tagIncest/TabooOut of Body Experiences

Out of Body Experiences


Part 1

You know the line, "I wouldn't fuck her with YOUR dick?" Well, I can actually pull that one off. Confused? Let me explain. I knew I was special at a young age. It appeared I could suggest things to people and they would do what I wanted. Sort of like in Star Wars when Obi Wan said, "These are not the droids you're looking for," I could say something and people would just go along with my suggestion.

It started with my being able to get babysitters to let me do things(stay up late or have multiple desserts) even when my parents advised against them. No matter what I wanted, all I had to do was focus my attention on the sitter, concentrate on what I wanted, and I got my way. As the years went by I tested my "powers" on teachers to get them to let me turn assignments in late, clerks at mini-marts to get free stuff, and during various other situations. I was always able to get my way. One time I got caught cutting class in high school and was able to get the vice principal to not call my folks, or even give me detention. For good measure I even got him to give me ten bucks just to prove to myself I could do it!

I know it sounds like I could use my ability to get away with murder with my folks but it didn't seem to work on them. Well, to tell you the truth, I never actually tried it out on my dad. He was a workaholic. And when he wasn't working he was a golfaholic so he wasn't really around all that much. That was ok, though, because I was kind of a momma's boy anyway. Whenever I attempted to get my mom to let me do something I was fairly sure she wouldn't let me do, she didn't. I wasn't sure if she had the same ability I did, but I know my gift didn't work on her, that was certain. I guess since it hadn't worked on her, I just never tried with my dad because I assumed it wouldn't.

It would also seem that the world would be my oyster if I could make people do things with just the power of my will but I had a conscience. I read lots of comic books as a kid and Spider-Man was my favorite. I always thought that line from Spider-Man was pretty cool. It goes, "With great power comes great responsibility." In the beginning I had to test my abilities to see what I could do, but after I was sure of what I could do, I didn't want to abuse the gift I had. But, believe me, it was hard not to use my powers to benefit my desires...especially when I hit puberty. Oh, sure I may have gotten a couple girls to show me their tits, but I didn't use my powers to screw any of them.

I had always been successful in getting people to do little things I wanted, but the summer after I graduated from high school something happened that made me wonder what the full extent of my abilities were. My folks invited some of the neighbors from our block over for a bar-b-q. Most of the couples were around my parents' age but our next door neighbors, Brandon and Jessica, who had moved in the summer before, were younger than the rest of the couples by at least ten years. I would guess they were around thirty.

Shortly after they moved in I would regularly see Jessica sunbathing in her backyard through the spaces between the boards in our fence. She was a blonde with a tight body, perfect breasts(not too small, not too big), a great ass, and a face that reminded me a little of Elisha Cuthbert. They didn't have a pool, but that didn't stop Jessica from laying out on the grass in a lounge chair to work on her tan. She always had some skimpy bikini on, and I had hoped someday I'd catch her getting some sun in the nude, but no such luck. That was ok, though, it left little to the imagination and let me tell you, my imagination did the rest.

Some of the guests at the bar-b-q, including Jessica, swam in our pool. She was wearing a bright yellow bikini that accentuated her nice tan. The rest of the evening, when not swimming, she had a wrap around her waist so she wasn't walking around in only a bikini. As it was, every husband stole peeks at her hot body every chance they got and their wives were visibly annoyed that this hot young girl was parading around in front of their spouses in her skimpy bikini. Every once in a while a breeze came and her nipples would stiffen. I'm sure all the men, and women, noticed. I sure did.

As the party wound down, and most of the guests had headed home, I went and got ready for bed. As I lay in bed with visions of Jessica's hot body dancing in my head I could feel my erection grow in the gym shorts I had worn to bed. I pushed down the front of the elastic waistband, wrapped my fingers around my growing member, and began to slowly stroke it. I closed my eyes and pictured what was likely happening in the master bedroom next door. I had housesat for Brandon and Jessica when they had gone away at Christmastime so I knew what the inside of their house looked like.

I imagined Brandon was on top of Jessica in their king-sized bed, with her legs spread apart, shoving his dick inside her as she moaned. I could see it all so clearly in my mind's eye. As I worked my cock I imagined it was me who was fucking Jessica, not Brandon, and I tightened my grip to simulate what I'm sure her tight little box must feel like. I was intensely focused on the visual in my head. In my mind it was like I was actually there. And when I opened my eyes I found I was not in my bedroom anymore. I looked around and saw that I was lying on Brandon and Jessica's bed!

Needless to say I was freaking out! How the hell did I get there? All the lights in the room were off but I could see quite well because moonlight was shining through the windows. Also, there was no door leading to the master bathroom from their bedroom and the bathroom light was on. I could hear the shower running and assumed Jessica was in it. I was in a daze, still trying to figure out what the hell was happening. One minute I'm jacking off in MY bed, imagining I'm in THEIR bed, and the next I'm actually lying in their bed! This was beyond strange.

I looked down and saw that I was wearing boxer shorts...and I NEVER wear boxer shorts. I don't even own a pair. I pushed back the sheet, got out of bed, and tiptoed toward the bathroom. I stopped at the edge of the doorway and peeked inside. Yup, I was right. There was Jessica...taking a shower. And I had a front row seat to it. I could see her in all her naked, lathered-up, wonderfully tan lined glory through the clear glass door of the shower. All of the fantasizing I had done didn't do justice to just how hot she looked naked. Again I could feel my erection grow...only this time, it wasn't my erection. I looked down and it wasn't my dick poking through the opening in the boxer shorts, it was someone else's.

I looked inside the bathroom, to the right at the bathroom mirror, and then I realized what had happened. Instead of seeing myself standing in the bathroom doorway, shirtless, with my boner sticking out of my boxers I saw BRANDON standing in the bathroom doorway, shirtless, with HIS boner sticking out! Holy shit, I had somehow taken over his body!! I stared at myself, or should I say Brandon, in the mirror for a few moments until the sound of Jessica in the shower woke me from my daze. My eyes moved back to her and I watched as she lathered herself up with a nylon net sponge like my mom had, moving it up and down her arms, over her breasts, and down her stomach. I reached down and began to stroke my hard-on as I silently watched Jessica move the sponge down over her little landing strip of neatly-trimmed pubic hair, between her legs, and back around to her butt.

Looking back on it all I remember feeling like a peeping Tom, and I was scared to death that she would catch me looking at her in the shower. But in actuality I had every right to be there because I WAS Brandon. That was MY house, and I was watching MY wife take a shower. As I stood there my mind was all over the place. My head was swimming as I tried to process it all. I was standing in my neighbor's bedroom, watching my hot neighbor naked in the shower, stroking my...or rather BRANDON'S hard dick...but it was really MY dick. I mean, it felt like I was stroking myself down there, but not to my hand, because it wasn't the same dick I'd been jerking off since I hit puberty, it was some other guy's. He was fairly well-equipped, about the same length as me, but his pole was a little thicker.

As I pondered the strangeness of it all, I still couldn't tear my eyes away from the hottie that was before me. I stared intently at Jessica as she rinsed the conditioner from her hair and the soap from her body. Then, without warning, she turned the water off. I suppose if I hadn't been so busy trying to process everything that was going on I would have realized that Jessica was going to be done with her shower once she had rinsed off, but that thought never occurred to me. Panic set in and I had no idea what to do.

My first instinct was to race back to bed so that's what I did. I quickly got back in bed and pulled the sheet over me. As I lay there on my back with my heart racing I realized that my dick was still fully erect, sticking through the opening in my boxers, and creating a pup tent with the sheet. I reached down and tucked it back inside my boxers, moving the waistband down over the swollen head to keep it pinned to my body.

I laid there silently, with my eyes closed, pretending to be asleep, as I tried to figure out what to do next. I didn't know how the hell I had gotten there and I wasn't sure how I was going to get back to my own body. I could hear Jessica moving around and curiosity got the better of me. I opened my eyes slightly and watched her as she dried off. She was gorgeous. Her bare white breasts swayed and bounced as she moved, her solid tan lines making it look like she had a flesh-colored bikini on. My hard-on twitched periodically, straining against the waistband of my boxers as I watched Jessica dry and comb her hair.

Just as Jessica was done combing her hair my erection broke free from the waistband and once again poked through the opening in my boxer shorts. The sheet rose as my cock pointed skyward and was VERY visible as Jessica stepped toward the bedroom and turned off the light. I closed my eyes and didn't move. As Jessica moved into the bedroom she spoke.

"Did you fall asleep already?" she asked, disappointed. She must have noticed my erection under the sheet because she said, "What have we here?" as she pulled the sheet back, exposing my lower half. "I guess I'll just have to figure out some way to wake you up," she said sexily as she moved next to me on the bed.

Jessica wrapped her hand around my cock and gently stroked it as I continued to act like I was asleep. She moved her hand up and down my throbbing pole. On one stroke up she smeared the slippery pre-cum fluid that was oozing out of the tip of my cock around the swollen head, and then moved back down the shaft. I then felt her shift her body as she moved her head down to my crotch. Her wet hair hung down onto my skin as she moved her mouth down to my cock. She licked the head and ran her tongue around it, then placed it in her warm, wet mouth.

OH MY GOD!!!! I couldn't believe my luck! Not only did I get to see my smoking hot neighbor naked, here she was going down on me! Jessica's wet hair dangled down onto me, lightly mopping my skin as she moved her mouth up and down on my cock, taking more and more of me as she went. It felt wonderful!!! None of the girls I had been with were anywhere near as talented as Jessica was. This woman really knew what she was doing! She pumped the shaft as she bobbed up and down and I figured it was about time to act like I was waking up.

I was afraid that if I tried to speak it would sound like me and not her husband, so I didn't want to say anything. All I did was stir a little and moan, "Mmmm..."

Jessica took me out of her mouth and said, "Hello there, sleepyhead," and she stroked my saliva-covered dick with her hand.

I didn't say a word in response, I just moved my hand up to the back of her head and gently pulled it down toward my cock. Jessica took the hint and again began to suck it. I finally opened my eyes and I reached down to massage her gorgeous breast as she swallowed my rod. I played with her stiff nipple and thanked God that I was finally getting my hands on her tits. I had fantasized about it frequently and here I was feeling it with my hand...or at least Brandon's hand.

I became emboldened and moved my hand down between Jessica's legs. I ran my fingers between her lips, feeling the moisture grow, then slipped a finger inside. I moved my finger in and out of her and she let out a muffled moan as she continued to suck my cock. Jessica's pussy was soaking wet in no time. I began smearing her juices up and down her slit, and then started working her slick little nub. She began to squirm and would stop working on my rod so she could focus on what I was doing to her clit.

Jessica was REALLY enjoying it. At one point she continued to stroke my shaft but stopped sucking altogether so she could focus entirely on her own pleasure. I could tell each time she stopped bobbing up and down on my pole to enjoy my handiwork(pun intended) that it wouldn't be long before I got her off with my fingers. Soon her grip on me tightened and she cried out, "Right there...just like that....oooh, yeah...yeah...," and she climaxed.

When the powerful waves of her orgasm waned she hungrily swallowed my cock and tightened her grip as she stroked it. As much as I wanted to keep enjoying her ministrations, I knew I wouldn't last much longer...it just felt too good. Soon Jessica had me shooting my load in the back of her talented mouth. She swallowed every last drop as she pumped my shaft, emptying me completely.

"Wow, babe, that was hot," she panted breathlessly as she moved up to snuggle.

"Mmmhmmm," I replied, still not wanting to say anything.

"I am SO ready for sleep now," she said, and gave me a little kiss before putting her head on my shoulder, draping her leg over mine, and putting her hand on my chest as she settled in to sleep. I laid there silent. Amazed at what had just happened. I just got a blowjob from my hot neighbor and she didn't have to cheat on her husband in order for me to get it. Now, the only problem was, how the hell do I get back to my own body?

I laid there holding Jessica until she fell asleep, trying to think of what I should do. I figured if I had focused on Jessica and Brandon's bedroom, and it got me into Brandon's body, all I had to do was focus on being back in my own room and it would do the trick. I focused on the thought of lying on my own bed, as hard as I could, not letting any other thought into my mind. I think I nearly burst a blood vessel in my head tensing up, trying my hardest to focus on that picture in my head, but when I finally opened my eyes I was back in my own room, in my own bed.

I don't think my body had moved the whole time I was in Brandon's body next door because my dick was still in my hand, it just wasn't hard any more. It swelled up again soon enough, though, because as I lay there I relived the events that had just transpired and was sporting a raging hard-on in no time at all. I jerked off to the memory of Jessica sucking my cock and came very quickly. After I cleaned myself up I tried to figure out what happened.

Previously, when I had gotten people to do what I wanted, I was basically taking over their body for a split-second or so and getting planting the thought that I wanted. This had always occurred when people were conscious. Seeing as how Brandon was lying in bed when I took over his body, I assumed he had fallen asleep when Jessica got in the shower. I had been so intensely focused on their bedroom, and had visualized it so clearly, that somehow I took over Brandon's unconscious mind, and body, completely.

But this realization only led to more questions. Did Brandon's mind go to my body when I was in his? If so, and he had awakened, would it have pushed me out and back into my own body or would he have woke up in my bedroom in my body? If the person I go into has been drinking or doing drugs, will I be drunk or stoned when I'm inside them? An inquiring mind wanted to know!

I wasn't sure what to do with my newfound gift but it wasn't long before I got the opportunity to test how well I could do it when I was actually trying to take over someone else's body.

Part 2

The following weekend my Aunt Susan and Uncle Ted came to visit. They're a couple years older than my folks and have visited our family every year for as far back as I can remember. Aunt Susan doesn't look much like my mom but you can see a little similarity. She's a full-figured brunette with huge boobs that I'd been drooling over for years. I was hoping that I'd get my hands, and mouth, on them during their visit given my new discovery. At times, when Aunt Susan responds to a comment that someone says, she gets a devilish look in her eye, raises one eyebrow, and blurts out a sexual innuendo. I always thought she looked pretty sexy when she did that and, given her brassy demeanor, I always assumed she was pretty aggressive in bed. If I played my cards right I thought I might get a chance to find out during this visit.

They made the long drive in one day and, after sitting around and chatting for a while, Aunt Susan and Uncle Ted headed to bed. They were pretty tired after their journey so they turned in pretty early. Whenever they came they stayed in the guest room, which is right across the hall from my bedroom. About an hour after they'd retired to their room for the evening I went to my bedroom, laid on the bed, and began to focus on the guest room and Uncle Ted. It took a couple tries, and a lot of concentration, but when I opened my eyes the third time I was in the guest room looking out of Uncle Ted's eyes.

Aunt Susan was sound asleep right next to me. I found that Uncle Ted sleeps in the nude because when I pulled the covers back I/he wasn't wearing any clothes. I had a couple things I wanted to check out so I put on a pair of shorts and quietly stepped across the hallway to look in on myself. It was quite odd to open my bedroom door and see myself lying on the bed. My eyes were closed and it looked like I was asleep. I took the opportunity to see if, when I spoke, I had my voice or Uncle Ted's. I quietly said a few words and found it sounded like Uncle Ted. That was a good thing. Now I knew I could talk and I would sound like the person I looked like.

After I had gotten my answers, I quietly stepped out of my bedroom, closed the door, and went back to the guest room. Once there I stepped out of the shorts I had put on and got back in bed. I pulled back the covers to reveal Aunt Susan lying there in her nightgown. It was nothing special, just a cotton nightgown that buttoned down the front. She was sleeping on her side, which made it difficult to get to get to the buttons on Aunt Susan's nightgown, so I gently pulled her shoulder toward me and she shifted onto her back.

I waited for a moment to make sure Aunt Susan wasn't waking up. She didn't stir after lying on her back so I slowly, carefully unbuttoned the front of her nightgown. After I undid a few buttons I peeled the nightgown away, exposing Aunt Susan's huge breasts. Even in the dim light through the window I could make out the large nipples on her beautiful boobs. I had been fantasizing about those big tits for years and now I was finally getting to see them in all their naked glory. Now it was time to touch them.

Knowing I was in Uncle Ted's body, I became bold and moved my hand to massage her breasts. The smooth, soft skin of her fleshy mounds jiggled as I gently kneaded them. I could feel her nipples stiffen beneath my palm as I massaged one, then the other. I traced circles around her hard nubs with my fingertips, and couldn't resist the urge to devour Aunt Susan's tits any longer. I leaned down and softly began to lick and suck each nipple, twirling my tongue around them, and taking them into my mouth.

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