Our Shared Bathroom Ch. 02


She gave out a sharp cry, then opened her mouth in a silent gasp, then cried again as I stroked her with my shaft. She trembled sharply and gasped again, and I felt more warm fluids pulsing from her womb onto the head of my dick. Her breathing grew more shallow and she started gasping repeatedly, her body shaking, her eyes tightly shut.

I tried swirling the head of my dick around her clit but suddenly began to feel the rush of an orgasm building between my legs. I began to back off and slide once again against the less-stimulating smooth expanse of her crack. That was obviously not what Jen had in mind, because she let out a questioning groan and picked her upper body up to be on all fours, her back once again against my chest. Then, to my complete surprise, she reached her hand under herself and actually grabbed hold of my penis firmly, then slid the head down through her crack into the flesh of her cunt until it sunk into the entrance of her vagina. She released me and thrust her hips back toward my body and impaled her cunt with my penis.

We both let out a cry as my dick popped right through her hymen and passed into her body. Immediately I reached my orgasm and tried to hold it back until every muscle in my body was strained tight and shaking. My jaw clenched and I began to see stars through my closed eyes. I felt my penis swelling with the enormous pressure as my semen began pumping out of my balls and pulsing through my groin only to be held back at the head. I couldn't hold it any longer and with a loud shout, I released my hold and felt my semen squirting through my shaft and pouring out into her vagina. The initial blast was more of a necessary release, but it was followed then by pulse after pulse of cum that I shot deep into her body. Jen held herself tight against my groin in order to fully and willingly take it all in. I could feel my cum filling up her canal, warmly surrounding my shaft. My balls tightened up from the strain and I groaned again as I felt myself give one final jet of semen to her body. I knew my sperm was now released into her body, rushing through the entrance of her womb to burrow into her egg and fulfill their duty. Jen let out another cry and allowed her upper body to collapse against the bed.

We stayed like that for a while, letting our bodies cool down and rest. Eventually my penis softened and her body squeezed it out. I dismounted her and she dropped her hips down onto the bed as I lay on my back beside her. She rolled over onto her side and put her arm over my chest and we drifted off to sleep together.

An hour later we had both awoke. She smiled brightly at me and thanked me. "I really needed that. That was incredible". She said.

I smiled back. "Looks like we make as good of a team as the Hellcats, huh?"

She giggled and agreed. She reached down and got her towel and covered her waist and got out of the bed. She smiled at me again. "See you at dinner? I think I'm going to lie down for another nap." She said. She closed the bathroom door behind her and I was left alone, naked, under the covers, next to a puddle of my cum that had dribbled out of her pussy.

Another nap sounded like a good idea.

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