tagGroup SexOur Song Ch. 06: Alicia

Our Song Ch. 06: Alicia


After publishing chapter 5 I got some comments criticizing the repetitive use of the game "Truth or Dare" in this story. I'm really sorry if this annoys any of you.

I personally find the essence of repetition useful from a storytelling point of view. On chapter 5 the game was suggested by the narrator (Owen) as a fun thing to do after dinner, when Joey was a guest at Song's, Lisa's and Owen's home. For Joey, the newcomer, this sounded like just another game to play, although quite an odd one for four grown adults. But for Song, who had played this game before (on chapter 3), this meant her boyfriend and girlfriend have planned a surprise for her.

I personally find this feeling highly erotic, when a character realizes what is about to happen before it actually does. In that particular case she realized her boyfriend and girlfriend have arranged for her to have sex with Joey, after she confessed she was attracted to him.

Why am I writing about it? Well, guess what? This chapter also features an expedited version of the game. For those annoyed by this, I'm truly sorry. For those intrigued by it, well, read on :-)


About a month after having Joey as our guest, and after Song has encouraged him to find a girlfriend who would better match his soul and not only his body, Joey told me he just found the love of his life.

"Two weeks ago," he told me, "I was visiting the bookstore I usually go to, to find a new sci-fi book to read, like I do every month or so. There was this saleswoman there, who must have read all the books there, because she could tell me exactly what I would like and what I wouldn't. She introduced me to some great books, and that time she introduced me to another one she thought I'd like.

"I saw this woman maybe seven or ten times before, and she always offered me good books to read, and always knew what they were about. But in all these previous times, I didn't give her a second thought. She was a saleswoman in a store. Nothing more. She was short, even for a woman, and a little overweight. Until that day, I wouldn't even look at someone like that.

"But then, when she was talking about this new book, I thought to myself, this was exactly what Song was talking about. Although I was just a customer, she knew exactly what I would like and what I wouldn't. It was as if she could look into my soul!"

"So what did you do?" I asked.

"I asked her out."

"Really? And she said yes?"

"Not at first. I think she was suspicious why someone like me would want to date someone like her. But then I told her why."

"What did you tell her?"

"I told her she knew me so well through those books, and that I wanted to get to know her."

"So she said yes?"

"Yep. We went for dinner the next evening, which was really nice. She is so interesting. She knows so much about everything and is so interested to know more."

"That's a change for you," I said. "Your exes were never the sharpest pencils, forgive me for saying."

"I forgive you," he said with a smile. "They were asses. I know that now. They were trophy girlfriends. Ones I could win because I have a good body, forgive me for saying..."

"I forgive you," I said. "So, this woman has a name?"

"Alicia. Her name is Alicia."

"And now you are together?"

"Yep. I practically live in her place. She is not a Barbie doll like my exes, but she's funny, smart and very-very sexy. I want you guys to meet her sometime."

"Sure. I'd love to meet her. I'm sure the girls would too."

"I told her, I asked her out thanks to you guys," Joey said.

"Song, mainly," I suggested.

"Well, she said the words, but what did it for me was seeing you together. I never saw love like that, and I wanted it for myself. And now, with Alicia, I believe I found it."


We set a date to meet all five of us in a restaurant for dinner, one week after my meeting with Joey. Dinner was nice. Alicia was nice. She was everything Joey said she would be. She was indeed short and a bit overweight, but she had a pretty face, illuminated by a heartfelt smile and two big brown eyes.

Alicia didn't go to collage. She had three siblings, and her parents could not afford higher education for all of them. She ended up working in retail, selling shoes, clothes, and other things.

She was always into reading books. That was her thing ever since she knew how to read. She was a regular at the public library. She read three to four books per week, on average. After reading all the novels she could lay her hands on, she moved to popular science books, and when she exhausted all of these, she moved on to textbooks. She read history books, philosophy books, biology books, psychology books, and anything else she could find.

One day she came across an ad for a retail job at a bookstore. She knew this one had her name on it, so she applied and got the job. That gave her access to more books, the opportunity to talk to customers about them, and the ability to read a little during the off hours.

Between Lisa, Song and myself we had six academic degrees. Alicia had none. But during that dinner, as our conversation moved from topic to topic, SHE was the one who had the facts for everything.

Alicia was the main topic of our conversation in the car, as the three of us drove back home. Song and Lisa were just as impressed with her as I was.

"Joey found a keeper," Song said. "I'm so happy for him."

We all were.


Two weeks later, Joey called me and invited us to dinner at Alicia's place, which was practically THEIR place, as he stayed with her every night.

"Alicia's a great cook," he said.

Being so impressed with Alicia, and seeing their great connection, we were excited to come. Being a threesome, we didn't have many friends who were "our friends". Each of us had a few friends, but to most of them, we didn't tell about our unconventional relationship. This opportunity of having friends with whom we can be ourselves was very appealing.

We came to Alicia's apartment. It was a one-bedroom apartment, in an old building. As we came in, we smelled the delicious dinner they had prepared for us.

"What a wonderful smell," Lisa said as we walked through the door.

"Thanks you," Alicia said, "I hope you'll like what we made for you."

"You're really into books," I said, seeing the piles of old books she had everywhere.

"Sorry for the mess," she said. "I just love these books, and although I've read them all, and will probably never read them again, I don't have the heart to throw them away."

Joey fixed each of us with a glass of red wine while Alicia set the table. Then we sat around the table and had a delicious dinner.

"I loved the roast," Lisa said as we were done. "You're a great cook, Alicia!"

"I had a lot of help," Alicia said, and looked at Joey with a loving smile, caressing his arm.

After dinner, Alicia asked us to come sit in her small living room. Joey opened another bottle of wine, and emptied it in our glasses. Then he placed the empty bottle on the coffee table. We all sat around the coffee table, Song, Lisa and myself sitting on the couch with Song in the middle, while Joey and Alicia sat on armchairs in front of us.

Alicia looked at the bottle sitting on the table. Then she looked at Joey, who looked back at her, smiling at each other. Then Alicia picked up the bottle.

"Joey tells me you guys are into 'truth or dare'," she said.

Song, Lisa and I looked at each other, not knowing exactly what hides behind this statement, but understanding the evening had just turned very different than what we expected.

Seeing our confusion, Alicia explained:

"You guys have such an unusual relationship, and for what I hear from Joey, a really great one. I'm just curious about how this works for you. And Joey and I will be happy to share with you all the intimate details about our life together."

She paused for a second and added, "It's totally OK if you don't want to. We can talk about other things. We can still be friends. It's just that, I'm dying to know everything about you guys..."

Song, Lisa and I exchanged looks. I gave Song a "I don't mind" look, and so did Lisa. Then Song said:

"OK, we're in."

"Great!" said Alicia, with a big smile. "Who wants to spin the bottle first?"

"Go ahead," I said, "You are the one who's curious."

Alicia smiled at me, and spun the bottle.

The bottle rotated on the table, and... almost fell off of it. Alicia grabbed it just before it became a pile of broken glass on the floor.

"You know what?" Alicia said, picking up the bottle, "Screw the bottle. We are all grown-ups here. Let's decide we choose who we want to challenge. Us, not the bottle. Are you guys OK with it?"

"Sure," the three of us said almost simultaneously.

"OK," said Alicia, "We'll start with you, Song. Truth or dare?"

"Truth, of-course. Isn't that why we're here?"

"Sure," said Alicia. "When did you realize you were attracted to both men and women?"

Song thought for a second and replied, "Only when I met Lisa, back in collage." She patted Lisa on her arm. "That was my first sexual experience, and the first time I even thought about being with a woman. Before that, when I masturbated, I had only thought about boys."

From Alicia's expression I could understand she got more than her money's worth with this answer.

"Who would you like to challenge?" Alicia asked Song.

"You, of-course," Song smiled. "Truth or dare?"


"Have you ever been attracted to a woman?"

"No, never," Alicia replied with a smile. "Owen, truth or dare?"

"Truth," I said.

"Can you tell me how sex works for the three of you? Are you doing it all at the same time, or do you take turns?"

Her question embarrassed me a little, but I answered truthfully.

"You can say we take turns. We tried a few times to do it all at the same time, but it was too awkward, and didn't really work."

Alicia smiled at me, satisfied with my candid answer.

"Joey," I said, seeing he was a bit left-off, "Truth or dare?"

"Truth," he replied like all of us.

There was something I wanted to ask him, as we never talked about it after that evening, at our place. But suddenly, I didn't know if he told Alicia all that happened that night.

Alicia saw my hesitance, and said softly, "It's OK. I know everything about that night. I know Joey had sex with Song and Lisa. He told me everything. You can ask him whatever you want."

"Joey," I asked, "did you like Song and Lisa? I mean, I know you enjoyed the sex, but did you like THEM?"

Joey smiled. "Sure," he said. He looked at both girls and continued, "I think you are very lucky to have these two girls in your life. Not only because you are living every man's fantasy, but because you have two girls who love you so much."

It was weird hearing him talk like that. He was never the emotional kind of guy. Maybe Alicia changed him, and maybe seeing us together did something to him. I was bothered by him saying that "both girls" loved me, but I didn't want to correct him, saying Lisa was just a good friend.

"Lisa," Joey said, "Truth or dare?"

"Truth, of-course," she said.

Joey thought for a moment and then asked.

"Doesn't it bother you to see Song and Owen make love?"

"Not at all," she smiled. "I love when they do it. Usually when they do it I turn to the other side, to give them some privacy, but not because I'm bothered by it. On the contrary. I like watching them. I like kissing them and caressing them as they do it. You saw us..."

"I did," he said, and looked straight at Alicia. "It was beautiful."

"Thank you," Lisa said. "Alicia? Truth or dare?"

"Truth," Alicia said.

Lisa thought for a moment what to ask her, and then decided to be bold.

"So you know we know about Joey's... well... size. Do you like it?"

Alicia gave Lisa a shy smile. I guess Lisa managed to embarrass her. But she answered nevertheless.

"When I imagined my future love, I never imagined a stud like Joey. I imagined someone with a sense of humor, someone interesting, maybe someone who reads a lot." She smiled at Joey. "But I felt I couldn't afford to imagine someone with Joey's looks, and of-course, his... size."

She paused for a second, and then continued. "Joey is the best fuck I've ever had. He gets me to places I didn't imagine I could get to. I've read descriptions of orgasms in all kinds of cheap novels, but what he gives me, that cannot be put into words."

As she was saying that, Alicia looked straight at Joey, and caressed his crotch. He smiled back at her as she did that.

From Lisa's expression, I could understand she got more than her money's worth.

"Song, honey," Alicia said, "Truth or dare?"

Song thought for a second, and said, "Dare!"

I looked at her in surprise, but she was looking at Alicia, awaiting her command.

Alicia was a bit surprised too, but she knew exactly what she wanted to ask Song to do.

"I would like to see the two of you make out," she said, pointing at Song and Lisa. "I've never seen two women making out in front of me."

"Are you considering switching sides?" Song asked with a naughty smile.

"Everything is possible," Alicia replied with a naughty smile of her own.

Song leaned over to Lisa, and the two shared a kiss. It started off as a soft kiss, their lips barely touching, but then their confidence grew and they started kissing passionately, exchanging tongues.

I looked at Joey and Alicia. They were holding hands, looking at the two girls, smiling. Song and Lisa didn't do anything naughty, like grab each other's boobs or anything, but still, it was a very sexy thing to look at. I mean, I was already used to the girls making out, but still, every time I saw them kissing, filled me with excitement. I guess, for Joey and Alicia this was extremely arousing to see.

After they were done with the kiss, Song looked at Joey and asked him, "Truth or dare?"

"Dare!" he said, and smiled at Alicia.

"I dare you to show us how Alicia and you make out."

Alicia and Joey smiled at each other. Then they got up on their feet. Their height difference was significant. Still, they seemed to have matched. He lowered his head towards her, and she raised her head to meet his lips. They kissed passionately. Then she lowered her hand and grabbed his crotch, massaging his penis though his pants. He grabbed one of her boobs and massaged it through her blouse.

We saw them both smiling as they gave us this show of affection. I guess doing this with us watching was arousing to both of them.

They broke the kiss slowly, looking at each other, smiling at each other, and then sat back down.

Joey took a moment to decide who he wanted to challenge. Then he picked me.

"Truth," I said.

"Watching Alicia and me just now, did it get your dick hard?"

I couldn't believe the Joey who asked me that question was the same one who, several months earlier, sat next to me in a pick-up bar and didn't know how to hit on a girl. I guess we both have gone through a lot during these months.

"Yes," I said. "You guys are very sexy together."

Joey and Alicia smiled at me, and Song caressed my crotch and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Alicia," I said, "Truth or dare?"

"Dare," she said.

I was dry. No adequate ideas came to mind. I looked at Song, and she smiled at me.

"Come on," she said, "What do you want this lovely, sexy woman to do for you?"

That gave me an idea.

"I dare you to kiss Song," I said, while looking at Song for approval. She gave me a naughty smile, telling me she liked my idea.

Alicia got up and sent her hands forward, towards Song.

"Shall we?" she asked.

Song got up and walked around the table to get closer to Alicia. She held Alicia's hands and got closer, slowly.

"Have you ever kissed a woman?" Song asked.

"Never," Alicia said.

"Would you like to kiss me?" Song asked, "You don't have to do it if you don't want to. Screw the game."

"I want to," Alicia said. "I want to know how it feels."

Song placed one hand on Alicia's cheek, and got her mouth closer to Alicia's. Their lips finally met. They touched for a second, and then broke apart. Song looked at Alicia's eyes, checking if she was OK, and if she was ready for more. Alicia smiled at her, and Song gave her a longer, more substantial kiss.

I looked at Lisa, as she was watched her girlfriend kissing another girl. I moved over to the middle of the couch and asked her, "Are you OK?"

She smiled at me and gave me a soft kiss on the lips, without saying anything.

After a minute or so of kissing, they broke the kiss.

"How was it for you?" Song asked Alicia.

"It was great!" Alicia said. "I mean, I'm still not attracted to you, no offense, but you are a damn good kisser!"

Song smiled, and came back to sit on the couch. Now I was in the middle, with the girls on my either sides.

"Lisa, truth or dare?" Alicia asked as she sat down.

Lisa thought for a moment, and chose, "Dare!"

Alicia smiled. She looked at Joey for a moment, and then again at Lisa and said, "I dare you to take off your blouse. I bet Joey misses seeing your body."

Song, Lisa and I looked at each other with a bit of confusion. We already accepted the fact that Alicia and Joey got off on the details of our sex lives, and on us watching them make out. But up until that point we didn't realize they wanted to get us naked. At that point, it probably occurred to all of us that they probably wanted to have sex, all five of us. We weren't given the opportunity to talk about it among ourselves, just exchange looks. I personally wasn't very excited about this idea, but didn't want to spoil it for the girls.

Lisa decided for us, and removed her blouse with a big smile on her face.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I was not aware I'd need to undress here tonight. I have nicer, sexier bras at home. This one is kinda dull."

She wore a simple beige bra.

"Your bra is lovely," said Alicia, "and so is your body," she added with a smile.

Joey looked at Lisa with a grin on his face. She noticed he was satisfied seeing her half-naked, and decided to get even.

"Joey, dare or dare?" she asked with a naughty smile.

"Well, I guess, dare," he said.

"I dare you to get your shirt off and show us your beautiful abs."

He did just as she asked. I looked at her mouth opening as she saw his muscular chest. I felt Song kissing me on the back of my head, making sure I wasn't jealous.

"Song, truth or dare?" Joey asked.

"Dare," she said.

"I dare you to remove your blouse as well."

Song looked at me for approval, and I gave it to her with a little nod. She removed her blouse, revealing her bright chest and belly, and her light-blue bra.

"Alicia," she said, "Would you join the party and remove your blouse as well?"

Alicia smiled, "Sure thing, hon." As she was unbuttoning her blouse she added, "I did know I was going to undress, or at least I was hoping I was, so I picked a sexy bra for you. I hope you'll like it."

Indeed, she wore a tiny black lace bra, one that barely held her big boobs. It was covering her nipples, but not much more. Even so, unlike the lace bras Lisa owned, in which the nipples were covered with opaque cloth, Alicia's bra was all lace. This made her nipples partially visible through the bra.

"Do you like it?" she asked, moving her look from Song to Lisa to me.

The three of us were speechless. We just nodded affirmatively.

"Owen, shirt?" Alicia asked me.

I removed my shirt without a word.

"Nice body!" she said, and smiled at me, caressing Joey on his thigh.

It was now my turn to challenge one of them, but I didn't know what I wanted. I didn't want to ask Joey to remove his pants. I wasn't that attracted to what was underneath, and I knew the girls would love to do this. I also didn't want to ask Alicia lose HER pants. She was cute, smart and sexy, but I wasn't interested in her. I had my two girls, Song and Lisa. They were my world. And Alicia had Joey. He was her world, and she was his. I didn't want to come between them, as I didn't want them to come between us.

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