tagIncest/TabooOur Son Comes Home Ch. 01

Our Son Comes Home Ch. 01


My son, Ian, had always been my wife's favorite. Parents are not supposed to have favorite's, you know love them all equally, but of our three sons, Ian always held a special place in Dawn's heart. He had a charming, mischievous smile and wavy golden hair as a child and even as a young man of nineteen, he still knew when to flash that smile and get his way. His leaving for college had caused many teary nights for my wife, but they spoke regularly on the phone, making her face light up every time she heard his voice at the other end of the line.

Ian came home for the extended Christmas break, and his mother was ecstatic to be able to cook and clean for him again. He had grown to be a solid, muscular man of about 6' tall, with arms and shoulders of a football player. They would talk for hours, drinking wine, remembering his childhood blunders and all the funny things they did together. It was one of those evenings that Ian had taken the opportunity of his mother's tipsiness to let her know that he was developing more that just a maternal love for her. I had gone to bed early, leaving them talking as they always did, to watch the news and get some sleep. I must have dozed off, and startled when Dawn jumped on the bed shaking my arm, hissing that she had to tell me something.

"What the hell can be so important, at one in the morning?"

"Ian, he...he kissed me! We were...in the living room, just talking and talking...I was getting a little drunk on the wine and I caught him...he was looking right under my robe! He was lying on the floor staring at my pussy!"

"And, what did you do, baby?" I was still groggy and not completely comprehending what she was saying.

"I played along...and I let my legs open a little more. Doug, I swear he never flinched, just kept grinning and watching me spread my legs for him...I never felt so on fire, so exposed, so desired...and he just laid there on the floor and looking at my naked pussy. I thought he would turn away, you know get embarrassed or something, but he just laid there smiling. Then he looked me right in the eyes...God I thought I was going to cum, Doug! He was so sexy...so confident! And his dick, my god, he has a huge dick!" Dawn was still visibly excited; her thick nipples were showing through the thick terry cloth robe.

"What did he do, babe? Did he pull it out for you to see?" My own cock was hard as steel now and beginning to bubble up precum in alarming quantities. This sounded too good to be true...

"No, but it was so hard, it made a tent in his sweat pants! We didn't say anything; just kept staring at each other...then he asked me to open my robe for him! I was stunned at first, but I did! I pulled it to the side to let him get a perfect view of my boobs...and just let him leer at me. He never touched me but I could feel his eyes on me, and I knew we wanted me right there and then...But I wanted to talk to you first..."

"Wait a minute; you said he kissed you, right? When did that happen?" I was slowly stroking myself, swirling my copious precum around the head of my cock with my fingertip, sending little waves of pleasure to my balls. I shuddered to think that our son was going down the same path of discovery that I had taken with my mother so many years ago.

"Finally I told him I was going to bed and he thanked me for the show! Then he asked if he could walk me to bed. He put his arm around my hips and helped me down the hall. I went to give him a kiss on the cheek...and he turned his head and kissed me on the mouth, gentle and soft at first, then I just melted, Doug! We is such a good kisser; we tongue kissed for a while...and his cock...god it was so firm and hard, poking right into my stomach. We just stood there kissing and with his cock throbbing between us. Doug, it made me feel so wet and juicy...and he was moaning and grinding it into me..." She threw back the covers let her robe slip off her shoulders to reveal her voluptuous womanly body. She was still a very attractive woman, 38D breasts and wide flaring hips, on a 5' 5" frame. Dawn was perfect in my eyes, and it seemed our son had the same taste in women. She straddled my legs and let my cock burrow its way into her depths. The sensation of her hot vagina enveloping my penis was exactly what I needed right now.

"You know he's probably jerking off imagining you right now...and when that big cock erupts...he'll still be thinking about his mom's smooth shaved cunt and big, thick nipples." I wanted to cum in my wife so bad right then, but somehow managed to hold on.

"Was I wrong to be so...so brazen?"

"Dawn...he is your son. You are his mother. He is a man now. You have been the most important woman to him his whole life. What's the old saying," Find a girl just like your mom"? He loves you. ...and it sure sounds like he wants to take the next step. Let him know you love him and are open for him to make the next move."

We lay quietly in the dark for a long time, listening to each other's hearts thudding in our chests and loins. I could not hold back any longer and pumped my hips, my penis swimming in the flood of juices flowing from Dawn's cunt.

"That's it baby, does my pussy feel good..."

"Jeez, Dawn, I going to cum any second...the thought of Ian burying his face in your twat, or even fucking you has me so hot..." I came instantly, flooding her sloppy wet walls with my cream. I panted and groaned as I drove deeper, and when I relaxed, Dawn was smiling down at me. She stopped the motion of her hips, and looked at me, suddenly serious.

"Doug, what am I going to do? I was just so turned on...and the wine...and he looks so much like David..."

"I know, babe, I know..."

Look for Chapter Two, soon...

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