Out of Darkness


He had her cradled in his arms, her head leaning against his shoulder as her arms instinctively wrapped around his neck. It only took a second, before it hit him, the scent of lavender, with just a hint of orange. Shit! No wonder the boss wanted her secluded from the males. It never dawned on him why only females were allowed to take her out of the cell. He tightened his hold around her. This changed everything!


The fire had been contained to one floor. The electrical system had shorted out. Luckily, the sprinkler systems had worked as designed and kept the fire damage to a minimum. The parking lot was filled with members of the pack, milling around, waiting to return to the building.

Sylva and Susanna were talking animatedly about the excitement when they felt the boss approaching. They both looked up to see him striding towards them with Seraphina in tow. They exchanged glances. Fuck! They were in for it now. He looked pissed!

He stopped inches from them and looked at first one, then the other. They were identical twins but he could tell them apart easily. "Sylva, where is the female? I don't see her. Shouldn't she have been with you?" To all outward appearances, he was calm. But his anger boiled and radiated out to his pack. They had all turned to see the who had drawn his ire.

"The fire, boss. We didn't have time to get to the room. We had to leave the building. But I'm sure she's fine in there. Just maybe a little wet." She tried to stifle a nervous laugh that stopped as his hand shot out to grab her throat. She struggled to breath as her sister watched, horrified.

"You think this is funny, Sylva?" He stared into her terrified eyes.

And in that moment, she saw Erobos for the first time. She saw what he hid from the pack, and she knew she was doomed. She tried to beg him to let her breathe, but could not make a sound.

"Please, Sir, please, we messed up, we know. We'll do anything to make it up to you, Sir, anything!" Susanna begged for her sister's life, and her own. She had never begged before. But she meant it now.

He turned his head and eyed the fearful Beta. He dropped Sylva to the ground, where she gasped for air like a fish out of water. His fingers, which had just moments before clutched her by the neck, now gently stroked her sister's cheek. "Anything, my dear Susanna?"

"Yes, Sir, anything." She could barely say the words. She had heard he had strange appetites. But it was better than death, she hoped.

"Come with me." He turned and walked away without another word. Susanna helped her sister up and they ran to keep up with is long strides. Seraphina followed closely behind, a knowing smirk on her pretty face.

They stopped in front of the open door. Erobos stiffened slightly. The sisters gawked, open-mouthed. There would be no hope for them; they knew it. That door had been closed and locked when they left it.

Erobos entered and surveyed the damage, the remains of the partition scattered about the room. He took in a deep breath. Drago! Then where was he now? He reached out through the Alpha bond, and found ... silence. So either Drago was dead or had chosen to sever the bond and leave the pack. His rage emanated from him to all the pack. Find Drago. Kill him! Bring me the woman!

He now turned his attention to the two idiots before him. Seraphina shut the door.

Their screaming stretched for hours. The pack tried to shut them out, not wanting to hear the agony from the two Betas, but Erobos made sure they all heard, and knew the implicit warning. His orders were always to be obeyed!

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