tagLoving WivesOur Weekend with Fran Ch. 03

Our Weekend with Fran Ch. 03


It was getting late in the morning when we all woke up. After all it had been a very busy evening the night before. We still seemed to be in a general huddle on the floor, all wrapped round Fran's naked form, one way or another. I rose first and went to put the kettle on, that's when I saw it was gone midday. Fran soon followed me to the kitchen area, just off the lounge, in the large static caravan we were all renting for the weekend. When she reached me, she put her arms around my shoulders and whispered how much she had enjoyed last night and that it was great to have lived out one of our fantasies. She was only sorry that she hadn't known what was going on in the car on the way down. She said she was going for a shower and to get dressed, but I told her she wasn't to put any clothe on, or at least only a thong if she must. With a cheeky grin off she went.

Ten minutes later she was back, wearing just a cerise, satin thong. Steve, John, Martin and Adam, by this time, had surfaced and were all seated around the bench type table having a drink with me. As Fran came in she asked if we were all OK and whether we wanted anything. With that plenty of suggestions came forward, but she pointed out that she meant to eat. Which of course threw up plenty more ideas.

After a light lunch of toast, as that was all we'd brought with us, the rest of us showered. We decided we would go out to get some food and drink in, save going out time in a pub. We all had other ideas on our minds. Fran said she would stay at the van and do some sunbathing, while us chaps went out for supplies.

An hour or so later we returned, armed with enough drink to stock a bar and some foodstuffs. Fran was laid out on a lounger soaking up some rays, at which we all offered to rub some lotion in for her, which she readily accepted. There was my wife, lying out in public, only wearing the skimpiest of bikinis, with five men trying to rub sun lotion into her body. And she was loving every bit of attention. After we'd used up most of the bottle, including a lot on parts of Fran that don't usually see the sun, we laid out for a while, enjoying a few drinks in the warm sunshine.

About 6ish, Fran said she'd go and prepare us all something to eat. I wondered what she would think of what we'd bought. Salad and fruit stuffs, including extra large cucumbers and bananas, strawberries and cream and ice cream. We'd planned a very special evening. About 30 minutes later she called me in and I found her again wearing only the cerise thong. Fran asked me how I wanted the food serving, so I made my suggestion.! 0 more minutes later I called the lads in. You should have seen their faces. There was Fran laid out on the dining table, covered in the evening meal. She was in fact our table and plates.

She had salad and fruit stuff arranged across her body, bottles stood between her legs and under her arms, along with the cucumbers and bananas. This truly was a meal we couldn't wait to devour. So we tucked. I don't know why but it tasted great. I watched as the guys would linger over picking something up, or gently drag their hands or fingers over her soft skin. Adam, who seemed to be coming out as the boldest of the group, picked up a banana and said it looked a bit dry. He promptly pulled Fran's thong to one side and started rubbing it up and down her wet pussy lips. After a couple of minutes of this he slowly inserted it up her cunt. Fran began to smile and groan. Then he said he realised what was wrong, he hadn't taken the skin off. So he pulled the banana out of her pussy and peeled it. Next, placing it back at her entrance, he told her not to squeeze as it might break off. This was going to be hard for her. Adam started fucking her cunt with the peeled fruit and we could see it getting softer. Eventually the fruit could take no more and began to crush, so Adam did no more than push it right up inside her and sat back.

John immediately took over. Grabbing another banana, he quickly peeled that and started to feed it into her mushy love hole. A few minutes later, his banana began to crumble, so he too pushed hard and parked it up inside my wife. The strain on Fran was beginning to show, not being able to move. Steve decided on a different approach. He planted his mouth on Fran's cunt and started to eat the squashed fruit from out of her. Using his fingers and tongue, slowly out it came. This was too much for her and brought her to her first orgasm of the night, which helped eject the remainder of the fruit. Martin said he fancied strawberries and cream, so one by one he pushed the fruit up her banana and cum juiced hole. When he felt that there was enough in there, her got her to raise her hips and opened her wide with one hand, while slowly pouring the cream in with the other. What a sight. What a meal he made of it as well.

In all our married years together I'd never known my wife so compliant. Normally she has to be in control, saying what she wanted done to her, and that being nothing like this weekend was turning out to be. But here she was allowing five guys to do what ever they wanted to her wonderful body, and the more we did, the more she wanted done. Sex between us was normally good, but the things she was letting us do went far beyond anything I'd ever imagined.

While Martin was eating strawberries and cream out of her cunt, Steve was rubbing ice cream around her breasts and nipples. This was being licked of as fast as he was able to spread it around. Her nipples, which are normally good, were standing out a good inch from her breasts. I'd never seen them so big. When I touched them they must have been as hard as steel. They looked and felt like small bullets. God this was awesome. I pushed John out of the way so that I could get my mouth around them. I had never felt anything like it. I started sucking on them and then nibbling them. They tasted so damn good. Steve kept smearing ice cream around, which I licked up as fast as I could. In the end I couldn't help myself and began chewing on Fran's big, hard nipples. Really biting and mauling them. Getting no complaints only spurred me on even more. Steve then handed the ice cream to Adam, who started liberally applying it to her cunt, inside and out, and then started to chew on her other nipple. We were really giving those bullets some serious grief, but what ever we did seemed to make no difference, biting, chewing or sucking for all we were worth. I looked at Fran's face and was pleased to get a great big smile back in return.

Some one got a couple of cushions from the lounge which we placed under Fran's arse, allowing us easier access between her legs. We decided to use her pussy as the dish for dessert, an ice cream sundae. John and Martin held her legs as high as they could, while Steve held her cunt open by her swollen lips. Some ice cream went in first, followed by a couple of big juicy strawberries and some cream. Next in went another banana and some more ice cream and cream and topped off with another couple a strawberries. She looked so tasty. Then out of the blue she said what about my arse, aren't you going to be gents and give a lady a real treat.

With her legs still held up high I grabbed a cucumber. It was the biggest I'd ever seen. I could just touch my finger tips as I wrapped my hand around it. I liberally smeared the end with cream and applied it to her brown ring and pushed. As she opened up to take it, I looked at her face and her eyes opened so wide I thought they were going to pop out of her head, but she just nodded for me to carry on. So I did, and in it went. Slowly but surely, inch by inch, until about seven or eight inches of this monster were tucked up inside her back passage. Then I saw her relax and she said to keep going. I want it all she said. So I did as I was told, until her arse began to close around all ten inches of this beast. When it was finally all in, she let out such a sigh and moan.

Enjoy desert boys, Fran said, so we all tucked in. Taking it in turns we feasted on her. Fingers and tongues kept dipping in to her honey pot to retrieve the fruit sundae until at last she was empty. She'd orgasmed three times that I counted whilst this was happening. She was insatiable and still wanted more. She slowly got up on the table on all fours, the look on her face was a picture. I've never felt so full, she said to me, why didn't you let me do this before, she begged? Once on all fours, with her arse facing us, she said watch this. Slowly we watched her tight puckered anus start to open and the point of the cucumber came into view. Her arse hole gradually spreading wider as she worked it out of herself. Once the widest part was no longer constrained, Fran gave a final shove and the cucumber shot out of her and onto the floor. Her ring piece, being so stretched, remained wide open, for what seemed like ages, until she begged for someone to fill it. Steve jumped up and in one swift movement, rammed his cock balls deep into her stretched hole. All desperate for a shag, we took turns filling her, spit roasting her from each end.

She looked a real mess. Still with the remnants of our meal smeared all over her Fran said. I need to get cleaned up, so she got off the table and lay on the floor. Shocked was an understatement. She now wanted her to piss all over her to clean her up. I'd never known she harboured so many dark secret fantasies. One by one we took up position over her and pissed on my now truly slutty wife. We pissed on her cunt, on her tits and on her face. In ran down her body and in to her hair and when it was my turn she even held my prick to her mouth and asked me to spray it straight down her throat. While I did this Adam was pissing up her cunt until it was coming back out along his dick, she was so full.

Whilst Fran had had countless orgasms we still hadn't come. She told us she was going to shower and that she wanted us to join her, one at a time, during which we could come where ever we wanted. Later as we lay in bed, she told me what had happened in the shower. I and Steve had come in her mouth, Adam, no surprise, had filled her arse hole with his spunk and Martin and John had left her pussy full of their loads.

Twice during the night I was woken to find someone had joined us in bed and was quietly humping Fran, whether in the belief that she was asleep, I don't know, but she told me in the morning that she had never enjoyed herself so much, hoping that it wasn't too long before it happened again.

This morning was to be our last before travelling home, so after all that happened so far, I guessed that my mates had yet more in store for Fran. She had so much come out of her shell. Not only allowing other men to do things to her, but the things she let us do and what she herself asked for. Life was to be far more interesting from now on....

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