tagBDSMOut by the Pool

Out by the Pool


It's been a long day and I should feel tired but I don't. Not at all. In fact, I've been anticipating seeing Her all day and the thoughts running through my mind seem to energize me. Thoughts of Her, thoughts of Her beautiful face looking upon me, Her gorgeous body standing over me, Her sweet voice as She says my name. God I love it when She says my name!

I want to see Her so badly I don't want to stop but I happen to see a field full of wild flowers by the side of the road. I struggle with myself momentarily and debate whether I want to take the time to stop or race ahead and see Her that much sooner but I know this will please her so I pull over. She likes wild flowers, especially the brightly colored ones, and I run around the field collecting a handful to present to Her. As I get back into the truck and race home, I think about how much I've missed Her and can't wait to see Her tonight.

Nobody seems to be home as I arrive and make my way through the house so I peek out back. There She is! Lying by the pool, sunbathing. She's wearing one of Her skimpy little bikinis. The top is undone and I can see the strings dangling down the side of the chaise lounge as She lies on Her stomach in the sun.

My feet seem to be planted in place at the sliding door and all of the blood that was just in my head seems to have left and gone south by the look of the growing bulge in my pants. I gaze upon my sweet Mistress for several moments before I shake myself out of my reverie. I don't think She's noticed me yet so I make my way back to the kitchen.

I put the flowers in a vase and place it on the counter. Then I pour her a cold drink and quietly take it, along with Her flowers, out to the pool. The slight noise I make as I open the door and slip out onto the back deck causes Her to stir but She doesn't look at me just yet. I move over to Her and place the vase and the drink on the small table next to the chaise lounge She is reclining upon and then proceed to kneel down next to Her legs and wait for Her.

She moves slightly and I notice Her eyes open and gaze upon the table. She then looks back towards me and She smiles sweetly, giving me the look I so craved all of this time.

"Hello pet. I've been waiting for You", She says as She looks upon me.

I smile back and say, "You look absolutely gorgeous today my Mistress. I couldn't wait to get home to see You."

She smiles at me again and calls me Her sweet talon and touches my cheek with Her hand. I ask Her if there is anything I can get Her or anything I can do for Her. She tells me to get Her suntan lotion and put some on Her back. I was hoping She would ask for that and I reach down and grab the bottle from under Her chair. I squeeze some of the liquid into my hand and hold it there to make sure it is nice and warm before it touches Her back. Then, when it feels just right, I rub it between my hands and then place them both in the middle of Her back. Gently but with a firm pressure, I massage the lotion into Her back, running my hands up and down, side to side, feeling every inch of Her skin as I rub Her.

My fingers make little circles up and down Her back as I work Her muscles. She is visibly relaxing under my touch and She moans a little and tells me how good it feels. I work my way down to the small of Her back and while I continue to rub, ask Her if She would like me to do Her legs as well. She consents but tells me to behave and keep my hands just on Her legs. I pour some more lotion onto my hands and, starting at Her feet, I rub Her beautiful legs all over. I can see Her butt muscles contracting as I work my way up Her thighs and She looks back at me as I get close to the curve of Her round little ass but I'm being good today so I heed Her words and start back down Her legs, rubbing them thoroughly with my large, strong hands. I work on Her feet for awhile and then I see Her reach for Her glass and sip the drink I brought out for Her.

When She is completely covered in lotion and it is thoroughly massaged in, I kneel back down next to Her and ask Her if there is anything else I can do for Her. She lifts Herself up onto Her elbows and I can see the outer curve of Her breasts rise above the seat.

She notices my distraction but only smiles and says, "I think We can find something to keep you occupied my pet."

She proceeds to roll over, revealing Her gloriously tanned, perfectly round bosoms to me as She situates Herself onto Her back. She grabs the drink again and draws a long sip of it into Her mouth. As I watch Her swallow, She notices me gulping and licking my lips. She asks me if I would like a drink to quench my thirst. I tell Her I would love something to drink for my throat is dry.

She smiles down at me and says, "Well then come down here and drink your fill pet. I've got Your juice right here."

And She reaches down between Her legs and rubs Her now soaked bikini bottom. I move down to the end of the chair so my head can access Her dripping wet pussy. Her bikini is the kind the ties together at Her hips so I reach up and untie each side to reveal Her sweet lips. I can tell She's been thinking about this as much as I have because She is completely drenched. She looks down at me and tells me to just drink my fill of juice from Her and nothing else. I nod my head and bend down to lick Her pussy.

Her scent gives me chills as I lower my face toward Her glistening lips. Then I dive in, tongue leading the way, and taste Her sweet juices with a long, lingering lick that covers Her snatch from top to bottom. She drapes Her legs over my shoulders and pulls me physically toward Her as I find Her opening with my tongue and push it in as far as it will go. She's a little tight at first but I can feel Her muscles relax around Her hole as my tongue explores deeper and deeper within Her.

I flick it back and forth inside Her pussy and feel around with it as if trying to find the best deposit of pussy juice to taste. Her hips start to buck a little as I continue to tongue fuck Her glorious hole. She starts to moan a little as I spread my tongue out flat to fill Her up some more.

For several minutes, I lick at Her opening, flick my nose across Her engorged clitoris, and bury my face deep into Her pussy. She starts to buck Her hips more violently now and I can tell She is close to cumming. Her hands grab the back of my head and force me deeper into Her sweet pussy. I can hear Her yelling, even though Her legs are firmly clamped around my ears by now, that She is cumming. She screams and I force my tongue as deep as it will go into Her and cup it like a half funnel as I feel Her body tense and She gushes Her sweet nectar into my waiting mouth. She is fucking my face hard now and pushing my head as deep as it will go into Her spasming pussy. Wave after wave of cum juice washes over my tongue as She crests the tide of Her orgasm. My face is completely drenched in Her juices as finally, it starts to subside and She releases my head. I gasp a little as I try to fill my lungs with the air that I didn't seem to notice I was missing.

I continue to lick at Her pussy as She comes down from Her orgasm and finally She grabs me by the hair and pulls my face up out of Her snatch. My entire face is dripping with Her cum and She sits up, pulls me toward Her and kisses me passionately on the lips, tasting Her own juices upon my lips.

"Is your thirst quenched now pet?" She asks me with a wicked little smirk on Her face.

I smile back at Her and tell Her that it is.

She tells me to stand up, which I do, and She sits up and begins to undo my pants. She unfastens them and pulls them down my legs, revealing my hardened cock bobbing before Her wanton face. She wraps Her hands around it and pulls me toward Her roughly. I stumble slightly as my pants are still around my ankles but She only makes me take a small step before my cock is poised before Her ruby lips.

She strokes my shaft with Her hand and rubs the head over Her cheeks and lips. My ass cheeks tighten as I thrust toward Her, eager to feel Her warm mouth wrapped around my throbbing cock. She proceeds to lick up and down my shaft with Her tongue, wetting it completely. The feeling of Her hands and tongue on my cock is thrilling and it gets even harder.

She cups my balls in Her hand and pulls at them gently but firmly. She bends down a bit and sucks one of my testicles into Her mouth. I absolutely love this. I can feel Her tongue exploring my ball as She bites my sac gently and rolls my nut around Her mouth.

Finally, when I think She is just going to continue teasing me, She grabs my cock firmly with Her hand, opens Her mouth, and proceeds to swallow it straight down to the base. I gasp with surprise and pleasure as the warm, silky feeling of Her mouth and throat surround my pulsing shaft. My sword is sheathed to the hilt in Her wet scabbard and it's never felt so good!

She pulls Her head back and my cock emerges from Her mouth until just the head remains inside Her. She licks around the head with Her tongue and then starts to bob Her head up and down on my cock. She is a master at fellatio and my cock is literally dancing to the tune She plays on it. Shivers run up and down my spine as Her expert tongue explores each vein along the surface of my cock.

She stops momentarily, pulls my cock out of Her mouth and rubs Her finger over the puddle of pre-cum that is just flowing from the tip of my cock now. She puts that finger into Her mouth and looks hungrily at me as She tastes my cock juice. Then She grabs my cock with one hand and guides it back into Her mouth while the other hand reaches down between my legs and finds my ass cheek. She squeezes my ass hard as She continues Her rhythm on my cock.

As Her head bobs up and down, Her fingers find my puckered opening in back and start to work they're way in. I moan as She slides Her middle finger up to the knuckle inside of me and I can feel my cock jump at the same time. Now I'm in a physical conundrum. Do I thrust forward to meet Her sweet lips on my cock or do I thrust back to ride Her finger in my ass harder. I settle for just rocking back and forth slightly as She works both ends of me increasingly harder.

The rhythm increases and She is sucking my cock as if to try to get my balls up through it. I feel the force building up inside of me and I know it will not be long now before I explode all over Her. She starts pounding Her hand violently into my backside and stroking my cock up with Her hand as Her face plunges down on it furiously. I can't take any more and feel the floodgates burst.

I let out a yell and announce that I'm cumming just as my cock tenses up and then explodes into the back of Her throat. She hungrily gulps down my cock juice as I shoot load after load onto Her dancing tongue. She pulls Her hand out from between my clenching ass cheeks and uses both to milk my cock dry of every last drop. My orgasm seems to last forever but finally it ebbs to a few drops and She pulls my cock from Her mouth and licks it clean.

"Mmmmmm!" She says to me and pulls me back down to kneel in front of Her. She kisses me deeply on the lips and our juices mix once again on our faces. I can taste both of us in each other's mouth and it turns me on even more.

Our lips part and She whispers in my ear, "You taste nice pet. Did you enjoy that?"

I nod, grinning at Her and She tweaks my ear playfully.

"Well now you've got me all hot boy. Go inside and take off all your clothes and wait for me in the bedroom."

Without even hesitating, I step out of my pants, pick them up and practically race inside.

As I enter the bedroom, I hurriedly take off my shirt. I hang it and my pants on a hook in the closet out of the way. I'm completely naked now and go over and sit on the bed and await my sexy Mistress' arrival.

The minutes tick by and I'm growing increasingly excited. The fresh memory of what took place outside still on my mind gets me going again and my phallus starts to fill and grow once again. I want to touch it and stroke it and make feel it throb in my hand but I know that She would not want me to do that. She likes it better if I save it all for Her and to tell the truth, I like it better that way myself.

I can hear her in the house. She's coming closer to the bedroom. With each footfall I hear, my heart thumps a little faster in my chest. I'm slightly astonished at how almost child-like my excitement is as She nears. I wasn't always like this. 'Keep an even keel. Don't let your highs get too high or your lows too low,' was what I always used to think. I was so used to being disappointed by everything that it was better to not get too excited about anything. That way it didn't hurt so much when I was disappointed. What a pessimist I used to be.

Then I met Her and all that changed. Not only has She never disappointed me, but I've been pleasantly surprised by Her inventiveness, Her experience, Her outright talent in exciting me and keeping me on my toes. It took awhile but I now look forward to anything She does with a child-like innocence knowing that whatever She does for me, to me, with me, it will be wonderful. This is what drives my heart to beat faster now.

She enters the room and finds me bouncing on the bed slightly, almost bursting with anticipation. She smiles lovingly at me but I also notice a hint of mischief in that glance too. She walks right past me, brushing my cheek gently with her fingers as She passes, and enters the walk-in closet shutting the door behind Her.

I can hear Her humming to Herself through the door and wonder what She's doing inside. Finally She emerges and my heart stops momentarily. My jaw drops as I see that She's wearing something new, something I haven't seen before. She has on the most beautiful white lacy bustier that accentuates Her already gorgeous chest. As my eyes travel down Her gorgeous body, I see matching, fingerless gloves on Her arms and a white garter belt attached to the hottest pair of white fishnet stockings I've ever seen.

As She turns to close the closet door, I notice that She is also wearing a white thong that accentuates Her firm, curvy ass. The sight of this heavenly creature before me makes my rod spring to life as if I was divining for water and She was the motherlode. The look on my face must look slightly comical because She giggles a little to Herself as She approaches me. She reaches out with Her gloved hand and touches my chin, closing my gaping mouth with Her fingers.

"I take it you like my new outfit?' She asks.

I'm at a loss for words so I dumbly nod slowly and can't seem to take my eyes off of Her. Not that I want to, not at all.

She steps in closer to me as I sit on the edge of the bed and wraps Her arms around my neck. Her lovely, full breasts press against my chest and flatten out slightly as She leans in to me and kisses me on the lips, passionately. I can feel Her warm body against mine. Her moist lips sending sparks into me as if they were electric. Her tongue dancing around and exploring my mouth as She presses Her body closer to mine. It feels so good. This beautiful woman wrapped in lace kissing me.

My hands start to roam the curves of Her back. First up between Her shoulder blades and then down to the frilly curve of Her ass. I feel the back of Her thong and work my hands further to fill my fingers with Her lovely cheeks. I rub them and squeeze them, making circles with my hands around them and feel Her tense a little as She kisses me harder. Her hand is on the back of my head and She is pressing my face against Her own as we joust each other's tongues.

Finally, She pulls back and stands again in front of me, running Her hands over my muscular chest. She enjoys the feeling of running Her fingers through all of the red hair curling out of my chest. It's thick and curly and She likes to fill Her fingers with it and pull on it as She pulls Her hands away. I moan as She does this because I know how much She loves to hear me voice my feelings.

She grabs my hands and tells me to stand up, which I do. She runs Her hands all over my body, feeling every inch of my chest, my arms, my hips, my ass. She playfully runs Her fingernails along the sides of my rock solid cock and then wraps Her hand around the shaft and pulls it, leading me by the dick around to the side of the bed. She has me stand, facing the bed, and moves around behind me and continues to rub Her hands all over my body.

My head is thrown back and I am moaning softly as She does this. I can feel Her one hand on my hip as She reaches around with the other to cup and caress my balls. Her body so close to mine that I can feel Her hard nipples pressing into my back and the lace of Her garter belt against my ass. She rubs my cock with Her hand from behind and then slowly pushes my back until I am bending over the bed.

I can hear Her open a drawer in the table beside the bed as She rubs my ass with one of Her hands. Then I feel the oil dripping onto my ass. She works it into my cheeks and down into my crack. I moan loudly as She runs Her fingers up and down over my opening then slides one into me. She pumps it in and out of my tight hole and as She feels me relaxing, inserts another... and then another. She is finger fucking my ass and squeezing my cheek with Her other hand as

She asks me questions like, "Do you like that pet? DoYou like the way my fingers feel in your tight little ass? Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want to feel my big fat cock in your ass my little cumslut?"

I moan loudly and tell Her "Yes! Fuck me Mistress! Fuck my ass with Your cock! Yes! I want to feel it inside of me!"

She stops momentarily and I can hear Her stepping into the strap-on harness She must have gotten out of the drawer. I look back and see Her in it and moan as I see Her pointing Her big rubber dildo at me. She steps back in closer to me and I feel the head as She rubs it up and down my crack again. She places the monster head against my opening and starts to push. My mouth opens and I let out a gasp as I feel the head pushing into me, stretching my hole. I moan as it finally pops into me, the crown passing my opening and sliding into my ass.

It hurts as She pushes that monster cock into me but She knows what She's doing. She's going slowly at first, just fucking the head back and forth in my ass. My hole relaxes as I get used to the girth of Her cock inside of me and as She pushes again, a few more inches flow into me and fill up my wanton ass.

I moan again as She pushes more and more of that cock into me. I can feel Her hands on my hips and Her fingernails digging into me as She pulls me farther onto Her cock. It's feels soooo good. I love the way Her rhythm intensifies as She gets deeper and deeper inside of me. I can hear the slurping noises from the oil as Her cock slides into me and then out again.

I gasp once again and let out a loud moan as She pushes the entire length of Her enormous phallus inside of me with a powerful thurst. Her pelvis firmly against my ass cheeks as She buries the entire length of Her rod in my tight ass. Then She starts fucking me in earnest. Her hands on my hips, pulling me back as She thrusts forward, pumping my ass with Her cock. The feeling is unbelievable. I can barely hear her talking to me over my own moans as She fucks me. She is asking me if I like Her cock in my ass, if I am Her little fuck pet, if I want Her to fuck me harder.

"Yes!" I moan. "Yes!" I say. "Yes, fuck Yes!" I yell as She pumps me harder and faster.

My own cock is rubbing against the bed as I push back to meet Her thrust into me. Then I feel Her reach down around me and grab my shaft in Her hand. She strokes it in rhythm to Her pumping of my ass. I'm almost incoherent with the sensations: Her fat cock in my ass, pounding in and out of me, my cock in Her hand as She jacks it in time with Her own, Her thighs slapping against mine, Her pelvis against my cheeks, Her fingernails raking my back as She fucks me mercilessly.

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