tagLoving WivesOur Vacations In Greece Ch. 03

Our Vacations In Greece Ch. 03


This is a true story that happened to us while we had our vacation in Greece back on October 2009

We got back to the beach, when we got there our spot had been taken by another couple, we walked further down the beach and found a nice place almost at the end of the beach, I notice we were closer to the rocks and the dunes than before, there were also more men than couples in that area.

We agreed in the spot we have select on this side of the beach, Mayo took off our shorts and t-shirts, she was exposed again, her nude body to all the men and couples that were watching her undress.

For almost the rest of the afternoon, guys walked by us, showing their semi hard and hard cock, it was like a show, a show to select the cock you wanted for the wife. We saw in different occasions couples going back to the rocks and dunes with different guys and with other couples.

As always, Mayo felt sleep, so I decided to walk over the rocks to take a look at two couples I had seen walking back over that area. I was right, these two couples were swapping partners, they had the wives doggy style fucking them from behind, I did not want to get to close because they were waiving guys away that came to close to them.

After about 10 minutes, I started to walk back to where Mayo was, before I got to where she was, I stopped and saw the hung guy I had seen the day before, this was the guy that masturbated himself while Mayo was sleeping; there he was again, standing up masturbating himself a couple of feet from my wife, this time Mayo was not sleeping, she was fully awake sitting down on her towel watching him masturbate, she had her legs spread apart for him to watch her pussy. She was watching and smiling while he kept massaging his cock and getting it hard for her.

After a minute or so, I decided to keep walking and sat beside Mayo.

"Where were you?" She asked.

"I went for a walk" I said.

"Look at this guy, look how hung and thick he is" she told me.

"That is the same guy that I told you masturbated himself yesterday looking at you while you were sleeping" I told her.

The guy stood there, looking at my wife, massaging his cock his hard huge cock, pointing with his finger at his cock and then to my wife, letting us know that he wanted to fuck her.

My wife looked at me and asked me "What do we do?, what do you want to do".

"You cannot handle it, it is too big for you" I teased smiling at her.

"You want to bet" she responded.

Without any hesitation, she stood up, smiled at him and stated to walk towards the rocks and dunes.

I saw him following her close, her walking in front of us; she moved her naked ass while walking, I knew she wanted it from this guy. She kept walking very sexy; she was teasing him and me with her walking. We walked a little further this time, then suddenly he stop and smiled at her.

Mayo came close to me and asked me. "Are you ok? I won't do this if you are going to regret it after?"

"I am ok baby, just show me you can handle a big cock like that" I told her.

This guy was hung, 10 inches or very close to it, thick and uncut; he had shaved his entire body except his head; had a nice suntan all over his body, it seemed he was a beach guy, he was in his early 30's and very fit.

I saw Mayo; my wife of six years, get down to her knees and start licking this guy's cock. Her tongue licking the huge cock head, kissing the head of his cock, then he pushed his cock head in her mouth, he started with slow strokes to fuck her mouth, her saliva was dripping from her mouth when his cock when all the way deep down her throat. He kept pumping her mouth, fucking her mouth while she held his cock on her left hand and rubbed his balls with the right hand. She looked up at him while she sucked him and I was so hard that I felt like I was to cum without touching myslef.

He pushed her away and indicated to her to lay on the towel he had laid on the sand, she did as told, then he went towards her, spread her legs and started to lick and fingered her pussy, I heard moaning and knew she will have her first orgasm soon, then she delivered an orgasm, she grabbed his head and pushed it tight to her pussy.

After a few minutes he stopped licking her pussy. Mayo looked at me and smiled.

"Honey, I am going to show my pussy can handle big cocks, I am going to be a real slut just for you" she told me.

Mayo spread her legs apart, showing us her pussy, she spread her pussy lips as we watched her, then she signaled the guy to come to her.

"Here I am you big hunk, fuck my pussy hard, let's show my husband I can fuck you like a real slut. " she told the guy in Spanish.

I wanted to see the penetration, I wanted to see how he fucked my wife, I got myself behind him, so I could see his cock entering my wife pussy. He guided it with his hand, rubbed his huge cock head against my wife tight pussy a few times, I saw Mayo pushing her hips forward tying to get her pussy to meet his cock; then he started to push it in slowly, sliding it in her pussy inch by inch. Mayo moved her hips around tying to accommodate the guy in her tight pussy, he kept pushing it in while Mayo told him to go slow but I think he did not understand a word of what she was saying, English or Spanish, then he suddenly gave it a final trust and pushed it all in.

With that final push I saw his entire cock disappeared inside my wife pussy, she cried out a little but then I think she stopped, I did not hear her, I just watched this guy's cock going and out of my wife pussy, it was amazing, I watched for a few minutes his cock going in and out my wife pussy, he was really pounding her hard, sometimes his cock almost came out off her pussy and the he gave a hard trust and got it all in while his balls were slapping her tight ass.

I moved back and laid beside Mayo, he was on top of her kissing her, he was eating her mouth, he had his tongue down her throat, I watched as he pumped her hard, her face reflected pleasure.

She stopped kissing him and started to talk to me.

"I told you I can take a hung guy", she said.

"This guy is huge, He is splitting me in two. He is big. I love how he fucks my cunt" she kept saying things like that.

I saw the guy dismounting her, he signaled me with his hands to come close and see her pussy. I saw her pussy wide open, her pussy lips were dark pink from the pounding she was getting, he smiled at me and pointed at her pussy and his cock, I think he was trying to tell me that her pussy was like that because of his cock.

I saw two guys behind us watching all the action, the hung guy told them something and they moved back a few feet, but they kept watching from a distance.

"Javier, he has not cum yet, tell him to keep fucking me, I want to feel his cum inside of me" Mayo told me.

I signaled the guy to keep fucking her, he understood and smiled at us.

He grabbed Mayo's legs, bent them and pushed them up to her shoulders; he then got on top of her and pushed his cock inside of her again.

"His cock is killing me, is too big" she said.

He kept pounding her, Mayo was moaning, I heard her cuming again and again while she was getting the best fuck of her life. I saw her in a desperate mode, telling the guy to fuck her harder.

I heard the beach guy moan loudly, he pushed himself down hard on her while he filled her pussy with cum, I could see her cum together with him, I knew she was getting her pussy fill with cum. They kissed hard while their juices mixed together in her pussy.

He relaxed and kissed her for a couple of minutes after the orgasm, then he dismounted her, he knelt in front of her pussy, waved his hand to come beside him and watch her fucked pussy. Her pussy was a mess, it was now a light red color, cum was coming out of her pussy, flowing down her ass chicks and ass hole, she had cum everywhere.

"Do you like my fucked pussy" Mayo asked me while keeping her legs wide open.

"It is a mess but I do" I said to her.

I heard the beach guy talking to the two guys that were watching the action, they were right beside us. Mayo did not felt any shame or was not shy, she kept her legs apart while we all could watch her pussy dripping cum from her insides.

They wanted to fuck Mayo too.

"Mayo, they want to fuck you too" I told her.

"I want you to fuck me now, I want them to see you fuck me" she told me.

I moved myself between her legs and started to put my cock inside of her, it was wet, I could feel the cum inside of her.

"Honey fuck me hard, make love to me" she told me.

I started to pump her, I could feel her vagina muscles sucking my cock further into her pussy, I kept fucking her for a few minutes until I shot my load in her pussy. I lay on top of her a couple of minutes, we kissed and told each other how much we loved each other.

We stood up, trying to talk to the beach guy with signals, Mayo told him that he was a great fuck and kissed him, then went down on his cock and kissed it too. We waived bye to him and started to walk towards the beach, after we had walk about 15 feet, she bended over, spread her ass chicks and pointed to it, then we kept walking.

"What was that about" I asked her.

"I would like to try anal sex with him" she told me.

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