tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Weekend Away

Our Weekend Away


This story is about an interesting weekend that we spent at our host's house. We (we are an exhibitionist couple) suggested a get-together with him (he is a voyeur) after we discussed a scenario similar to the popular TV show "Big Brother". We had a terrific time and would gladly entertain offers from any readers that would wish to allow us to repeat everything again.

Chapter 1: The Arrival

Driving up the New Jersey Turnpike, we were filled with nervous anxiousness. This was our first visit to the doctor's "country estate" and we had no idea what was in store for us. We met the doctor on one of those web-personals pages that seem to be very popular. We had been searching for the right person, couple or group that shared our same interests and desires. We are normal, every day people, that have the same responsibilities, goals, and dreams as anyone else. The only difference is that under it all, we have very strong exhibitionist fantasies.

We first posted the ad, looking for a couple or a group. As to be expected, we immediately received countless emails from single males (the majority of which were from boys). Most of the responses contained the typical lewd language and insincerity of guys looking for one thing: sex. Although we were very flattered, we politely responded to the emails indicating that we were not seeking what they had to offer. It was fun sitting down together and checking the website each night to see what was waiting for us. This time period allowed us to refine our fantasies and to openly discuss each others dark secrets. So discouraged as we were with the responses, we continued our search.

After a few months, weeding through the replies, trying to find the right person or persons, we received our first message from the doctor. His response seemed genuine and did not contain the typical "I can't wait to get down your pants" language and intentions. The doctor indicated that his desires were no longer of participation, but rather of watching and enjoying the pleasures that would unfold before him. Simply put, he was a voyeur. We were impressed by the way he conveyed his desires, and we did not view or judge him as a "dirty old man". After all, his desires were similar in content to ours. His similarities also included the fact that he, like us, was a college-educated profession with a life outside of his fantasies.

As an added benefit, the doctor indicated that he lived in a beautiful house, that could be used by us as a place to take a vacation. He even went so far as to offer us the use of the one end of his house that could be closed off from the rest for privacy. We exchanged emails with him, expressing each others fantasies and developing an online relationship. Throughout this exchange of emails, we got to learn a lot about the doctor. We also found him to be a sincere person, and we truly felt that we found a "match". In any respect, as with all of our previous online relationships, we were certain that this one would not come into fruition. We had been jaded in the past, and became cynical, due to so many failed encounters and meetings.

So we were pleasantly surprised to open our email the one night and see the invitation to join him for the following weekend! He had left detailed directions and brief instructions for what he expected of us. We read this email with excitement for the coming weekend. The doctor indicated that we were to arrive on a Friday evening, enter the house through an unlocked side door (a door that entered the private wing of the house where we would be staying for the weekend). Once we arrived, the doctor would have additional instructions for us.

That's a brief summary of how we found ourselves this Friday evening driving up the New Jersey Turnpike to the doctor's home. We talked to past the time driving, trying to maintain normal conversation, but we were too distracted by our desires and anticipation. We had never done anything like this before, and we were hoping for a good experience. It was generous of our host to invite us, and we certainly did not want to disappointed.

Soon, we arrived at the doctor's house. It was a gorgeous home and our excitement increased, looking forward to our weekend getaway. There were no cars parked in the driveway, but there were a few lights on in the house, leading us to believe that someone was home and had parked in the garage. We got out of the car, and not needing to grab any overnight bags, since the doctor had indicated that we would not need any thing but the clothes on our backs, we made our way to the side door. The light was on inside, and the door was unlocked as indicated.

The door opened to a small entrance, with stairs that led up to the second level above the garage. At the top of the stairway, there was a large open space, with a TV, stereo, and several couches and side chairs. It served as a very comfortable living room, with a small but usable kitchenette off the one end. We opened two separate doors, which led to a bathroom and a nicely sized bedroom. There were two boxes on the bed, and a note. The note read:

Good evening Tyler and Alexandria, I am so happy that you two could join me this weekend. I trust that you will make yourselves comfortable and treat my house as if it were your own. For your comfort, I have stocked the kitchen with beverages and food items, and I have also took the pleasure in purchasing you the gifts that are contained in the boxes. These gifts will be your clothing for the next two days. Please open the boxes and change into your new attire. I request that after you are changed, you exit the private suit, go down the back stairway, through the hallway and into the living room of my house. Very gratefully, the doctor.

Needless to say, we were very happy with the way our host was graciously providing us with an enjoyable stay. We opened the two boxes, (one was labeled Alex, and the other was labeled Ty). Alex's box contained a long black formal dress, black high heels, and a short white terry cloth robe. A note indicated that she was to wear the dress and high heels only . Tyler's box contained a pair of black dress pants, a white dress shirt, a tie, black dress shoes, and a similar short, white terry cloth robe. A note indicated that Ty was to wear the pants, shirt, tie, and shoes, only.

We happily disrobed completely before trying on our new outfits. The dress fit Alex like a glove and would have been impossible to walk in, had it not been for the slit on the left side that went all the way to her hip. The heels were comfortable, but admittedly were not easy to walk in due to the 3-inch heel. Ty understood why the host had requested Alex not to wear any undergarments, as the lines would interfere with the smooth curves. Tyler's outfit fit well and Alex remarked as to how handsome he looked and how she wished they would get dressed up more often.

Alex and Ty exited there suite as directed and made their way to the living room of the main portion of the house. Two glasses of champagne were waiting for them on the coffee table, a bottle chilling in a bucket of ice beside. Also on the coffee table was another note. The note read:

Thank you for following my instructions. I hope that you two enjoy your new outfits. Consider these as a gift to do with as you wish. Trust me, you both look very sexy and I am happy that I got your sizes right! Please make yourselves comfortable, enjoy the champagne, and when you have a chance, please use the remote on the end table to turn on the television across the room. Take all the time that you need, I want you two to enjoy yourselves while you stay with me as my guests.

We followed the instructions, each took a flute of champagne impressed with the generosity of our host as indicated by the quality of our drinks. After that, we took the remote and sat down on the comfortable sofa. Alex was happy to sit, after trying to get used to walking in her high-heeled shoes. Ty couldn't help but notice that Alex's left leg was exposed through the slit in her dress all the way up to her hip-bone. Again, he was impressed with the doctor's foresight in instructing them to not wear their undergarments. Had Alex been wearing any, her waistband of her panties would have shown, distracting the smooth sexiness of her leg.

Tyler briefly looked at the remote and figure out how to turn the T.V. on. We were both surprised to see a picture of a well-apportioned living room area, with a coffee table with champagne, and a comfortable looking couch, in which a well-dressed couple were sitting facing away from the camera, watching T.V. It was a strange feeling to watch, with a slow realization that the well-dressed couple was us. At just about that moment of realization, the picture changed, and we saw a front-view of ourselves, watching T.V. We quickly followed the sight-line of the picture, and discovered that there was a small camera positioned in the corner of the room near the ceiling. The camera was so small that it was just barely noticeable. We looked around the room and discovered that there were similar cameras in each of the other corners.

Next, the picture faded to black on the television and was replaced with a man's voice.

"Welcome Ty and Alex, it is so good to finally have the opportunity to meet you both. I hope that you are enjoying your stay so far and I feel that I should explain before we go any further. You see, I am exactly as I explained in my emails. I am a voyeur and I do not wish any physical interaction with you two. I have spent considerable time and energy wiring each room of my house with cameras and audio microphones. Also, some of the mirrors in this house are actually double-sided and allow me to secretly watch from corridors on the other side. I want you two to feel at home, but we are all here for one thing right? You two desire to be exhibitionists and I desire to be a voyeur. That is why I have devised this plan. You will have no contact with me from this point on and you will have no idea whether I am watching you or not. Please go about your daily activities as if I was not here. In order to motivate you in fulfilling your exhibitionist fantasies, there is a small elevator, located in the kitchen. Please check this as often as you can as I will be using it to convey physical objects to you. Now if you would please convene in the dining room, you will find a well-prepared dinner that I hope you two enjoy. After dinner, I would like to begin our fun and ask that you two remove the outfits that I provided for you. I am hoping that you spend the remainder of the weekend completely nude and uninhibited as I trust two exhibitionists can. I provided you with the two terry cloth robes for use if you feel cold. I do not expect that the robes will get much use though. So with all that being said, please enjoy your weekend, and trust me I will."

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