tagLesbian SexOur Train Ride

Our Train Ride


"Trust me," was all you said as you took my hand and led us into the train station. The look in your eyes was wild and playful as I followed you, so many people crowding us, as the noise was loud in my ears.

We had talked about this idea of having sex in a crowded place but I thought this was way out in right field as I protested down the stairs, "Honey you sure this is a good idea?" I said in my whinny girly voice. You looked back at me and replied, "For god sake lover stop being a baby."

I rolled my eyes as you took the lead again. Once we were at the bottom of the stair's you looked around. I stood there watching you, wonder if you had any idea to what you were doing, then you said, "Come on, over there honey," and took my hand as I followed you once again. We walked under the arches and onto the train.

The train car was not to full as we walked towards the back. "Next stop...Broadway Station," was what we heard over the PA system. The doors open and a few people left as a few also got on the train.

You looked at me with fire in your eyes, and I smirked. We had found a spot the very end of the car. Me, still standing with my back against the end door looking at you. I could also see the many people that were still standing behind you waiting for their stops.

Leaning in you whispered in my ear, "Right here, right now." I glanced around, "Are you crazy?" I said "...with so many people still on the train." You smiled and whispered, "Yes...that's what makes this fun," as you took my hand and placed it inside of your shirt.

Your mouth came softly down on mine, to stop me from protesting again. My hand found your nipple, as I played with it, pinching it hard. You looked at me and I smiled pulling you closer to me, as your fingers worked on the button to my pants.

My hands now were on your waist as I pulled you into me, turning you so your back was to the door. You smiled, "Nice move honey...very smooth," you said with a tone that was very sexy.

My pants now undone. Your hands around my neck with my hands up under your skirt pulling at the thin Lace, "God sugar...why did you have to wear those ones?" I said looking at you with frustration in my eyes. You smirked, Well honey... I guess you have to work for it this time, Don't you," "No shit," I said as I ripped them off.

I looked into your eyes with pride. Your kiss was harder this time, as you pulled me closer to you, your hand tugging at the front of my pants wanting them a bit lower.

My hand under your skirt now pulling your ripped lace underwear down past your knees with my body shielding you from the people behind us, pushing my body hard against yours. My hand softly running over your smooth bare skin, until I felt your wetness between your legs.

You stepped out of the lace and spread your legs wider apart, while kicking the torn undergarment to the side of the isle. My fingers going deep into you.

"Next stop...Water Front Station," we heard over the PA system as the train jerked forward, then backwards to a stop. The doors open, people left the train, people got onto the train, but my fingers never stopped going in and out of you.

You were grabbing at the front of my pants, wanting them lower, wanting them off. Your breathing was becoming harder but still soft, as I leaned into you, kissing your mouth as my tongue played with yours.

I pulled my pants down lower, letting the bulge find its freedom from the front. The strap-on was hard, 10 inches long, thick, and dark purple. You looked at me and I smiled. Leaning into you, grabbing you by the waist and pulling you upwards, towards me using the backdoor as leverage. Your legs wrapped around my waist as the dildo entered you.

My excitement was building, knowing I was going to have you right here on this train. I pushed the dildo deep into you, your breathing was hard as I pushed harder up inside of you. Feeling your hot wet juices running down the dildo made me wet, made me want you.

My body trembled, I wanted to have more to push into you. I wanted to feel inside you, I wanted to be part of the dildo. I pushed harder into you as you came down hard onto the dildo. Your hands grabbing at my neck. Kissing your mouth, I wanted to have you cum to make you scream.

You bit my lip wanting more. Looking into your eye's I knew you were ready to climax. I pushed into you, deeper, faster, then I stopped. Whispering into your ear, "Honey...I want to take you from behind, let me make you cum hard.

You kissed my mouth as I bent my knees to let your feet touch the ground. I pulled the dildo out of you, kissing we turned. My back now against the door only to then realize we were still on the train as I saw all the people waiting for the last stop.

You kissed my mouth hard. Your tongue wanting me, my body wanting you, the dildo needing you, as I turned you to face the people. I knelt as you backed up. I pushed the dildo up into you and you gasped. I grabbed your waist pushing deeper into you, as you came down I went harder into you.

I closed my eyes, imagining the dildo as my own part. Becoming more aroused, my moans escaping me. I could feel your body on my own body, your wetness, my hands pulling you harder towards me as I went deeper and faster into you.

Your body wanting more, as the pace quickened between us. You grabbed my hand as your body began to shake with me not wanting to stop. Still pushing into you, feeling your wetness running over the dildo and onto my own skin.

My body starting to tremble as I let out a moan. I pushed deeper into you as you gasped and moaned. I felt your body shake as your juices ran down the dildo and over my exposed skin. Still pushing into you, my body trembling, my legs becoming weak.

I pushed once deeper, hard into you, I climaxed letting out a loud gasp. Grabbing onto your waist, pulling you towards me, not wanting this to be over. Both our bodies shaking and trembling.

You slid off the dildo and turned to me, kissing my mouth "You better put it back into your pants baby," you said smirking while glancing down at the large purple dildo still exposed.

I stood up pushing the dildo into my pants, my legs still trembling Kissing me, you said, "Come on baby...let's get by the door so we can get out of here."

We pushed our way through the crowd and stood waiting. "Next Stop... Patterson Station," we heard over the PA system. The doors open as we stepped out, "Best Fucking train ride I have ever had," I said loudly into the crowd with a smile.

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