tagLesbian SexOut Cold Gets Lucky

Out Cold Gets Lucky


The sight of Pauline lying prostrate on the couch was not very unusual. On these Friday or Saturday evenings, the three apartment mates would go off on their individual adventures, but inevitably would converge to this single scene. A sigh of tired resignation escaped the thin redhead, Hannah. Beside her, the more robust blonde slipped off her purse and approached the low black sofa.

"Dammit, I'm so tired to dragging her off to bed every weekend," Abby fumed, her English accent still strong even after a decade living in this country. "If she's going to drink herself stupid like that, I say let her sleep it off where she falls. Teach her right if she gets a bad back because of it."

"I second that," Hannah said. "But, then we wouldn't have much room to sit, would we?"

To demonstrate the point, Hannah lifted Pauline's legs from the end so she could take the barely vacant seat.

"She's too big to be lugging around anyway," Abby observed, bending over to pull off the unconscious girl's black leather boots. This was invariably the first part of what had become a ritual in dealing with their friend's weekly excesses.

Hannah nodded, looking over their roommate as she lay sleeping. It was a minor miracle ever she made it back home at all. Probably got a ride from someone who didn't want her hanging around whatever party she was making a fool of herself at.

With her mouth half open, and those chubby cheeks, she looked rather like a baby, complete with drool. She had a habit of dressing for these nights in a manner that would have been more flattering on a woman of slender girth. Her sleeveless bright red top was tighter to the body than the original designer no doubt intended, but the matching mini skirt was flattering to Pauline's still shapely legs. Her sleek black hair was now a matted and disordered mess from sweat activated mousse. In short, Pauline looked something like a slovenly version of sleeping beauty.

"She goes out to these parties looking to get laid, you know," Abby remarked, folding her arms. "It's amazing she never does. Probably too fat and ugly for them, even drunk."

"Don't be like that," Hannah replied, frowning. "It's a terrible thing to say. Besides, she isn't that big. She may be no athlete, but you can't say she's fat. She does kinda look good in that outfit, too. You don't have to be so mean."

"It's fun to be mean," Abby laughed. "I mean, look at her. Have you ever seen such a pathetic sight? She tries too damn hard, and can't hold her drink for anything."

"Lower your voice, she'll hear," Hannah hissed, unable to hide her smirk. It was true; Pauline was a terrible drunk. By the look on Pauline's face, it didn't appear they had to worry about their volume. The woman was out cold. Hannah gently picked some of the dark hair away from her face.

"You know, we have to do something about her," Abby said, kneeling down on the carpet beside them. "The joke's wearing a bit thin. We need to think of an appropriate punishment."

Hannah bit her lip in thought.

"Well, I know there's that prank guys will play on each other, where they dip their pinky finger in a bottle of warm beer and it makes them go pee in their sleep. Something like that."

Abby gave an evil grin.

"That is a good one," she admitted. "But, I was thinking of something even more wicked. It would suit Pauline to a 'T'. As long as she remains asleep, I say we tease and play with her privates until she orgasms."

"What are you saying," Hannah gasped. "You can't do that."

"Sounds like a wager," Abby winked. "Besides, we'd be doing her a favor. She didn't manage to get laid tonight, and she's too wiped out to masturbate. Why not give her a little thrill, just for the heck of it."

The idea of giving their roommate an orgasm while she slept didn't strike Hannah as the kind of thing one would do 'for the heck of it', but already Abby was shifting her closest leg forward. She shook Pauline's thigh, looking for a reaction, but she continued to sleep soundly. Letting the foot drop to the carpet, Abby pulled her knee forward, demonstrating the ease with which her plan could be enacted.

Abby leaned closer and ran her probing hands up along the length of the girl's pantyhose sheathed thigh. Pauline didn't budge as those insidious fingers slipped underneath the hem of her skirt and pulled the garment further up to expose more of her soft generous hips. Abby continued to fondle the young woman's legs for a short while, complete silence filling the room as she began this cruel form of covert seduction.

"Let's take it to the next level," she said softly, rising from the carpet.

Abby had Hannah hold her legs while she pulled the waistband of her tan pantyhose down from her hips. This left her naked below the waist apart from her plain white panties.

Taking another careful look at the sleeping girl's face, Abby was convinced it was safe to continue. She bent over Pauline's slightly rounded belly and soothed her hands over the covered rise of her pubis. A few stray strands of dark curly hair could be seen at the edges of her cotton underwear. The skin of her legs was very smooth though, soft and warm to the touch. Slipping her fingers underneath the waistband of her panties, Abby audaciously felt over the thick dark curls of pubic hair, gently rubbing but not yet reaching for her labia.

"Let's go again," she said, having Hannah now help her in removing her panties. The last barrier to modesty removed, Pauline's most private parts were unknowingly put on display for the two leering roommates. Abby pulled aside her nearest leg so that her foot came down on the carpet once again, parting her knees wider for easier access.

"That figures," Abby remarked. "She's the least attractive of our bunch, but probably has the prettiest pussy. Poor sods at the party never realized what they were missing out on."

Hannah hadn't even considered whether her or anyone else's vulva could be considered an object of beauty. It was just there. Still, she had to concede that Abby was right. As Abby gently parted the soft labial lips, all those allusions and artistic comparisons to flowers that were made of the female genitals definitely applied in Pauline's case. Her labial folds were wonderfully shaded and symmetrical, framing the delicate looking pink interior.

Abby gently pulled back the foreskin to reveal the small pink bulb of Pauline's vulnerable clitoris. Hannah nervously watched the sleeping girls face for any reaction as Abby wetted her fingertip with saliva and rubbed it in and around the area of her clit. From the vantage of Pauline's feet, Hannah had a clear view of what Abby was doing, and how, after a very short while, those cuntal lips began to slacken and pout as Pauline's tiny organ continued to receive attention.

"This is so evil," she whispered, unable to look away from the violation of their roommate.

"All in good fun," Abby replied, evidently quite content to play with another woman's genitals as if it were nothing at all.

Hannah swallowed hard, able to detect the odd musk that emanated from the large girl's excited cunt. Wet sounds escaped from the moistening lips as Abby teased and played with her. Pauline seemed to open her legs wider, her face turned away towards the back of the couch now. Surely her breathing must be faster and heavier. It certainly was for Hannah, who hugged Pauline's right foot to her lap.

"Hand me that bottle, will you," Abby said, pointing towards the end table. Hannah discovered an empty beer bottle sitting there, probably a relic from Pauline's reckless evening. Her first instinct was to refuse, but she found herself strangely lost in the moment. She handed over the dark long necked bottle with a dread certainty of its intended use.

Using two fingers to open Pauline's labia completely wide, she guided the smooth end of the bottle up to and inside the seeping opening of her vagina. Thin whitish fluid smeared the glass as Abby teased it around before plunging the length of the bottleneck firmly up inside the depths of her cunt. Pauline barely flinched, but Hannah thought she could tell that the girl was blushing with the flush of sexual excitement, and that her breath was much harder than it had been when they began. No doubt some very perverse dreams were floating through her head. But how long could they get away with this before she woke up?

Abby seemed to care little for the consequences, and as she thrust the bottle up and down the length of Pauline's wide vaginal canal, she resumed her digital assault on her clit. The obscene wet sounds that came from her abused cunt almost made Abby laugh out loud.

"This is too easy," she murmured, looking up at Pauline's face. Sweat was starting to bead on her forehead, and her mouth remained half open, lips moist from saliva. That Abby could remain so cool and collected amazed Hannah. Secretly, Hannah was seeping on the inside, and was pressing the heel of Pauline's foot hard into her lap. She didn't think she could or would be aroused by seeing another woman sexually used like this. Evidently she was wrong.

A strange noise escape from Pauline's lips, a kind of strangulated grunt. Hannah's heart skipped a beat, but their victim continued to slumber, if restlessly. A few more minutes, and Abby came to the conclusion that the bottle wasn't enough.

"No sense, no feeling," she explained. Removing the despoiled bottle, Abby substituted it with her own fingers. Pauline's cunt was so loose that it easily admitted the breadth of three fingers. "A guy could get lost in there."

Making even more obscenely squishy noises than before, Abby thrust her bladed fingers repeatedly into Pauline's wet vagina. She used a deft thumb to keep the stimulation up over her rock hard clit, determined to bring this thing to a conclusion. Pauline groaned again, tossing her head back over, hair nearly covering her sweaty face. Her whole body was tense and hot, and Hannah feared that her eyes would flutter open at any moment.

"I don'…"

Hannah couldn't finish her complaint. She could feel Pauline's toes go rigid in her lap, her hips unconsciously rising from the couch of their own accord.

"Watch this," Abby said breathlessly. "Any second now."

Pauline made little suffering noises as she slept in delirium, her body caught in the raptures of sexual tension that was building to an inevitable climax. In fact, there wasn't much for Hannah to see, but when the tell tale contractions formed around Abby's thrusting fingers, she couldn't control her laughter. The pulsing of her vaginal muscles was anything but subtle. She had come and come hard. Pauline held her breath all the way through it, and then finally exhaled in a long, plaintiff breath. Through it all, she never gave any indication of being aware or awake.

"That was so cool," Abby proclaimed, extracting her hand from Pauline's abused cunt. The dark thick pubic hair was well matted with moisture, and her soft inner lips were thick and dark from their arousal.

Hannah couldn't speak at all, but just stared.

"I'm going to wash my hands," Abby said, leaving her with the poor sleeping girl.

"Um, but, what now," she nervously asked.

"Let her sleep it off. Just think; she wakes up with her underwear off and her legs wide open. She won't remember a thing, but she'll be damn embarrassed. Ten to one she never crashes out like this ever again."

"And what if she does?"

"And what if she does indeed," Abby replied, grinning.

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