tagFetishOur Stolen Hour

Our Stolen Hour

bySuzie Samuels©

Having arrived on my schedule not his schedule, I had the opportunity to bathe and dress for him. I did my hair, applying my makeup carefully and cleaned my teeth. I removed the final traces of hubby with a douche. I wanted to meet him, Geoff, just as me.

I wanted this to happen, but I didn't want to flaunt it in his face, just in case he only wanted to meet, to talk and to shake hands and then leave. 'Oh, I hope Geoff wants it as much as I do." So when I unpacked my toys and scarves that he requested I bring I placed them out of sight in a drawer. I brought my butterfly, my life like vibrating dildo, my butt plug, my new mini vibrator and some beads. Yes, and some condoms, too. As I was doing all this I could wonder was if I had dreamt this whole scenario or if he really would arrive. I unpacked everything else, dressed only in my new white bra and stay ups; I couldn't resist purchasing them when I had gone to see the Bitch, the entrepreneur, at my friendly adult retail store, that day.

The room was a little chilly dressed this way and since I expected not to wear much once he arrived I thought it wise to turn up the heat. "It is cool dressed this way, but it will warm up once Geoff arrives." I mused to my reflection in the mirror as I walked towards the window HVAC unit. I slipped my dress on over my head; it is a short, sleeveless thing made of that incredible slinky material. Next I added my long clunky necklace and matching earrings. I checked myself in the mirror and said, "I guess that's all I can offer him. Nay I do look smutty like this, too smutty for the first time." I walked to the closet and took out my black jacket. I tried it on to see if finalized the outfit and it worked. "I think I better wear this at first; I don't want him to think of me as too much of a slut." I laughed at my own private joke about being a slut. Who else would be meeting their cyber lover in a hotel in a strange city where he and his spouse are vacationing, but a slut? The heat was on now and it felt so good. I padded around in my stocking feet straightening and fixing this and that. I took the jacket off and tossed it on the bed, so I could grab it quickly when he knocked.

I turned lights on and off testing which combination gave the room the ambiance I wanted and settled on only the floor lamp in the far corner and the bathroom light on with the door almost closed. "Gawd, I wish we could do all of this in the dark, maybe then Geoff will not notice that I don't have that perfect body everyone desires. Damn, why can't I stick to a diet?"

I whispered to myself as I sat down. 'Oh, so strange.' It felt very weird not to be wearing any panties. I attempted to read and was mildly successful until the phone rang. I jumped right out of the chair when it rang. 'Did I tell hubby which hotel? Can it be him?' I stood for a moment with my hand on the receiver; I took a deep breath, "Hello." My heart stopped when I heard his voice, he sounded like he was in the next room, well I guess he could be after all he was suppose to be in the same hotel. But I am convinced that the only reason he would call was to say he wasn't coming. My terror caused my heart to beat so loudly I was sure that he would be able to hear it.

"Suzie I am here, we arrived about half an hour ago." I quickly looked over at the digital clock judging his timeliness; I did one of those nonverbal facial expressions that indicate that I am impressed to my reverse image in the mirror. "But we are going to get something to eat first. I should be finished in about three-quarters of an hour. I will see you soon, OK.

"Suzie you are still okay with this, aren't you?" My heart soared he was here and he wanted to see me. I guess my response wasn't quite as quick as it should have been for he repeated the question more slowly and quietly. "Suzie, you are still okay with it, aren't you?"

"Oh, Gawd, yes Geoff. I can hardly wait." I huskily whispered cradling the mouthpiece. He chuckled at my response. I could only imagine what he was thinking. "I will be here when your are finished."

"Geoff, only come if you can get away from your wife without causing a problem for as much as I want to see you, nothing can interfere with that. My heart will break but she has to come first after all, this is her vacation." I hated myself as I said it and I crossed my fingers, but it had to be said again. There had too be the escape routes for each of us; and he had given me mine, so I gave him his.

"I have to go, I see the waiter heading for our table, but I will be there." He said with an emphasis on the last part of his statement, the line went dead as soon as his final word was spoken. I said holding my only link to Geoff, the phone receiver.

I sank to the edge of the bed as I hung up the phone, 'Damn it, Suzie, why didn't you get dinner first.' I sat there trying to figure out what to do with my forty-five minutes, until then I had been too nervous to eat, but now that Geoff had called I was ravenous. I laughed to myself as I visualized me walking into the hotel restaurant, chatting with the hostess as she seated me, laughing at something she said and watching to see which man nearly choked when he heard my laughter because I knew Geoff would recognize it. "No you cannot do anything like that to Geoff or he won't come, so just starve; it won't hurt you to miss a meal and maybe he will feed you, Suzie." I talked away to my image in the mirror, chuckling at the last comment and I smiled to myself. It would be nice just to have a glimpse of Janet but not fair since he can't see Paul.

I slipped into my black high heels before I walked back to the celery green upholstered tub chair and flopped into it and laid my head over the back and stared at the ceiling. "He is here. He is here. Yes!"

I tried to amuse myself with my book and then the TV, and ended up looking out the window at the snow and thinking about us. Where will it go? How had it got started? The snow had just started and it swirled around on the rooftop across the street. I watched it and rubbed my bare arms as if cold; just watching the swirling snow gave me a chill. The wait seemed insurmountable as I waited for the knock on my door, his knock. I went back and sat down again picking up the TV changer I flipped through the cycle once and as I started through the second time; it happened.

His knock echoed through the room or maybe it just echo through my head. As if he is a long lost friend I sprinted to the door grabbing my jacket and tossing it on. I was so afraid he would turn around and leave, if I didn't answer immediately. It would have broken my heart if he had left because I took too long to answer. With my left hand on the doorknob I momentarily wondered if I should look through that little peephole. No that is not right, certainly it would be unfair, so I opened the door quickly, hopefully portraying confidence. "Hello, Geoff. Come in, please." I sounded wooden even to myself. All I could do was stare at my first glimpse of my cyber lover.

He stepped across the threshold and pushed the door closed. 'Do we shake hands or what?' I wondered. Geoff made the decision his arms reaching out to me in this tiny vestibule taking me in his arms. He pulled me close, I looked into his eyes for the first time. He smelled of mouthwash and aftershave, a nice spicy scent that has stayed with me ever since. "Hello Suzie, I have been looking forward to meeting you." With that he pulled me to his mouth, my hands slid up his arms and around his neck, my hands curled into his short, very soft hair, as he closed the distance to my lips. The moment our lips touched a sigh escaped from each of our lips. Finally, all the waiting and wondering, the visualizing was over. This is the moment we have waited for, our first kiss. It was strange how natural it seemed to be in his arms with his lips exploring mine urging mine to yield to his. His tongue circling around my lips just before his tongue slipped into my aching mouth and he possessed me. 'Oh, heaven.' For several minutes we were lost just in this dance as our tongues engaged in mapping, memorizing the other's mouth.

We came up for air, " Aren't you going to invite me in, Suzie?" Geoff asked, his hands full of my ass cheeks.

"Oh, of course, Geoff, come in." I said taking his hand; we walked past the bed into the sitting area. I had instant stage fright, well I guess that is what it was; I didn't know what to say or where to look or sit. 'Hell what am I supposed to do now?' I mused silently. I look at him and I in the mirror; it is sort of an out of body experience to see him and I together after all that time and the soft half light made it seem even more surreal. I was in a strange hotel with a strange man in the shortest dress I owned and I had no panties on to top things off or is that to bottom things off. 'What has become of me? What has he turned me into? No, that is not fair, he did not kidnap me or anything.' I willingly had come to meet him, here where we are both strangers. We shared another kiss and he held me tight while we looked at our image in the mirror. For a minute I was afraid my awkwardness would spoil our time together, but I just didn't know where to go with it.

He came to the rescue. "What toys did you bring with you, Suzie? How be you show me?" Geoff's arms loosened around me and I turned my back on him and stepped to the low dresser. I had previously arranged everything that is to say, my toys and scarves, lots of silk scarves, in the top middle drawer. I opened the drawer and leaned forward without thinking about what happens to that slinky material when you bend over. What a sight I must have given him with me wearing with no panties. My head snapped up and I gasped "Ugh" as he drove the fingers of his right hand up into my pussy, thumb in my virgin assshole. His aim was dead center as he entered me, pushing into my secret hole. My shallow nervous breathing is gone as I gasped taking in great gulps of air. I closed my eyes once the initial shock was over reveling in the feel, Geoff's first entry into me. He made it seem so natural, like he did that to a stranger everyday of the week. His left hand held my left shoulder so I couldn't pull away as he pushed even in deeper into the soft folds of my cunt. I looked over my shoulder as he chuckling said. "Now lets see what you have in there, Suzie." His voice in my ear was just like all the times we had voice chatted and talked and my brain totally disengaged as my body took over just like it always had when he spoke to me. I pushed back on his fingers.

"See here is my butterfly." I held it up as I spoke trying very hard to sound normal, well at least as normal as a woman could sound with a strange man's fingers shoved up my pussy prying me open.

"Give it here. Let's see that thing. I didn't realize that there was a dilido attached to it also. I wonder if you really like it, lets test it, Suzie." He traded his hand for my butterfly up my cunt and he turned it on high pushing it up into me. He mused, "I didn't realize you had a fancy one with its own little cock. Now I see why you like it so much." Never had my little purple butterfly ever had such an effect on me. He ground it up hard against my clit and it worked its magic. I could not help but moan softly from its effect as I experienced the first of the night's climaxes. He left it up me as he massaged my breasts hard, taking ownership of them.

He reached down and in one fluid movement he lifted my dress over my head. My necklace clucked back against my tits. I reached up and pulled it off and tossed it on the dresser, it landed with a clunk. I am left standing before him with my earrings, bra, and stay ups and black heels plus my butterfly purring away; its black straps just hung down between my legs. I fought to keep my butterfly from being a victim of gravity as my cunt convulsed around it, but I guess it come out when you are having an orgasm.

Geoff's hands encircled me as he deftly unhooked my bra; as a result it loosened but still covered over my breasts. His hands purposely and yet as if in slow motion ran forward towards my breasts lifting my bra away from my hot skin on the way to his goal. A shiver ran through me as he lifted my bra off my breasts freeing them. I closed my eyes, as his hands touched my breasts for the first time, weighing and assessing them and I was afraid I won't measure up to his expectations. His fingers caressed my breasts and found my nipples, he rolled them felt them between his thumb and forefingers. My useless bra he tossed away. My nipples hardened even more as the cool air touched them. He pulled me up and lowered his head and his supple lips sought; found their treasure... my nipple. A sigh escaped from each of us, mine from the pour ecstasy of his capture of my right nipple. The cause of his sigh I could only guess at, but my nipple felt his sigh vibrate around it. My hands held his head to my nipple and I wished I never had to let him go. Since he only had one mouth and I have two nipples he greedily moved from one to the other and with every reversal he sighed and I pulled me tighter and the ache between my legs grew more intense.

His left arm continued to hold me to him as his right snaked down over my belly, a caress here, a pinch there; he circled my navel and slid all the way to my bush. I loved the feel of him exploring me for the first time. Still biting and sucking my nipple his hand slipped in to my labia and as if he had radar he landed on my clit pushing aside my butterfly. The combined effect of his mouth on my nipple, my clit now under his control and my relentless butterfly were just too much for me and my body arched up into him; a moan signaled that the combination was just too much for my body. I pulled him up, needing him to capture my mouth and tongue fuck me to add to my urgency. My body convulsed, I climaxed in his arms.

I reached for his rock hard cock, he jumped against my thighs and my crotch blocked by his hand from his further exploration. It felt as if the two of him were fighting for the right of ownership of my genitalia channel. My vagina was still blocked by the insistent vibrator but it was him I ached for, for his cock to enter me, to possess what I have shared cyber with him for so long. He, his cock, I was sure knew that I needed him to enter me and to take ownership of me. But he seemed reluctant to give him his head and reluctant to remove his hand from my clit.

His hand moved up away from my clit leaving a wet track across my belly. He paused at my nipples and he took each hand and twisted my nipples extremely hard pulling them upward. I grimaced and groaned with the pain. He released my nipples and I bit my lip as they sprang back into place. He placed his hands on my shoulders pushed me downward with increasing pressure to make me yield to his demands. I looked into his eyes trying to understand what he wanted me to do. He smiled. He nodded and looked down. "Yes Suzie, it is time."

I nodded and dropped to my knees in front of him, his cock now erect was at the perfect height for my ministrations. He was still fully clothed and I am totally nude except for my stay ups. I caught a view of us in the big mirror on the other side of the room and though it unsettled me it did not terrify me, as it should have considering that I know nothing of him other than the illusions we have shared on the chat line. I put all thoughts out of my mind except for his cock, which was in my face. I leaned in and kissed the hard bulge that was very evident through his jeans. I was too close to undo his jeans so I leaned back on my heels to put myself in a better position to undo his zipper. I started to reach for it and his hand stayed mine. I guessed I was not to undo his wide black belt; I reached for his zipper, again his hands said no. I looked up into his eyes and he gave me a slight shake of his head; I was perplexed. His hands wove into my hair and he pulled and held me to his cock; I was to kiss and nozzle him through his jeans. I kissed his cock and took my hands and rolled his hard balls around in my hands through his jeans.

He stepped back, turned and quickly striped except for his black silk boxers. I had remained in position, on my knees watching while he undressed. He turned back and stepped up to my face and pushed my head into his now near totally erect penis. I breathe deeply with my face against his boxers and his individual musk overwhelmed me. I leaned forward, kissed and nuzzled the bulge of his cock. Then with shaking hands I reached up and took the band of his silk boxers and pulled the elastic out and carefully lowered them off his cock, so hard and hot. His foreskin is already slipping back exposing his sensitive head. I looked. I kissed. Opening my mouth I leaned towards him and sucked him into my wet mouth. 'Oh my gawd, I am here, I am sucking his cock. Oh my gawd.' I tasted his precum. I felt him, his cock, jump in my mouth. Sucking I impaled myself onto his cock. Geoff's hands held me to him. My nose pressed into his belly. My mouth filled to overflowing. He groaned. I am not sure whether it is in pain, or ecstasy. He held me in place, so I assumed it was not pain. I could have stayed here forever, sucking and sucking him, waiting for the explosion of his cum against the back of my throat. He released my head, pulled out of my mouth and stepped away.

"Turn around, bend over, put your head on the floor, ass high." I momentarily wondered what might me in this hotel carpet. Your own dirt you don't like but it is yours, but this is strangers' dirt. 'Can I do this? Is it sanitary?' All these thoughts fly through my mind as I lower my head almost to the floor. "No all the way, head on the floor. That's it. Stay." His fingers explored while I am sure his eyes drank in the sight. 'Oh my Gawd, he is opening me down there, looking at me, seeing everything. Oh even my husband doesn't do this.' My flight response wanted to run, to flee at this moment. He reached for my big vibrator and took it and, not giving me time to take off or to change my mind, he rammed my dry vibrator into my cunt, driving it up to the hilt. 'Yes, that's what I want. I want him to look; I want to feel me; to possess that which is mine that I want to give him as I have cyber for so many months.' He rammed me hard enough that my cheek scraped along the carpet. It flashed through my mind 'How do I explain a rug burn?'

He sat in one of the celery green tub chairs, sort of flopped in it. "Where are your clips? Get them."

I stepped to the open toy drawer and took them out. They are silver colored nipple clamps with a 5-inch chain between them. Each claw is covered in a soft black plastic tip. The tension can be adjusted. Bringing them to him, I knelt between his splayed legs. He pulled on each tit in turn, pulling hard and twisting. When he figured each nipple was erect enough he attached the clamp and watched my face to gauge my reaction. I could take it. He increased the tension and when he was satisfied that they would not pull off he held the chain and told me to lean back on my heels. We watched my nipples extend, the tip swelling beyond the clamp. I grimaced and he released me and I fought not to fall back. My nipples while tender, remarkably were okay.

I moved into him and took his cock in my eager mouth. I moaned; my moan vibrated around his cock. I moved up and we shared a kiss, deep and sensual. "Can you taste your precum in my mouth?" I asked as we parted. Geoff smiled and nodded.

Geoff reached over bent and grabbed his pants; he removed a small, white food closure from his pocket. "Open your legs wide." He opened my labia and I watched as he placed it over my clit.

I bit my lower lip, and couldn't help but wince and uttered "OW! That hurts!" as it slipped off my clit and fell to the carpeted floor. Fortunately for my clit he let it lay there.

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