tagFetishOur Sub Fantasy Fulfilled

Our Sub Fantasy Fulfilled


My wife Patricia and I are aged in our early fifties and have been happily married for over 25 years. In this day and age this is quite a feat. We believe one of the reasons for our happy marriage is our openness and ability to communicate with each other. Over the years we have shared many of our fantasies with each other, and know exactly each other's likes and dislikes in the bedroom. We are both very dominant sexually, and in our bedroom role-playing both take great pleasure in being the dominant partner. We have often talked about what really turns us on and until recently had not had the opportunity to actually act out some of our fantasies and deepest desires.

Patty works at the local hospital and had noticed that recently one of her younger nurses was not performing as well in her job as she should be. As ward manager the responsibility for the standard of the nurse's work fell upon Patty to monitor and sort out. Patty thus had to have a meeting with Amy to discuss her substandard work. It appeared that Amy was going through a bad patch, and that she had recently been divorced from her husband after five years of a tumultuous marriage. Patty discussed Amy's work and she promised that it would improve. I think that Patty was feeling very motherly towards the younger Amy, and she felt so sorry for her that she invited her round to our house for a meal in order to cheer her up.

So it was about a week after their original meeting that Amy came round to our house for the evening to enjoy a meal cooked by my wife. I was not sure quite what I was expecting Amy to be like, as Patty had not told me much about her. In fact she was not what I was expecting! Amy was quite plain looking and wore a pair of plain slacks and a large woolen jumper. Her hair was cut quite short and she only had a miniscule amount of makeup on. Her baggy clothes concealed a body that was obviously quite plump and curvaceous.

The evening got off to a slow start, as Amy was plainly nervous, probably because she was in her boss's house and was not sure how to behave. However as the evening progressed and we all had a few glasses of wine with dinner we discovered that we had much in common. After a marvelous dinner we were sitting in our lounge relaxing with another glass of wine. Amy had lost her initial nervousness and was now happy to relax and talk in our company. We seemed to talk about so many things, such as food and holidays, and eventually the conversation got round to sex. I'm not sure how we ended up talking about sex, but I suppose the few glasses of wine that we had all had contributed to the fact. Amy asked us the secret to our long marriage and we told her about our openness with each other. We ended up describing to Amy how we had a good love life and liked to be dominant in the bedroom and often took turns to control and dominate each other for our sexual pleasure. Amy listened intently to our conversation and seemed very interested in our domination games.

After much talking we got round as to why Amy's marriage had broken down and ended in divorce. As Amy talked, with the wine loosening her tongue, she said that one of the main reasons was that her sex life had been so poor. She said that her husband had never really communicated with her and was not adventurous at all in the bedroom. We eventually managed to get out of Amy that she loved to be very submissive when making love and was willing to try new things. She said that when she had tried to discuss her needs with her husband he had called her a freak and a pervert!

When it had got really late and the evening had ended I was amazed at how quickly the time spent with Amy had gone. It seemed as if I had known her for a long time and not just met her for the first time that evening. We called a taxi to take Amy home as it was very late and she had been drinking. When Amy had gone home I took Patty to bed and made love to her, enjoying the sensations of thrusting into her wet slippery hairy pussy. Afterwards we talked about Amy and her submissive nature, and in an ideal world where fantasies could come true, what we would both like to do to her.

After Amy had been round to our house for the meal I thought little of it afterwards. I thought that it was very kind of my wife to take the time to try and cheer up one of her younger staff. In fact after that evening I don't think that Patty mentioned Amy at all and we just carried on with the routine of our everyday lives and work. It was with some surprise then that when I came home from work one day and Patty had already finished, as she was on an early shift, she greeted me with "Amy is coming round this Friday night to be our subby slut." "Pardon." I replied, not quite registering what Patty had said. I said, "Amy is coming round on Friday night to be our slutty little sub." "What do you mean darling?" Patty then explained to me that since our evening and meal with Amy she had been spending a long time talking to her at work. She said that Amy had been very interested in our dominant bedroom roles and had approached her and talked about it many times. Patty explained to me that eventually Amy had spoken to her about her sexual needs and had asked if she could be our sexual submissive plaything, as she would really enjoy being dominated by the both of us. It was something that she had wanted for years and was the thing that her ex husband would not let her do for him. After Amy had asked several times she had given in and arranged the date, which was this coming Friday. "I'm sure that we can enjoy Amy can't we?" Patty said. We have talked about what it would be like to both dominate haven't we?" "Yes we have" I replied somewhat taken aback by this revelation. "I'm sure that we can both have some fun with her if she's willing."

Later that night we made love with a passion that we had not felt for some time and afterwards we talked together and planned exactly what we would do with our new subby plaything on Friday night.

The days seemed to pass slowly until eventually Friday arrived. Both Patty and myself had showered and had changed into our silk bathrobes and were relaxing with a glass of wine waiting for 8.00 pm, which was the time that Amy had arranged to come round to our house. At exactly 8.00pm the doorbell rang. Patty went and opened it and invited Amy inside. She had been dropped of by taxi, and as requested Amy was wearing a long raincoat. Amy came in to our lounge and as we sat down on the sofa stood before us. "Loose the coat," Patty very authoritively said to Amy. Amy seductively undid the buttons of her long raincoat and slipped it off her shoulders letting it drop in a heap on to the floor. She was totally naked underneath the coat. Instinctively Amy's hands went across to cover her breasts and pussy area. "Put your hands by your side slut," Patty quickly said, obviously enjoying the power and control that she now had over Amy. Amy dropped her hands to her side and stood before us naked. She was obviously nervous and her cheeks appeared a little flushed. Amy was very curvy and had large breasts. Her nipples appeared huge and were starting to stiffen. They must have stood at least an inch out from her pendulous tits and looked quite amazing. I looked down over her plump little belly towards Amy's pussy and was pleased to see that as we had requested she had totally shaved all the hairs from her pubic area. "Turn round for us," Patty told her. And we watched as Amy slowly turned round in front of us so that we could admire every inch of her naked n body. "Kneel down and bend over slut," I told Amy, and watched as she knelt on the floor and bent forward exposing her ass to us. "Spread those legs," I commanded her and watched as she obediently spread her knees wide apart on the floor. Amy was now kneeling on our floor in front of us and we could see her long hairless pussy lips hanging down and the puckered brown star of her anus in full view. Both Patty and I just sat looking at her naked glory not speaking a word to her.

We let Amy stay in front of us for at least three minutes watching as her pussy seemed to gape open even more. We watched as her love lips parted, and beads of moisture gathered at the entrance to her pussy hole. Amy was obviously getting aroused and wet with the humiliation of being exposed in front of us.

"Get up." Patty said. Amy stood up in front of us and turned to face us. I noticed that her knees were red from the pressure of kneeling on the rough carpet. "Come here and suck my husbands cock for me." Patty commanded her.

I sat back in the sofa and let my robe fall open as Amy knelt on the floor in between my legs. She leaned forward and I felt her wet warm lips slide over the tip of my cock. My cock started to harden in her mouth as her tongue swirled round the head and pushed my foreskin back. I reached forward and grabbed her large tits in my hands. My fingers found her nipples and I twisted them round feeling their extraordinary long hardness between my fingers. Amy's lips slid down my cock as she bobbed her head up and down on my shaft. Patty got up and stood behind Amy watching her as she sucked me off. Suddenly she slapped Amy's bottom hard causing her to release my cock from her mouth and cry out in pain. Amy had no time to gather her breath when Patty hit her hard again with the open palm of her hand. Amy yelped again. I watched as Patty slapped her again and at the moment of impact I pinched Amy's nipples as hard as I could, which once again made her scream out in pain.

We decided that now would be a good time to retire upstairs to our bedroom and told Amy to make her way up. We followed her up the stairs watching as her large bottom glowed red with the imprints of Patty's hand on each buttock cheek. When we reached our bedroom we commanded Amy to lie on her back on our large double bed. When she was lying down Patty roughly tied both her arms tightly to the headboard with some of her old stockings so that she was unable to move the upper part of her body. I opened Patty's bedside drawer and took out the nipple clamps and chain. I had used these on Patty when I was being dominant but she didn't really enjoy them, and only wore them to please me. I put the nipple clamps tightly on Amy's huge nipples and tugged on the chain causing her to whimper.

We now had Amy where we wanted her, and could use her for our own pleasure. We both embraced at the foot of the bed in front of Amy as she watched us. I gently pulled of Patty's robe exposing her body for the first time. We kissed exploring each others mouths with our tongues and letting our hands roam over our naked bodies. I moved my hand between us as we kissed and slipped my fingers down through Patty's very hairy pussy to probe her very wet slippery slit. Patty moaned as my fingers made contact with her clit and her knees buckled. I knew what she wanted now and we both moved towards Amy on the bed.

I tugged on the chain attached to the nipple clamps on Amy's huge engorged nipples and watched as my lovely moved herself into position over Amy on the bed straddling her face. We had talked about this a number of times and this was going to be the first time that Patty would let another woman taste her pussy. I watched as Patty grabbed the headboard with both hands and slowly lowered herself down until her hairy pussy was inches away from Amy's mouth. "Suck me out slut and make me come," Patty said as she roughly sat down on Amy's face and groaned out loud as her tongue snaked out and probed her slit. I watched as this young woman half the age of my wife enthusiastically lashed her tongue up and down my wife's pussy tasting the juices that were copiously running out coating her mouth and chin.

As my wife ground her pussy into Amy's mouth and commanded her to lick her clit I moved round to the bottom of the bed to inspect Amy's young smooth pussy. I told Amy to spread her legs and was surprised to see that Amy's thighs and pubic area was glistening shiny and wet where her juice was running out from her pussy. I thrust two fingers brutally and deeply into Amy's pussy and she groaned into my wife's pussy as I thrust them in and out of her. "Suck me," Patty was now nearly screaming at her as she rhythmically rubbed her pussy over Amy's mouth, tongue and chin. I knew from her moaning sounds that it would not be long before Patty came. I thrust my fingers into Amy's pussy coating them in her slick juice. As Patty was riding Amy's tongue I place my shiny wet fingers in front of her. This was not part of the plan we had discussed, as Patty had never previously shown any inclination to be near, or taste, another woman's pussy. However to my surprise she opened her mouth and slid my fingers in between her lips sucking vigorously Amy's wet juices from them. As she sucked on my wet fingers I watched as her body bucked and writhed as she had a massive orgasm on Amy's tongue. When she had finished she got off Amy's mouth leaving her face, nose and chin covered and shining in her shiny sticky wetness.

"My husbands going to fuck you now slut," Patty said to Amy as she tugged on her nipple clamps making Amy writhe on the bed. "He's going to stick his cock in you and come inside your smooth slutty pussy."

I moved between Amy's thighs and Patty said "Open your legs wide for my husband, slut." Amy obediently opened her thighs wide and I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit coating it in her slippery juices. Then in one firm thrust I pushed my hard cock deep inside her. Amy whimpered as I thrust into her making wet squelching noises as I rammed my cock deep into her hungry pussy. As I pumped into her sopping wet pussy Patty pinched her nipples then took off the clamps causing her to cry out in pain as the blood rushed back into her large engorged nipples. Patty came round to watch me fuck Amy and softly kissed me as I thrust into the young woman. As my pace increased Patty lightly twisted my own little nipples, as she knew that would bringing me closer to my own orgasm. As Patty played with my nipples I came and spurted several streams of warm sticky sperm deep into Amy's pussy.

As my cock started to lose hardness I pulled out from Amy and we both watched as my fresh sticky sperm started to dribble out from her gaping just fucked hole and hairless pussy lips. It was then that my wife took me completely by surprise and did the horniest thing that I have ever seen in my life. She crouched between Amy's thighs and moved upwards towards her pussy. My straight wife then put her mouth over Amy's smooth hairless pussy and sucked all of my sperm out from deep inside her. She then leaned forward and kissed Amy full on the lips obviously passing my sperm into her mouth. "Swallow it all Bitch," she said and I watched as Amy gulped all my sperm down that my wife had passed into her mouth. Patty then turned to me and I had no choice as she kissed me, and for the first time I tasted the remains of my own sticky salty sperm in her mouth.

We untied Amy, as her wrists were getting a bit sore now. However we would not let her clean herself up and remove the drying traces of my sperm and my wife's pussy juice that was coating her lips and chin, and her own juices that coated her thighs. We called a taxi for her and she had to return to her own home wearing just the raincoat she came in and looking a mess. When Amy had gone we made love again and I shot a load of sticky sperm deep in Patties hairy pussy. Afterwards we talked and agreed that it had been the best sex that we had ever had.

A few days later at work Patty spoke to Amy who confirmed that she had enjoyed herself and had a great time being humiliated and dominated by both of us. Amy suggested that after a while we make another date to get together again and enjoy each other and try new things.


If there is a positive response to this story I may write part two, and tell you how Patty starts to discover her lesbian tendencies and dominates Amy with a large strap on!

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