tagLoving WivesOur Weekend with Fran Ch. 01

Our Weekend with Fran Ch. 01


My wife Fran and I had often fantasised about her getting fucked by other men, preferably with me watching, but we never really expected it to happen. During our fuck sessions we'd talk about going to the local swingers club and her getting seen to by the men there, or going up town and Fran selecting someone at the local night club and then either taking them outside for a good hard shagging or bringing them home so that we could play with her all night long. Any way this was always as far as it went.

That was until last summer. I had arranged to go away with 4 of my mates for a weekend, and Fran was going with a couple of her girlfriends else where, but three days before we were to go her friends had to pull out. Fran was obviously upset about this, as it now left her with no where to go. I suggested she could come with us, but she'd have to go along with what we wanted and no complaining about things. At this, she jumped at the idea, agreeing to go along with our wishes, after all it was meant to be a boys holiday. Little did we know how it was going to end up.

Any way the day arrived to go and the guys arrived to load up our Galaxy people carrier. Adam, John, Steve & Martin, like me were travelling light, as we'd planned a lazy week away. They piled their stuff in the back with ours and we all got in. Steve sat up front with me, John and Adam sat in the centre seats with Fran in the middle and Martin sat in the rear seat next to the bags. Fran not being too good a passenger had taken a couple of sleeping pills to help her along, on the 5 hour journey down south.

Just to describe my gorgeous wife, she's a 5'4" brunette, in a petite size 10, with gorgeous blue eyes. Being the heat of one of our rare hot summers, Fran was wearing a fairly short thin cotton skirt and a loose fitting summer vest. Before we set off she'd shown me she was wearing one of her diamonte thongs and had decided not to put a bra on, due to the heat and not wanting to get all hot and sweaty in the car. Knowing this would get me going. I'd tried to jump her there and then, but all she let me do was finger her to an orgasm, telling me I would have to wait until we got to the caravan that night. What a bitch!

So off we set. The roads weren't too bad and we managed to get a good pace. By the time we'd reached the motorway, I could see Fran was starting to drop off, what with the pills, the heat and the steady motion of the car. After a while I noticed she had fell asleep on Adam's shoulder and was slowing starting to slide down his chest. Being a gent he'd put his arm around her shoulders to make her more comfortable. A bit latter on I noticed Adam shuffling about in his seat, bobbing his head backwards and forwards and then nodding at John and pointing down to where Fran lay. I adjusted my mirror to see what they were looking at, but couldn't tell what it was, until I realised that her vest was draping low to one side. I guessed they must having been looking into the vest to see one of Fran's tits on show.

This carried on for a while, as they slowly and carefully tried to move her around, to allow the vest to show more. After a bit longer Adam began to get bolder. With his arm still round Fran's shoulders, using that hand, he began to start moving her vest, I think hoping I wasn't looking. All this was beginning to get me excited, the thought of other men looking at my wife's tits.

As Adam kept re-positioning her vest, Fran's breast becoming more visible, she appeared to relax more and with the motion of the car and the limited leg room, her legs started to fall open. In the cramped space of the car this initially didn't mean much, but my mind started working overtime.

At one point while Adam and John were trying to get better views of Fran's tits, Adam looked up and saw me watching in the rear view mirror and froze. We looked at each other, for what seemed ages and then I just smiled. This was all the encouragement he needed. With a slow, gentle movement he began to slide his hand into her vest and on to hers tits. John watched transfixed at this sight. Meanwhile Adam was beginning to rub each breast and softly tweak her nipples.

Not wanting to be left out John decide to join in. He slide his hands up her vest and started playing with her other breast. Suddenly Martin twigged what was going on, so he leaned over from the back and added his hands to her rapidly moving vest. Now with 5 or 6 hands moving around inside her top, things were starting to get crazy. Adam then moved his free hand down and rested it on Fran's thigh, seeing as she was staring to show a lot of it off. Getting no reaction, he began to slide his hand up, until her tiny thong was visible. Fran remained sound asleep. I thought with all this action she would stir, but nothing happened.

With his fingers now on her thong, Adam began rubbing her pussy. By the time he had managed to move them aside, John had added one of his hands to her pussy. I couldn't believe what was happening and what I was allowing. Here was my gorgeous wife in the back of our car with three men mauling her breasts and playing with her exposed pussy. My own dick was nearly bursting out of my trousers. It was unreal. With her vest up under her armpits and her skirt pulled up around her waist and three men mauling her, any one looking in as we drove along would also has have had a good view of my wife.

Steve, by now had realised what was happening behind him, so he turned round and was helping to maul Fran, who was still out cold.

Fran was obviously enjoying all the attention she was getting. I could hear her pussy juices squelching, as all those fingers were pushed in and out of her. Adam, being the most forward of them, decided to take things further. He slipped his trousers down and climbed between Fran's legs. He was about to be the first man, other than me, to fuck her. He looked at me for approval again, which he eagerly got, and then drove his cock up her soaking cunt. Fran just moaned out loud, but still didn't stir.

Adam rode her for all he was worth, soon filling her love tunnel with his juices. The look on his face was a picture. John spurred on by this, quickly struggled out of his trousers and pushes Adam aside, so he could mount my wife. Two new men inside, in five minutes. I couldn't believe what I was allowing them to do to her. John also didn't last long and then there was a scramble between Steve and martin over the seats to be the next to enter my wife. Steve made it first and was straight in there and soon adding his load to the other two who had filled her pussy. As soon as he'd finished Martin claimed his place. Fran looked a real mess, laying back, squashed between three men who had just fucked her, with a forth pounding away on top of her. Her pussy was making real sloshing noises now, as Martin forced himself up her well loosened and sloppy cunt. Finally he decided on a different finish. Pulling his dick out of her cunt, he moved up to her face. As Adam held her head up, John opened Fran's mouth and allowing Martin to concentrate on filling her face with his jism, which soon over flowed down her chip onto her chest.

All this was too much for me. At this point we were just approaching a service station, so I pulled of and parked at the back of the carpark, well away from any others. I jumped out and roan round the side. Quickly pulling the door open, Adam jumped out, I swung Fran round so that she was half hanging out of the door. With her legs already spread for me and cum running out of her I rammed my cock straight up her and very soon added my load to the three others that had just been deposited up her. After I got my breath back, we cleaned Fran up as much we could and strapped her back into her seat. What with the dried cum on her face and chest, there must still have been more dripping out of her well fucked cunt, but we could do no more.

As we drove off, I looked at my wife again in the mirror. She looked great and I thought I sensed a slight grin on her face. The rest of our journey was a lot more uneventful.....

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