tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOut of Bounds: Forced to Score

Out of Bounds: Forced to Score


Soccer practice ended at five o'clock like usual, but Kelly stayed to get in some extra laps. During the game last week, the coach pulled Kelly with fifteen minutes left. She was supposed to be the star striker of the varsity squad, but with the school year underway, she had admittedly let some of her conditioning go. Tonight that was going change. No more fraternity parties and no more pizza. From now on she was going to focus on her studies and her training.

Her bleached blonde ponytail bounced in the fading daylight as she ran sprints across the field and back. Some of the track athletes were practicing on the far side of the quad so she wasn't getting lonely. Starting to tire from the near hour of extra running, Kelly scanned the other athletes for motivation. A high jumper caught her eye.

His name was Mark Evans and he was a senior. Kelly had met Mark at an athletics fundraiser in the spring, but they barely had time to exchange formalities as they were whisked from donor to donor. At six foot two, Mark was the handsome poster boy for the athletics program. With her tight body, perky breasts and stunning blue eyes, Kelly was the college's most popular female sports figure. While they may have seemed like a match meant to be and the substance of a college legend, the reality was that she wasn't really interested in dating a member of the track team.

From across the field Mark was quite aware of Kelly. Struck by her stunning looks, Mark had found it difficult to break the ice with her. He had tried and failed on several occasions to talk to her in the halls or at parties. Somehow she always seemed to avoid him. It was as if she looked down on him and he was beginning to think that she had something against him and his fellow track athletes.

Kelly was losing her willpower and she noticed that crowd in the quad was thinning out. Subconsciously she made a note that she was the only female left exercising. Mark was still training, but she didn't recognize any of the others. She stopped to take a break from running and collected her water bottle from the sideline. Her face was flushed red from the hard sprints and her legs weak. As she caught her breath she saw Mark approaching from across the field.

"Hey," he called out as he came close to her, "Good form out there. How'd your - "

"Yeah thanks," Kelly said cutting him off and picking up her bag as she made her way for the locker room.

"Yeah," Mark muttered, watching her little butt twitch away in her shiny soccer shorts. He shook his head and ran back to grab his gear.

Embarrassed from being blown off, he decided his training was done for the day and made for the showers. As he walked between the bleachers, a thought passed through his mind and he glanced over his shoulder. No one was watching.

Strolling into the women's locker room, Kelly tossed her bag on the bench and kneaded a knot out of her shoulder with her hand. With a sigh, she put a foot up on the bench and pulled loose the laces of her soccer cleats. Placing her shoes in a locker, Kelly took a moment to check the locker room for anyone else. Finding herself alone, she stripped off her socks and the top of her uniform and let her hair out of her ponytail with a shake.

Pulling the snug sports bra over her head, she walked into the showers and turned on the water. Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she pinched her nipples until they perked out. She twisted from side to side, shifting her weight from foot to foot, looking from different angles in the mirror. As she examined her body she let her fingers trail along the side of her abdomen and she experimented with drawing her hair back or letting it drop over her naked breasts. Satisfied, she smiled and pulled down her shorts and panties.

The water was a little cold as she felt her way into the shower, and she adjusted the knob. Goosebumbs ran up and down her body as she waited for the temperature to change. After a moment she let her full body shuffle under the shower and closed her eyes as the water absorbed her thoughts.

Mark couldn't believe his luck as he noticed the abandoned cleaning supplies left by a janitor. He selected a sandwich board sign that read "Closed for Cleaning" and with the sign in hand he made his way for the woman's locker room.

Quickly confirming that no one was watching, Mark placed the sign in front of the door to the locker room and quietly slipped inside, locking the door behind him. To his relief, the locker room was empty and he could hear the shower running. He could see Kelly's bag on the bench and there was a trail of her clothing leading into the bathing area.

Moving behind a row of lockers, he hid. After a moment to catch his breath he adjusted his angle so that he could see the reflection of the showers in a mirror. The glass had steamed up, but he was able to make out the obscure shape he assumed was Kelly.

Thinking she heard the door, Kelly listened for someone. Not hearing anything, she resumed her lathering and rinsing. In time, she finished and her body was relaxed from the warm steamy water. Grabbing for her towel she realized she had left it with her equipment bag.

"Shit!" she yelled, frustrated with having to walk naked from the heat of the showers into the cool changing area, "Is anyone out there?" She hoped that maybe someone could bring her the towel.

Mark held his breath and panicked. Had she heard him come in? Impossible, he had been so stealthy. Silently he waited and watched in the mirror. He saw the shape moving closer and realized that she was exiting the bathing area. Ducking to avoid being seen, he had lingered long enough to see her naked wet body sprinting for the bench.

She wrapped herself in the towel and sat on the bench for a moment to let her body adjust. After a moment she tugged the towel free and used it to dry her hair and the rest of her body. Kelly took her time and was careful to pat the soft absorbent fabric everywhere that water collected, swiping it under her breasts and armpits, around her legs and across her crotch.

Convinced that she had rubbed and patted away most of the moisture, she turned to a locker on the wall that connected to the showers, and began to collect her belongings from earlier that day. She had worn a pink, grey and black plaid miniskirt and a white tank top with black writing on it to class that day. The writing on the tank top was a series of random words splattered all around the front and side. Words like "cutey pie", "baby doll", "sweetheart" and over the left breast, slightly lower than centre, was the word "princess" in pink.

She found her panties at the bottom of the locker, simple cotton white panties with a rose embroidered at the front on the left hip. Grabbing them, she bent down and lifted her right leg, then her left, stepping through the leg holes and pulling up her underwear.

From his hiding spot, Mark peaked around the lockers and watch as Kelly dried and started to dress herself. As she stood their naked looking into her locker, Mark stared at her bare bottom. She bent down to put on her panties, and Mark scrutinized her extended crack and focused on her pussy as he saw her stretch her legs to adjust the underwear up her legs. The glimpse was brief, but he could see her pink pedals and was convinced that she was shaved, at least her mound was, he hadn't yet seen her pubis to determine if it was also barren.

He continued to watch as she pulled out a black bra and fit it around her shoulders and breasts. It clasped at the back, but after a brief struggle she was able to attach it. She then pulled out the very sexy plaid skirt, and wiggled it up her legs and over her hips. Then came the tank top and finally a pair of low heeled black shiny pumps that she quickly slipped her feet into.

Kelly flung her hair over her shoulder and reached into her locker to collect her purse and textbook. She stopped and scratched an itch under her nose, rubbed her eyes with both hands and then reached for her purse again.

Unable to wait any longer, Mark came out from behind the lockers and rushed Kelly from behind. She cried out as he startled her but he quieted her with a thrust of his palm into the back of her head, pushing her face into the cold metal door of the closed locker next to hers. His other hand punched her sharply but lightly in the lower spine.

"Shut up!" he commanded as she let out a cry of pain, "Shut the fuck up!"

"What do you want?" she whimpered and cried out as again he struck her in the back.

"I said shut up!" he said sternly, "I'll fucking kill you!"

Terrified, she bit her trembling lip. She felt him pull at her hips and let him lead her legs out from her pinned body. He lifted her skirt and clutched onto her exposed cheek, squeezing and shaking and kneading with his thumb at the white panties. Releasing briefly, he swung his flat palm down and spanked her sharply.

"Aaaah!" she screamed out in pain as the snap of his palm on her ass echoed through the locker room.

"Oh you like that, huh?" Mark chided her and spanked her again, all the while firmly pressing her head against the locker door, "Is this what you want?"

He moved his hand from the back of her head but took a handful of her hair instead, holding it tightly in his fist. With his other hand he pulled the panties down over her hips and slapped another three reddening blows across her bare bottom. Leaving behind inflaming hand prints.

"Oooowww! Please Mark! Please stop!" she squealed out, having recognized his voice.

"Why ... *SMACK* ... won't ... *SMACK* ... you ... *SMACK* ... fucking ... *SMACK*... listen ... *SMACK*!" he said from between clenched teeth as he landed another hard spanking slap between each word. He put his lips up to her ear and whispered sinisterly, "Is it because you want this? You want to be slapped around like a little bitch? Huh? Well keep talking you slut. You've had this coming for a long time."

"What? Please don't Mark!" tears streamed down her face, "What did I do?"

Mark's free hand groped desperately at her breast and he ruthlessly squeezed it tight and let go. With his tongue he touched the exposed skin behind her ear, playfully flicked the sensitive spot. He kissed the same spot then whisper in her ear, "You blew me off –"

"What? I never blew you! I wouldn't dream of it you fucking psycho –"




He hit her on the ass as hard as he could and she folded into the locker, her body straining to get away. His grip tightened on her hair and he pressed against her with his chest. Pulling her hair back he forced her back to arch and her eyes looked back at him. He could see the tears streaming down her clean face, and he wondered for a moment if he should have let her put her makeup on before he grabbed her. The thought left him and he focused on her terrified stare.

"Not that type of blow you snotty little slut! You ignored me. Think you're too good for me? Huh?" he said letting his voice raise with anger, "Now I'm going to show you what you're good for."

With his foot he kicked her legs apart. Holding on to her hair firmly in one hand so she couldn't move, he slid his other hand between her legs and felt her pussy. She was shaved completely clean and he could feel how tight and unpracticed she was. He could also feel her opening, and it was moist.

Ashamed, Kelly felt Mark probe her with his fingers. The cool air on her smooth lips had excited her and she was always sensitive on the day she shaved. Pinned to the locker and scared to move she couldn't do anything but let him fondle her. Her bum stung and was hot from the spankings. She clinched her teeth and whined as she realized how wet she was. Embarrassed, she closed her eyes and whimpered.

Kelly wasn't a virgin, but she wasn't a slut either. She would have sex with the young men she dated, but she rarely dated. All of her experiences had been very vanilla and sensual. Never like this.

"Hmm, seems like you're liking this," Mark teased as he felt her grow wetter at his touch. Then, without further warning, he plunged two fingers hard inside her and violently gyrated them back and forth, "Is this what you want? Huh?"

She felt him hammering away with two fingers. His nails long and sharp, and his fingers coarse and hard. Kelly felt him cutting into the sensitive skin, but she also felt herself getting wetter and welcoming his rough entry.

Mark shook his finger in and out of her faster and harder. He felt her body getting more excited, and his own arousal had long since peaked. As Kelly started to pant at his continued manual stimulation, he felt his own ache becoming unbearable.

Pulling his digits out, he let go with another smack from his palm.

"Is this what you want? Huh?" he scorned into her ear. Mark pulled his hard cock out of his pants and held it in his hand, "I'm going fuck you bitch!"

"Please don't Mark, please – "

He leaned back and let go of her hair, but restored his hand to the back of her neck and held her in place. Then he positioned himself behind her, and let the tip of his cock brush against her moist opening. With a single hard thrust he forced his cock deep inside her and as quickly pulled back all the way out.

Kelly screamed with pain and horror as he jammed himself into her tight chalice, and then felt the sudden rush of stretched emptiness as he pulled back out. She felt a drip of her wetness trickle slowly down her inner thigh and she shuddered as it tickled her soft skin. As she began to wonder what he was doing and why he had pulled out, he again thrust himself hard inside her.

"Aaaaagh! God!" she screamed out has he banged her deep inner walls with his hard stem.

Mark shifted his hand from the back her neck to the top of her head and arched the top of her face back towards him. Thrusting in and pulling out again. His balls slapping of the nub of her clitoris as he surged himself deep, again and again. Then pulling all the way out and letting his cock swing loose between her legs.

Kelly felt the cock leave her and this time it was quickly replace with three of his fingers. He clinched them inside her and then he removed them as well. She could feel his member banging off her inner thighs and she squirmed.

"Here! Taste it!" Mark ordered as he brought his other hand up to her mouth and forced his fingers covered in her sap between her lips. "Is that what you want? Huh? Like the taste of pussy?"

For the first time she tasted her own fluids. It was more sour and bitter than she had imagined. She had tasted cum from a man before and found it predominantly salty, but this was much different. Kelly didn't like it.

Mark pushed his fingers further into her mouth and felt the coarseness of her tongue as he rubbed of her sap in her mouth. Then, wanting to test her out a little more, he pushed his cock back inside her. He was gentler this time and his thrusts were slower and less striking. Hooking the side of her mouth, he pulled her head back and sped up his pace.

The side of her mouth stretched, Kelly cringed as Mark fish-hooked her as he penetrated her. The vulnerability of her situation was strangely arousing and she felt herself loosening up. She was beginning to feel the waves of pleasure surge up from her sex and through her body to her face.

Again and again Mark forced himself deep inside her. He let go of her mouth and with both hands gripped her hips. Pulling her back and forth on his cock, he swatted down with one palm and then the other, spanking her again as he rapidly increased his pace. His cock grew even harder and he knew he was nearing his climax. As he began to pant, he heard a moan of pleasure escape from Kelly's lips.

She felt him evacuate from her pussy and release her hips from his hands. But before she could do anything, he clutched her hair again and dragged her head first away from the locker. He kicked out her legs as she struggled to stay standing, and she fell forward on her knees.

"Good girl," he mocked her, "Now open wide."

Mark looked down at the broken spirited little soccer star on her knees in front of him. Her tank top still clung to her chest, the black bra still snug on her breasts beneath. Framing her below was her sexy little miniskirt. He noticed that she had somehow lost a shoe, and her panties were tangled on the one remaining.

Not wanting to give him the satisfaction, Kelly kept her mouth shut tight and looked up defiantly at her attacker. She felt the wet tip of his cock press against her lips, but she refused to budge. With a crack, she reeled over in pain as his hand slapped down on the side of her face.

Mercilessly, she was pulled back up by her hair and he delivered another barehanded blow across the same side of her face.

"Open the fuck up, or I'll tear it open!" Mark hollered, and swung down as he went to strike her again.

Reluctantly, Kelly opened her mouth just in time to avoid being hit again. She felt Mark push his cock into her mouth and again she could taste the sour bitterness of her own moisture. Kelly didn't move her lips or tongue. She refused to give him the pleasure. To her dismay, he found his pleasure another way.

First he wiggled himself with his hand on his shaft near the base. The motion struck the head of his cock of the inside of her cheeks and tongue. Then without warning he put both hands on the back of her head and forced himself down her throat. Mark could feel her gag on his member as he pushed it deeper and deeper, and he watched as she squirmed and pushed at him with her little hands as she struggled to breath. Pulling out, he let her spit up a heap of gooey saliva onto her chest then grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled her lips back up to his cock. Readying himself for another assault on her throat, he put both hands on the back of her head and pushed. This time she managed to take him deeper than before.

Kelly relaxed her throat and breathed through her nose. The first time he had caught her off guard and she had panicked. This time she let her jaw drop slack and tried to relax. She had never deepthroated anyone before, but a few of her friends had, and they said it was better if you just stayed calm and loosened up. As he pushed even deeper, she could feel his balls press against her chin and strands of his pubic hair tickled her nose. He let up, and she again puked up spit all over her shirt and her chest.

"Let's see those tits," Mark said, grabbing at her spit soaked tank top and tearing it away from her body. The material stretched and didn't rip. He crouched down and with both hands pulled the material apart down the middle and pushed her bra up on her breast. Menacingly he groped at her new nakedness, "Is this what you want? Huh?" He flicked her nipples with his thumbs.

"No! No it's not what I fucking want!" she screamed at him. Again he slapped her face hard and she fell to the side.

Powerfully, he pushed her onto her back and kneeled between her legs. She could see his stiff cock pulsing, the wetness glimmering in the light. He lowered himself quickly on top of her and pushed her chest down with one hand as the other guided his cock back inside her little pussy.

Thrusting from his hips, his cock rushed in and out vigorously. He slapped her across the face again hard, and then clutched her throat with both of his hands. Violently shaking her entire body as he strangled and fucked her.

Unable to breath, Kelly began to see stars as the ceiling swirled in front of her. His cock was deeper than before and she could feel the tip pressing on her inner hot spot. She tried to focus, but as the pleasure flourished, her head began to spin and the numbness drifted across her body.

Mark could feel her muscles clenching his cock as he pressed it in and he knew that she was nearing orgasm. He let go of her neck and watched as she writhed for air. Slapping her again across the face, he focused her attention and she racked in ecstasy as her climax hit.

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