tagInterracial LoveOur Swinging Days #03

Our Swinging Days #03


Group sex... Multiple partners in the same bed... Voyeurism...

I guess they all go kind of hand in hand.

What the four of us had been doing, was thrilling to us, to say the least. I must admit, in part anyways, I told Tom how I felt about the sex that Jules and I had been doing.... but, there was always that little voice inside that doesn't want to reveal every thought or feeling.

Caroline and I spoke on the phone several times, comparing notes, and I think feeling each other out as to if there were any jealousies. In those conversations, I started to visualize what it must have looked like to see Caroline and Tom having sex, and it seemed to excite me.

About a month later, we decided to all get together again, but we ran into a snag. That hotel/motel usually was not that crowded, but the weekend we decided to go back again, they were pretty full. So, we did not end up with adjoining rooms. In fact their room was on the 2nd floor, and ours was in the back on the first floor. Normally I don't think this would have made much difference, but it ended up changing how the four of us would have sex.

The guys had taken us to a nice little place to eat, and do some dancing and drinking ( I think they felt us girls needed to be plied with drinks....

LOL, sometimes girls can be easy ). We all knew what we had come for... and it wasn't eating, drinking, and dancing! I think all of us were eager to get back to our rooms and do the "dirty".

We were walking back from the car, and Caroline and I were exchanging some giggles, while the guys were trading jokes, and when we got back to our room, Tom said lets all have another drink.

The joking and giggling kind of stopped, and it seemed that the atmosphere seemed to be charged a little. I looked at her and she was wetting her lips, and trying to look the other way. So I knew she was kind of anticipating this.

So there we were.... four people in a small motel room ( double beds ), with more to drink, and with everyone ready to split up and have some sex. Next thing I know, Caroline and Tom were sitting on one of the beds playing kisses and feeling, and Jules and I kind of awkwardly sitting there watching the TV.

Pretty soon, we were both watching them more than the TV, so Jules grabbed my hand and led me to the other bed.

I had mixed feelings about this. I wanted to get fucked real bad, but on the other hand, my husband was no more than 6 feet from us, and would be able to see everything.

I will tell you, when the hormones start flowing, being prudent is about the last thing you think about. Jules pushed me on my back, and was all over me. I'm sure you have all been in "those" situations, where your both clawing at your clothes, while trying to stick your tongue down to the other persons tonsils. It gets quite involved, and you lose sense of where you are. Your only caught up in the moment, to get your depraved thoughts quenched.

I think the first time I thought about what Tom might be doing, was when Jules and I were in a 69, and I felt the unmistakable movement of someone else getting on the bed. It's kind of hard to sit up and say 'FUCK', when you have about 4 inches of cock in your mouth.

I remember looking to the side and seeing a body, but I couldn't tell who it was. Then all of a sudden, I felt a tongue on my asshole. If you have never been rimmed before, I can tell you it can be the start of a big orgasm ( especially when your all charged up ).

So there I was, with Jules' hands pulling me down on top of him, and Tom's hands spreading my butt, while he tongued me. No kidding folks, it was FUCKING EXHILARATING!

This went on for a few minutes, and then I heard Caroline saying "get your ass back over here".

So Tom went back over to the other bed with her, and Jules flipped me over, and started to pound me good. At that point I was pretty much out of it. I'm sure I had at least two orgasms, except for the pounding he was giving me, I was in another world.

I don't know how long he did me, but when he got off of me, I was ready to roll over and take a nap. The drinks were catching up to me, and the anal excitement plus the royal fucking Jules had given me, had pretty much wore me out.

So I'm laying there with my head snuggled up to Jules, when i felt the bed move again. I pretty much thought to myself that I didn't want Tom to start fucking around again. In fact I was just about ready to say something, when I felt a soft kiss on my cheek.

Now for all you women out there, who have experienced tender moments with another woman, I have to admit that I had never been kissed by another woman. Sure a peck on the cheek, when your greeting a close friend, but when you have just had sex with another woman's man, you know the kiss is not a friendly peck.

I turned my head, and she pounced me pretty good. Her lips were all over mine, and in no time at all we were trying to see who had the strongest tongue.... she won out.

So here I am, a white woman in the arms of a black man who has just given me a pretty good fucking, and then his wife is kissing me like were long lost lovers.

I lost all train of thought. I didn't care where Tom was, and I don't think I much cared what Jules was thinking. What I was experiencing, something entirely new to me, was another woman, trying to invade my feelings, with her tongue and with her exploring hands.

And lets be clear about this, it was not all Caroline who was doing the exploring. She was trying to reach around me, and get to my sex. I intercepted her hand, and squeezed it so hard, I'm sure I must have hurt her. But I forced it down between my legs, and opened up to her.

Okay, enough of that stuff. I will tell you, that Caroline and I ended up doing a lot of kissing, and eventually ended up in a 69. Eating another woman's cunt for the first time, was just fantastic. And when she came, I could taste her and Tom's cum.

That night, all four of us ended up having sex in the same small bed. Looking over at your husband, while your being pounded by another man, can be very stimulating. And after they had both cum again, us ladies lay there and did some more kissing and feeling.

The next day I asked Tom how he had felt about seeing me being fucked by another man, and he said that it had been the most exciting thing he had seen in a long time. I told him, that I had been a little jealous, when I had seen Coraline's legs wrapped around his ass, yelling at him to fuck her harder. He just laughed, and said he was not responsible for what his dick told him to do.

So all in all, i guess both of us were okay with what had happened.

Now this story is not going to continue, cause it is hard to describe what your feelings are like, when your being fucked by a different man. Words just don't do it justice. But, I will tell you that there was another twist to this story.

A few weeks later we went back and only rented one room. There was no playing around now. We all knew what we wanted. That night though, ended up being different. Somewhere during the night, after the guys had their way with us, Caroline and I were snuggling and just doing idle whispers, when we both were jolted by what we heard.

"Fuck, take it easy"! That was Toms' voice. We looked over, and Tom was kneeling beside the bed. His upper body was on the bed, and his knees were on the floor. And Jules was behind him trying to bugger him. Well, he was successful, cause that night Tom got fucked. They didn't do it very long ( Tom kept complaining how it hurt too much ). And that was my first inkling that my husband might be bi.

When your in the arms of another woman, and you see your husband being taken anally, you can't get up and start screaming pervert. I mean after all, he certainly didn't when Caroline and I were doing things to each other.

I think we went out about 3 more times after that, before we ended up moving to Florida. And during those times, we got to see the guys doing a 69 once. To this day, I still don't know how I feel about that. But, it is his body, so I guess he can do what he wants with it.

I hope I haven't bored you too much with my ramblings, but now that I have finally done this, I feel a whole lot better. I really, do!

Sex can be an ugly thing that you keep in the dark corners of your mind, or you can let it out in the open, and enjoy the experience for what it is. Enjoying another partners body.

The way that he or she brings you to the brink of an orgasm. And the way you fully give yourself to those feelings. But at the end of the day, it still comes back to you and your husband. Do you trust each other? Do you feel that he still respects you, after seeing you in the arms of another man or woman?

Those are the things that are important, and hopefully will keep your marriage intact.

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