tagNonHumanOut of Darkness Ch. 06

Out of Darkness Ch. 06


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Island of Sardinia, 1052 A.D.

The wind blew through the tall grass and ruffled the black fur of the massive panther who stood still at the peak. He looked out over his camp, watching his people go about their errands with no idea that their lives were about to change, forever. His long tail moved slowly side to side as he pondered his dilemma and the few options available. His blue eyes mirrored the sadness he felt in his heart.

He turned his head as a red panther padded silently to his side and sat quietly, her whiskers twitching as she caught the scent of a nearby buck. She hadn't eaten in several days. Her small size was deceiving; she was as deadly as any other panther in the pack.

Leander trusted his grandmother more than any of the other six elders that sat on the Council. Although the Alpha was the leader of their people, the Council of Elders, made up of seven female panthers, was the heart of the pack. Their own mythology stated that without the Council, there could be no pack. Many years before there were nomadic family groups that wandered their island, fighting among themselves and with the werewolves. But then the seven sisters formed the first Council, chose the first Alpha, and brought the panthers together into a cohesive unit that would thrive on this little rock in the Mediterranean. Since then, they had lived in peace.

Thank you for meeting me, Grandmother. I need your guidance.

You have never asked for it in the past, Leander. What is it that bothers you so that you would ask me for assistance? She glanced at her grandson. He had grown to be an impressive male, but it was difficult for her to see him as anything but the mischievous little cub that used to run between her legs. As the Alpha, he had been independent in his leadership, never coming to her or the other elders for their counsel.

The large head turned, and his blue eyes fixed on hers of emerald green. I have never been in need of it until now, Grandmother. We are in danger. I need to know if the elders have seen our future in their visions. I need to know if I am making a grave error in judgment.

Leander, our visions cannot tell you. We have only seen what will become of our people. But we have no way of knowing what decisions you made that led to that future. It may be in spite of your choices. Lysandra had never seen him so disturbed. He was a prideful panther, and for him to ask for her aid meant their people were in dire circumstances. Her grandson had never shown fear of anything or anyone in his three hundred years as Alpha. What could have happened to cause him to be so disheartened about the future of the pack?

His head dropped, his nose almost to the ground. He felt as if the world were crashing down upon him. This must have been how his father had felt when the humans first came to their island, and he had realized their way of life would change drastically. He was grateful his father was not here to see that, again, there would be drastic changes. Please, Grandmother, tell me what you saw.

She hesitated a moment before answering his request. We saw our people scattered to the four winds. They were lost and alone. But in a time many moons from now, a council of panthers will arise in a new world and bring our kind together again ,and save them from a great evil. That evil is already among us. She stared into her grandson's sad eyes. But you already know the evil, do you not?

The defeated panther nodded. (I have looked into the eyes of evil itself, and it has no soul, Grandmother.

Whatever you decide, Leander, it will be what is best for the pack. Of this I have no doubt. The Council will support you.

Thank you, Grandmother.

Lysandra followed his sleek form as he made his way down the hillside towards the camp. It was all happening the way she'd seen it so many years before. She'd never told anyone about her visions. And now it would all come to pass just as she had seen. She curled her long tail around her body as a single tear fell.


Sardinia, Italy - Present Day

"What do you mean there's no trace? The boss will have your head if you can't get the job done! I suggest you try harder." Seraphina laughed as she ended the call. Fool. You'd think he'd know better than to call with no information. If the boss had answered the phone, his death warrant would have already been signed. She drummed her long red fingernails on the desk. Now the question was whether to tell the boss right away, or save the information for later.

Seraphina, meet me in my quarters.

She smiled to herself. The boss hadn't sent for her in a month. She'd started to worry she had fallen out of his favor. She pushed her chair away from her desk and stood up, straightening her tight skirt. Not that it would be on for long. She ran her fingers through her long blond hair, making sure to make it just a little bit wild, just the way he liked it. On my way, boss.

Seraphina walked past a group of Betas, a smirk on her beautiful face. She accentuated the swing of her hips as she made her way down the hall. She loved the admiring looks from the males she passed, several of them hoping to catch her attention themselves in the future. She might accommodate them at some point. But she really was hoping to remind the boss of why he'd kept her around for half a millennium.

Erobos smiled when he heard the tell-tale sounds of Seraphina's spike heels on the wooden floors. She would be at home in one of those dance clubs the humans loved so much, and would have the males falling all over themselves to please her. But she lived to please him. He allowed her her dalliances with the Betas, but she belonged to him. She was the perfect consort for him until he finally had his mate. She was so much more to his liking than Zosime, who had been a monumental waste of his precious time. But she'd served her purpose.

The statuesque blond stood outside the door and was about to knock. Her hand stopped in mid-air.

Enter, Seraphina.

As she opened the door she spotted him at the other side of the room, waiting for her. Her lips curved into a smile and she lowered her eyes in submission. She approached him slowly, taking carefully measured steps to accentuate her sultry movements. She could see, out of the corner of her eyes, his attention fixed on her. As far as she knew, he hadn't taken any of the other pack females in the last month. She'd been a little worried when he'd brought the human female to the compound. But he had just locked her up and hadn't seemed overly interested in her. Whatever her purpose had been, Drago had thrown a monkey wrench into his plans. He would pay for that soon enough. But for now, she was content to have the boss' full attention again.

The door closed quietly behind her. She stood in front of her Alpha, his for the taking. She always felt the same way when she was here, even after all these years. One would think they would know each other well, but she never knew what he would do to her. The boss was unpredictable. About the only thing she knew was that he was never gentle. Again, the smile came to her lips as she waited, watching the floor.

His eyes gleamed as he looked at the sensuous little bitch in front of him. He sniffed the air and grinned with satisfaction. She was always ready for him. She couldn't be hotter if she was in heat! But since she hadn't found her mate she had never been in that condition. For a moment he wondered just how much hotter she could get, but that would mean her belonging to someone else, and he would never allow that. Not until his mate was at his side, that is.

He walked slowly around his prey, his hand skating along the naked skin of her shoulders. He did so like it when she kept her shoulders bared. It gave him a wonderful view of her neck and the many scars he'd left there over the centuries. His eyes seemed to change, taking on a life of their own. His wolf was close. Anyone who might see him now would see the beast, and be afraid. His fingers walked their way across her collarbone and he laughed lightly as he saw her sudden intake of breath. Yes, she was a hot one. Just a touch was all it took to have her ready for him. A look from his wolf would bring her to her knees, begging to be fucked.

Her pulse leapt in her throat, her heart pounding as he took his time. Just for a second, her thoughts wandered to the first time he had taken her. She had been given to him by her father to ensure his own safety when Erobos had taken over their pack in Sicily, five hundred years ago. She'd been a virgin and known nothing of sex. She had learned quickly! And what she learned first was that the Alpha's pleasure was all that mattered. Her life depended on pleasing him, and she was a quick study. She had soon learned to enjoy her position as consort of the most powerful Alpha in Italy. And now, he was the most powerful Alpha in Europe, maybe even the world!

His hand took her jaw and turned her to face him, the wolf ready to take his little fuck toy. He wouldn't let her look away as the wolf took over his body. He always wanted her to see what others feared, what she still needed to fear. He would never allow her to think she had tamed him, or that he cared for her in any other way than as his slave, his tramp, his little whore. She was his to use any way he wished. He had found the perfect little play thing and had molded her into the heated little bitch she was now. But if she ever overstepped her bounds, he would kill her in a second. As long as she remembered that, she served his purposes well.

She willed herself to stand still. No matter how many times she had watched his transformation, he still terrified her. But the fear was so worth the pleasure she felt when he would fuck her. She couldn't stop from trembling as she felt his hot breath on her tender skin. His wet tongue slid along her neck, moving from one bite mark to the next. She closed her eyes for one quick moment to gather her wits about her. When she opened them, she stared directly into the eyes of the monster, the evil that lived inside her Master. She fought the instinct to scream. Even after all these years, the sight of him frightened her beyond all reason. In spite of her fear, or maybe because of it, her wolf was ready for him. She flagged her tail in response to the virile male that wanted her. Let the human fear, her thoughts were of him filling her, using her.

Shift, Seraphina.

The blond wolf was anxious to please her Alpha and dropped her clothes. Seconds later she stood on four legs, looking over her shoulder at the gargantuan wolf who stood behind her. She wagged her tail, her tongue hanging. She hadn't felt him inside her in so long, and she was ready.

The Dire Wolf towered over the little female, his huge paws grabbing her by the hips as he plunged his entire length into her tight little body in one stroke. He growled and bit down on the scruff of her neck as she instinctively tried to move away from his invading hard cock. She yelped in pain as his cock stretched her walls without mercy while he thrust into her again and again.

Her yelps of pain became growls of pleasure and she lifted her hips to take him deeper. Her face was to the floor while he pounded in and out. Yes, this was what she'd been waiting for. This was what she was meant for, to belong to her Alpha.

Erobos had not touched a female in a month and his wolf needed to vent his frustrations at the failings of his most recent plans. As he rammed his little bitch over and over, he let his shaggy head fall back and howled his indignation. He needed Gary's formula and he'd been foiled in his attempts to take control of it. He needed Leona and he had lost her. He'd had the means to lure her back and that pup, Drago, had stolen her from him. He had failed over and over.

Seraphina grunted with each forceful thrust into her ravaged pussy. She had gone from pain, to pleasure, and now to excruciating pain as his cock never ceased. But she knew better than to attempt to escape. She began to whine and yelp in pain. She felt his front legs pull tighter around her rib cage as he held her in place. She felt his teeth grabbing at her neck, tearing the flesh, and then his tongue, lapping at her blood. She waited for him to finish, expecting him any moment to sate himself and come with a flood inside her. But he continued his plundering of her flesh and his sucking of in her blood until the wound had healed. She anticipated his orgasm, but it didn't come. Instead, he tore open her neck again, taking more of her blood, until she faded into darkness.

Seraphina awoke with a start, her hand flying to her neck. It was sticky with her blood, but had begun to heal. She carefully took stock of her condition and felt every bruise on her body. Her ribs were broken, but beginning to heal. Her thighs had deep gouges in them from his front claws. Her pussy was flooded with his seed. She shook her head to clear it and looked up to see herself in the mirror across from her. Her hair was a mess, streaked with her blood and his semen. She lifted her lips in a secret smile. Yes, this was what she was meant for.



Kelly sat cross-legged on the little bed in their cramped room in the seediest part of town. She shivered when she thought of the people they'd passed on their way down the alley. The people sitting outside the smoke shops reeked of marijuana. She had held tightly to Drago's arm as they weaved their way between the tattoo parlors and bars until they found a small hostelry to rent a cheap little room with a tiny bed. She looked over at her knight in shining armor, sitting at the little desk across the room.

As usual, Drago was staring at the iPad, making plans for their continued escape from whoever it was that was after them. She studied him carefully. He'd just come out of the shower and was wearing his jeans and nothing else. She bit her lip as her eyes wandered across his massive shoulders. Every muscle stood out in perfect definition. She wanted to slide her hands across them, but she couldn't make herself move. She took a deep breath and held it for a moment, trying to come up with the nerve to stand up, walk a few steps, and touch him. She'd felt those muscles through the thin material of his shirt, but she really felt a need to touch his skin, just once.

Her clothes felt itchy on her skin. She wished she could just peel them off right now. This was silly. She was a grown woman. She'd had relationships before, and she'd never been shy with men. She was attracted to him, that was obvious. And she was pretty sure he was attracted to her too. Hell, let's face it, I want to fuck his living brains out. She watched as he shifted in the chair and his muscles moved under his skin. She licked her lips. C'mon, Kelly, just go over there and touch him.

Drago smiled to himself as he studied the airline schedules in front of him. He knew she was watching him, and his wolf was fighting him for control. The wolf wanted to take her now; at least then she could defend herself. If we turn her now, it could be weeks before her wolf shows herself. And she could be weakened while we wait. We can't afford to take that chance. The wolf turned himself in circles and plopped down to sulk.

He heard her moving behind him. She was trying to walk softly, but to his sensitive ears, she sounded like she was stomping her feet. He pretended not to notice, wondering what she had on her mind. When her fingers touched his skin he forced himself not to move. His wolf jumped up, spinning in circles. She wanted them. He could smell it! It's time. His nostrils flared as he took in her scent of lavender and orange. His cock hardened immediately and pressed painfully into his zipper. When her fingernails scraped down his spine, he took in a large breath, willing the wolf to hold back.

"Drago," she whispered. Her voice didn't even sound like her. It was like someone else was talking for her. Her hand moved along his smooth skin. She closed her eyes and savored the feel of him under her fingers. She was startled by the iron grip of his hand around her wrist. She opened her eyes and saw him looking over his shoulder at her. They stared into each other's eyes.

"Kelly," Drago swallowed hard, doing his best to control the feelings inside him. He turned in the chair, facing her. What he wanted to do was tear the clothing off her and take her on the floor, on her hands and knees, and bite into her delicate neck. He still had hold of her wrist and pulled her closer, her hand now touching his hard chest. He pushed himself forward, breathing deeply, her scent washing over him. His cock throbbed. "We can't. Not yet." He kissed her neck and felt her shiver under his lips.

"Why, Drago? What's stopping us? We could be dead tomorrow." Her free hand stroked the back of his neck and strayed into his crew-cut hair. She loved the feel of it under her fingertips. She was learning so much about him from every touch. "I need you. I love you, Drago." There, she'd said it. She couldn't believe it. She'd never said that to anyone before. But she meant it!

"I love you too, Kelly, with all my heart. But you don't understand. We can't take the chance. We have to be on our guard, always." He pulled her into his lap, holding both her hands, and gently kissed her soft lips. He stopped for a moment and pulled away, a surprised look on his face. "Did you feel that?"

Kelly found herself shaking uncontrollably in his lap. It felt like a shock had gone through her entire body. "You felt it too? What was it?" She was like a limp rag, her body had lost all its strength. She leaned into his shoulder, her heart pounding. His arms closed around her, holding her tightly and she felt his lips sliding along her cheek.

"We were meant for each other, Kelly. But we have to wait. I'll protect you, have no doubt, please. Soon you'll understand everything." He trailed kisses across her face and heard her moans of frustration.

Her hands rested lightly on his shoulders as she savored the feel of his lips, the heat of his skin, the sound of his breathing. She dug her fingers into his skin while she battled with herself for control of her actions. She wanted to fuck him now! But he was right, they had to wait. She was lost in herself as her senses were bombarded with the feel, touch, smell, and sound of him. She didn't notice his body stiffen and his hands still. She didn't see his quick glance at the door.

"Don't make a sound," he whispered into her ear. It took a moment for her to register that something was happening. He helped her to stand and silently pointed to her suitcase. He grabbed his clothes and the duffel bag. His attention was half on the sounds from the hallway and half on Kelly. He motioned to the window and unlatched it, pulling up and suddenly realizing it was stuck. He gritted his teeth and pulled up again. The window didn't budge.

Kelly could hear some commotion in the hallway now and could see the frustration on his face. She looked at him for a brief second before glancing at the doorknob that faced them, seeing it move. Thank goodness it was locked.

Drago saw the fear on her face and used every bit of his strength to force the window. It finally moved. He held his hand out to Kelly, who grabbed it and felt herself dragged to the window and pushed through. He threw the duffel and suitcase out after her and climbed through, shutting the window behind him. He reached back and took Kelly's hand. He wasn't going to let her out of his sight for a moment.

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