tagFetishOut of Paper Ch. 02

Out of Paper Ch. 02


Sam was walking home from class. His mind wandered as it usually does after class on a Thursday afternoon. A smile crept across his face as he remembered pleasuring the girl of his fantasies a little over a week ago, all because he had run out of toilet paper. In fact, his walk home went right by Julie's apartment. Why not stop by and say hi? he thought.

Sam walked through the parking lot and up to Julie's door. Here goes nothing. He knocked on her door.

"Come in," came a voice from inside. Sam walked in to see Julie's roommate, Laura, sitting on the couch. "Hi," she said, "Julie's upstairs. Sit down and watch TV with me." Sam sat down on the couch with Laura. She was watching some stand-up. They laughed at the comic and chatted about his material. After about ten minutes, Julie came downstairs.

"Well, hey, Sam. How's it going?" The girls chatted with Sam for a while, and Julie put on some tea for the three of them. After Sam finished his cup, Laura announced that she had a study group to attend and left Sam and Julie alone in the apartment.

Julie offered Sam another cup of tea, which he readily accepted. "So," Sam began, "how do you feel about what happened last week?"

"Well," Julie replied, her face turning red as she remembered the intense cunnilingus, "It was really what I needed Sam. I haven't been pleasured since the break-up, and after a while, you know, masturbation just doesn't cut it. But, Sam, I hope you realize it meant nothing, we're just friends."

"Of course," said Sam while sipping his tea. "Everyone just needs to get some from time to time. I'm just glad I was in a situation that let me provide you with it." Over the course of the next hour, Julie and Sam talked about life, classes, and the TV. Julie refilled Sam's teacup two more times. Sam thought something might be up because she was getting him to drink a lot. "Where's your bathroom?" Sam asked, finally breaking down.

With a mischievous grin, Julie stood up and said, "This way." She led Sam down the hall and into a small but nice full bathroom. It was obviously a girl's bathroom, with an undersea theme. The shower curtain was deep blue with cartoon fish all over it. A soap dispenser on the sink had plastic fish swimming in it. Other drawings of sea creatures and beach scenes completed the room.

"Uh, you can leave now," Sam said to Julie.

"Well," replied Julie, "you can see that I've spent time making my bathroom look nice. I wouldn't want some boy with poor aim to get it all messy, would I?"

"What are you suggesting?" Sam asked. Without a word, Julie unzipped Sam's fly, dug his penis out of his boxers, and pointed it at the toilet.

"Now go," she commanded. Sam found it difficult to force the pee to flow with a beautiful girl's hand on his cock. Eventually he was able to start emptying his bladder. Julie watched the head of his penis with wide eyes as he let go what felt like a gallon. When he finished, a few drops of the light yellow liquid clung to the slit.

"You need to shake that off," Sam said. Julie sunk to her knees without letting go of Sam's penis. She stuck her tongue out and cleaned the pee droplets off of the head of Sam's penis. Sam smiled at her and she moved her hand down to the base of his penis.

With a wink she said, "Payback," and ran her fingernail up and down the length of the bottom of her new toy. She put her thumb of her other hand in the middle of Sam's balls and pushed gently, causing him to moan. Within a minute his penis became rock hard and a new kind of liquid appeared in its slit. Julie licked the precum and an "mmmmm" escaped her lips. Then she wrapped her mouth around him and began to travel the length of his shaft, tickling it with her barbell tongue piercing.

Sam placed a hand on the wall to brace himself. He was going weak in the knees as pleasure overcame him. The hottest chick I know is sucking me off! As Julie began to move faster up and down his shaft, Sam found his hips moving involuntarily, thrusting his tip to the back of her throat.

Julie started rubbing Sam's balls in a slow, circular pattern as she sucked. Her barbell tickled the underside of Sam's cock in just the right way. They both felt Sam's pelvic mussels tighten as a precursor to orgasm. "Oh Julie, I'm gonna cum!" Sam warned. Julie concentrated her motion on the head of Sam's penis, tickling the bottom of it with her tongue. That put Sam over the edge, and his fluids flowed into Julie's mouth.

Julie swallowed Sam's juice and said, "Are we even."

"We're even," Sam said. He followed her out to the living room and they sat down to watch TV.

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