tagGroup SexOur Song Ch. 05: Joey

Our Song Ch. 05: Joey


This is chapter 5 of "Our Song". I strongly encourage readers to read chapters 1-4 before reading this one, but for those of you who do not wish to, here is a short recap.


Owen, the narrator, goes with his friend Joey to a pick-up bar. Joey has just found out his girlfriend was cheating on him, and needed to get fucked to ease his pain. Joey hooks up with Jessica, who puts out to him in the bathroom, but never hears from her again. Owen, on the other hand, meets Jessica's roommate, Song, a beautiful young doctor, and she becomes the love of his life.

After two exciting months together, Song tells Owen she is bisexual, and that she is missing being with women. They meet Nathalie online, and spend a wonderful evening together. It starts with a game of "truth or dare", and ends with all three of them in bed, having passionate sex.

However, Nathalie does not wish to make this a permanent thing. Afraid she would never find a woman who will want to be in a steady relationship with both Owen and her, Song gets depressed. Owen encourages her, telling her he would support her in whatever she decides to do.

Inspired by Owen's encouragement, Song takes a flight to Boston to meet Lisa, the first woman she ever had ever had feelings for, and the first person she was ever intimate with. The two hit it off right away, but each of them hides the fact she is in a relationship from the other.

Lisa has a hard time accepting Song's will to have her in her life, along with Owen. However, being bisexual herself, she agrees to give the idea of being a threesome a chance.

Fortunately for everyone, Lisa and Owen hit it off right away. The three spend a wonderful evening in bed before finding out Lisa is engaged to be married. She promises to call off the engagement, and does so on the following day.


Lisa came to live with Song and myself in my apartment in Pittsburgh. Life as a threesome was good, but not easy.

Song was happy as I've never seen her before. The love she received at home, from both Lisa and me filled her up, and countered the pain and suffering she was seeing at the hospital every day.

"You made me a better doctor," she told us one day. "I come to the hospital with more passion than ever. I have enough love in my heart to afford to actually care about my patients, and not try to hide behind charts and test results. I love the both of you so much for that."

Having Lisa in our lives only strengthened the bond I had with Song. Being emotionally satisfied, she didn't crave for sex anymore, and did not jump me when I got home from work. She still had a healthy sexual appetite for both Lisa and me, but now it was based on desire, not on need.

Song and Lisa's relationship was full of passion. After Song returned from night shifts, Lisa would join her in bed, and they would make love, before Lisa would go back to work and let Song sleep. At night they would make love in front of me, going down on each other, giving each other wonderful orgasms. I loved seeing tears in Song's eyes as she climaxed. I liked watching her eating Lisa's pussy, giving her epic orgasms.

But their relationship was also full of bumps. The girls had two very different ideas about what it takes to run a household. Lisa was very tidy, while Song was anything but. Often they would get into gigantic fights over the tiniest things, like where to place one's clothes, or how well does one have to clean the kitchen counter, after preparing a meal. These fights would start small, often as a simple comment, but would mostly escalate to fights where both girls blame the other for not appreciating her enough.

Whenever I was around, they would usually take the fight to the bedroom and close the door, so I wouldn't be a part of it. It was usually Song's insistence, so I wouldn't have to take sides. From outside the room I would usually hear the loud voices without being able to understand the actual words. Then the voices would calm down, and then get silenced. For the most part, I would then hear moaning — typically Lisa's, as Song, the one who usually chose to give in, would make it up to her, by going down on her.

One or two minutes after the moaning stopped, I would usually knock on the door and ask if they were alright. Song would invite me in, to see them laying on the bed, naked, Lisa catching her breath from that great orgasm Song just gave her, and Song, touching herself vigorously, her face glittery from Lisa's juices.

"Come, Owen, fuck me!" she would say, and I would throw away my clothes and get my dick inside her. At these times, I knew I was only there to fulfill her physical needs. Her eyes were on Lisa. She caressed Lisa and kissed her as I was fucking her. I didn't mind. I knew she loved me. And besides, the sex was actually great. I was lucky enough to get make-up sex without even being in a fight.

Lisa and I never defined our relationship. We lived at the same apartment and slept in the same bed almost every night, except for about one weekend a month, in which she drove to Cleveland to see her parents. Although we weren't in love with each other, we were good friends.

On nights when Song was at the hospital, Lisa and I spent the time with each other. After dinner, we usually did not watch Netflix, and instead, we sat on the sofa and talked about all kinds of things. Sometimes we discussed Lisa's fights with Song, as Lisa tried to understand Song better, through my eyes. Other times we talked about us — Lisa and me — our dreams, our hopes. These were good conversations, and both Lisa and I cherished them.

After these conversations, Lisa and I would get naked and go to bed together. Sex with Lisa was good. For neither of us it wasn't as good as it was with Song, but it was good in a different way. The lack of intense emotion made it lighter, and in a way, more fun. We called it "friendly sex".

One night a week, when all three of us where home, we would skip Netflix and have an evening of fun, all three of us. Song, who came up with the idea and insisted on us doing it, called it "Our little weekly fuck party".

Every such party had a theme — some narrative we decided on in advanced, and we would improvise around it. One time, for example, I was portraying a famous rock start, and Song and Lisa were both my groupies, competing with each other over my dick. Another time, Song was a queen, and Lisa and I were her servants, having to satisfy her every need.

There was a time in which Lisa was a school teacher, who caught Song and I fucking in the restrooms and punished us by making us get naked in front of the entire school and make us do all kinds of sport activities naked, as she was masturbating in front of us. And one time I was a principal of an all-girls Catholic school, in which one of the nuns has caught the girls making out, and they escaped expulsion by giving their principal a sex-ed lesson he would never forget.

All these parties started with us fully dressed, sometimes wearing costumes (such as "school girl" costumes with nothing underneath, as in the last example), and end with us fully naked, after each of us had cum at least once. Song would pay special attention to having Lisa and myself fuck in front of her in each of these parties. She knew that the bond between Lisa and myself was key to the success of our relationship.


Song told her parents about our threesome, and they were pretty cool about it, but neither Lisa nor I told our parents we were involved with two people. I told my parents about Song, and so did Lisa. The only person I've told about our relationship was Joey, when I met him for drinks after another girlfriend cheated on him and dumped him.

"Joey, I'm so sorry," I said after he told me what has happened. "You should start looking for nicer girls."

"I know," he said. "I have no idea why I pick on these girls. They all seem very nice at the beginning. And then you find out that they like fucking your friends..."

"Really? a friend?"

"Former friend. I'm not friends with him anymore after he fucked my girlfriend behind my back..."

"I'm so sorry," I said again.

"So what is that thing about you having two girlfriends?" he asked me.

"I don't have two girlfriends," I defended myself. "I have one girlfriend, Song, you've met her."

"Yes, I remember. Her friend was a great fuck. I really needed it that night."

"Turns out, Jessica was Song's lover," I said.

"You don't say!" Joey said, opening his eyes in astonishment.

"Now, Song has a girlfriend, named Lisa," I explained.

"So, Lisa is your girlfriend's girlfriend?" he asked, trying to grasp the situation.

"Yes. Song is bisexual. She's into men and women, and now she has a boyfriend — that's me, and a girlfriend — that's Lisa."

"So she hops between your bed and Lisa's?"

"No. Lisa lives with us. We all sleep in the same bed."

That was really hard for Joey to understand.

"So, when you fuck your girlfriend, this Lisa watches?"

"She usually turns to the other side to give us privacy, but yes, sometimes she watches."

"And when your girlfriend fucks her girlfriend, they let you watch?"

"Yes, I love seeing them fuck. They are beautiful together."

"So this Lisa doesn't mind you seeing her naked?"

"She doesn't. We like each other. We're not in love, but we like each other, so we don't mind."

"And you don't get jealous at Lisa, or Lisa at you, for your relationship with Song?"

"No, we both love Song very much, and that is the one thing we have in common."

"And Song isn't jealous you guys see each other naked?" Joey asked.

"Song isn't jealous when Lisa and I fuck each other," I said casually.

That was too much for Joey.

"You what?"

"Oh, Lisa and I sleep together sometimes. We're not in love, but we do like each other very much. Lisa is also bisexual, and she likes having sex with men, and she is really cute and very sexy."

"So she's not your girlfriend; she is your girlfriend's girlfriend, but you still fuck her?"


"And your girlfriend."


"And your girlfriend fucks her girlfriend, and lets you watch."

"Yes," I said with a smile.

"Man, I want your life," Joey said, and we both laughed.

"It does sound weird, but it's really not," I said. "I mean, it's not standard, but it feels very normal."

"I don't think I can understand it," he said, and rested his head on his hands.

"I'll tell you what. I'll talk to the girls and we'll invite you one evening for dinner, and you'll see for yourself that we're all normal people, and that it feels very natural."

"OK," he said in a skeptical voice. "If you'll invite me, I'll come and see for myself."


The next evening, over dinner, Song asked me about my meeting with Joey.

"How is he?" she asked.

"Not good, but he'll get over it," I said.

"How does he always find the worst possible girls?" she wondered.

"That's probably between him and his therapist, if he has one," I said. "We can't help him with that."

"But we can help him with something else," song said, and then regretted saying this.

"What something else?" I asked.

She explained, "Well, if I weren't with the two of you, and especially with you, Owen, A guy as good-looking as Joey would definitely have been high on my list."

This is where Lisa got involved. "Is he hot?" she asked.

"Very," Song replied. "He's tall and muscular. I'm sure he works out. Lisa, you haven't seen him, and Owen, you're not attracted to men, but I'm telling you, he's hot. If I didn't have you, I'd fuck him without giving it another thought."

Lisa and I looked at each other and shared a little smile. I've heard Song talking about wanting other men, but all these stories were before Song and I met. It was weird hearing her talking about Joey like that, but as I searched my soul to see if that made me jealous, I couldn't find any jealousy to speak of. I got so much from Song. She fulfilled every sexual fantasy I ever had, and then some. The only thing I felt by Song's suggestion was arousal.

The following night, Song had a night shift. This left Lisa and I alone, to talk about what we heard Song saying.

"Song is really into my friend Joey," I told Lisa. "She already said once she thought he was handsome, but I didn't know she was so attracted to him."

"Doesn't it make you even a little bit jealous?" she wondered.

"I thought about it," I told her. "I tried to imagine them together, fucking. And it only made me horny. I know this is not the normal response, but I guess nothing about us is normal."

"I thought about it too," Lisa said, "and it makes me horny as well. Do you think we should..."

"Sure," I said, "I should invite him over. We can make it a surprise for Song."

Lisa smiled for a moment, probably trying to imagine the situation. "She'll love the surprise," she finally said, and then she changed her tone to a more careful one, and asked, "How hot is your friend?"

"I don't know... I'm not attracted to men. But I believe he can be considered hot."

"Would it be OK with you," she started asking carefully.

"Sure!" I answered, understanding what she was trying to ask. "If I'm not jealous of Song, I'm definitely not going to be jealous of you."

"I don't know if I want to," she explained, "I never saw the guy, but if I find him attractive..."

"I won't have a problem with you fucking him. I mean, I'm grateful for what we have. You're a sexy, beautiful woman, and sex with you is really great, but you and I are by no means exclusive... I'm blabbering, aren't I?"

"Just a little," Lisa said with a big, honest smile, and kissed me on the lips. "I'm so horny right now," she said, "thinking about Song and your friend." Lisa's smile changed and became naughty. "Do you think you can help me with that?"

I kissed her, and lead her to the bedroom. I got her clothes off her and removed mine. Then I pushed her gently on the bed and spread her legs wide open.

"How badly do you want my girlfriend to fuck my friend?" I asked her.

"Very badly," she said. "I want to see how he cums in her pussy."

I slid a finger into Lisa's wet pussy, and with my thumb I rubbed her clit.

"Would you like me to fuck you while you imagine them fucking?" I asked.

"Sure I do! Fuck me, Owen. Fuck me hard!"

I started fucking her. We both came relatively fast, and relatively hard. We stayed cuddled for a few minutes, hugging and kissing softly. Then Lisa asked something that was on her mind:

"Would you consider Joey your best friend? I mean, you mentioned Joey's girlfriend was fucking HIS best friend, and now your girlfriend is going to fuck YOUR best friend. Doesn't it bother you?"

"Well," I said, "Not one bit. Actually, my girlfriend is already fucking my best friend... You are my best friend, Lisa."

She smiled, and kissed me passionately.


Two days later, Joey was invited to our place for dinner. Both girls were working on preparing the meal before I got back from work. Once I came home we all got dressed up.

"Can you wear you Boston dress?" I asked Song. "I've never seen you wear it. Lisa says it's super-sexy on you. We don't go out much, and there are not many opportunities..."

"Sure," she gave Lisa and myself a naughty smiled. "Do you want me to wear it like I did in Boston? With nothing underneath?"

Lisa intervened, "I would definitely wear a bra. But panties, well, that's up to you..."

"OK, it's settled then. Sexy dress, bra, no panties. I just hope you guys are not going to be too cute and make my pussy wet, because it will make a big stain on my dress."

Well, she didn't know what was coming.

Joey was punctual. We greeted him with handshakes and cold beers. Then we sat around the table and ate the nice dinner the girls have cooked together. Through dinner he told the girls what he has told me, about how his new girlfriend cheated on him and dumped him. Then he asked, very politely and carefully about our relationship.

"What would you like to know?" asked Song.

"How does it work?" he said.

"How does what work?" she didn't understand his question.

"I mean, I know how a couple works, they love each other, they live together, they have sex. But how does it work in a threesome?"

"Well," song said, looking directly at him, "we love each other, we live together, we have sex. It's quite the same thing."

"Yes, only that you're three people..."

"Exactly," song said with a smile, without solving Joey's confusion.

After desert we went to the living room. Lisa gestured to Song to sit next to Joey on the sofa, while she and I grabbed chairs from the dining table and sat in front of them.

"I have an excellent idea how Joey can get all his answers," I said, and picked up my empty beer bottle. "We can play 'truth or dare'. This way Joey can ask us all the questions he wants, and we would have to answer truthfully."

Song looked at me with a suspicious smile, as if she asked me, "Is this going where I think this is going?"

I raised my eyebrows and nodded at her, as if I was saying, "This is going EXACTLY where you think this is going."

Song's suspicious smile became a happy, naughty smile. She licked her lips, and very gently and casually patted her crotch through the thin cloth of her dress, as if she was telling me, "You just made my pussy wet, and if you recall, I'm wearing no underwear."

"Truth or dare?" asked Joey, "as in the game we played when we were little?"

"Yes," I answered. "You spin the bottle. If it points at you, you spin again. The person it points to gets to choose — truth or dare. 'Truth' means you get to ask them a question, and they have to answer truthfully."

"...and you can ask any question," Lisa added, "especially sexual question, and we have to answer truthfully, with all the graphic details you want."

"And if they choose 'dare'," I continued my introduction, "you should ask them to do something, and they'd have to do it."

"What kind of things?" he asked.

"Anything you want," Lisa replied for me. "And they'd have to do it, otherwise they'd be banned from the game."

"...and nobody wants to be banned from the game," I added. On the next turn, the person who was chosen by the bottle gets to spin the bottle, and so forth."

"Who gets to start?" Song asked, probably eager to get the show on the road.

"I think our guest can get the honor," I said, and handed him the bottle.


Joey spun the bottle. It pointed at me.

"Truth or dare?" he asked.

"Truth," I answered.

He thought for a moment, and then said, "How does it feel to be the luckiest man alive?"

I knew exactly what he meant. In fact, I did feel the luckiest man alive. But I wanted to play with him, like Song would do to me in such situations.

"What do you mean by that? Lucky how?"

"You know, having these two beautiful women at your side."

"You mean, fucking these two beautiful women?" I asked, as Song would ask me in such situations.

"Yes, that..."

"Well, it feels great." I looked at both girls, and they both smiled at me. "They're not only good looking. They are also very good in bed. But the best part, is watching them fuck each other. That's just awesome."

I guess that was a lot for Joey to take. He gave me a weird look, as if he was asking, "Who are you, and what have you done with Owen?"

Anyway, it was my turn to spin the bottle. It hit Song.

"Truth," she said.

I knew exactly what to ask her. "In this room, is there a person you are not attracted to? Sexually, I mean?"

She looked around the room, moving her eyes from me to Lisa and then to Joey, and said, "Nope, not in this room."

I looked at Joey's expression as Song said it. It was a combination of surprise and joy. Maybe he too was starting to realize where this game was leading. Maybe he was just hoping.

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