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Our Sex Fantasy


One day after my husband John got home and we had our usual dinner and small talk he mentioned that while driving home and listening to a radio show he heard them talking about a book that woman are crazy about.

He said the title was fifty shades or something like that. I laughed and told him the it was "50 Shades Of Gray," and I have read it and that it was a very interesting and intense book but a bit out there for me.

After explaining the plot to him and telling him that mainly the book is about a dominant male and a submissive female I also admitted to him that I found it very erotic and arousing.

That conversation started us talking about sex fantasies.

John asked me what mine is and I told him that in order for me to say mine he must say what his is. He would not; so this went on for some time. We eventually came to a compromise; as usual we are good like that.

We came up with a way to share our fantasies without anybody going first; we both would write them down. We would each write down three of our favorite sex fantasies and when ready we would exchange them.

It did not have to be that day.

A couple of days went by and on Friday night John came up to me holding an envelope saying, "Hey remember our fantasy conversation? I have mine done how is yours? "

I looked at him smiling and said,

"Mine was done the next morning. I just wanted to give you a couple of days".

I got my purse where I removed an envelope and walking up to John I put one hand on his crotch and I slipped the envelope under his shirt, leaned in and whispered,

"I am so excited we should have done this a long time ago."

He gave me his envelope and we both sat down at the kitchen table across from each other and started reading.

In my first fantasy I was a hooker and John was my client.

I spelled it out in detail; we would meet up in a hotel bar where I would approach him with a proposition of a Blow Job for 20 bucks. Then without a thought he gives me the money and follows it up with a sex comment like.

"You look like you will be worth every penny".

Then I lead him to the Ladies room where I lock the door, drop down to my knees and give him the best cock sucking blow job that I could.

In my second fantasy I am a sex slave at an auction. I didn't have a lot of details yet but it stated that he was the auctioneer and that after I was sold he was the one who had to hand deliver me to the person or people who bought me.

The third sex fantasy was just that, a real fantasy. I am the queen and I live on the island of dominant woman and all the males are slaves. One day some of my servants find this man on the beach; he is not one of ours and he does not know our ways but he is handsome, tall, and full of muscles. As the Queen I decide to take him for myself. After I tame him and he submits I get to share him with all the girls on the island. I point out at the very end that John is the newcomer.

I started reading his letter and I could not believe my eyes.

John's first fantasy was almost the same as mine. I was a hooker working for an escort service

We are to meet up at a motel He invites me in and offers me money for a blow job. I accept the money telling him that since he just purchased two hours of my time I am ready to do whatever he desires, pointing out that I have no limits and that his every wish is my command.

His second fantasy involved two girls; how typical of a guy, like I did not see that one coming. Same deal, escort service, me and my friend Jessica, he pays us money and we have a threesome, not really detailed either.

Then I read the third one; it said that he wanted to be my sex slave for a weekend. That he would come home Friday after work and present me with a sex slave contract.

The contract basically said I own him and can do what I want with him, however I want it and if he is not a good boy I may punish him in any way I wanted. I must say that this one got a big smile out of me. But I must also say that I was impressed with all of his fantasies.

We smiled as we look at each other from across the table but I spoke up first.

"Well since my first fantasy is so close to your first what do you say we combine them? "

He looked at me and said,

"You mean we are actually going to make it happen for real? Wow! "

I looked up with a smile on my face and said,

"Why not since we both want the same thing."

I told him that I would take care of all the arrangements and let him know the details when I was ready.

A couple of weeks later I was finally prepared..My hooker outfit was a very short black dress that showed a lot of cleavage, knee high leather boots with a 5 inch heel.

The last thing I wanted was to run into somebody I know so the hotel was about a two hour drive. I went to this same hotel once on a company outing and I knew that the ladies room had a door that locked.

As I closed my eyes I imagined taking his hand and leading him to the bathroom locking the door and giving him our sex fantasy blow job.

Friday came and everything was ready. I got out of work early, tried on the dress, I remember looking at myself in the mirror thinking "I am a total whore "

When John came home he found an envelope on the coffee table with my instructions and directions to the hotel and even a key card to the room. Instructions were clear; get in your car, drive to the hotel, go the bar order a drink and wait for me. On the back of the card in red ink I wrote.

"Our sex fantasy is about to come true"

I arrived at the hotel, parked my car and checked into the room where I put on way too much make up and my slutty dress.

Looking at myself in the elevator's mirrored walls I thought what the hell... I reached under my dress and took off my thong, wondering if security is watching. As the elevator door opened I stuffed the thong into my purse walked out into the lobby in my almost see thru dress and no panties and headed straight for the bar. As I walked in a couple sitting at the table gave me a look and I heard the girl say to the guy;

"Hello I am right here, you pervert. "

I slowed down a bit giving the guy a longer look at my sexy ass.

When I reached the bar I found myself standing next to John and I asked; "Excuse me sir is this seat taken? "

John turned around and looked at me; no words came out I took that as sign number two that I looked hot. Since he did not say anything I just pulled out the bar stool and sat down.

It took only a few seconds and the bartender came over asking if I wanted a drink.

AS I ordered a Vodka tonic John asked if he might buy me that drink. Smiling I said sure why not, a handsome guy like you can buy me a drink anytime. Sipping my drink I waited for a right time, jumping in at the first pause in their conversation I said:

"Do you know if they allow smoking in this bar? "

John informed me that you can't but there is a patio outside or if I am staying here I might ask for a smoking room like he did.

That's too bad I could really use a smoke, but maybe if you invite me to your room for a smoke and come up with 20 bucks I am sure I could make it worth your while. "

As John was going to say something the guy next to him leaned in and said,

"Did I hear you right? You just offered this guy a blow job for twenty bucks? "

I did not expect this at all I looked over and just said,

"Yes I did. So if you don't mind? I was talking to this gentleman over here." I said pointing at John

"No I don't mind at all but if you are really offering I will give you fifty to take me " John looked at the guy and told him that the Lady was talking to him first and that he should butt out. The guy did not give up; he leaned into John and said,

"I hope you don't mind buddy, but she is hot and I want her."

What happened next was something I never expected.

John turned around and said,

"Well lady it's up to you but to respond to your original question yes I would like to take you up on your offer."

John reached for his wallet took out a twenty dollar bill and placed it on the bar right in front of me.

The guy next to him did not waste any time, he took out a 100 dollar bill placed it on top of John's twenty with a big smile on his face.

I was looking at John eyes open wide without a word. I was begging him to do something.

John was looking at me when I saw this smirk on his face and then he said,

"Lady all I have is a twenty and it's obvious that you are a working girl so you should take his 100. But if you both are ok with it I will give you the twenty if you let me watch."

I was floored I could not believe John was doing this to me... I knew John liked to pay games and this was exactly what he would do; put me on a spot like this.

So the ball is in my court I am thinking I know he is buffing but let's see what happens when I play along...

With a big smile on my face I said,

"This must be my lucky day boys. Why don't you both follow me to the ladies room?"

Now I saw it was John who was uneasy. I don't think he expected this but then again neither of us expected this.

What was supposed to be our sex fantasy was quickly turning into a poker game with both of us waiting for the other to fold their cards. Well I knew it was not going to me be.

John got off his chair took my hand to help me down of my stool. He looked back at the guy who was already standing and then both of them looked at me and the other guy said,

"After you Lady."

Game on bastard, "I thought to myself."

I turned around holding my husband's hand and I lead them to the ladies room and as we got there I looked around making sure it was empty.

I held the door open for both of them. As we walked in I was thinking to myself;

"Ok this is far enough. John is going to think of something and get us out of this situation and back on track of our sex fantasy. "

I turn around and there's John and to my disbelief he opened his belt, unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor.

Looking right into my eyes he says,

"Hope you don't mind if I just stroke my cock since my friend over here is the one getting the 100 dollar service. "

Now I get almost pissed and I'm thinking to myself no way will he let me go thru this but since he is pushing me I am not backing down. There is no way am I letting him win. He must cave, I am repeating to myself over and over again.

At this point I am looking at this guy for the first time. I never got a good look at him before; I was too busy playing chicken with my husband.

I take a step closer, he is a bit taller than John with a older tired face and blue eyes. I put one hand on my hip while brushing the other up his chest over his neck placing one finger on his lip and say,

"I am Erica or maybe you have a different name for me, I must say 100 bucks buys you any name you want. "

"I am Sam and Erica is a lovely name but maybe you should be using that wonderful mouth of yours for what I am paying you for instead of talking."

Out of the corner of my eye I see John with a smirk on his face.

That is when I think to myself.

"Ok John you want to see your wife suck some strange cock then here I go."

Without a word I drop down to my knees.

Now as I am looking up into Sam's eyes I unzip his pants and pull out his cock. As I look over to the side I see my husband stroking his cock with a big smile on his face.

This is when it really sinks in; we have gotten to the point of no return and the only way this is stopping if John physically pushes us apart.

That did not happen.

On my knees with a strange cock staring me in the face, I grabbed the straps of my dress and pulled them off my shoulders letting the dress drop to the floor.

I reach with my hand grabbed this strange cock; it was thicker than my husband's but not longer. I stuck out my tongue and licked the tip of his cock sliding my tongue down the outside of his shaft , my wet lips are wrapped around it as I got all the way down and back up to the very tip again I heard a loud moan as his cock flinched.

I opened my mouth and let him slide his fat cock into my wet mouth. I heard another moan, his cock grew in my wet and willing mouth, I pushed my head forward slowly until I felt his cock bottom out in the back of throat.

I reached around his bare ass as I pushed him deeper into my mouth.

" I know John loves when I deep throat him"

I felt a thrust form him and another then another. I open my eyes looking up at John, with the biggest smile on his face he was leaning on the counter stroking his fat cock looking right at me.

I still could not believe what was happening...

I was on my knees in a hotel bathroom sucking a strange guy's cock, enjoying every second of it while my husband of nine years was looking at me with a big smile on his face.

I felt Sam tense up and I knew he was about to cum.

I looked up at him, grabbing his cock with two hands and pull it from my mouth and stroke it hard and fast, the sensation of his hot cum hitting my face and open mouth was unbelievable.

I felt his hot sticky cum all over my face. I rubbed it all over my chest and hard nipples. With a smile I let one of my hands drop down between my legs and slid a couple of fingers into my wet pussy.

Now I looked over at John and with one finger and a smile motioned for him to come closer.

As he gets close I grab his cock and start pumping it hard. I suspected he was close to shooting his load as well. I lowered my face back towards Sam's cock and opened my mouth wide and guided his cock back into my wet mouth tasting what was left of his hot cum.

John exploded on my hand and as I pointed his cock at my face his hot cum hit my cheek and hair while I was sucking Sam's cock. I heard both guys moan and groan at the same time.

As I cleaned Sam's cock licking every drop of his hot cum he pulled away and then take John's cock in my mouth. I looked up at John to see his big smile.

I was still on my knees when Sam opened the door and left.

There was a girl that tried to walk in but when she saw me she backed off and let the door close. I got up and zipped up John's pants. I turned around walked towards the sink.

I was cleaning up when I saw John walking away and I heard him say,

"Meet me at the bar and I will buy you a drink."

I was still at the sink when the girl walked in looked at me and said,

"I see you are having fun tonight. "

"It's just one of those days when one cock is not enough. " I replied.

We both laughed and I walked out.

Making my way back to the bar I saw Sam and John in the same places where I first saw them.

I walked over and as I go close John tuned around looking at me with a smile on his face and raised his hand to high five Sam.

John said, "Told you,

I have never seen my wife back down.

You owe me 100 bucks.

I told you that my wife would suck your cock tonight."

Looking at them I said,

"I can't believe you guys planned this.

Holding up our hotel room key card, Sam leaned forward handed it to me and said:

"Since we have been properly introduced maybe we can get more acquainted up in your room. "

Part two to follow

Much thanks to (MarieWriter) I could not have done it without you

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by Familyluv2114u02/20/18

Hot Damn!!!!!!

That was one if the nastiest stories I've had the pleasure of reading! I LOVE it!!! Please write more of the dirty thoughts swimming in your head....I came so hard while reading it and looking at you'remore...

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by Anonymous09/30/17

What a hot story and a good twist

Lovely story Erica did you ever make it cum true for you send Hubby

Mr Charcol

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