tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Trip to the Gym

Our Trip to the Gym


We walk in the gym and pause to kiss, one quick passionate embrace, and each head toward our locker area. As I enter the women's locker room, I turn around just long enough to see you watching me as the door closes behind me. I grab a towel and walk nervously to the changing area. I am aware of the bodies around me now more than ever. A naked woman brushes by me and I notice her erect nipples, voluptuous stomach and long pubic hair. This effortless nudity turns me on like never before and I move quickly into an empty row of lockers as my pulse races. To calm myself, I imagine what you are doing now. In my mind, you've already left your clothes behind and are walking nude into the common shower room. I picture your long, confident stride and the slight mischievous smile flickering across your face. Mmmmm, I can see those lips that give me endless pleasure, those beautiful eyes that pierce my soul. You walk right up to the middle showerhead and turn it up nice and hot.

Back in the men's locker room, this is precisely what you are doing in reality. The steamy water splashes over your broad shoulders and muscular body and you tilt your head under the spray. You grab a bar of soap and start slowly rubbing it over your chest and hard nipples, down your stomach and around your ass. You let the water run all over you as you put down the bar of soap and start thinking about me and what we've talked about and what might happen this morning. Your cock bobs up and down as it starts growing. You close your eyes and imagine the other men looking at your body and your dick gets harder. You open your eyes and look around to see a couple of guys gazing at you and your hard cock which has become so engorged that it's throbbing. You lean back a bit so you are pointing right into the room and your big dick is on full display. You see another man that is staring straight at you and slowly stroking his long, hard shaft. Your green eyes search his face and rove down his body to his rock hard cock. You slide your hand down your soapy chest and put your fist around the swollen red head of your dick and look back at his face.

After a moment, he walks right over to you and drops to his knees and begins running his mouth up and down the length of your dick and swirls his tongue around your engorged head. As your cock disappears into his mouth once more, I appear at the entryway. My chest and limbs are glistening with sweat and my hair is hanging wet down my back and on my face. I'm wrapped in a short white towel tucked haphazardly around my breasts and ending high up on my shapely thighs. You know I've just been in the lady's steamroom, but you don't yet know what happened while I was in there. However, you can tell by the look on my face that I enjoyed myself and that I'm ready for more.


Half an hour earlier, after calming myself with erotic thoughts of you, I walked into that hot dark room wrapped in a different white towel. I surveyed the scene through the steam lying thick around me. There were two levels of tiled seating with a handful of girls draped in various spots. I chose a space on the second level in a place where I could watch discreetly for a little while. I stepped up to the second level, let my towel fall off my body and bent over to place it beneath me. I could feel my shaved pussy facing the room in the open air and I started to get wet thinking about those girls behind me able to see deep inside me. I sat down and leaned against the wall. The cool tiles ran a shiver of pleasure down my spine. I leaned my head back and gazed around the room through half-lidded eyes. I noticed one girl right away that was just stunning and staring at my tits. I glanced down and saw my nipples were rock hard. The girl was about 30 with long blond hair and intense blue eyes. What intrigued me were the brightly colored tattoos running down one thin arm and wrapping around her rib cage and narrow waist to end low on her hip. She was incredibly sexy. She was lying on her side, head propped on one elbow with one foot on the floor below her and the other up on the level she was lying on, so her pussy was in full view. She was shaved completely except a small patch a few inches above her clit which was engorged and bright pink. She had sweat running down between her small, pert breasts and over her flat stomach.

I was immediately overcome with a desire to go over and lick the sweat off her entire body, head to toe. When my eyes finally came to rest on hers, she was staring at my face and we made brief, intense eye contact. Her eyes darted to my pussy and I slowly lifted one leg so it was propped next to me and slid my other leg wide so she had as good a view as I did. She slid her free hand down her slick breast and pinched her nipple, then ran her hand down her stomach to her pussy lips. As she began to touch herself she leaned her head back and a drop of sweat fell down her neck into the cleft between her collarbones. As I took in this sight, my hand moved between my legs also and I started rubbing my clit and slid a finger in my hot hole. My hair was soaking wet and spilling across my breasts. I glanced around and noticed a couple other girls watching us and rubbed my clit faster and slid another finger inside.

The blond woman started to rise and move toward me. I was shocked at how lithe and lean her body was and how gracefully she moved. She stepped up on the lower row so she was standing just in front of me. I leaned forward and caught her nipple in my mouth and sucked on it, then bit it quick but hard before I released. She gasped and grabbed both my tits in her soft hands and pinched my nipples hard. I moaned, still sliding my fingers in and out of my dripping wet pussy. She leaned forward and ran her tongue down my stomach until she was bending over at the waist with her face between my legs. She took my fingers out and sucked the juices off each one. She began lapping at my clit and then slid two fingers inside me. I was already about to explode, panting and moaning, when I felt her fingers begin exploring my inside and her tongue licking all around my clit and pussy lips and kissing my inner thighs. She began frantically licking and sucking my clit, nibbling on it and sliding her fingers in and out, faster and faster until I could barely see. My body started shaking with convulsions as I screamed out and came all over her pretty face. As she pulled away – and my vision began to return – I thought of you and wished you had been there to watch.

I wanted to return the favor so I ran my hands down her beautiful body, cupped her round ass in one hand and moved my other hand to her soft pussy lips. It was my first time so I went slowly and explored every inch. I stood and sat her where I had just been sitting and then kneeled in front of her. I tentatively ran my tongue up from her pussy to her clit – she tasted similar to me, but sweeter. She shivered and sat up, putting her hands on my shoulders. I wanted to keep going, but she leaned over and whispered in my ear that she wanted to let me, but she has a girlfriend. Being pleasure by another woman is not allowed unless she's there. I smiled and said that next time her girlfriend should be there. I leaned over and licked from her stomach up to her beautiful breasts, then stood, naked, and walked out. As I went, I wrote my number in the steam on the mirror and glanced back over my shoulder so I knew she had it.

As I leave the steamroom on shaky legs, I grab another towel and wrap it around my flushed breasts and head toward the men's locker room to see how you are faring. I stride in, no longer nervous, unhindered by the curious stares from the men in various states of undress, and go straight to the showers. That's where I find you with your perfect hard cock down this boy's throat, his solid ass clenching. I take in this new exciting sight – he's got narrow shoulders and hips but I can tell by his muscular body that he's a runner. His hair is almost black and cut very short. My eyes naturally rise up to take in your physique. You stand tall over him, one strong arm on the back of his head and the other behind yours as you look down. Your hips are thrust out and moving back and forth slightly and the steamy water is flowing over your back and down your legs.

I look back up to your face and notice with a grin that now you have seen me. I stride over slowly, drop my towel onto the floor in front of me and stand on my tiptoes to kiss you. The boy at your feet sits back for a second as you wrap me in your arms and kiss me passionately. I pull back and look you in the eye as I kiss and lick my way down your strong, slick body until I'm kneeling next to the young runner. I nod at him and he wraps his lips around your red, engorged dick. I lean over and suck one of your balls into my mouth as he licks all the way up your shaft. Then I take your cock in my hand and run my palm around the head and down the shaft and slide the head into my mouth. I push my lips down your big cock until the head at the very back of my throat, then slide slowly all the way back out. As he takes your cock out of my mouth and slides it down his throat, I hear you groan and I can tell you are going to cum soon. I start sliding my hand up and down your shaft with my other hand on your balls while he is sucking on the head of your dick. Just when you are about to cum, I pull out your cock and you spray your hot juice all over my face and tits. He leans over and hungrily licks it from my erect nipples as I suck the head of your cock and milk it of every last drop of cum. Mmmmm, you taste so good baby.....

Maybe next we'll go see a movie... just you and me and my very short skirt.

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