tagLoving WivesOur Submission to Patrick Pt. 01

Our Submission to Patrick Pt. 01


I write stories that are fantasy and some of you might not like the themes, that is fine. Read the story and feel free to comment. Good, bad and even berating comments are appreciated. For those that like the theme and the story I hope you enjoyed yourself reading it.

I have some thoughts for the second part, but would love to hear your ideas in the comments section.


"Do we tell Patrick we are coming back to the Island?" My wife asks me.

"I already have."

Patrick and my wife had a very intense affair the last time we visited the island. Our week together tuned into her spending most of the time on his boat being his sexual muse. He took her from me while we all visited the resort bar and returned her to me at the end of our vacation. He is an alpha male who took what he wanted and I left the island cuckolded and humiliated, but my wife left satisfied and hungry for more. That was 7 years ago and multiple times a year my wife spends a week or so with Patrick. He takes her on his boat and I am shut out for a week as he enjoys my wife. She submitted to him easily the first time and has never said no to him since. When he takes her for the week, at best I get a text or two from him, usually with a photo of her serving him orally or naked with his cum on her. I have never stopped my wife because I too am submissive in nature and while it is hard to explain, the most aroused I get is when I know my wife is being taken by a strong man. Patrick is a very strong man and also made it crystal clear that he would take her for a week when he pleased and if I protested he would simply take her for good. I love my wife and my life with her, so I always choose to step away when he steps in and ultimately everyone wins.

"Aaaannnddddd" my wife asks. She is still in her workout clothes from another session with her personal trainer. She is wearing an athletic bra and tight shorts and as usual looks amazing.

"We are spending the weekend on his boat, and then you are staying longer."

Oh, the other part of this? I am always responsible for arranging the time Patrick spends with my wife. I take care of flights and such and so with us heading back to the island again, I took it upon myself to contact Patrick and offer my wife to him because I knew that would be expected of me. He accepted, and we made the necessary plans.

"How much longer?"

"Patrick said he wasn't sure but at least 2 weeks." I told my wife.

"Wow, that's new. He usually tires of me after a week. Why the change?" my wife asked like we were discussing a relative visiting. We have both fully accepted that she needs his domination and his sex, and I need his domination and the humiliation. Thus, while this is not a typical conversation a married couple has, it is a normal one for us.

"You are going to be trained, and he is not sure exactly how long that will take." I told her.

"Trained for what?" My wife asked with genuine surprise.

"His boat hostess." I was under strict orders by Patrick to say no more.

"What does that mean?"

"He will explain when we see him." Those were the words I was told to use. And I am always obedient to Patrick. It is in my nature. While to most it is weird and sick, I am happy when I am being an obedient cuckold. It was Patrick who recognized my submissive side, and Patrick who acted on it, so I serve him because I literally don't know any other way.

"This all very crytic. But I guess that explains the change in Jerome's approach over the last few months."

Sarah sees a trainer three times a week that Patrick sent her to. It costs me $200 per session and while the financial hit is hard, she has never looked better. Over the last 4.5 years he has taken my wife from good looking to smoking hot. At 33 she looks better than most college co-eds. Sarah's sessions with Jerome are 90 minutes and she always comes home exhausted but glowing.

Sarah is 5'6" and 120 pounds, she is 2 years younger than me. Her body is sculpted from the workouts so her legs and ass make every man notice when we go places. Since Patrick (we jokingly call it "SP"), she almost always wears tight clothes and fuck-me shoes. But her two absolutely best features are her breasts and her eyes. She has D-cup breasts on an A-cup frame and they are completely natural. They are firm and she has very large and often visible nipples. In other words, her chest is what dreams are made of. But then she looks at you and that is when you really melt. She has these eyes that just scream sexiness. They sparkle and smolder all at the same time. Like most men I first noticed her body, but soon was captured by her eyes. We met in a college class and by the end of the semester we were full time fuck-buddies. By the end of the year we were a real couple and at age 24 for me and 22 for her, we were married.

We had an almost old school marriage as I was the main breadwinner and she only worked part time. We had great sex, but I always initiated it and I never could seem to really get her to be all in. I never complained though as who would when you were married to the girl everyone else drools over and she always said yes when you wanted sex. We made love very traditionally too, 95% of the time in the missionary position. I always wanted to try more but would chicken out when it was time and would just settle for the good ole regular sex. Given how hot she was, I never lasted very long but she never complained and always said yes the next night I asked.

We were celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary when we first met Patrick. Sarah and I were happy but if we were honest we both seemed a bit restless as our marriage hit the 5 year mark. Patrick explained to us later that it was obvious we both wanted the other to take control, and since we were both naturally submissive, that marriage always had something missing. While we didn't grasp that yet, we knew our marriage needed something. We booked the trip hoping perhaps to find a different rhythm for our marriage and our sex life. In the end we got both, although we went into it having no idea of how different that rhythm would be.

Patrick was sitting at the same resort bar we sat at on one somewhat rainy afternoon. While I am 6' tall and about 180 pounds while being in good shape, I don't compare to Patrick. He is about 6'3" and an even 200 pounds of perfect muscle. He is not overly huge, but much more cut and buff than most men. But unlike many well sculpted men, he stills moves with an easy grace. Like Sarah, while you notice his body first, it is his eyes that capture you. Even I noticed the odd and hard to ignore combination of intensity and welcoming of his eyes. You are drawn to them while also immediately realizing he operates on a plane above you. It is both unnerving, and incredibly alluring.

We struck up a conversation and after about 60 minutes I knew my wife was his. He was charming and funny and downright likeable, and my wife was entranced. But he was also dominating with both of us. After only 10 minutes he told Sarah to change seats with me to be next to him and we both complied without question. Later, as he spoke to her, his hand ended up on her knee and thigh and neither of us protested. When Sarah went to the bathroom he turned towards me and spoke.

"Your wife is amazing and our connection is obviously strong. Her body is second to none and sitting here I have totally fell in love with her eyes. I ask myself why such a good looking couple sits and lets another man take over. At first I couldn't decide what the situation was, but it is clear to me now. She feels unsettled and lost, perhaps because she married too young and you seem like a nice guy but obviously are not the strong, take control type she craves. You obviously love her but have never quite known what to do with a woman as amazing as her. To sum, you both come across completely normal, but underneath you also both have very strong submissive sides that as a couple you have never fulfilled. She needs a strong man to guide her and we both know that is not you. You look the part, but also have no real strength as a man. You might be thinking that I can't possibly know all of this in such a short time, but I do. And if you are honest with yourself, you know it too."

I started to protest and he just stared at me and put his finger to his mouth to shush me. I stopped.

"I am not finished." He scolded me and then continued, "I want you to sit here," he pointed to a seat one further away, "and when your wife returns she will sit next to me again where I told her to sit, you know it, I know it, and she definitely knows it. In fact, she is probably rationalizing it in the ladies room right now. A wife isn't supposed to sit with another man, but she will. And when she does, I will put my hand back on her leg. Once again, you will do nothing, and she will not protest either. Both of you seem to crave these simple submissive acts. You will continue to remain quiet while your wife and I converse. I am going to tell her about my boat. I am going to tell her how beautiful the sunset is from the water and how it lifts the soul. My hand will caress your wife's leg as I say this and again the only reaction from either of you will be arousal and submission."

He was speaking to me about this so matter of factly and while I should have been angry, instead I was aroused and excited. My dick was hard and my breathing was a bit heavy.

"I am going to turn my back to you and start to really connect with your wife. From our bar stools our legs will intermingle as my hands continue to explore her body. We will start to speak in more intimate and hushed tones, and discuss what she really wants in life. The answer is a strong man and I will guide her to that conclusion. You will stay here, two seats away, but you will not speak nor interfere. You can just continue to enjoy the arousal that has obviously already started for you." He said this while taking a quick look down at my obviously tented swim trunks.

"I am going to invite your wife to dinner on my boat. She will want to say yes, but will feel like she can't. You will change that. I will not turn towards you, but will ask you if it is OK with you if she joins me. You will say 'absolutely.' That exact word, understood?"

I was in a trance at this point, and said, "understood."

He continued, "with your affirmation, she will agree to join me. After dinner I will ask her to stay the night. I will tell her if she wants to leave at that point I will walk her back to your condo and turn her back to you. But she will say yes and by morning she will be mine. I will take control and she will give herself to me completely because control is what she craves. She will spend the rest of the week with me on my boat. You will stay away and let your wife have an amazing week. She will fully submit to me, but will do so happily. Although you will enjoy it also, in your own submissive way. I will free her from her stress and confusion as she solely focuses on pleasing me. I will use her in any and every way I desire, and when the week is over I will ask her to join me again soon and she will enthusiastically agree."

I was literally speechless. His boldness and complete confidence overwhelmed me and I did nothing.

Sarah returned, took her assigned seat as predicted and Patrick's hand immediately found her leg. She smiled as he touched her. Twenty minutes later they were leaving for his boat. That is Patrick. He tells you what will happen and it happens. It is hard to understand, but he is almost impossible to say no to and from that moment to now my wife has been his to play with, and while it is humiliating, I find myself equally committed to serving him as Sarah does. He recognized the submission in both of us and then fully ran with it. He continues to run with it to this day. When we are not on "Patrick Time" we are a normal couple and we have fun and have regular sex. But when we are serving him, that service is complete.

When she spends time that is "Patrick time" I am not allowed to ask about it. After her most recent week away with Patrick she returned home and didn't say anything to me about how it was or what occurred. It drove me crazy, and that, of course, is the point. Other times she tells me everything, and sometimes Patrick shares, but I never get to ask. So, for instance, to this day I don't know anything about the workouts Jerome puts Sarah through except that the results are spectacular. Sarah has never told me a thing and I don't ask.

But for the first time she returned from her workout and started to tell me about the sessions.

"You know that Patrick likes oral sex and I spend a lot of time with his amazing cock in my mouth. But when he first took me I was clueless. I was terrible at pleasing him. At first, he tried to teach me. But then he sent me to Jerome. For the first six months the majority of time I spent with Jerome was learning how to give the perfect blow job."

I sat silently, but my arousal raged. I was immediately hot. The thought of my gorgeous wife "training" with Jerome was unbelievable. Jerome was a tall, strong black man. And while it should not have been a huge surprise that Sarah had an extra level relationship with a trainer that Patrick set up, I literally had never given it serious consideration. Patrick has shared my wife with others many times, including 2 or 3 times sending her out on a date with a colleague of his. But for some reason I had never thought of her being with Jerome. But now that she was explaining things to me, I was aroused, entranced and wanting to hear more.

"Jerome has a large cock and I learned to take his entire manhood. Patrick is actually bigger (I knew this as a few times over the years he has taken my wife in front of me), but with Jerome's help I have been able to deep throat Patrick for the last 4 years. For the last few years 90% of our time has been spent getting me the body that Patrick demands, but our time together also involved sex. Patrick told me I was always to make myself fully available to Jerome, and Jerome regularly took advantage of that privilege. Usually it was after a very intense workout and he would take me while our heartrates were still high. The sex was always fast and furious and he always came inside of me while I would have a vocal and wonderful orgasm. I, of course, am always obedient to Patrick and thus would never say no to Jerome but the truth is I like when he takes me. It is my favorite way to end one of our workouts!"

As my hard on raged I laughed to myself that this would explain the post workout after glow she often came home with. I remained quiet as I was too aroused to speak and I didn't want her to stop telling me more. Over the years I have found that the most exciting part of Patrick taking Sarah is when I get to hear about it. As I said, I often don't hear anything, but when I do it arouses me to no end. I totally crave hearing about their sessions, which is why Patrick and Sarah only share sometimes. It keeps me obedient and on the edge to never know if my total fetish for hearing about my wife's sex life will be satisfied.

Sarah continued, "About 6 months ago, Jerome started talking to me more as we worked out. Instead of encouraging me to push harder to get the perfect body for Patrick, he started telling me how happy Patrick will be when he gets great reports about how hot I am. He didn't explain, but would constantly reinforce how Patrick wanted me to look perfect. Then about a month ago, we started finishing every workout with sex, but each time Jerome would take me in a different position, always a dominant position and at least once a week he films the fucking. He told me he was 'expanding my repertoire' and getting me ready to be Patrick's new star. In fact, just 30 minutes ago I was bent over a training table, and he was taking my ass. I asked him to really fuck me and he said, 'just the ass, Patrick's orders.' So, I am guessing Jerome's new training is connected to what we are going to encounter."

As Sarah finished talking she reached across her body and pulled her bra off and approached me.

"Fuck me! All this talk has made me horny and Jerome wouldn't finish what he started, I need to finish!" she said.

While under normal circumstances I would jump at the chance to fuck her. I too was under strict orders from Patrick. "Sorry babe, I have the same orders as Jerome. The next sex you get will be on Patrick's boat. Oh, and I was told to tell you no masturbation either. Patrick wants you desperately horny. His words."

"I can't last 2 weeks!" was her response, followed by a "Fuck!"

"Not until the boat!" was all I could tell her.

The next two weeks we lived in a state of sexual frustration. I was also under a no sex and no masturbation order. She started working out with Jerome almost everyday and from what she told me, the best she got were another couple ass fuckings and she was allowed to give one of Jerome's best clients a blow job for meeting his workout goals.

We flew to the island in near silence as we were both obsessed with her getting sex again. She wanted it, and I wanted to hear about it, or perhaps even get to see it. I wasn't even sure if Patrick would allow me any sex, but at this point all I really wanted was sex for Sarah and to feel that humiliatingly wonderful feeling of serving Patrick.

We arrived at Patrick's boat, took a deep breath and walked up the gangway...

To be continued...

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Great.....waiting for part 2

Keep checking back for part 2!

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Great Story!

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I like it, can't wait til Jerome gets to train hubby also

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Nice story!!

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-500 points

What do you want poisting this repressed bisexual dribble in LE. Please dont post in this category.

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