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Our Story


A group of us are going out one Friday night for one of the many leaving parties from our company. I've managed to arrange to stay in a hotel so I don't have to drive home. We work together Plenty and you drive me to distraction.

After several drinks the subject of sex comes up which eventually leads onto threesomes. One of the guys, a friend of yours and his girlfriend, asks the question who would be interested in one either as two guys and a girl or two girls and a guy or if anyone had tried a foursome. Most of the women say no to the two girls and most of the guys say no to two guys but both you and I say we would be interested in either or as a bigger group (4) but that it would have to be with people we knew well. The conversation continues but nothing else particularly is said on that subject, but I can see you're thinking about whether your friend was serious.

Later, when everyone is getting ready to leave, I notice you having a quiet chat with your friend. I can see you're both flirting and I figure that you're going to ask him to go back to yours so I come over and tell you that I'm thinking about going home. You wrap your arms around me and ask me to stay and then start kissing me. Your friends are watching as our kissing becomes more passionate and then you break away from me and start kissing him. I have mixed feelings about seeing you do this but these are soon changed when his girlfriend starts to kiss me. You tell me that they want to join us for some fun and so we leave and catch a cab back to my hotel.

In the cab, you're sitting between your friend and I with your hands on our thighs. His girlfriend is sitting in the small seat opposite us, watching as you lean over and start kissing your friend. We both watch as your hand moves up his thigh and onto his crotch and I can see how horny your making him so I grab your hair pulling it hard so you turn and start to kiss me. I keep hold of your hair as we kiss passionately and you start to massage my groin. From behind, your friend starts to massage your breasts and while he does that I move my hand up your thigh under your skirt seeking your pussy. His girlfriend is watching telling you to enjoy it.

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see the driver watching us in his mirror.

When we get to the hotel, we go up to my room and I order some champagne from room service. When it comes we all have another drink and then his girlfriend asks you if you've ever had a woman to which you answer no. She steps forward and starts kissing you, forcing her tongue into your mouth while her hands move up over your tits feeling your stiff nipples through the tight fabric.

This is really turning me on so I move in behind her and start to rub myself against her while my hand slides up her skirt to find she isn't wearing any knickers. She's obviously turned on by feeling your tits and having your tongue in her mouth because she's very wet. I reach for your hand and guide it under her skirt so you can feel her pussy too which you do and I can hear you both moan with the excitement. While we're doing this, your friend drops his trousers and starts to stroke himself, and then I stop and join him by taking my trousers and boxers off and stroking myself in front of you.

You both drop to your knees and take our hard cocks into your mouths, licking and sucking us, before kissing each other again. Then both of you get undressed so we can see your beautiful wet pussies and tits.

You tell me to lie on the bed so his girlfriend can straddle me, and you straddle my face. At the same time you help her to lower herself onto my hard cock. As she does, you rub her clit and suck on her nipples while I run my tongue between your wet lips and over your clit, forcing it into you.

After a few minutes of watching, your friend forces you to lean right forward so he can slide into you from behind while I continue to lick your clit. I can see him inch his cock slowly into you and as he does I suck harder on your clit and you suck hard on her nipples, enjoying seeing him sliding in and out of you.

You and your friend are about to cum….. then what happens??

Your such a naughty Aussie – I'll tell you what I want…..We do. I cum all over your face as your tongue licks and probes me, he may be fucking me but it's your name I shout. She comes over your hard cock, grinding her hips against you as she does. We're all abit stunned that this has happened but highly turned on over what has just happened. I'm jealous that she got to ride you so I think it's time that I gave you a reminder of how horny I make you.

She rolls off you she wanders into the bathroom, we soon hear the sound of the shower running so I follow her into the bathroom asking you to join us in a few minutes. As I walk into the bathroom I know she's in the shower, so pull the curtain back and step in to join her. She's soaping herself and her generous tits, she passes me the soap and asks me to wash her back. As I being washing her you walk into the bathroom and sit on the edge of the bath.

My hands run over her back and down her spine covering her in soap. Then up to her shoulders where I bring my hands over her and begin to soap her tits. Her nipples harden instantly as she feels my hands begin to caress her, my hands move down and around her waist and hips. I turn her around and being to soap one leg, working my way to her thigh and up to her pussy. Water is running all over us making our bodies look very slick, I raise my hand to her pussy mound and begin to soap her, touching her gently with my fingers.

The water was away the remainder of the soap and I lower my head to her pussy and slide my tongue between her lips, I hear you moan as I do this and as I turn my head towards you I can see how hard you are and that you are gently stroking yourself. I turn my head back to her pussy and taste her again, spreading her lips with my fingers and tasting her pink wet flesh with my hot tongue. You watch as my own hand slips down to my pussy and I begin touching myself, inserting one then two fingers whilst I lick her. The water is cascading down her body and drenching me beneath so much so I can't taste her so I suggest we go dry off. We take two big, white fluffy towels with us as we walk back into the bedroom.

My friend seems to be oblivious to us all as he carry's on having a wank in the chair. I lower her to the bed and begin to dry her with the towel, I feel the bed dip so know you must have joined us on the bed but I daren't look at you. If I do I know I'll want to fuck you and no-one else as I'm so horny. I throw her towel onto the floor and push her back on the bed where I part her legs, I show you how wet I've made her by running my fingers down her pussy and by bringing them to your mouth. You suck greedily on my fingers tasting what I'll soon be tasting.

My head dives between her legs and she bucks beneath me, grinding her wet pussy against my face. I bend over with my arse in the air inviting you to take me. I gasp as your hard cock slides into me and I lick her even more, my tongue fucking her madly. You grab hold of my hips and pump furiously into me, the sight of me tonguing her and you fucking me must be too much as she cums too quickly. I push her out of the way and beckon my friend over onto the bed where I reach for his swollen cock. I take him in my mouth and suck him greedily, licking up and down his shaft and teasing his balls. I know you like having your arse played with so I see if he likes it, his groan tells me he does. I suck him harder and reach under myself and play with your balls (I don't want you feeling left out now do I?)

This threesome is heaven, you fucking me whist you watch me bring another man to the verge of orgasm. Your hands are at my tits, squeezing my nipples and pinching them. I hear your orgasm build as your moans change so I suck him harder, your cock pumping in and out of me furiously building my orgasm. As you look to his girlfriend you see her fingering herself at the sight of our threesome, which is too much for you. You pull out of me as I begin to orgasm and I can feel your cum over my arse and back when at which point my friend sees you and cums over my face and tits. I take your cum and mix to with his over my tits and nipples, smiling as I know how much you enjoyed our threesome.

You roll onto your back exhausted and I look down at the cum on your face and tits. I sit on your tummy and massage it into your tits while she sits over your face again. She want you to tongue fuck her again and I watch as your tongue flicks over her lips before driving all the way into her wet pussy. It is her turn afterall to cum and so I move around behind her and start to fuck her just like your friend did you you. You can see my stiff cock sliding in and out of her and at the same time you feel the same happening to you – your friend is fucking you while you watch me slide into her. Then you move so you can lick my cock as it slides in and out tasting her juices on my shaft.

Aussie I'm wet and I want you, tell me more……She once again is building quickly to her climax which you sense and concentrate on pleasuring her clit sending her over the brink. Her inner muscles clench causing me to shoot my cum inside her and over your face too as your friend also starts to cum inside you. All of these sensations ripple through your body giving you an amazing orgasm.

The next morning I wake up to find your friend kneeling his girlfriend wanking while you are licking her pussy again. He's smoothing his precum all over his shaft and rubbing it against her tits and lips. Watching this gives me an instant hard on and so I kneel on the other side doing the same. She tells me to touch him, to wank him until he cums all over her so I reach over and start to stroke him. While you continue to taste her sweet pussy, you watch as I run my hand all over his cock using his precum and mine to make him feel better. While I do this she licks me and sucks on my tip bringing me closer.

I pull away from her because I want you to have my cum but I keep concentrating on his cock. You stop working on her and move so you're beside me and gently you take me in your hand. I want him to cum so much and before long I find myself leaning forward licking his precum off his tip and then taking him in my mouth. You and his girlfriend are watching as I suck his cock bringing him closer to his orgasm and as I do, you wank me harder and start to play with my arse, just easing the tip of your finger in to me.

She has moved so that she can lick your pussy and I can cum all over her tits and he can cum over her pussy. She drives her tongue into your wet hole, savouring the taste of you, feeling you buck against her face and tongue bringing you quickly to boiling point. which causes you to come noisily over her face.

So tell me Plenty – what happens now?

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