tagInterracial LoveOur Swinging Days #01

Our Swinging Days #01


I have posted this on a website I frequent, but I wanted to share this with you guys as there are more people on here who might be reading it.

I have posted some stories where the word "nigger" was used a lot, and there were some anonymous postings calling me a racist and such, so let me assure you that won't be in this and following stories of our real life swinging.

But I wanted to defend myself, as a lot of people who get into interracial sexing use this kind of language, and if it turns you off, then please don't read it!

All this happened when we were still living up in Michigan.


This was pretty close as to how my husband and i started into this stuff.

We had some marital problems, that came close to causing a divorce, so we started talking a little bit more openly about where our mairrage was going. I think we both could see that it was in trouble, and that we were losing the feelings we once had about each other.

I forget exactly how we got to talking about bringing someone else into our life, but we both agreed that our sexual needs were changing, and that something had to be added to spice it back up.

My husband worked with a black guy, and they were pretty good friends. Anyways, we ended up going out with them several times. And over the course of a month or so, we would go out for dinner, and then dancing.

I caught my husband more than once looking at her, with that look ( if you know what i mean ).

I must have danced with my husbands friend many times, before it turned to something more than just a friendly dance.

On one of those nights that we were out nightclubbing, i danced with him, and my husband was dancing with his wife. When all of us came back to the table after the dance was over, I could tell that my husband had a different look about him. He was a little flushed, and when I asked him what was going on, he told me that she had played with his butt, out on the dance floor, and had manuverd his leg inbetween hers. He told me he got very hard, and that she was smiling at him while all this was going on.

That night when we got home, is when we started seriously talking about bringing someone else into our sex life. We both agreed that it would be better that it would be them, rather than some strange couple, who we knew nothing about. Them being black, had nothing to do with them coming into our sex life. It was just kind of natural.

My husband ended up talking to him at work, and the next time we went out, I got smashed out of my skull ( cause i was so damn nervious ). So after a whole bunch of 7 & 7's, I thought nothing of it, when he started kissing my cheek while we danced. I could feel his manhood pressing against me, and I could tell he was very arroused.

I will tell you, that when your in your early 40's, and another man gets aroused that way, you take it as a compliment.

When we got back to the table, my husband was sitting pretty close to the guys wife.....

Shit, rather than go back and rewrite this, i might as well tell you who is who.

My husband's name is Tom, and our black friends are Caroline and Jules.

As i was saying, Tom was sitting close to Caroline and they were giggling about something. So i said fuck it, and two could play that game. I started hanging on every word that Jules was saying, and pretty soon realized that this guy was not only good looking, but was a gentleman, and had a nice demeanor.

As the evening wore on, we danced a lot more ( Jules and me ), and it must have been around 1 in the morning when we decided to go home. Jules invited us over to his house for another drink, and Tom jumped at the idea.

They put on some slow music, and more 7 & 7's ( I swear, someone was out to get me drunk ). Jules and I would dance, and then come back to sit and have a drink, while Caroline and Tom would dance. The mood was there, and there was no mistaking where this was going.

When Jules reached out and put his hand behind my head, and drew me closer for a kiss, there was no hesitation. It was just like it was meant to be, I guess. It was nothing wild. No tongue or anything like that. Just a nice slow kiss. When we parted, I saw that Caroline and Tom were kissing, so the deal was sealed.

Jules kissed me again, and when I looked up, Caroline and Tom were gone. That's when I knew there would be no turning back. I guess we ended up in the spare bedroom, and I was made love to by a black man.

I will say this, it's one thing to make love with someone other than your husband, but..... if he is also black, it can blow your mind ( it certainly blew mine ).

He was better endowed than Tom. Jules, I guess is around 9 inches, and fairly fat. So it took me awhile to get comfortable with him. He was the perfect gentleman, and used a condom. And I think I had about the best sex i've had, in a long long time.

We ended up going home around 3 in the morning. I slept with Tom holding me tightly, but we did not have any sex. I think we were both pretty wore out.

more to follow....

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