tagGroup SexOur Unexpected First Swap

Our Unexpected First Swap


Our Kinky Vacation

My name is Mark, I'm a twenty seven year old banker living and working in Boston., Massachusetts. I guess I'm considered a pretty good looking guy. I'm six foot three inches tall, weigh about two hundred pounds, clean cut with short hair, blue eyes, and considered a nice dresser with an athletic build as I work out regularly. I'm not a muscle man by any means but my wife Patricia says I have a great body. I'm not a hairy guy and I routinely do a little man scaping to keep everything neat and trim. I consider my cock above average in size as I'm about eight inches long and thick enough that my wife needs both hands to handle it.

My wife Patricia and I have been married for four glorious years. Patty is twenty five years old, five feet tall, one hundred five pounds soaking wet with a beautiful set of natural 36C's most men only see in their dreams. She's blonde, blue eyed and maintains a typical beach body year round to my delight. Her nipples are almost always noticeable even when she wears a bra. Her tits are so firm she routinely goes without wearing a bra and always turns heads as she enters a room. Most men would say she was a women who could stop traffic. She keeps herself meticulously maintained from her perfect natural nails to her completely hairless body, other than her beautiful long blond hair. I just love her shaved pussy. I love the fact that the only one in the world who wouldn't consider her a perfect ten is herself. She's not at all over confident or cocky about her beauty.

I must say that my favorite thing about Patty is how she dresses to impress all the time. She's always in six inch pumps, short skirts, low cut tops or dresses and usually goes braless. I know I'm the envy of many of my friends as she's always the life of the party. My friends call her my Barbie doll. She's flirtatious without being slutty, confident without being conceited and has no idea how beautiful she is. I love that about her.

We have an unbelievable sex life, she's the best fuck I've ever had and is particularly skilled in the oral department. She has a constant hunger for my cock, wants to suck me all the time, almost anywhere. We've given truckers great shows as well as many people glancing into our hotel room windows as we vacation. She loves to be watched fucking or sucking me, I can't think of any place that she'd consider off limits to display her talents or body, within reason.

We've never mentioned looking outside of our marriage for sexual experimentation but have watched many movies that have generated discussions of what it might feel like to include others. I think it's just pillow talk to enhance what we have together as neither of us think we could handle seeing someone else with each other. We are very happily married, I'd never cheat on her and I'm positive she'd never want to cheat.

We both work very long hours and have little time to vacation or get away. It was December, the weather sucked so we started discussing the possibility of getting some time off and getting away to a warmer climate. We both agreed to check with our bosses to see if we could get away for a week.

After passing a few dates back and forth with our employers we agreed on the second week of December. Now we had to choose a destination. We talked about it for a while, checked different sites on the computer and decided on a seven day vacation to the Bahamas. We chose the Paradise Island Casino Hotel as they have so much to do and see there.

I made the reservations through an internet site to make it quick and easy as I reserved our flights and hotel together. I reserved a suite figuring I'd really impress my sweetheart with my generosity and good taste.

The big day arrived as we loaded the car and drove to Logan Airport in Boston. After lugging our four bags to the check in counter we got our boarding passes and cleared security. We were on our way!

The plane departed right on time, we were on the ground in the Bahamas just three hours later. Complete culture shock hit us as we got off the plane, it was actually hot outside! We retrieved our baggage and hailed a taxi to complete our journey to the hotel. Everything was perfect as the check in procedure was very organized and fast. A bellhop even took our bags to the room. It wasn't even noon yet and we were in Paradise.

Upon opening the door to our suite, my wife's eyes got huge as she smiled. "Are you sure this is the right room?' she asked as if she couldn't believe our accommodations.

"Oh yes, Welcome to the Bahamas sweetheart! You deserve the very best."

Even I couldn't believe how spacious and wonderful our suite was. There was a king sized bed in a huge master bedroom, a very spacious living room with a couch and love seat, a kitchen area as large as our kitchen at home and a bathroom with two rooms. One room for the commode and another for the double sinks and huge tiled shower and tub. This really was heaven on earth.

After unpacking we decided to go down to the beach to enjoy our oasis in the sun. Patty was in the bathroom deciding which bathing suit to wear, my decision was an easy one as I was ready in a minute. I was wearing something I would never wear back home, a snug fitting square cut short, much more revealing than I felt comfortable in, but this was vacation....so what the Hell. Patty picked it out for me, wanting me to loosen up a little.

I couldn't believe my eyes as Patty came out of the bathroom. She was in a tiny white bikini top, covering very little of her firm 36c's. Her bikini bottom matched the top perfectly as the material covering her pussy was only attached by a tiny string tied on each side. Then she turned around for me as if to model her new suit....damn, she was wearing a thong. Was this legal in the Bahamas?

"You look incredible, how am I going to keep the men away from you?" was the only thing I could think to say other then "let's fuck."

"I can take care of myself. Besides, nobody wants me but you."

"You've got that right, I want you right now." as I grabbed her and tried to lead her to the bed.

"No so fast stud, we'll have plenty of time for that later. Down boy!"

She then put a tiny little wrap around her bottom half of the bikini though I couldn't figure why as I could see right through it. She was definitely one sexy woman. I'd have to keep her close. The men on the beach were in for a treat of eye candy.

We made our way to the beach carrying beach bags containing towels, sunglasses and sunblock. I could see dozens of eyes on my sexy wife. They were probably all hoping we'd settle in close to them, horny men everywhere staring at my wife...and quite a few ladies checking her out as well.

We found a great spot right next to the water and claimed our little piece of real estate. There were empty chairs around us so we would have a little privacy. My lovely wife removed her wrap and I noticed that just about every red blooded man on the beach was watching her every move. I actually liked this, made me feel like I had the big prize all others wanted.

We got comfortable and settled in our lounge chairs and each took out our books to read. A waitress stopped in front of us and asked "Would you like something to drink, maybe our special of the day?'

"Sure, can I charge them to our room?" I asked as I hadn't thought of bringing cash with us to the beach.

"Certainly Sir, you may sign for it when I return with your drinks."

She returned in just a few moments with our tall colorful drinks. Tasting it I could tell it must have been some sort of rum drink and they weren't stingy with the rum. We were both enjoying our drinks as the waitress returned soon with two more in hand.

"These are from that couple over there," said our cute little waitress.

"We don't know them," I said. "But thank you."

I gave a nod as to thank our new friends who were a few chairs away, tipping my glass. to them. I couldn't figure out why a total stranger would buy us drinks but figured the Bahamas must just be a friendly place.

"I'm getting very hot, would you like to join me in the water?" Patty asked.

"Sure, I'm getting warm too." We both put down our drinks and got up to walk to the water. We were only a few steps from the ocean and checked the temperature of the water gingerly dipping our feet into the sea.

"Damn, the water is wonderful. It never gets this warm at home," I said as I proceeded into the water, waist deep. Patty joined me as we were both feeling like we were in paradise at this point.

We each stepped a little further into the water as we enjoyed the feeling of it's perfect temperature and proceeded until Patty was neck deep. We embraced and kissed as I just had to get closer to her. "I love you," We each said to one another. Every time I touched my sexy wife my cock would spring to attention. I was horny all the time for her and she knew it.

As we moved to shallow water walking back to our chairs I noticed what every other man on the beach was witnessing, and enjoying. Her bikini was completely see through when wet! Wow, I was getting an instant erection and had to sit quickly to hide my excitement. The material turned transparent with moisture.

"Did you know your top would be see through when wet?" I asked.

"I didn't think you'd notice." Patty said flirtatiously. "Yes, I thought you might enjoy it. You're always telling me to loosen up and show what I've got. The bottom is transparent as well."

"Well, you're certainly showing it and I love it. But you're fucking driving me crazy with desire."

I noticed that the couple who bought us drinks was approaching, the man asking "May we join you? We don't want to intrude but thought we'd introduce ourselves and make new friends."

I must say this was one sexy couple. The man was about my height but build like a body builder, very muscular and handsome. He looked to be about my age. I could tell that Patty was checking him out from top to bottom. He was wearing European style Square cut swimwear snugly showing what he had to offer, it appeared he had plenty to offer in that department.

I was busy checking out the eye candy on his arm. She was your typical Barbie type, beach girl. She was tall, tanned with big fake tits...us guys spot fake tits a mile away and love them. She couldn't have been older than twenty one. She was wearing a skimpy bikini barely covering anything except the runway strip and her nipples. She was very sexy and I'd have to say at least equal to Patty in the sex appeal department, which was a very rare find.

"Sure, please join us," Patty said to my surprise. She actually acted enthused by meeting new friends.

They introduced themselves as John and Darlene from Miami. No wonder they both had great tans. We introduced ourselves as well and they joined us in adjoining chairs.

"I love your suit." Darlene said to Patty. Patty returned the compliment as well. I think they actually liked each other. Women seem to check out each other and both approved of the other. They were the only two perfect tens on the beach. I think the alcohol had a little effect on Patty too as she's not normally as forward with complete strangers.

"You must work out a lot," Patty said to John as he seemed to expand his chest with his reply.

Was my wife flirting with this guy?

"I try to stay in shape, thank you."

"Well, you're doing a great job with it." as Patty continued checking John out. I could see her staring at his crotch. I swear he was getting hard or he had the biggest cock on the beach,. The tight suit he was wearing left absolutely nowhere to hide his excitement or size.

"You look fantastic yourself." replied John. "Mark is a very lucky man."

"Thank you, but I'm lucky to have a man like Mark. He's everything I've always wanted in a man."

I could tell the two of them were becoming friends as they continued flirting. I was actually a little surprised with her flirtation but attributed it to the alcohol and hot sun. It turned me on a bit as well watching another man drool over my lovely wife. I have to admit I was also feeling some jealousy as well.

I figured I should get friendly with Darlene as well. "Have you made any friends here in the Bahamas yet?" I had to say something to break the ice.

"Just the two of you lovely people. We just arrived this morning and always try to make new friends on vacation. We couldn't help but notice you and your beautiful wife as you walked on the beach. You're a very attractive and sexy couple."

Was Darlene flirting with me? I suppose I should test the waters a little without appearing anxious. "I noticed the two of you as we were getting out of the water. You're the sexiest couple on the beach."

"Thank you, but I think the two of you are getting quite a bit of attention. Look around., every man on the beach was staring at your wife when you got out of the water. She is lovely and you're quite the stud yourself."

I wasn't sure if Patty was hearing all of this and was cautious about what I said. I did see that she was fixated with John and involved in a conversation of her own. I suddenly had the idea that these two just might be swingers. We've never met swingers before but these two gorgeous people were coming on pretty strong. These weren't your average new " friends". They were both just a little too flirtatious and forward. But we were on vacation and there's no harm in a little innocent flirting.

"You're getting pink already. Do you think Mark would mind if I put some lotion on your back?" John asked Patty.

I overheard the question and replied "Darlene looks like the sun has gotten the best of her as well," thinking maybe I needed to redirect John's attention to his own wife.

" Maybe we should each put lotion on our own wives. I could sense some hesitation and some jealousy from Patty so I said "We better do our own wives."

"It's OK, I wouldn't mind if John put some lotion on me," I was more than a little surprised by Patty's comment.

As both of the girls got into position, laying on their stomachs, John and I each grabbed a bottle of lotion and straddled our new friends. We were side by side, me poised over Darlene and John positioned over Patty. I was wondering if John was as turned on by this as I was but he was already working the lotion, massaging more than spreading it. I almost forgot Patty was wearing a g-string so how could he not be turned on by her perfect ass staring him in the face? Patty looked like she was enjoying her new found friend's attention as she relaxed. This was so unlike her.

Damn, I had to stop staring and get to work on my own little prize. I couldn't help but notice Darlene's beautiful ass. Her ass was a Jennifer Lopez type ass, nicely rounded but firm. Her bikini wasn't completely covering her ass either as she was wearing a Brazilian style bikini, almost a g-string. I couldn't look at her ass long or I'd definitely get in trouble. I have this terrible problem of hiding my excitement of looking at a sexy woman.

I could see that Patty was keeping an eye on me as I gently spread lotion on Darlene's back, being careful not to touch anything to even give a suggestion of an inappropriate move. This felt weird. As I looked over to see how John was doing I found out I was the only one being a good boy....

John had finished covering Patty's back with lotion as was working his way up her legs. Maybe I was just imagining it but I thought she was enjoying this a little too much as he began grazing her ass as if to appear by mistake. Patty never flinched and I could swear she actually smiled as he touched her. I knew he was testing Patty to see just how far he could take this and she made no attempt to stop him. She was actually smiling at Darlene as John continued . He had both hands on her ass cheeks, caressing them more than spreading lotion.

I felt a little jealousy at this point and figured a little payback was in order. I completed the job of thoroughly covering Darlene's back, even going under the strap of Darlene's bikini top. Then I proceeded to make my way south as well. I could swear Darlene quivered a little as I lightly grazed her ass as I spread lotion up and down her legs. She had incredible legs, so muscular and firm. It was now or never....I touched the bottom crease of her ass cheeks as I massaged the lotion into her thighs. Darlene's legs parted a bit at this point as it seemed she lifted her ass a bit, almost daring me to go a little further with my advances.

But we were in public, on a public beach with many eyes upon us, including my lovely wife's. The best I dared do was to slide my hands just a bit beneath her bikini bottom for just a second to make sure I didn't miss a spot. I hadn't realized it but we were on a topless beach yet there were no topless women sunning their tits. This was soon to change.

"Could you please untie my top for me Mark? I'd like to get a full tan today. I hate tan lines, " Darlene seductively whispered to me. Christ, these two meant business and weren't a bit shy.

I could see Patty's eyes widen as John asked "Would you like your top untied as well sweety?"

Did this guy just call my wife sweety? I started feeling jealous at this point but did untie Darlene's top as requested, maybe because I noticed that John's advances weren't being rejected as she was enjoying his attention a little more than I would have liked.

"I don't think I'd be comfortable with that at this point John, maybe I can work up my courage later," replied Patty.

I couldn't believe what happened next as Darlene said "You can get off me now Mark, I would like another drink and to enjoy the rays of the sun for a while."

I rolled off Darlene as she rolled over exposing her gorgeous, big fake tits for all the world to see. She had perfect tits with nickel sized nipples standing at attention. Her tits were so firm, they never settled to the side as most natural tits do. They were like firm melons. I could tell she'd done this before as she didn't hesitate and acted as if it were no big deal. She also had no tan lines. I had to get back in my chair in a hurry to not let everyone notice the bulge growing in my suit, especially Patty.

Darlene then took over spreading lotion on her tits making sure to sneak a look over to me to make sure I was paying attention. Just about everything was at attention if you know what I mean. As she caressed her tits, she gave each nipple a pinch as if to ensure each nipple looked perfect and erect as she settled in to relax. Every man on the beach was looking at her and most of the women. I caught myself staring at her tits with my mouth open.

Patty had rolled over by now, though I hadn't noticed when and John had taken his place on the other side of her. Patty and Darlene were next to each other, John and I were on opposite sides sitting next to our friend's wives.

This felt a little awkward but everyone seemed comfortable so maybe it was just my hangup. I just had a funny feeling this might go a bit further than Patty and I were prepared to go. These two new friends were getting very comfortable with us, in a hurry. But, to my surprise Patty was getting a bit friendly as well.

We were all fairly quiet for the next few hours accepting drink after drink from our cute little waitress. I was getting so drunk that all of the ladies were getting cuter, especially Darlene. At this point she was a fucking goddess in my eyes and I could tell John felt the same about Patty. I couldn't keep my eyes off her fucking tits, they were magnificent. I knew my excitement was quite evident as Patty kept looking at my crotch.

What happened next was the most shocking moment of my marriage to this point. Patty sat up appearing to reach for her drink but instead turned her back to John facing Darlene and I.

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