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Out of Commission


It had started slow. She felt a tickle in the back of her throat and a tightness in her chest. It was going around, a deep hacking cough and fever. It had been a hard week at work, with a lot of staff staying home sick. She took vitamins and put some of that new product up her nose. The one that was supposed to shorten and reduce cold symptoms.

That evening she was extra tired. It had been a long day, and now her kids had brought the grand baby over on short notice when their babysitter flaked out on them. It was only a couple of hours and she normally loved to spend time with her grand daughter, but today she just sat and watched the little blond girl play with her toys.

When he got home she did not hop up and rush to meet him like she normally did. He made an ominous rumble. He liked her to greet him. The last time she had just sat, he had picked her up by her hair.

He saw that she had the baby in her lap and he grinned, distracted from his displeasure. He loved the baby. She just sat and watched as he played with her. Her head felt full of cotton wool.

She warned him, "I think I am getting sick. You should do some of that nose stuff."

He looked at her and frowned. "No you are not. It is just an allergy or something, or just that thing I had last week."

"I hope so. The people at work have been really sick." She secretly worried that she had forgotten to get a flu shot this year.

He looked up, "Did you tell me you were baby sitting tonight?"

She cleared her throat, for the first time coughed a soft careful cough, and then erupted into a wracking series of deep dry barks. When the coughing subsided, she choked out, "Baby sitter pulled a no show."

"I had plans for tonight." His eyes were warm and calculating.

"Plans that include me?" She met his eyes and smiled a slow happy smile. "They will be picking her up around 7:30."

As soon as her son picked up the baby, she curled up on the couch with a hot drink. It was early, but she found herself falling asleep. He woke her up off the couch around 8:30, stroking her hair and pulling her to stand. Again she felt the tickle in her chest but resisted the instinct to cough.

She staggered and blinked. "Wow, I really fell asleep."

As they brushed their teeth, he stood close behind her, slowly rubbing his cock against her ass. She slowly rubbed back, going through the motions but not feeling it. She sighed and briefly debated asking if she could just sleep, but other than being sleepy she really didn't feel that bad.

He was unusually gentle. Pulling her to him and taking a long time just devoted to kissing. Long soft kisses with him in the lead. The one time she leaned in and tried to reciprocate, to push her tongue into his mouth, he pulled away and made a soft negative grunt. After that he pushed her onto her back, tangled his hands in her hair, trapping her, holding her still.

Leaning down he took her nipple in his mouth, sucking hard and pulling at her with his teeth. For the first time she made a soft sound in the back of her throat. She arched her back, lifting her breasts to him, silently begging for more. Her whole body starting to tingle and squirm.

When she reached down his belly, craving to feel his heat and hardness, he again made the soft negating sound. She pulled her hands away, carefully laying on the bed above her head, finding and gripping a pillow. As his fingers found her center, spreading and stroking the hot damp folds of her pussy, she whimpered and spread her legs.

"Like that?" His voice was deep and demanding a response. She opened her eyes and saw that he was looking at her face intently, watching as each wave of pleasure flowed over her.

She blinked, trying to meet his eyes, and groaned out, "Oh yes, sir. It feels good."

He had an intense almost predatory smile on his face. She could tell he was enjoying playing her, forcing her responses to him. When her hips began to lunge against his touches and her eyes began to lose focus, he knelt between her legs and slowly entered her. Once more she found her eyes locked with his, as a soft groan of happiness shook her.

He lifted her legs, pushing her knees up high and resting his weight on the backs of her thighs. This steep angle pushed him against the walls of her cunt hard and at the same time pressed his balls against her ass, sending waves of excitement through her.

She ground herself against him as he began to slowly sensually thrust deep into her. As he pulled out she could feel the hot wet shaft slide down the crack of her ass and then he would push hard back into her, filling her, forcing groans and whimpers from her.

She began to shake hard, her whole body going rigid. He could tell she was close and he moved his hands to her ankles, pushing them down around her ears. She could feel the stretch and pull of her muscles, the strain adding an edge of pain into the swirl of sensations lifting her, pushing her up and over the top.

As she fell over the edge, she grated out, "Oh god, fuck me. Fuck me hard." She struggled to move against him, to arch and lunge back to meet his hard slamming thrusts, but he was holding her too tight. All she could do was grip the pillows in her hands and groan as her climax shook her.

He made a soft, triumphant grunt as he joined her. His hips jerking and spasming against her. His hot essence washed inside her.

As she came back to herself, she became aware for the first time she was gasping through her open mouth, her sinuses completely solid and aching. As they snuggled up together, she tensed and whimpered.

"Whats the matter baby?" His voice was soft and sleepy.

"I have a muscle cramp."

"In your leg? I was pushing them up pretty hard."

She felt a wave of embarrassment. "Um... no. Its between my legs. In my butt." As the muscles spasmed and clenched, she flinched and moaned out a soft moan. "I never had this happen before."

She pulled herself from the bed and stood uncertainly. It was not unusual for her to have some muscle pain after sex. He like to push her into some pretty contorted positions. Usually any cramp or muscle pain was easy to deal with. She could stretch or massage away the pain but now it was deep inside her. "I think I will try to walk it off." She went to her dressing room and pulled on a soft pair of pajamas. As she leaned down to pull on the bottoms, her calf tried to seize up.

Standing up she forced the muscle to stretch out, refusing to let it cramp. This was weird. Her head heavy and hot. Her nose was completely stuffed up and she had to breath through her mouth.

Walking into the bathroom she took some aspirin and drank a big swallow of night time cold medicine. She put another application of the cold prevention medicine up her nose. She saw him watching her and held up one of the applicators. "Want one?"

"No. How are you feeling?"


She made a bed for herself on the couch and curled up with her laptop. She was wide awake, though she felt dull and achy. She could not focus on writing or even reading. She sat mindlessly playing endless Gem Drop. The tightness in her chest was getting worse and she was having more and more difficulty resisting the urge to cough.

She did not know when she fell asleep. It was 3:00 am in the morning she woke with a deep wracking cough, wet and rough, it felt like she was tearing her lungs apart. It was so violent, she almost peed herself. Rushing to the bathroom, she sat and coughed.

She dug out a thermometer and stuck it in her mouth but could not close her mouth around it. Her nose was still completely stuffed. She looked at it and grimaced, almost a hundred degrees. This definitely was not a cold. She kicked herself for not getting a flu shot.

She sat on the couch, convulsed with deep ragged wet coughs. Between bouts of coughing she sat exhausted, breathing out of her mouth. She had her laptop in her lap, but did not turn it on.

He woke up a couple hours later. He took one look at her and frowned. He touched her forehead. "You have a fever."

She nodded miserably and began another fit of deep wracking coughs. He went into the bathroom and got out some liquid cold medicine and handed it to her wordlessly. She opened the lid and drank some straight from the bottle and shuddered at the bad taste.

"Good girl. How is that cramp?" He knew she hated to take medicine. The very fact she did not put up a fight, meant she really did feel sick.

"Its gone. I think I have the flu. It would explain the muscle cramps."

"I will get you a cup a tea. I want you to drink it all while it is hot. It will help loosen that cough up. Have you called your work? I want you to stay home."

"I will call at 8:00." As he put the cup down beside her she tried to smile. She silently whispered "Thank you, sir." She picked up the hot tea and sipped it. He had put honey and lemon in it, exactly like she liked it. It felt so good that he was taking charge, taking care of her.

As he got ready to leave for work, he mentioned he had used the cold prevention medicine. She wondered if it would do anything to help with the flu.

Her voice was hoarse and soft. "Tonight, for dinner, could I please have hot and sour soup?" The soup from the Chinese take out place was rich, and the spicy acidic broth always felt so good when she had a sore throat.

"Sure sweetie. I want you to get a lot of sleep today."

"My head is too stuffed up to sleep." On top of that she was starting to feel nauseas. She didn't know if it was the flu or the cold medicine.

The day went by slowly. She used a whole box of Kleenex by noon. Her nose was raw from being wiped over and over. She managed to drop off to sleep dozens of times but was awakened by coughing after only a few minutes each time.

She kept drinking tea, primarily because she knew he would approve. When he came in the door in the evening she started to pull herself up off the couch and he made a sharp gesture, pointing for her to stay laying down.

"Did you sleep?"

"I tried. I fell asleep a lot of times, but the coughing keeps waking me up."

He came over and stroked her hair back from her face, and felt her forehead. "What is your temperature?"

"Its been ninety nine most of the day."

"Have you taken any medicine?"

"I took aspirin again in the afternoon because my head ached from all the coughing." She touched his hand. "I am glad we made love last night. I think I am out of commission for a while." She was coughing almost constantly now.

He smiled gently. "I will survive little one. I will go get your soup in a little while. I want to wait for the rush hour traffic to die down."

Her voice was hoarse, "Please get a big one, so I will have some left over for tomorrow." She sat up and pulled her computer into her lap. She was coughing almost constantly. Her chest was sore and it felt like things were tearing loose inside her.

He took her lap top away and gave her a hard look. "No playing. You are supposed to be sleeping." Carefully folding it up, he put it out of her reach.

She lay back down and nodded. She looked wistfully at her laptop. "Can I watch TV?" Her voice was whiny and rebellious.

He frowned at her. "You watch your tone, little one. You might be sick but you can still get a spanking." He ran his hand over her side, his fingers stopping and gripping her hip firmly.

She did not have any fight in her. "Yes sir."

He picked up the remote and flipped through the channels, finally finding a rerun of a nature show with a droning narrator. "This should help you sleep." He had a teasing smile on his face.

The pictures were pretty and she snuggled down, her eyes drowsy. The rhythm of coughing and blowing her nose becoming unconscious series of repetitive movements. Idly she noticed the paper bag she was throwing the tissues in was almost overflowing.

She must have drifted off, because she did not notice he had left to buy the Chinese take out. She woke to him moving a TV table over next to the couch. A white paper bowl of soup sat on it. "Wake up, baby. Eat it while it is hot."

When she sat up, she was shaken with an unusually violent spasm of coughing. Her whole body contracting in a ball, convulsing in effort to force the air out of her lungs. "This is nuts." She hacked and spat out a mouthful of mucus into a tissue. "My whole body is falling apart."

As she took the first bite of the soup she moaned in pleasure. The hot soup felt so soothing and the spiciness seemed to ease some of the congestion in her head. "Oh, this is so good. Its exactly what I needed. Thank you sweet heart."

After dinner she snuggled back down into her blankets. She was struggling with renewed coughing fits that the hot soup seemed to have triggered. He picked up the remains from dinner. "You should take a bath."

"I am too tired. The hot water would wear me out."

He raised his head and looked at her, his brow raised up. She could tell he was deciding whether she was being disobedient. "I will run you a bath. You go get your towel."

"Yes sir." She knew he would have had her up and over his knee any other time. Any more protests would not be tolerated.

As she slowly lowered herself into the steaming hot water. Her breath hissed and then she relaxed as the warmth enveloped her. She looked up and saw him looking down at her. He leaned down and casually trailed his finger along her belly. He had that satisfied look that he got when he knew he had been right.

It took a long time soaking before her sinuses opened enough for her to smell that he had added lavender to the water. She let her head tip back until only her nostrils and open lips were above the water. Her whole body was relaxed. She could feel herself float up and sink down as she inhaled and and exhaled.

When he came back in, she said, "Look at what I can do." And inhaled a deep breath through her nose.

"I knew that a bath would help."

She was completely worn out when she got out of the hot water. It was almost too much effort to dry off. She rubbed the soft towel along her body with trembling hands. For the first time in almost twenty four hours her head was not congested and the coughing was not so bad.

She pulled her last clean pair of pajamas and crawled back onto the couch. "Can I play with my computer?"

"No. You sleep."

She put on her best little girl voice. "I could go to sleep better if somebody rubbed my feet." It was a long shot. She could not remember the last time he had massaged her feet. He was the one that got foot massages.

He stopped and looked at her. He had a quizzical look on his face. She had not asked him to rub her feet in years. He shrugged and sat down on the end of the couch and pulled her feet into his lap. As he began to rub the bottoms of her feet, she sighed and let her whole body go limp. "That feels wonderful." He watched her face and laughed softly as he noticed the same expressions of pleasure flashing across her features that he had noticed the night before when he had been stroking her clitoris. She was more than halfway asleep when he stood and covered up her feet.

Another strangling coughing fit woke her again at 3:00 am. She was just happy that she had managed to sleep for almost five hours. Her coughing seemed to be slightly more effective. It felt like she was being somehow more successful clearing the stuff out of her lungs. It seemed to hurt less to cough too.

He was asleep in the bedroom. She eyed her laptop. She really did feel a little better. She got a hot cup of tea with lemon and pulled the computer into her lap. She had not written anything since yesterday. She was still typing when he got up at 8:30am. He looked at her and smiled. "You look a lot better than you did yesterday."

"Really?" She was still coughing a lot but she had to agree. Her energy felt a lot better. Her temperature was normal. It would probably be a few more days but hopefully she was getting better.

A little while later she pulled herself up and padded into the kitchen. As she got out the pans to start his breakfast, he walked up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her and pressed his lips to the corner of her neck. She leaned back against him. His voice was soft and had a hint of steel as he growled against her neck, "What the fuck do you think you are doing?"

Suddenly aware that she was not so much embraced, as trapped, she stood very still. Her voice was soft, "Getting ready to cook your breakfast, Sir." She felt his fist in her hair and forced herself to relax into his arms as he pulled her over backwards, trusting his strength to keep her from falling.

He caught her and held her, gripping her arm and twisting it up behind her. She felt the kiss on her neck turn to a bite. She whimpered as the soft warmth of his lips turned to sharp pain. Carefully, she tipped her head, baring more of her neck to him. For a the briefest of eternities she hung there, suspended in his hands, letting the pain and surrender flow over her.

He growled into her ear. "You, my girl, are out of commission. I did not tell you to cook me breakfast. Get your ass back in bed, now!" He lifted her back to her feet and gave her a very sharp swat on the ass as she hurried back to her bed on the couch. "I will decide when you get to go back to work."

Smiling a huge grin, she rubbed her bottom. "Yes sir."

"I will go out for breakfast. Is there anything you want before I leave?"

"No sir."

"I expect you to be laying down when I get back; and not too much computer." He was a firm believer in sleeping.

"Yes sir." She snuggled down into her covers. Carefully she traced her finger tip along her neck where she could still feel the brand of his teeth. She had a very warm happy feeling. It was the nature of their relationship that she was the caretaker around the house. It felt good to be babied for a change.

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