tagIncest/TabooOur Story: The Teasing of Dad

Our Story: The Teasing of Dad


First off, let me start by saying I'm Stacy, your typical 19 year old college student, living at home with mom, dad and my younger sister Britany. Well, I'm typical... if you include my never ending flirting and teasing of my dad Tim. He is only 41, still in good shape, and to put it blunt, the one I want to take my virginity. Although I have had several boyfriends, as of late, my sexual preference has been one of my many girlfriends. Quite a few of them have also told me they wouldn't mind doing him, or him and I together.

I am quite tall, almost 5'10", and weigh about 135 soaking wet. I'm a size 34b, not big like some of my girlfriends, but big enough for me to get stares(and tongue myself). My best assets are definitely my long legs and my firm ass. I have been told my many guys, and a lot of girls, that I could be a model...Ok..so my head swells a little now. My blonde hair is down to the middle of my back and my blue eyes can stare a hole in you. I wear size 6 panties, mostly bikinis and thongs, and I started shaving my pubes a couple of years ago..

Obviously, I prolly could get any guy(or girl) I wanted, but like I said, my dad is the one I fantasize about most of the time. I masturbate at least two or three times a day, and most of the time it's dad's face, body, and lately, more important to me, his cock that I finger myself off to. I get myself so worked up that my pussy literally is dripping wet most of the day, leaving me wet panties to wear while at college.

I have started teasing and flirting with dad a few years ago, always when mom is working. She works late and has a pretty set schedule, coming home around 11pm or so. I wear short skirts to school, so dad, who is always home before I get there, can see my legs right when I come home. I usually sit and chat with him awhile, making sure he gets an eyeful of my legs. If I get his attention(always do), I'll stay dressed in my school outfit, or I'll go up and change into one of my gym shorts and t shirt for around the house, sitting cross legged while watching tv. I also watch dad, who more often than not, is watching tv too, but stealing glances over at me more and more.

I don't wear panties much especially when I know its gonna be just dad and me around the house. I make sure the shorts are bunched way up my thigh, and sometimes reach inside my shorts, touching myself. I paint my toe nails in front of dad, holding my feet up real close pretending to show him my paint job, but really giving him a real good view of my legs and up my shorts.

Lately I have been getting really close to dad, sitting right next to him instead of laying on the floor or sitting in another chair. My legs are very close to him, and a few times I have let my foot rub up against his leg, even slightly rubbing his calf and foot with mine. Dad never says anything, but I can see the outline of his cock under his pants swelling, getting hard whenever I touch him. A few times I've even sat on his lap, like when I was much younger, and wiggled my firm ass on his cock, trying to make him cum on me. He starts moaning a little and I can see he is really trying not to cum. I usually smile and pretend I don't know he's close to cumming in his pants. When we are eating supper, again I sit right next to him, and rub my feet up his legs. I've gotten to not only rub his thigh with my foot, but once I even placed it on his lap, and boy was his cock hard. How he didn't cum for me is hard to figure out.

I still kiss him good night on his cheek almost every night, and a few times, when I have been especially horny for him, I've placed my fingers inside my soaked pussy and wetted my lips. When I kissed his cheek, I'm actually rubbing my slick pussy juice on him, hoping he'll smell my scent, get aroused and make a move on me. A few times I've kissed him right on his lips, definitely not in a daughterly way, and pushed my tongue ever so slightly in his mouth. He's never said anything, but I know I surprised him by being so bold.

I do know my teasing is getting to him .He is getting more obvious when he stares, not looking away as much as he used to. He compliments me, again when mom isn't home, saying things like I'm getting to be quite a looker, and how much I remind him of mom when she was younger. Lately, dad's been coming out of the bathroom wearing only a towel instead of his robe, and now doesn't bother to shut the door when he's taking a piss. I have walked in on him quite a few times, and seen his cock while he's holding it. It's at least 6 inches and not really fully hard while he's pissing. It is amazing to see my dad's cock out like that, and I go into my room and masturbate after seeing it. I always shave my legs and pubes in the shower, and now make a point to leave the curtain slightly open, hoping dad will walk in and watch me. He does seem to have to use the bathroom almost every time I shower.

I have also noticed a few of my worn panties, which I toss in my hamper, have come up missing. I found a few pair in the family laundry room, and the small crotch area was covered with what I'm sure was dried cum. Since there are no other men in the house, it must have been dad pleasuring himself with my panties. I must admit that I have licked it, tasting his cum mixed with my juices. Knowing I tasted dad's cum only made me want him even more. Now that I know he's into my panties, I make sure to leave em nearly dripping when I take them off before showering or changing. I even let myself squirt a little pee in them too, hoping he's into that as well.

I have found his dirty magazines in his dresser drawer, and they all are about golden showers or wet panties. I have heard a lot of guys are into panties, and the thought of him licking or sniffing my worn panties makes me want him even more. My favorite fantasy is me coming home from school early, going up to my room, finding him laying on my bed. He would be jerking off with one pair of my worn panties covering his face, and another pair wrapped around the head of his throbbing cock. He would look up at me, startled and embarrassed at getting caught, but too far along to stop his orgasm. I would sit in front of him, and lift up my skirt, fingering myself off right in front of him. I would cum with him, and watch him as he ejaculates. I would move even closer to him, letting him cum on my tits or face. Anything as long as I could actually see him jerk himself off for me. I then would take my panties, wipe dad's cum of me, and then put them back on, all the while looking right into dad's eyes. He would watch me as I push the cum covered panties inside me like a real slut, making dad a part of me forever. My goal is to steal him from my mom, making him the first to fuck me and cum inside me. I know I'm so close to getting him. After all, I am daddy's little girl...to be continued...?

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