tagIncest/TabooOur Shared Bathroom Ch. 05

Our Shared Bathroom Ch. 05


It was late in the evening when our bus finally arrived at the hotel. Travel weary, I gathered up all of the snack wrappers, my MP3 player, water bottle and book and stood as the interior lights came on. All around me Jen's teammates from the Hellcats were doing the same, all wearing the same tired and slightly dazed look I'm sure I had on. A few rows in front of me, Jen was standing up, her headphones still in as she hoisted her bag over one shoulder.

We were in Tennessee for a soccer tournament. The Hellcats had won in their division and had been invited to a tournament with some of the top teams in surrounding states. It was no surprise, really, as the Hellcats had worked hard for their success and played with the determination and precision of some professional teams. Not bad for a group of high school to college aged girls. They still all kept their hair long and in ponytails when they played, just to present opposing teams with a unified front that betrayed their toughness.

I had been invited to go along mainly due to my being Jen's brother and because everyone on the team knew me as one of their most dedicated fans. The coach and I knew each other from my workplace, so when the tournament came up, I was one of the first he asked to come along. I was able to get the time off from work without much trouble; in fact, many of my coworkers were big fans of the team themselves.

Our parents had opted to ask us to share a hotel room, probably in part to lower the cost but also so I could watch out for Jen, of course. Given all that had transpired in the last month between Jen and I, neither of us minded and were both a bit excited at the prospect.

We had been far more intimate in the past month than we had ever been after overcoming our hesitation to get physical together. It was still strange to remember her telling me I could rub my dick against her butt that first time and how that progressed to getting to see each other fully naked. We were both still a little embarrassed at ourselves for getting so involved as to briefly have sex, but having discussed the whole thing with our parents we felt much more confident that we were allowed to appreciate each other this way. It was really new to both of us, but in an exciting way. That's what made this trip all the more exhilarating.

After a few minutes wait, we were all finally off the bus, checked in and busy carrying our luggage to our rooms. The team had a block of rooms reserved, so all the rooms were adjoining. Jen and I had one on the end and it was a welcome sight to us both. As the other girls moved their things into the rooms beside us, we got the door unlocked and got our bags inside.

"Oh, the beds look so good!" Jen cried, dropping her bag on the nearest one. She stepped over to the nightstand and turned on the lamp on her side.

"You aren't kidding." I said. "Whose idea was it not to bring a movie on the coach?"

"Don't even get me started! Coach is good at a lot of things, but I swear that man could forget his head if, well, you know." She replied. Jen gave a light yawn and stretched, then smoothed out the wrinkles in her shirt and pulled her hair behind her ears.

I dropped my bag on the other bed, then checked the rest of the room out. Jen went into the bathroom to pee, leaving the door open so we could keep talking.

"Hey, do you want to get something to eat? I'm starved." She said, beginning to pee.

"Sure. There's a steakhouse in the hotel. I should be fine wearing jeans, right?"

She laughed. The whizzing sound slowed to droplets. "Yes Mark, jeans will be fine. No one cares at a steakhouse. And I'm not changing out of mine, anyway."

So in a few more minutes we headed down there. We got a booth before we spotted some of Jen's teammates, but she didn't feel like moving once she sat down. The food was great, and it was fun going out with my sister. We kept each other entertained the whole time as we talked about school, sports and our family. Once in a while, we'd both glance at each other. Jen would give this demure smile at me and I'd grin back at her, then we'd both go on and talk about something new.

Towards the end of our meal, Tracey, Jen's best friend, stopped over. "Hey, a few of us are going to use the whirlpool in Sandra and Rachel's room tonight. Do you want to come and hang out?" she asked Jen. "Mark, you can come too, if you don't mind hanging out with us girls."

Jen looked at me and I shrugged.

"Sure!" She said, happily. "We'll be over after we're done. Room 202, right?" Tracey confirmed the room number and told us she'd see us there.

Jen teased me about coming along, but in the end she insisted, saying she thought it would be fun. So when we were done with our meal, we returned to our room. We gave each other a little privacy to change into our bathing suits (we had brought them knowing the hotel had a pool), then wrapped ourselves in towels and left our room and walked down the hall.

We knocked on the door and Tracey let us in, wrapped in a towel herself. We all walked further into the room to where the whirlpool was located in a corner of the bedroom. Sandra, the cute redhead was already in the tub as well as Rachel, the blond who played goalie. I tried to ignore the impulse to gaze at these girls in what I could see of their two-piece suits, and just focused on the girl's conversations.

Jen and I were invited in, and as Tracey pulled her towel off and stepped into the tub, Jen and I shed our towels as well and I followed her in. The water was really warm and the tub a bit crowded, but not too bad. I was sitting nearly shoulder-to-shoulder with Sandra, trying to ignore her cleavage, while Jen was in a seat across from me. She and I were both on the right side of the tub, Tracey in the upper left corner, Sandra beside me more in the center and Rachel in the lower left corner. Apparently Rachel and Sandra had little legroom, so Tracey offered for Sandra to put her feet on her knees to Rachel could stretch her feet out a bit more.

The tub had a little control panel near Tracey, and she turned down the lights in the room to just a dull glow and turned on the jets. The following few minutes were pretty silent as everyone relaxed and enjoyed the warmth and the pressure of the water pulsing over our bodies. I watched Tracey as she pulled her long, curled brown hair back from her face and lean her head back with a sigh. Jen's eyes were closed and she had a happy smile on her lips.

"Hey," came Rachel's voice. We all turned to look at the blond. "Would you guys mind if I took off my suit? I mean, if we turn the lights down a little lower?" She leaned forward to see me past Sandra and said, "Are you okay with that Mark?"

Sandra and Jen giggled. "Is Mark okay with it? Hell yes he is!" Sandra said, evoking giggles from Tracey as well.

"Well you know what I meant." Rachel said.

"I don't mind. I think I'll do the same if you are." Tracey said.

"Yeah, I will too." Sandra said.

"Mark, you're just going to have to bear it!" Jen teased.

No one really waited for my input, as Jen's words seemed to have made up my mind to them. So I didn't say a word and Tracey turned the lights lower, nearly off, and I could dimly make out the girls leaning forward and undoing their tops, and scooting around as they worked the bottom of their suits off. Their suits were dropped over the tub side or draped over the edge, and everyone settled back in down to their necks with a good bit of giggling.

"Hey, you too Mark." Jen said.

They all looked at me. "Yeah, come on, your sister wants you to get naked!" Tracey teased, earning a splash of water from Jen.

"Shut up, perve!" Jen said, sticking her tongue out at Tracey. All the girls laughed and watched as I worked to get my trunks off. When I hung them over the side there were a few more jokes and giggles, but then everyone settled back in.

All of us being in the tub naked together made everyone a bit more rowdy, since it's hard to relax when you're naked with other people. Sandra accidentally goosed Tracey as the was lifting her legs back up to set them on her knees and Tracey reacted by poking a foot between Sandra's knees. Everyone laughed at their antics and I caught a good view of the top of Sandra's breast as she jumped at Tracey's touch. I also got to see a good bit of Rachel's cleavage as she moved more to her left to put her back more fully on the leftmost wall of the tub. That made Sandra and Tracey have to reposition their legs just a bit, causing Sandra's hand to accidentally land on my thigh as she tried to scoot over more toward the space Rachel had vacated. The girls laughed at her jump and she apologized quickly. I couldn't see well enough to tell, but I knew she must have been blushing.

It was just as I was settling in and relaxing that I suddenly felt Jen's foot on my shin. I peeked over at her and she just lay there, smiling slightly. But her foot pushed a little more and so I spread my legs a bit. She extended her leg out far enough until the soft sole of her foot set fully against my semi-erect dick. I could not believe this.

I risked taking a look around to see if anyone noticed, but all the girls had their heads back and eyes closed. I felt Jen's toes fondle the head of my cock and she began to press her foot against my full shaft and stroke it up and down. I chanced a look to my left at Sandra and realized I could faintly make out the outlines of her breasts in the dim light whenever a smooth patch of water made it's way above. I knew they weren't as big as Jen's just by observation during the games, but now I could confirm it to myself.

Jen smiled, feeling my dick hardening even more, and she dug the tips of her toes under my balls, making me want to jump, or groan; anything but just sit still. I looked back at Sandra's chest just as a clear patch of water made its way overtop and I almost had a full view of her breast. Jen's toes lifted and began to fondle my balls and I just leaned my head back and sighed quietly.

Just then, Rachel lifted her head to whisper, "Tracey? Would you mind rubbing my shoulder? I still have a knot from falling asleep during the bus ride."

We were all roused a bit from the broken silence and everyone had opened their eyes. But Jen's foot remained where it was, tenderly feeling the base of my shaft with her toes. I gave her a glance, but she just smiled and looked over at Rachel.

"Sure." said Tracey. "But I knew I shouldn't have told anyone I got a job at the spa downtown."

As she awkwardly turned to face her back to Tracey, Rachel said, "I'm sorry! I just can't get relaxed with it like-Oh!" and then she slipped, tried to catch herself and got her foot under her but pushed too hard and she popped her upper body above the water for just a moment, her wet breasts hanging there for all to see, before she could sit back under the water again. "Oh my gosh!" was her response as she wrapped her arm around her chest, but much after the fact.

All the girls couldn't help but laugh and I couldn't help it myself from the look of sheer astonishment and horror on her face.

"Did you all see...?" She asked, training off.

"Uh, yep. You gave us the whole show!" Jen said, giggling.

Rachel was trying ever so hard not to look at me, but eventually did. I just shook my head and shrugged and said, "It's okay. It was real quick."

She calmed down after a bit and Tracey got her to sit down by her and she began to rub her shoulders. Jen's foot, which she had removed during the commotion, returned, and she again began to stroke my cock with her foot. I watched as Tracey kneaded the flesh of Rachel's creamy pink shoulders and couldn't help but let my dick swell to a full erection. Jen pushed the flat part of her foot against my shaft and the head of my dick and gently pumped it up and down, all the while just lying there with her eyes closed. There wasn't much I could do but take it all in.

Soon I felt my balls begin to tighten and that semi-dizzy sensation came over me as Jen's foot began to bring me to an orgasm. I tried hard not to squirm, feeling my cum rising and my cock tingling with each stroke. I watched as Rachel lifted an arm to pull a strand of hair back and I just lost it. My orgasm hit and all I could do was sit there as my cum spilled out from my dick into the water. Jen pushed her foot up my shaft to milk my cum out and with several more pulses I had released all of my semen into the tub.

After a few more moments, Jen retracted her leg and I just set my head back and my entire body relaxed.

I didn't notice a thing for a while until the girls decided it was time to get out. Jen grabbed the towels from over the side and passed them out, and I watched as each girl struggled to get out of the water without revealing herself. Jen just put an arm over her breasts and got up a little, pulled the towel over her chest and around her back, and then lowered it as she stood up. Rachel got up next, mimicking Jen's technique. But as she stood, she said, "Ew! What's this?" and pointed to a small white glob on her thigh.

"I don't know; it must have come from the filter." offered Sandra.

Rachel wrinkled her nose and wiped it off, then climbed out of the tub. Then Sandra and Rachel both used their towels to cover themselves, but Sandra was not as thorough in her actions and with her so close, I got a good eyeful of the side of her breast, even seeing the edge of her nipple, as she worked to get the towel around her small frame. Tracey was finished and had stepped out before her, and as Sandra stood, I spotted another longer white glob about two inches long on the back of her leg before she turned around to step out.

They all gave me some privacy with their backs turned, but I easily got the towel around myself and was out without too much trouble. Jen and I gathered our suits and said goodnight and walked out into the hallway, nude under our towels, and back into our room.

Once inside, Jen turned around and put her arms over my shoulders and around my neck and said, "So how did you enjoy that, brother?"

I just shook my head and grinned.

She didn't let go, and for a moment we just looked into each other's eyes. Without thinking much, I put my hands on her waist. She bit her lower lip ever so slightly and then I leaned in and kissed her, lip to lip. She returned my kiss readily, and lifted her hands up to the back of my head.

I pulled her body closer and she melted into me as we kissed. Her lips were so soft and sweet, and as they parted I knew I was drinking her in. I moved my arm up to her back and turned my head so we could kiss even more and allow our lips to rub against the others even more. She gasped and her breath poured over my face tenderly. I parted my lips and our lips touched more deeply, until I felt the tip of her tongue brush my lower lip and I responded by pointing the tip of my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues met, and as the softness of our lips pressed together, the textured firmness of our tongues slid over each other. We tasted each other with passion and delight, our saliva mixing together as we drank deep of each other.

She leaned her head back, breaking our kiss and gasped, and I set my lips at once on her throat. She melted completely into me, gasping again and clutching my head to her neck. Without any resistance, I pulled her towel apart and it slid to the ground, leaving her exposed against me. Her gasps turned into moans as I kissed her soft neck, using a hand to brush her wet hair aside. I pulled her body tight against mine until her breasts pressed firmly against my chest and continued to neck with her as she swayed and moved with me.

Finally she had to lay her head against my shoulder as her legs began to tremble and she had to gasp for air. I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her naked body up and she wrapped her arms around my neck. I walked over to her bed and slowly eased her down onto it so that she was lying flat, then let go of her and straightened up. She looked up at me, breathlessly, and I knelt down on the floor in front of her legs.

"Oh Mark!" she gasped and laid her head back.

She let me spread her legs apart and allowed me to look at her pussy without a hint of doubt. The lips of her cunt were swollen and obviously wet. Her trimmed pubic hair couldn't hide the wet folds of pink flesh that protruded from between her legs.

I leaned forward and kissed the inside of her right thigh, then her left. She gasped sharply each time. I leaned in closer and could smell the scent of her excitement mingling with the delicate perfume she wore. I breathed on those swollen folds and she raised her hands to her head, plunging her fingers deep into her hair. And I bent down and set my lips between her legs, touching them to her wetness. Her thighs trembled and shook at my touch, and I waited for them to calm with my lips still pressed against her. My nose was buried in her hair on her crotch; my lips pressed on her vulva, my chin brushing her buttocks.

She reached a hand down and put it on my head and I parted my lips and began to kiss her flesh. She groaned and shook again, but this time I didn't stop. I mashed my lips between hers until they sunk in and I could feel them to either side of my mouth. I extended my tongue and plunged it inside, tasting her juices with fervor. She began to moan higher and pulled my head tighter between her legs. I licked her cunt up and down and, finding her vagina, eagerly pressed my tongue deep into this slick, pulsing hole. Her vaginal muscles tightened and her whole body began to buck, pushing against my face, mashing her wetness into me. I licked her still, sliding my tongue around as deep as I could press it, swallowing her cum as I felt it pour out of her body.

Then I slid my hand under her butt and used my thumb to feel her crack. She moaned again, almost a whine, and spread her legs wider. I lifted my mouth and slid my tongue up her cunt until I felt the erect nub of her clit. She trembled violently at the first caress of my tongue, and she began to shove her fingers into my hair and hold my hair tightly as I licked her again. I found her anus with my thumb and pressed gently against it. In response, her legs widened yet more, so I pushed the tip inside. I pulled my lips back enough so that I could lick at her swollen pussy lips, swirling around the head of her clit with each pass. As I pressed my thumb into her anus yet more, and continued licking her, she couldn't help but begin to whine loudly, crying out with her moans as her entire body trembled and shook.

I continued licking and pressing my thumb in, and her other hand joined the first in gripping my head tightly. She convulsed and cried out, then convulsed again and again, and I could feel her fluids pulsing out of her vagina on my lips.

Finally her thighs swung shut and tightened around my head and all she could do was lay there and gasp in air amidst her cries. I pulled my lips slowly away and eased my thumb out and just put my hands on her thighs to stroke her. After a few moments, she began to calm down and relaxed her thighs to allow me to lean back.

I got up and got onto the bed next to her, then leaned over and kissed her again. Her hand tenderly gripped the side of my face as we kissed, then slid down to my shoulders as I leaned in to hug her.

After that, all Jen could get herself to do was brush her teeth, change into her pajamas and go to sleep. Fortunately, the events of the next day didn't start until the afternoon and she slept most of the morning. I got her breakfast from the hotel lounge, and after another hour, she was able to get up and begin getting ready.

The Hellcats did well in the tournament. Not undefeated, but they took a strong second place and we all returned with the feeling that it was an exceptional trip.

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