and felt her nipples harden again. She moved closer to me until they were pressing lightly against my chest and her leg rubbing my expanding cock.

I bent down and took the left nipple in my mouth and felt it grow longer still, while my hand stroked the other breast. We kissed for ages while our hands explored each other's bodies. I kissed my way down to her navel and was on my knees wondering how far she would let me go when suddenly she stepped back. My face fell momentarily until she smiled again and grasped the waistband of her shorts, sliding them slowly over her hips, even more slowly than she had with the t-shirt. As she stood over me I slowly realised she was naked underneath, as the tanned olive skin did not give way to knickers, but continued down infinitely slowly until a tiny wisp of pale hair became visible above the waistband. She moved slower and slower as I watched entranced. Gradually her pubic hair revealed itself, paler and sparser than I could have imagined. I looked up at her pink lips, glowing with warmth and with a few drops of moisture mingled with the hairs. Beyond that were her breasts, always those breasts, and the face framed with black hair, and her other lips smiling with wanton pleasure.

I slipped her shorts over her ankles and felt her hands drawing me up. I felt her tongue tracing a delicious trail move downward past my waist until her warm breath caressed my cock which felt ready to burst through the fabric of my shorts. She carefully extricated it from its prison and pushed the garment down past my knees. Before I knew it she was naked up against the kitchen bench, her legs around me and my cock inside her. I felt a bit mortified afterward and I made her promise not to tell anyone, but I'm sure she would have told Lucy - they tell each other everything. I don't mind, in fact it turns me on, as long as Lucy doesn't know I know. The next time Sophie came around we ended up in Lucy's bed. I can't remember if that was her idea or mine, but I think it was mutual. I was fantasising about fucking the two of them, separately and together, but half of it was definitely fantasy.

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