Our Shared Bathroom Ch. 01


My head was reeling. This was too much! But again, my higher reasoning was our of commission right now, and I just used one hand to slide the back of her panties up and laid my penis against her bare flesh.

I felt dizzy. I started to slide my penis up and down her crack. She was sopping wet from sweat and my groin slid easily against her butt. I gripped her butt with both hands again and began making longer strokes, sliding my penis between her butt cheeks. I felt her spread her legs and shift her hips to push her pussy forward, so I began sliding myself against her lower and lower until I felt my shaft sliding between the slick folds of her cunt and the head of my dick caressing her anus. She shifted even more, encouraging me to go even lower, so I did and began sliding all of my penis through the very folds of her wet vulva. I rubbed my shaft against her clit and found myself sliding the head of my penis right across the entrance of her vagina.

Her body began to tremble and I felt my balls tingling as they began to tighten. Jen began to shake, her legs quivering and I felt her pussy grow even wetter and hotter than before. I heard her moan and that did it, my body tensed up like a coiled spring and then suddenly unleashed myself upon her, squirting ropes of cum all over her pussy, getting caught by the top of her panties and cascading down to pour from her pussy and run down her legs. I held her tight as my body convulsed and felt my dick squishing against her wet cunt. After my body shot the final rope of cum and I began to relax my hold on her, Jen picked her head up from the counter, throwing her hair across her back and taking a deep breath and gasp.

When I had finally regained my sensed, I gently let go of her body and stepped back to give her room. What a mess I had made of her! Her hair was wet with sweat and clinging together in strands, her skirt was pulled up over her back, her cum-soaked panties hung over her butt like a banner, and cum dripped from between her legs into several small puddles on the floor.

After a few moments, and several breaths to compose herself, she asked me to go to my bedroom so she could clean up. I covered myself with my towel and returned to my room. My head reeled with what had just happened. I flopped down on my bed, exhausted. I tried thinking about what all of that meant, but only succeeded in putting myself to sleep.

Several minutes later, Jen came into the room. Although I couldn't see it, she smiled. Things had become more intimate than she was expecting, but there I was, sound asleep. That was her goal the whole time. She knew we'd have to talk about this tomorrow, but for tonight she covered me with a blanket, turned out the light and closed the door after her.

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by Dashabout04/11/18

Sharing a bath.

Large families in small houses often have to share everything and privacy is extremely rare but it does lead to closer relations.

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