tagLoving WivesOur Trip to the Adult Theater

Our Trip to the Adult Theater


My wife and I had been married for about 7 years, and our sex life was starting to get kind of lackluster. Now, I had met her at church, so she was not some easy bar girl, or common tramp. Wendy is about 5'5 with short dark hair, she had had 2 children, one before we met and one with me and was no longer the petite girl she had once been, but she had a shapely figure, her hips were kind of wide, but she had a flat stomach although she did have some stretch marks. Her breasts, while not exactly perky were smallish but still very shapely. We just kind of ran out of interesting ways to do things. We made love in the shower, in the kitchen - did all of the fun kind of stuff you were supposed to do, but she seemed to be losing interest, and to be honest, so was I. She was hitting her mid 30's and I guess women start to get a little more horny at that age. One evening she asked me what we could do.

"John," she started, "I've been wondering what might be a good way to spice things up between us, you know, sexually."

"Well, we could try some roleplay or something like that. You could go to a club without me, and I could meet you there and pick you up."

So we did that a time or two, but when we got back home, it was just the same old-same old.

"Maybe," she said, after a pick-up lovemaking session, "that we could try to do something a little more public, you know, like go to a couple's theater. I have this girlfriend at work who told me about how her and her husband go to a theater where couples go and watch movies. Maybe seeing other couples do it will spark things up between us."

"Well," I replied, "do you want to go along with them sometime?"

"I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with that - they're kind of in to swinging, but she says there are couples who go who don't fool around with others, just watch and have sex with each other. I was thinking that might be good for us. What do you think?"

Now the thought of seeing other couples making love in front of us, I have to admit was quite a turn on for me.

"Are you sure that's what you want to do?" I asked her.

"I think it could be fun, you know. I think it kind of excites you."

She had noticed me start to swell up again. We tried to make love again, but the interest had faded for me, so we made plans to go in a couple of weeks.

We couldn't get a sitter for a weekend, so we decided to try to do it on a Thursday night. Her friend had given her directions, we dropped her son of at his dad's and her mother agreed to watch our daughter for the night. We, or rather she, decided she needed to come home to change before going to the theater. She put on a dark silk top, with no bra and a jean skirt that came down to just above her knees, with no panties. She had done her makeup and was looking quite sexy.

"Wow, you look great. You're going to be tempting for the other men." I teased her.

"I'm all for you." She said.

We drove to the place, a very clean well-lit and respectable looking store. It had video rentals, adult toys as well as locked doors that led to some peep booths and another that led to two theaters, one for singles and one for couples that connected to the same hallway. We walked around a while looking at videos and toys before working up the courage to find out what we had come for. There were quite a few other patrons in the place, but all were men. We were nervous about asking the clerk, a young man with tattoos on his arms about the theaters.

"Are you ready?" I asked Wendy in a low voice placing my hand on her arm.

She didn't say anything but just nodded so I took her hand and walked up to the clerk's counter.

"We were interested in the couple's theater." I said to the clerk.

"It's $10.00 for a couple, and you can go in to either theater."

I handed him a ten and asked how it worked.

"I'll buzz you in to the hall, then in to the couple's theater and if you want to move to the other theater, there is a bell and I can buzz you in to the singles theater. I can see you on camera when you buzz me." He said, pointing up to what must have been video monitors, out of the sight of the store patrons.

He buzzed us back in to the hall, we closed the door behind us. The hall made a right hand turn, with a door on the left that said "Couples Only". At the far end was another unmarked door. When we got to the couples door, we heard the buzzer and walked in. The room was dimly lit, with a large TV screen at one end and several benches, with no backs that were covered in vinyl upholstery. There was no one else in the room, although the TV was playing a porno movie. We sat down and started watching. Wendy looked at me and said, "Maybe someone else will come in after a little while." So we sat there and started watching the movie. It was a movie that tried to be classy, with very attractive models mostly pleasuring themselves with toys. We started to kiss and I undid her blouse and started fondling her breasts. A scene came on with two models who had a male model tied up. One started sucking his cock while the other blind folded him. Then they took turns sucking his cock while he was standing up before one of the girls stood up and bent over as the other girl slid his cock in her pussy and started licking her clit. I could tell this excited Wendy, and I slid her skirt up and started playing with her pussy. I noticed she had shaved herself completely bald down there, a first for her that I knew of. She was soaking wet. In the mean time, she undid my pants and started stroking my cock. The scene ended, and no one else had come in. By now we had been in there for about 45 minutes or so.

"Do you want to try the other theater?" She asked me. "Maybe there's another couple in there."

"It's probably mostly guys, " I said, "but if you want to, we can."


She got up and buttoned up her blouse and pulled her skirt back down and we walked out of the couple's theater, down the hall and pressed the button to the single's theater. In a minute or two we heard the buzzer to let us in.

This theater was similar, with the benches arranged in a slight semicircle around the T.V. at one end. I believe there were six or seven of them. Three guys were in there, each sitting on his own bench. All three looked at us as we entered the room. The bench on the far right was empty so we went to it. I straddled it with my arms bracing me from behind while Wendy sat down between my legs with both of her legs facing out of the "circle". We sat there watching the movie for a while which was quite a bit raunchier than the one in the couple's theater. In this one a small breasted blonde in pigtails was giving an older man a blowjob while he fingered her pussy and talked nasty to her calling her a slut, bitch and cunt. It was revolting yet erotic at the same time. I began to feel myself getting an erection and I sat up and started squeezing Wendy's right breast with my right hand, away from the other guys. She moved her left leg up on to the bench and wiggled her bottom a bit, sliding out slightly on the bench, but keeping her pussy still well covered. I noticed Wendy had began looking around at the guys in the theater. The one sitting across from us in the circle had started to rub his crotch, but had his pants completely on. I got bold and looked back at the other guys and noticed neither of them had pulled it out yet.

Wendy reached up and undid the top buttons of her blouse then took my hand and slid it inside so that I was caressing her left breast. As I began rolling her nipple between my thumb and finger, she reached around with her right hand an pulled my face in for a kiss. I felt her warm velvety tongue slip in to my mouth as her hand then found it's way to my crotch squeezing and stroking my growing erection.

Wendy broke out of our kiss, looked at me and asked in a whisper, "Mind if we put on a bit of a show for these guys?"

"Does that turn you on?" I asked back.


"You want to see these guys stroking their cocks?"

"You bet I do!" She said with a smile, still keeping to a whisper.

With that she unbuttoned her blouse all the way and swung the sides of it back revealing her breasts. While her breasts were not large a B-cup, and had begun to show the effects of gravity, they were still nice and shapely. Her nipples, dark pinkish brown, with areolas bigger around than a silver dollar had gotten hard and knotty and her nipples, bigger around than my thumb were standing at full attention almost an inch long. She swung her left leg over the bench, lifted up her bottom and pulled her short skirt up over her hips. She then swung both legs around to the inside of the circle spreading her legs and revealing her shaven pussy, which I could see was now quite wet to our fellow movie watchers. She had a wild look in her eyes that I had never seen before and was smiling broadly. I was stunned at her actions. While we had met at church, Wendy was no church mouse, but I had never imagined she would have a wild streak like this. She reached up with both hands rolling her swollen, hard nipples between her fingers and thumbs smiling wildly and I could see she was looking directly in to the faces of the other guys in the theater. She then reached between her legs with her right hand, spread her outer lips with her fingers and began to rub her swollen clit. She bit her lower lip and moaned for a second briefly closing her eyes then opened them back up. The guy closest to us, but with the least advantageous view stood up, walked over to the bench across from us and sat down next to the guy already there. The remaining guy moved to the bench next to theirs to get a better view for himself as well.

"Do you guys like what you see?" Wendy shocked me as she began speaking to the strangers in the room. They had begun to nod their heads when she added in a voice that could best be described as a purr, "Well, let me see what you guys have."

The three of them stood up, almost in unison and undid their pants revealing for my wife their stiff erections. The one on the bench by himself before sitting back down, reached down and slid his bench almost 2 feet closer to us. The two sharing the bench looked at each other briefly before following suit and sliding their bench closer as Wendy let out a bit of a giggle. She then braced herself with her left hand as she slid her ass to the edge of the bench, spreading her legs wide for the guys, who were now maybe just 5 or 6 feet away, giving them a full view of her pussy. She placed the forefinger of her right hand on her clit rubbing it in small circles while her inner lips glistening with her feminine excitement quivered in rhythm. I could see her legs shaking a bit as she began to move her hips up and down and I could see that her vaginal opening was pulsing in pre-orgasmic bliss. She let out a moan then looked up over her left shoulder at me, still fully clothed and somewhat in shock at the newly discovered exhibitionistic tendencies of my wife.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked wildly looking deep in to my eyes.

"Take off your pants so I can suck you for these guys." She breathed.

I stood up and undid my pants, pulled them down and sat down facing the others as I slipped my shoes off and slid completely out of my pants. Wendy reached over with her right hand, still wet from rubbing her soppy pussy and began to stroke my rock hard cock before grabbing the base, bending down and slipping it in to her hot little mouth. As she was sucking it, she got her knees up on to the bench sticking her ass up toward the screen which was now showing the young blonde getting anally fucked by the older man, but might as well have been an airline commercial for all the attention it was getting from this room. All eyes were locked on Wendy as she slid her hand between her legs and began to pump two fingers in and out of her pussy while gobbling my erection and moaning fairly loudly by now. The other guys slid their benches closer still as I helped Wendy out of her shirt and placed it on the floor on top of my jeans. Wendy took my cock out of her mouth and looked at me then stood up, slid out of her skirt and now naked except for a pair of black flats got on her knees and continued my blowjob, her naked ass now literally mere inches from the legs of the other three guys in the theater. She blew me for another minute or so before looking up at me and asked loud enough for the other's to hear, "Do you mind I let them rub my ass?"

I could feel them all look up at me but I kept my gaze on her. I could not believe my little wife was acting like this. We had never even discussed doing anything with other guys, and later she confessed she had never really thought about it before, but in that moment, there in a dirty bookstore theater, she felt herself giving in to urges she didn't even know she had, and I have to admit, it turned me on to know that my wife, my lover, was now the object of unbridled lust in this room, of these strange men. My response was barely a dry whisper, "If you want it." She just nodded her head before dropping it back down on my waiting erection as the guys all slid off their benches and began to grope her naked ass. She reached her hand between her legs to rub and shield her pussy from their prying fingers. The guys to her left and right were stroking their cocks with one hand while squeezing her ass cheeks with the other while the guy in the middle was rubbing it with both hands, and I could see him trying to work his fingers in to her holes, her hand trying to fend him off - as I was about to say something she gave in and dropped her hand letting him penetrate her vagina with one, then two then three fingers, pumping furiously away causing her to audibly moan in pleasure. The guy to her left began to rub a finger around her asshole then moved in closer rubbing his cock against her naked thigh and ass. I couldn't believe this was happening, but even more, I couldn't believe how incredibly turned on I was to see my wife being groped and fingered by not just one, but a group of men who were complete strangers. Just as I thought I was going to bust a load in to her mouth, she let up, straightened and stood up straddled the bench in front of my grabbed my cock and looked deep in to my eyes, her face wild with excitement. It was like looking at someone I didn't even know.

"I need you to fuck me now." She moaned as she lay back lifting her knees wide to her sides and pulling on top of, then guiding my throbbing erection into her hot waiting pussy that had just moments before been penetrated by the fingers of another man. Her pussy was hot and wet as I slipped in to her and she let out a moan as I thrust excitedly into her, penetrating her fully. I began to lean down on top of her but she pushed my chest back up, thrusting up her hips and rotating them to her right, giving our audience a full view of our copulation. It made me excited to know she was getting pleasure not only from my penetrating cock, but from being watched by these other men. It was all I could take and I could feel my prick hardening up inside of her, then pumping my pent-up load deep in to her pussy.

"Oh yes, fill me up baby." She breathed as I pumped what must have been the biggest load I had spilled in years deep inside of her. She pulled me out as hot thick white cum spilled out of her hole. The guy in the middle who had been fingering her pushed her knee over and bent forward toward her pussy, before looking up at me and asking, "Can I eat her sloppy pussy?" I looked at her and she smiled and said, "Yes" as he dove in and began to suck at her hole first locking his lips around her hole drinking in our juices, then licking furiously at her dripping inner lips and clit.

"Oh yes, lick it baby eat my creamy pussy." She moaned as she grabbed my soggy cock and started to stroke it again. The guy to her right had his erection in his hand as he moved forward and started to rub it on to her leg. The man between her legs kept licking her and slid three, then four fingers into her slit as he tongued her clit and pumped at her hole, knuckles deep with his hand.

"Oh baby, get it hard again so you can fuck me some more." She said looking up at me. "I need to get fucked some more."

"I don't know how soon I can, baby." I said. "I'm pretty drained."

"Oh please baby." She pleaded. "I want some more."

The guy on her right reached in to his pocket and pulled out a condom, holding it up.

"If I wear this can I fuck her?" He asked us.

Wendy looked at him with wanton lust on her face, the back at me pleading, "please baby, let him fuck me."

At that moment, I wanted her to be happy, but just as much, I was excited by the idea of watching this strange man slide his cock in her and fuck her pussy. I just nodded.

She pushed the man eating her out away from her and slid to the end of the bench spreading her wet throbbing pussy wide, as her next lover slipped on his condom and rolled it down the base of his cock. He moved around to the end of the bench, dropped to his knees and began to rub the head of his cock against her dripping slit. He was probably a full inch longer than me, and slightly thicker around the shaft but with a smaller head. Wendy reached down and stroked his cock for a second or two before guiding it in to her waiting hole. He slid in a few inches, moistening his condom clad shaft, pulled out a bit, slid back a little more as she moaned in pleasure, and pulled back again some before thrusting the entire length of his hard cock deep in to my wife's waiting hungry hole.

"Oh my God." She moaned, pulling her knees back further, and dropping her head on to my leg looking up at me. He began thrusting furiously at her while her cunnilinguist began to grope at her tits. I thought he was going to hurt her as he began to fuck her fast, furious and deep but she just took it moaning, "Fuck me yeah, fuck that pussy deep and hard." She was taking a fucking like I had never given her or anyone else, for that matter, this guy was going at it using her hole for his pleasure and she was not only taking it but loving every minute of it as he kept at it, pounding her pussy with all he had. The man at her tits now had one in each hand squeezing and kneading them while sucking on one nipple, then the other. I didn't notice the third guy move around behind us, and he was now to my right, cock in hand. Kneeling down, he reached one hand around my wife's head and pulled her mouth on to his stiff cock. There wasn't much I could say as she began sucking at it with wild abandon, caressing his balls with her hand. I then noticed she had began to stroke the cock of the guy sucking her tits. Then I noticed that my own erection had returned as I watched my wife getting and receiving pure, unbridled sexual gratification from these strange men.

The guy fucking her began to slow down so she reached down with both hands and pulled him deep inside of her and I could tell he was about to cum. He threw his head back and let out a long slow moan as he pumped his seed into the condom (I hoped!) while still buried balls deep in my wife's pussy. He pulled back, stood up and pulled off the thankfully full condom as my wife sat up and reached out and took the condom, then sat back and dumped it out all over her chest, while the guy who had been rubbing her tits, began to spread it all over them while sucking and licking it off. Meanwhile the guy who had been getting a blowjob now had a condom out and was putting it on his hard cock as he moved between my wife's spread legs and pulled her hips back to the end of the bench. I looked at him like "What are you doing." And he asked, "Is it ok?"

Wendy looked back at me and said, "Please baby" so I just nodded as this man knelt down between her legs, but she moved to the side and turned over on her hands and knees on the bench. "I want it this way now." She reached down stroking his cock and rubbing it against her wet slit before guiding in to her and backing on to it with a moan. I could now see that this guy was pimply faced and young, he couldn't be more than 20. He closed his eyes and pumped away at my wife's horny hole while she grabbed the last guys cock and began to lick it up and down. I noticed that this guy's cock, while not quite as long as mine was thick, almost as big around as a soda can. Wendy opened her mouth wide and almost gagging took his thick rod in to her mouth, wiggling her head back and forth to get it fully in as she moaned in pleasure from the fucking the kid was giving her from behind, which was furious, but not quite as energetic as the last guy who was now on his way out of the theater.

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