Our Spot


Now close your eyes and imagine, my secret forbidden lover, we are on "our" deserted island. We are in a place that belongs only to us. The water, turquoise blue, rolls gentle waves that hush softly upon crystalline white sands. The day has been spent in languorous conversation pleasant as the low and steady white noise of a pearly shell held to the ear. No rush but the skittering sandpipers foraging for tidbits.

We watch the blue sky go golden, then tangerine, then crimson with silvered wisps of clouds as I slide my arm gently along your back, enjoying the touch of your skin along my fingertips.

What wonderful anticipation in making a move, the joy of holding back with not a touch all day. The indescribable romance of the sunset melds perfectly synchronous with the sensuality of my smooth fingertips slipping over your back, my arm pulling you into my body.

We drive past a small stretch of beach shops, I feel my heart beat faster as we pass the marina to my left, as it is the first thing that is endlessly familiar to me. I'm home and I can feel it. The scene was idyllic. Clear water lapped in gentle waves on the white sand beach. Palm trees line the small cove and hammocks were strung between trees. The more central beaches had larger crowds, but there were none this far away from the center of the island. The sun is glaring and we simultaneously reach for our sunglasses, and once again I get a little thrill from how electricity pulses between our intertwined fingers.

With your hand in mine, we walk the cooling sand into the palm grove, wordlessly moving closer to the steady sound of falling water. We reach at last the lagoon, awash in the gentle roar of water. It's not hard to find a perfect knoll of soft white sand in which to set down our things. Like everyone else, this is now ''our'' spot, and we lay claim.

I laid on my towel hungry to soak in the warmth and view of the rolling ocean. I savored the scent as we approached the ocean. It was such a nice crisp smell. The ocean waves were rolling gently, lapping steadily up onto the sand. My back to the beach, I anticipate every swell and simply drift.

Together, holding hands, we run into the rushing surf, fighting against the incoming waves until we are shoulder-deep in the water. Here the waves were merely rising in depth, lifting our bodies before returning us to the sand, before violently breaking and crashing to the sand. The water is now refreshingly cool, while the sun feels as though it is touching my wet hair with piercingly hot fingers and I have to dunk under every few minutes to keep those tendrils of heat away.

As I move closer, you see the sultry sexy look in my eyes and smile. It had been our first time together after many months of an intense online relationship and it had been more than either of us had expected.

Suddenly a hard body with strong arms presses against mine in the water, your arms are quickly around me and lifting me effortlessly over the next swell. You can stand where I cannot and I go limp and relax in these hard, comforting arms. Oh! What is that? Your arms aren't the only hard thing I feel, and I turn my head inquiringly. I can feel the sexually energy emitting from your body; your pulse is almost jumping out of your cock.

A knowing smile forms on your lips and a salty, cold, wet kiss follows. It is cold and wet on the surface, but oh so warm, soft, and deep on the inside. The water hides my hands as I grope for that hard length under your shorts, and your breath becomes quick and halted as I firmly grasp it.

Somehow my hands are still warm even under the blue chill we are floating in, and I tease you for a while, making you miserable with desire. This kissing never ends, but goes on and on with you bringing my barely clad body firmly against your chest.

At the bank, we kiss again, our swimsuits are important only to shield the sun here, but the eroticism of hidden treasure heightens the play. Slipping your hands to my waist, you pull me into you. This kiss presses harder, more passionately as our tongues snake and charm each other to the mesmerizing music of the tropic passion. Our torsos have pressed hard to each other as I feel the heat of your essence grinding against mine as we exchange breathless moans inside hungry kisses.

We both lean forward for more kissing, our tongues meeting more fervently this time. After giving my stiff nipple a final tug, you move your hand lower, now urgently rubbing my pussy through the bikini bottoms. This stirs my excitement and in response I stroke your growing cock with increasing vigor.

The waves continued to lift and drop us as we expressed our deep connection in the physical realm. We frolicked in the sun, enjoying this time immensely, knowing it was limited and trying our best to make the most of it. The spontaneous kisses are frequent, and sneaky caresses of body parts were often when we are in water deep enough. You are so handsome, I cannot look you in the face lest I betray the fullness of my emotions.

I lay back on the sand, burrowing my feet in. My pussy was roaring now. This is the most sensual yet sexually liberating experience of my whole life. This man I had never met, the way he looked at me with such want, the way he touched my skin, and sent shivers up my spine, the way his massive cock needed my lips. You wanted me for my body, and that made me furiously horny. As we watch the waves crash onto the shore, an amorous energy overtakes us, I close my eyes so that you are shut out from my lust and longing, as it is too raw. Roughly you kiss me on the lips, in my mouth, on my neck. I shiver and return with the same forcefulness.

A wave hits my aching sex fully. The feel of it puts me closer to the edge. Growing frantic in my arousal, my hands rise to my nipples. I move my fingers back up to my clit and finger faster. I pull on my nipples with my other hand. As more waves wash over me, I arch into them. Feeling the water swirl around me is very sensual. My fingers move faster. I begin to pump my hips in time with my fingers. I'm moaning out loud, I can't help it.

As the biggest wave yet hits me, I fall over the edge and cum with the wave. Over and over I feel it coursing through my body. I cry out with the seagulls as another wave crashes over and through me. As the tide rises up again between my legs, you take your wet fingers and began to gently stroke my soft folds. After a while, you could tell that the ocean waters were not the only wetness on your fingers. Each time the waters lap up, you would go deeper into me with your wet fingers. I began to emit soft moans, which soon were becoming quite audible.

While we lay on the beach totally alone, except for the sound of the waves, your mouth finds the hollow at the base of my neck and continues on down to my breasts. My perfect nipples were so hard and erect, they were casting shadows from the sun along the upper portion of my perfect round breasts.

My breath catches in my throat as I gasp for air and my back arches with desire. Your teeth gently graze my nipples, tormenting and tantalizing them. You move your mouth lower tracing over my navel. My stomach quivers as I realize where this trail ends. You had removed my bikini bottoms without me even realizing it. My loud gasp echoes as the tip of your tongue trails along my wet glistening nether lips. The taste of the lingering days salt, the fresh water of the lagoon, and the muskiness of my own passion is godlike nectar.

Your hands move down so slowly, you push my sand covered legs apart and then slowly part the smooth lips of my pussy. My clit reacts to your touch by becoming hard. You trace its outline and then gently blow on it, making me catch my breath. As you suck my clit into your mouth and expertly use your tongue to wrap around it, I realize that I am drenched with my juices as you trace your tongue down the center of my swollen lips. I buck into you as your tongue penetrates deeper and deeper.

With waves crashing in the background, we tease each other into a feverish new realm. My attention is reverted back to where your hand still teased. With each plunge of your tongue into the moist recesses of my pussy, your fingers deepen their attack. You are eagerly plunging your tongue in and out of me sucking my juices.

Growing frantic in my arousal, my hands rise to my nipples. A light pinch to each rock hard tip is my undoing, along with the gentle rubbing of your fingers, still deep inside. You gently pull my legs further, curl your tongue to cup and slide inside for a deeper taste. My hands claw at your head as you thrust in and out deeply, deliberately. My back arches as your steady sucking enthralls me. Your tongue caresses my recesses, as if not to waste a single drop. The gently stroking of your tongue, lapping at my very core. Your tongue entices me to climb new heights.

My frantic gasps spur you on, as you lap me from the inside out. I can feel my arousal rise to that sweet spot again, pushing me over the edge by your hot lips. Gasps and groans excite you deeper as you suck on my engorged clit. I do not know yet how the sound of my pleasure hardens you, animalizes you. You feel the shudder run through me as you plunge your face as deeply as you can, taste my inmost passion. Your kiss catches my scream, as my body hurtles over the edge.

I can not get enough of you. I pull you down to the moistly packed down sand where I had been laying just minutes before. Again my mouth finds yours, kissing you so hungrily, so breathlessly. My mouth again begins its assault down your body, this time my hands caressing and trying to touch every inch of you that my lips could not. The tip of my tongue traces a line around each of your nipples and then lowers over your stomach.

Your stomach sinks in and quivers when my tongue trails over it, in anticipation of where it was heading next. When my chin hits the head of your incredible cock, I stop and look at you and then down over your body.

With an intoxicating little smile on my lips, I open my mouth wide and slowly engulf your cock. My tongue moving up and down your throbbing shaft. I take the head of your cock into my mouth and savor it before eagerly sliding my lips the rest of the way down you. You gasp when I have you in as far as I can take you. I let my tongue dance around the soft skin covering this intense hardness, while my mouth moved up and down you in a slow, deliberate rhythm.

I slowly pump your cock with my right hand, and reach down with my left hand and began gently massaging your balls. I want to please you like no one else. I open my mouth wide and slowly engulf your cock down as far as I can go. It feels harder and hotter than any cock I had ever had in my mouth. I hold my mouth there for a moment and work my tongue over the bottom of your cock. You let out another moan and grab the back of my head. I slowly reverse my mouth back to the tip, and then with my lips pressing against your cock, I slowly down you again.

I proceed to lick the side of your cock while alternating my mouth on the tip, sucking down a couple inches then back to licking your cock. You hold my head trying to get me to take more of you in my mouth. I open my mouth as wide as I can and let you impale your cock into my mouth. It feels so hard and hot, I want to taste your creamy cum. I let your hand guide the motion you want.

I try to make my mouth an object that is here only to please your cock. You furiously drag your strong hands down the curve of my back. I consume your cock, over and over again, keeping a steady rhythm, while my hands are holding onto your thighs, your cock is like a piston going in and out of my mouth.

My own moans are muffled by the fullness of your cock in my mouth, but I can hear you moan and heavily breath my name into the ocean breeze. My hands caress your body and one moves lower to cup your swollen sac, my fingers gently tease the soft skin, while my mouth continues to move up and down your cock. You finally let go of my head. You tell me don't stop you're about to cum.

I dont stop and in about three or four more sucks, I could feel your strong legs tense and knew you was close, so I increased the rhythm and began to move my mouth up and down you faster until you finally begin to cum and fill my mouth with your warm, sweet juices.

The first blast hits the back of my throat while I am way down on your cock, the rest of the cum comes in huge spurts. I try to catch all of your juices in my mouth. I lapped them up just as the water was lapping up against the very part of me that was now physically aching for your attention.

The water pools around your knees as they sank deeper into the wet sand. You feel almost as though you have the whole power of the ocean behind you and in the literal sense the ocean was behind you. I straddle you using every possible movement and angle of my pussy, to aspire to our ultimate desire. The moans that exhale from your mouth turn me on and drive me to fuck you harder, my pussy tightens around your cock with strengthening force.

I squeeze my legs tightly around you and pull you slowly into the depths of my wet pussy. With sweat beading down our warm skin you exit me and roll me onto my back. You start pushing your cock up to my now dripping pussy. You feel my pussy muscles grip the base, accepting everything you have to give me. I moan uncontrollably. You tease my pussy with the head of your cock, rubbing it around my clit and the opening of my wet pussy. You use one hand to go up and grab my nipples. I moan and scream, not caring about anyone who may hear us.

At first it is tantalizingly slow..so slow. I beg you to fuck me faster, but you make me wait. Not for too long though; you have full control now; spreading my legs wide apart you drive yourself inside me. You enjoy watching your cock slide in and out of my wet swollen pussy. Your whole body is now on top of me while your hands are on my shoulder adding downward pressure onto me so your cock can achieve the welcomed climax we have been working towards.

My passion mounts to a fever pitch when the speed of your strokes increase. Towards the end, my legs are locked around your waist, and my body responds frantically to you fucking me. I know you couldn't possibly plunge into me any deeper; I can feel the base of your shaft slamming against my pussy. You can't take it anymore and you shove your cock as deep as it would go into my pussy. I scream so loud with ecstasy. You pump away on my warm wet pussy, slowing down some of the time and pushing it in all the way. Adding to my pleasure you suck my nipples hard and finger my tight ass.

You pull your cock out of my soaking wet pussy and you rub your still-soaking cock across my swollen clit and I let out a loud moan, until you thrust one deep thrust into me and I let out a shocked squeal of delight as I feel your smooth, thick cock inside me and you slam deeper and harder into me. I tell you I'm gonna cum all over your hard cock. I shake and tense as the luscious intensity runs through me. I feel you tense as you let out a loud moan and shoot your release deep inside me.

All of our muscles are rigid as each wave washes through, until, what could have been hours later in our minds, we collapse together in a heap of two bodies entangled to where one can begin where the other ends. In the spray of our lagoon's falls, we lay there, you inside me and planting tender kisses over my face.

Like you, I would have loved to spend more time to languish in our lasciviousness. Like you, I know how to play the game. Today we don't have time to enjoy the afterglow for more than those first few moments. An unfortunate reality of our situation, it happens. Not all the time, just often enough to hurt at times.

But I have always understood the rules of engagement; they are what have allowed us to be together for so long. We know you have to get back to the real world, where we get to pretend that we mean nothing to each other. We are not supposed to be together. Too many people would get hurt as a result.

But for us, it is like this every time we touch. So my question to you is: would you stop? If you had this magic with someone, even if that someone was supposed to be strictly off limits, would you stop? As I sit here and write this, my body aches deliciously. Pleasure has ridden me hard. Small movements bring about pain in the most delightfully unexpected places.

They serve as reminders of what we've done. As if I really needed any. As I sit here and write this, I am not ashamed to say that it's like a drug. For both of us. I can't stop this. And you know what? I really don't want to..

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