tagLoving WivesOur Weekend with Fran Ch. 02

Our Weekend with Fran Ch. 02


After our rather exciting journey down, I didn't think things could get any better, how wrong I was.

We arrived at the caravan and piled out. Fran was still groggy from the effects of the pills she'd taken to help her on the journey. Little did she know how short the journey had seemed to us. We got the keys and made ourselves at home in the caravan. Fran and I claimed the double bedroom and left Adam, Steve, john and martin to sort themselves out. Our plan was to go out to get a meal and a few drinks, so in preparation, after the journey, we would shower and change.

Fran elected to go first in the shower. As soon as I heard the water running I made an excuse to go in and see her. While we were talking she commented on how wet she felt and hoped that we wouldn't be out too late, as she wanted a good shagging with me when we got back. I smiled at the thought of the afternoon's session, which she took to be agreement. As I left the bathroom I left the door slightly ajar, so that by careful positioning we could see Fran in the shower. This didn't last long though as she was nearly finished.

Once all freshened up, we headed off to the local pub for something to eat and drink. It turned out to be more of a social club, with a bit of a disco on later. We ordered our meals and got the first of what we hoped would be many drinks. As the evening went on, I noticed Fran was stating to get quite drunk. I watched what she was drinking and saw that the guys seemed to be ensuring that her glass was never empty. By the time the music started she was in a very happy state and couldn't wait to start dancing.

One by one she dragged us on the floor and between each dance she would down another drink. After about an hour of this she was dancing real close each time, rubbing herself up and down who ever she was with, not that we were complaining. Acting like a real drunken slut, she pulled me up to dance. As we moved around I started to feel her up. First I rubbed her arse, pulling her skirt up to show the lads which thong she was wearing now, then I turned her around and pressed my erection into her arse crease, so that I could maul her tits. I couldn't believe her I was in the middle of a crowded dance floor showing off my gorgeous wife again, to four men who had only hours before fucked her on the journey down. It was my wildest dream come true.

This was the signal for the guys to join in. In ones and twos they joined her on the dance floor, pawing and mauling her in full view of everyone. Not that any of the men there seamed to complain, but a few of the older women didn't look too happy.

We decided enough was enough, so we collected our things and headed off back to the caravan. Once the fresh air hit Fran, after all she'd drunk, she was out cold. Between us we half carried her back to the caravan and I'm sure more than once I caught the guys having a crafty feel of her.

As soon as we were in, we re-arranged the cushions in the lounge area to form a mattress in the middle of the floor and laid Fran on it. Her skirt had ridden up again showing off all her glory. As quick as a flash Martin and Steve were either side of her and started removing her clothes. When they'd finished, she lay naked on a her back, with her legs and arms outstretched, showing off all she'd only ever shown me.

The guys soon had their clothes off and were down at Fran's side. They obviously assumed it would be OK with me. If they'd bothered to ask, they'd have found out I was well up for watching them have plenty of fun with my wife. Steve knelt between Fran's legs and began eating her out like he hadn't eaten for a week. John and Martin grabbed a tit each and began sucking on her nipples like two little babies and Adam slid his cock between her lips. By this time all of them were sporting huge erections and no one them had anything to complain about in that department.

Every five minutes they would all rotate around Fran's prone body, until they had all had a go at each of her intimate places. John was now back at her cunt and took things to the next level. He sat up and rubbed the end of his dick around the opening to her pussy, which was now pouring out her own juices again. Slowly he entered her again, for the second time today, but this time he didn't cum straight away. They continued with their five minutes a piece rotation, until again they'd all had another go at each secret part of her.

Next Adam lay on the floor and the other guys picked Fran up and lowered her, pussy first, on to his waiting cock, which was standing up to attention like a flag pole. Being out of it, they had to support her, so that Adam could fuck her from underneath.

Just at that moment we all froze. Fran opened her eyes and asked what we thought we were all doing. Nobody moved, or said a word. She looked straight at me and said, she suspected something had happened on the way down, as she was so wet and wide when she showered and she'd noticed that something had dried on the skin of her chin and chest. I didn't know what to say. What she said next really shocked me. She told Steve and John to lower her right down onto Adam and then said for Martin to get his cock up her cunt with Adam's pretty damn smartish. They didn't need telling twice.

So now here was my wife with two cocks squeezed up her love tunnel, staring straight at me and smiling. Adam couldn't move much, but Martin was able to build up a good rhythm. This soon brought Fran to an enormous orgasm, that racked her body. She then made Steve lie on his side and she backed up to him and told him to fuck her hard. John, she got to lie in front of her and told him to do the same. I moved in close and held her leg up high, to give them both access to her cunt. She was going absolutely crazy. She'd never suggested anything like this before.

After a while of this, she got up and told us all to lie flat on the floor. She then went along the line, one after the other, sucking our cocks. Then when she went back to the start, she lowered her gaping cunt down onto our dicks. One by one she went along us, a few strokes on each, then she did the same again, only this time with her back to us.

When she got back to John, she faced him and lowered herself right down. As she was riding him, I got up and went behind her and started to finger her arse, something I'd always wanted to do. After a couple of minutes of this, and no complaints, I got bolder and started rubbing the end of my dick around her brown ring. Still she didn't resist. Well she was getting fucked and trying to suck Steve and Adam's cocks into her mouth at the same time. This was it. Slowly I began to force myself into her tight hole and my god it was tight. At first nothing happened, but then slowly her arse started to open up to me. Inch by inch, my dick slid into her back passage, her final forbidden territory. Once as deep as I could get, with only my balls still outside, I rested to allow us both to get used to the sensation. The I started to fuck her. First while slow steady thrusts, which gradually built up to good hard banging. With the excitement of now being able to fuck her arse, the tightness and the general atmosphere, I didn't last long. Despite only having come already that afternoon, I pumped what felt like gallons in to her tight hole. While I got my breath back, I left my cock fimly embedded inside her, until finally with a wet plop I slipped out. Seeing an empty hole, Martin wasn't one to waste time. Pushing me out of the way, he lined his cock up with her arse and began to slid forwards. I was about to stop him when I thought why, Fran wasn't complaining it at all.

Fran was soon having another shuddering orgasm, which clearly set Martin off, because he started pumping his seed into her back door. John too was also unable to hold back any longer and pumped his cum back up her cunt. As Martin had withdrawn, with each thrust from John her arse opened, forcing out a small steady stream of cum. God she really did look great. After John had finished, she told Adam and Steve to sandwich her. Now she was really enjoying herself. They too soon came, filling her with yet more spunk, which was soon flowing out of her well fucked holes like a river.

With us all fucked out Fran suddenly called us bastards for not finishing of her final orgasm. She got up and went over to the table and picked up a bottle of Stella that I'd been drinking earlier. She promptly flopped down in a chair and raised her legs in the air, displaying all her charms. She then proceeded to insert the bottle up her cunt, neck first, and really started pumping herself with it. With us five sat on the floor in a semi-circle, around her feet, looking gob smacked, she pulled the bottle out and re-inserted it wide end first. She continued ramming it into herself until she had yet another raging orgasm. Then she lowered her feet to the floor and waited for the bottle to slowly slide out of her well and truly fucked love hole.

A while later, she slid down on to the mattress with us where we all spent the night. I'm sure a few sly gropes were going on through out the night, I know I did. As I drifted off to sleep I began to have some fantastic ideas of what we could get up to tomorrow...

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