tagIncest/TabooOur Wonderful Flight Continues Ch. 02

Our Wonderful Flight Continues Ch. 02


Our flight arrives in Florida I awaken to the feel of your ever so soft lips upon my forehead, opening my eyes looking directly into yours, as the feel of your fingers sliding softly into the side of my hair sent the most wonderful sensation through my entire body.

“It’s time to wake up baby girl.” You whisper softly in my ear.

“I don’t want to wake up, I am so happy right now, if I could stay right here in your arms like this forever it would be just fine with me.” I replied softly.

“Well why don’t we get off this plane and out of this airport and you can be right back in my arms again.” You whisper in your soft sexy voice, leaning down to me as you kiss me softly.

“You are so right, let’s go.”

Standing you extend your hand for mine helping me to stand, reaching above your head taking down our carry on bag taking my hand into yours we walk off the plane together, waiting to pick up our luggage our eyes lock onto one another, the smile that comes across your face is breath taking so sweet, so warm, so full of love, wrapping my arms around your waist slowly my hands move up your back, up over your shoulders to the back of your neck, my fingertips slowly and gently slipping into the back of your hair, pulling you down to me kissing you softly.

“I love you daddy” you hear whispered in my soft sexy voice.

With my left hand resting on the small of your back and my right fingers still in your hair, I feel the sensation of a shiver run through your being as your knees begin to tremble, yet you say not a word, slipping your arms around me pulling me in closer to you, your body trembling as my hand runs up and down your back.

“It’s ok daddy I’m right here”

You pull back and stare at me, smiling once again, looking into your eyes trying to figure out what was going through your head.

“What’s the matter?” I ask softly.

“Oh my god do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” there is absolutely nothing the matter.” You reply quietly in your soft little whimper, lifting my chin with your finger, as you look deeper into my eyes.

Just as our luggage comes into sight, you lean into me kissing me once again as the feelings and emotions begin to run inside me I know it’s time to get out of there, collecting our luggage we head out together hand in hand.

A little while later we arrive at our hotel, you check us in, we head off to the room to freshen up before heading off to dinner.

Once inside as you close the door you pull me into your arms pinning me up against the door, saying not a word, you just stare into my eyes again. My hands resting on your chest as I stare back at you, the silence in the room was deafening. All that could be heard was the sound of our hearts beating.

“I want you now baby girl!” you whisper in my ear as you lean into me, nibbling and sucking at my neck, your hand wanders into the back of my hair, wrapping it around your hand, gently you tug on my hair, slipping my hands inside your shirt, running my fingers up and down your chest, teasing your nipples ever so gently, you tug my hair a little more.

Running my fingers down your side, I slip my hand between us resting it on your already hardening cock, feeling it throbbing against your jeans, as it begs to be released.

“Oh my god daddy I want this thing so badly!” I whisper in a soft sexy sort of whine, as my hand begins massaging it gently enjoying the feeling of it.

Pulling your lower torso away from my grasp you continue to lick suck and nibble at my neck, as you again pull harder on my hair as you moan softly.

Again, I try to get my hand back onto it, yet you continue to keep it just out of my reach, teasing me every now and then as you move it in closer to me then take it away.

“Is this what you want baby girl?” you whisper in a deeper tone.

“That’s exactly what I want, I want so badly to touch you, I can’t get enough of the way you feel.”

“Beg for it baby!” the tone in your voice turns harsh yet extremely sexy.

“Please daddy please let me touch you; I have wanted to touch you ever since we got off the plane.”

“I don’t know do you really think I should let you touch me?” you ask as you move in closer to me.

“Oh my god yes please let me touch you.”

“You are daddies naughty little girl aren’t you baby?”

“I am a very naughty girl who wants so badly to touch her daddy, she wants so badly to feel her daddy inside her, I need you to fuck me daddy, god I need you so badly please give it to me daddy.”

Taking my hand you walk me over to the bed, again not a word was said, you remove my clothes rather quickly, as I remove yours, turning me around putting my hands on the bed, saddling up behind me taking your cock into your hand teasing my pussy with the tip of your cock, when suddenly my back arches as you enter your hardened throbbing rigid mass into me all at once, grabbing a hold of my hips you pull it almost all the way out and stop.

“This is what you want isn’t it you naughty little girl, you want all of your daddies big cock inside your wet little pussy don’t you?”


“You bet you naughty girl that’s exactly what you’re going to get!! Once again entering your cock all the way inside me.

With one hand on my hip your free hand takes a hold of my hair again as you fuck me harder and faster, your balls slapping up against my ass, the muscles inside my pussy clamp down onto your cock as they try to suck you deeper inside me, slapping my ass as you pull harder on my hair, your pace picks up even more as you fuck me as hard and fast as you possibly can.

Feeling your cock harden even more as your balls tighten, your body tenses as your head throws back, feeling the orgasm growing from the pit of my stomach, my pussy tightens against your cock one last time as we drive each other over the edge. My body begins to tremble from the release as your wrap your arms around me and hold me close to you.

Softly you kiss me one last time running your fingers over my cheek, looking deep into my eyes.

“I love you my baby girl.”

“I love you too my daddy now let’s get ready for dinner.”

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