tagIncest/TabooOut of Control Ch. 03

Out of Control Ch. 03


**I just want to say thanks to all the people who sent feedback during the past two years and I am really sorry that it took me this long to get the thing sent in and written. Sorry about all the typos and for it being more romantic than just straight going at it. Hope you enjoy. **

The feel of Marcus' mouth on my breast was almost too much to take. I arched up into him, loving the feel of his body against mine. My arms went to his shoulders, gripping and pulling him closer. I wanted my whole breast in his mouth. Yet all he would take was the nipple.

I groaned in frustration when he raised his head and looked at me. Marcus just chuckled. "Marcus, please."

Looking at me with heavy lids, he asked, "Please what, kitten?"

I growled slightly. "You know what."

"No, I don't," Marcus said, "and don't take that tone with me, little girl." So saying, I felt a stinging slap on my bare bottom.

Instantly I remembered my place. "Yes, Daddy, I'm sorry."

"That's better, little one. I know you are enjoying yourself and you like what Daddy is doing to you. If you want me to continue or if there is anything you want to have done to you, all you have to do is ask me. Understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"Good, now come give Daddy a kiss." Not thinking of anything but the feel of his lips on mine, I pressed up against him, standing on the very tips of my toes to reach his lips. I pressed my lips against his lightly at first, enjoying the process. I could feel his hard body against mine, straining through his clothes.

My tongue hesitantly licked at his lips, almost unsure of the mechanics at work. Marcus grabbed me suddenly but the waist, pulling me harder against him. When he saw I couldn't get any closer, he bent and grabbed me by the waist, lifting me completely off the floor.

"Wrap your legs around me, baby." I did so, moaning as my inflamed pelvis came into touch with him.

Marcus groaned and said huskily, "God, you are so fucking hot, little one. I can't wait to stick my hard cock into your pussy."

He pressed me up against the nearest wall, and looked down at me. Marcus saw her kissable lips, and knew that she was his. He told her just that. "Once I get inside you baby, I am never leaving. No one will touch this pussy now. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Tell me what I just said."

She breathed out harshly, her eyes flashing. "I'm not stupid, Marcus. You're saying only you will be fucking me while we are together."

She stared at him defiantly and Marcus grinned slowly. His kitten was always spoiling for a fight. Just to please himself, he tapped her on the ass again. "What did I say about that tone of voice?"

Her eyes flashed dangerously. "You keep hitting me and there won't be anything left of you to fuck me with. Also I'll say whatever I want. You aren't my-."

She stopped at that sentence and blushed. He threw his head back and laughed loudly. "Oh, but I am. When I entered this room, I become someone more. I AM YOUR DADDY, Kitten, and don't forget it."

Marcus took her lips again, sliding his tongue into her mouth, dueling with hers. He wanted to show her just how much control over her he had. His hands moved, his left hand going to the back of her neck, his right moving down her body until it reached her breast. He grasped her nipple and pulled. It didn't hurt too much but it still made her scream against his lips.

Gently he smoothed her nipple, showing her without words how it would be between them. Pain might come but he would make it better with a soft word and a gentle hand.

His long fingers continued down her body, not stopping until they reached the notch between her legs. He already knew she was wet. She was so wet; she had put a wet spot on the front of his jeans. Not that he minded, in fact he loved knowing he got her that wet simply from kissing her. His hand moved between their bodies and his fingers felt just how wet she was for him. She was drenched. He quickly pulled his fingers up and stuck them in his mouth after releasing her mouth.

Oh, god, he thought, she tasted just as his he expected. He licked all the juices from his fingers and knew he had to have more. So much more.

Quickly he pulled her closer to him and strode to the bed. He deposited her on the bed gently, following her down, as he settled between her thighs.

"Baby, you tasted so good. I need to feast on you. Can I please, baby?"

She looked at him and nodded. He didn't even notice. Asking had been a technicality. He would have simply persuaded her to let him if she had refused.

Softly he kissed he belly and he heard her soft intake of breath. She was just as ready for this as he was.

I watched his dissent with growing anticipation. The feelings he made me feel were so incredible I didn't think I'd ever felt the way I did with him. I screamed as his mouth finally settled on my pussy. At first his mouth was gentle, his lips only kissing my nether lips. I loved looking at him, his head nestled between my legs, causing all those wonderful feelings.

Suddenly his mouth settled fully over my clit. I bucked up against him, again crying out in joy.

Marcus looked up at me and grinned. He removed his mouth, his face shining with my pussy juices.

"Am I going to have gag you, baby? Mmm, I can just see you know, gagged and tied to the bed, withering as I eat your beautiful puss."

Marcus made a move to leave me and gather the things to tie me to the bed. Quickly I stammered, "No, please Daddy, don't stop. I'll be quiet, I promise."

I turned my head slightly to stare into his beautiful blue eyes. With my own, I pleaded with him.

He laughed again and came up to kiss me, letting me taste myself on his lips. The taste was a heady thing and I moaned loudly.

"I told you that you tasted great. Every thing is beautiful with you kitten. You are making Daddy a very happy man. I want you Kitten. I've wanted you ever sense you walked into my life with your smart-ass mouth and tight body. You know what I wanted to do with you that day in the interrogation room?" he asked as he propped himself on his arms surrounding me with his body.

I did but I wanted him to tell me. I needed him to confess his want to me. It made me feel powerful yet I was humbled that a man of his bearing would lust after me. I shook my head, my hair bunching around my face. His hand lifted and pushed it away, lingering on my cheek to caress it lightly.

"I wanted to take you right there in that room. I didn't care that there were other people watching. Hell, I think I would have enjoyed touching you body while someone looked on. The people able to look but not touch you sexy body."

He pulled back from me suddenly. His gaze was fierce. "This body is mine, Kitten. No one else's. I know you already said you understood but I want you to know what you are getting into. If you can't handle that, let me know because I won't stand for someone else caressing you ass, sucking your tits, or playing with you luscious pussy."

I should have been outraged, should have pushed myself away from him, demanding he left. However, I did none of that. I simply nodded and offered him my lips to show him I agreed.

Marcus groaned and as out lips met, my hands came up and framed his face. My lips caressed his softly, pressing hard when I felt the need to show my arousal.

Slowly, I pulled back, my lips not wanting to separate from his. "Marcus, I've already said I'd only sleep with you until you decide that we are through."

Once again I joined my lips to his. My hands journeyed over his body, discovering just how wide his shoulders were and how hard his abs seemed. Slowly my hand traveled down...down...until I was able to feel his cock pressing against my hand through his pants. He growled and pressed his cock further into my hands. However he quickly pulled back.

"Not yet, baby. We have some things to discus, ok?"

I nodded, too addled brained to answer. At that moment I would have probably jumped out my window if he'd asked.

"I know that we didn't start off on the right foot and a lot of that is my fault. But-what was that?"

"Nothing," I said grinning impishly. "I didn't say anything."

Marcus grinned and pinched my nipple gently. However his mouth dipped down to ease the sting away, leaving me moaning for more.

"What was it you said, kitten?"

"I-I said that it was all of your fault," I stuttered, suddenly afraid of his reaction.

Marcus looked at me with unreadable eyes and then suddenly threw his head back and laughed. "Kitten," he said once he'd quieted, "I love that smart mouth of yours. Kiss me with it again. I can't seem to get enough of it."

My lips found his and soon we both were breathing hard. I could feel his arousal pressing against me and I shivered slightly, imagining the feeling as he slid inside me. I fumbled with the buttons on his shirt, wanting nothing more that to feel the press of his bare skin against my own. However, my fingers wouldn't cooperate and I sobbed my frustration into his mouth.

Marcus pulled back from me, taking in the picture of my body begging for release. I saw his fingers tighten on the pillowcase beside my head and for a second I though we would finally do what I needed done. No such luck though.

"I told you we needed to talk. Now stop teasing Daddy and be a good little girl. And stop looking at me like that, damnit," he growled.

"Like what?"

"Like you'd let me take you at anytime."

"Well, I would. We both know I want you. Why do you think I was such a bitch? I didn't know how to handle a man like you," I said, slightly bitter.

"Man like me? What the hell does that mean?"

"You know. Handsome, in control all the time. Someone who is ten times better than me," I muttered under my breath. Marcus heard me however. His reaction was not what I expected. His head drew back to stare at me silently. His eyes had turned to an icy blue. Harshly he said, "You are a fucking goddess, do you understand? How could you not think I find you sexier than hell? My dick is as hard as a railroad spike. I've been in a constant state of arousal since you opened that sexy mouth of yours and spewed fire at me. Every night since we met, I've been going home to my apartment and jerking my cock, imagining you there with me. You're mine, baby, and I'm not letting go. THIS is mine," his hand once again settling on my pussy, his grip more forceful. "I'm the only one who is going to feel you cum. The only one who will make you scream."

As he said these words, his fingers were doing magical things to me. He slid first one finger into my cunt, followed shortly by another, filling me to the brim. Slowly the tempo built until I was rocking my hips to his thrusts.

Marcus leaned in and whispered in my ear. "You like that don't you baby? You like having Daddy finger fuck his pretty little girl. Daddy can't wait until he can stuff your pussy with his cock. Would you like that baby?"

"Yesssss, Daddy," I moaned as he slid his fingers deeper inside me.

"Tell Daddy what you want him to do, love." His mouth kissed along my jaw line, nipping my chin slightly.

I couldn't think, couldn't speak because of the things he was doing to me. Suddenly his hands and mouth disappeared, leaving me to cry out in disappointment.

"Apparently you don't like what I'm doing baby so I'll stop."

"NO, Daddy, don't stop. PLEASE, don't stop. I love the feeling of your finger inside me, I can't wait for you to slide your cock into my pussy."

Marcus resumed his ministrations and once again, his mouth returned to whisper wickedly to me. "I want you so much baby. I've imagined how tight your cunt will be around my cock. I've seen you in every position but my favorite is you underneath me, begging me in that sexy southern voice of yours to fuck you harder. I am going make you my slut, baby. I'm going to have you wet and ready every time I come home. I'm gonna pull you close to me as soon as I get home, bend you over the table, and shove my cock in your cunt."

With those words I came violently. My body arched underneath him and I screamed loudly. Marcus quickly lowered his mouth onto mine to keep me quiet.

His fingers continued to rub and plunge inside me, causing me to continue to orgasm, over and over again. Finally it was over and Marcus rolled us until he was on his back and I was lying on top of him.

I gazed down at him, sleepily noticing how drawn his face looked. Quickly I said, "I'm sorry. I know I must be heavy. I'll get off you."

"What?" he asked, confused.

"I'm too heavy. That's why you look uncomfortable. Let me up," I said struggling against his tightening arms.

"You are not going anywhere. And you aren't too heavy. STOP IT," he roared, his hand coming down on my ass hard. "I'm uncomfortable because my dick needs to come soon or I'll die. You are fucking perfect the way you are and I don't want to hear you say another word, understand?"

"Yes," I mumbled.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Daddy, I understand."

"Good, now stand up and help Daddy undress." So saying Marcus deposited me onto the floor, holding me close while I waited for my legs to work. I looked into his beautiful face and I once again felt the pull of arousal.

I slid my hands into his unbuttoned shirt and slowly pushed it from hi shoulders. As my palms made contact with his nipples, Marcus inhaled sharply. I loved knowing I controlled some things in this relationship.

His hand has been busy undoing his jeans and within seconds, Marcus was standing in front of me, totally nude. He was beautiful, no blemishes discernable to the naked eye. I told him so and had the pleasure of seeing him blush.

I laughed and let my eyes feast on him. As if led with a magnet, my eyes latched onto the sight of his erection. My mouth began to water and I knew what I would do next.

I immediately dropped to my knees, startling Marcus. I licked my lips and turned my eyes up to him. Mischievously I asked, "Daddy, can I lick your lollipop?"

Marcus audible swallowed and I heard him whisper, " Thank you God," before he told me I could.

Slowly I leaned in and kissed the tip. He was so big, I thought, reveling in that fete. In truth I had thought he could be nothing but large seeing as everything else about him was.

I pulled back slightly to gaze at the monster before me. My mind wandered and once again I was daydreaming about him being inside me. Oh, the feelings it would bring.

I felt Marcus' hand tighten on my head where it lay and I quickly returned to business. I leaned in and enveloped the head of his cock in my mouth. I could taste his precum on my tongue and the reaction it caused made me groan. My mouth tightened on him, drawing him deeper inside my mouth.

Before long his whole cock was stuffed inside my mouth and he was moaning desperately. As I sucked him, I could hear him urging me on, telling me how good a cocksucker I was and how I was such a good little slut. His words had a profound effect on me and I became more aroused.

I began to suck his cock harder, bobbing my head faster and faster, wanting to feel his cum splatter into my waiting mouth.

Unfortunately Marcus didn't want that. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up to kiss him. His legs spread mine and soon again his hand was flicking my clit.

"I want you on my cock now, baby. Lay down on the bed."

Quickly I did just that. Marcus followed just as swift. "I'm sorry baby," he said staring into my eyes.

"For what, Daddy?"

"Our first time isn't going to be slow and easy. I'm gonna fuck you hard and fast."

Suddenly his cock slammed into my wet cunt. Oh, god, he was huge and it hurt so badly. I screamed and jerked to get away. However, Marcus had control of me and wouldn't release me.

"A virgin? My kitten was a virgin? I never thought it possible. God, you are so tight, like a goddamn vise on my cock. Oh, baby, thank you for this gift. Thank youuuu," he said starting to move slowly, inch by inch.

That time the movement wasn't painful. In fact it felt extremely good. Slowly the movement built and I responded. Before long I was arching against him, begging him loudly to fuck me harder.

He was happy to oblige. Two more strokes and over the edge I went. Marcus only took two more after that to join me. He collapsed heavily on top of me and after a few minutes I thought perhaps he was dead.

However soon he rolled us over until I was sprawling on top of him. I closed my eyes, tired yet happy for the first time in a long time.

"How?" he asked quietly, drawing me from my daze.


"How is it you are still a virgin? I mean until just then." He wondered, sliding his hand up and down my back soothingly.

" 'Cause no man ever wanted me. They didn't find me attractive," I said simply.

Marcus swatted me softly on the butt. "What did I say about talking down on yourself? Stop it."

"I'm not. It's just most men don't take the time to see the real me. Men take one look at me and see bag lady and keep moving. That is-."

"Until me. Yep. I took one look and couldn't see past these luscious tits," he said needling them hard, "or beyond your awesome ass." His hand settled on my bottom as he continued to speak. "Well, whatever the reason I'm honored you gave me your virginity. And I plan on doing everything in my power to corrupt you. Because, baby, you make me out of control and I plan on doing the same to you."

His lips found mine again as his caresses grew more possessive. I could hardly wait to see just how he did that.

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