tagRomanceOut of the Burlap Ch. 03

Out of the Burlap Ch. 03


Several months passed since Joe's simultaneous first and last experience injecting heroin; months of a great deal more ease than usual and quite a lot less unease. He found that ease inevitably in his lovers' arms. But he felt it in a new, unexpected place.

Sitting on his dilapidated couch, listening to Yes and particularly Chris Squire its bassist and emulating those runs of notes on the Fender bass Maya had loaned to him ("It's yours, Joe," Maya told him when his skills improved and his calluses developed. "But it's such an expensive bass, Maya. It's such an expensive gift." "But I rarely use it and you use it all the time." "You may need it for your band," Joe insisted, adding, "I'll get my own when I can afford it."), Joe couldn't believe he had gotten to the point where not only had his copying become flawless, but he found himself improvising and maybe even improving on top of it.

And with that improvement came a greater partnership with Maya in building the music for his lyrics. They would sit together in his little living room, Maya on acoustic guitar and Joe playing the bass through the little Pignose amp Maya had also lent him. Eventually Maya even got him to harmonize with her. They discovered that when he kept his voice deep, octaves lower than hers, he could actually keep in harmony with her. He noticed she recorded everything on her fancy little portable four-track that used fancy DAT tapes. He figured it would be useful for her to work with with her band. He didn't know for sure because he hadn't been invited to rehearsal since he had scored the smack from Spike.

He had an inkling of significant change for both him and his ladies even before the evening of his birthday in early April wherein Maya went an altogether different direction from his apartment in heading to what she called "home."

A couple nights before, Saturday night, after the penultimate performance of the Nordeast Dance Company's season, Maya joined Carol and Joe in Carol's bed for another glorious ménage a trois in which revival of his cock twice helped to give his two lovers plenty of time to climax on it, almost as much time as the opiated penis had given them months before, and his cock felt much more sensitive and got stiffer than it had been under the narcotic influence. But even with the relentless pleasure that had been enjoyed by all as soon as they entered the privacy of Carol's apartment and stripped naked and began the sex marathon, he couldn't help notice bags and boxes had been packed.

"Moving?" he at last asked, worried, once his third climax finished. He knew once the season ended the following day that Carol had nothing holding her in the Twin Cities as far as work went. She had been apprenticing with her father as sort of an assistant to his assistant, but that actually meant she could well become peripatetic considering her father's constant travel. All Carol would do in answer was to nod and smile. The smile should have relaxed him, but it didn't. Instead he stiffened, except his well used penis.

"Massage time," Maya sighed.

The ladies managed to soften his tension until sleep overtook him. They'd gotten really good at it.

When Maya picked him up at his work on his birthday that Monday looking particularly sexy in tight red leather pants and a form fitting pink blouse that barely managed to hold in her plentiful tits and revealed the edges of her black lacy bra at her exposed cleavage, the unexpectedly balmy weather allowing her soft black leather jacket to be unzipped, he immediately stood at a cramped attention at his crotch.

"Ready?" she purred.

"Uhm...give me five minutes to finish up," he told her wide eyed.

The wide eyes made her giggle as did the generous stare of his colleague, a lesbian and fellow singer developing a following as an r & b belter.

"You look delicious," the lesbian murmured to her.

"Thanks Kathy," she smiled. "How's the gigging?"

"Great. I got a gig at the Uptown for a Saturday night. I'm fucking headlining."

"That's awesome. I'm sure it will be the first of many."

"Thanks. I hope so."

"It's inevitable," said Maya. "We'll be there."


Truth be told, neither Maya nor Joe were all that impressed with Kathy's shows, finding them derivative of countless female r & b shouters and even causing Maya to wince occasionally when Kathy's enthusiasm sent her off key. And Joe couldn't help cringing that time when Kathy claimed "Me and Bobby McGee" had been composed by her principal heroine, Janis Joplin when it had been composed by Kris Kristofferson. "She works in a record store," Joe complained. "She should know better." But of course Maya wouldn't be insulting like that to the somewhat pretty but more handsome lesbian's face. And at least in Joe's getting rides home from Kathy on several occasions, she seemed nice enough.

"Ready," said Joe, hugging his lady and taking her hand as they left the record store.

"You drive, Joe," said Maya, tossing him her keys. "I want to play."

As soon as they closed the car doors, Maya peeled down her pants and brought Joe's fingers between her thighs and beneath her lacy black panties. "You're fucking wet," Joe discovered.

Opening up his jeans, she managed to pull out his hard-on. "Yum," she purred, stroking it.

Being a stick shift, Joe had to deal with shifting to get onto the road. Once cruising, he slipped fingers back into her wetness. Maya had no such distraction, and as soon as they left the parking lot she leaned down and engulfed his purple plum.

"God," Joe moaned.

"Mmm," Maya hummed hornily.

Being of two minds, one of which barely functioned due to the other engulfed in pleasure, Joe struggled to make as quick a time as possible while at the same time wanting to lay back and enjoy Maya's talented tongue. Somehow he slithered through traffic to quicken the drive.

"We're...here," he murmured at the edge of orgasm. Immediately Maya ended her teasing that had brought him excruciatingly close time after time. Her hands worked in tandem, jerking the base of his cock with one and gently squeezing his balls with the other. Her mouth sucked at his plum while her tongue energetically swirled around it.

"Fuck! I'm cumming!" Joe barely warned his dark haired lover. He knew she didn't mind the brief warning, usually sensing when he would fill her mouth with his cum, but she did ask for the notice just in case so she could ready herself for receiving his plentiful semen.

And receive she did, swallowing rapidly to allow room for each spurt until the last of it trickled out and she lapped if from its source causing a moment of discomfort from her lover from too much of a good thing. And as usual, as soon as she lifted her head from his softening member, he captured her lips with his showing his appreciation and not minding the flavor she had gamely suffered through. In fact he loved the heat of those lips that had caused such wonderful friction bringing him to ecstasy.

"Enough of that," she murmured hornier than ever as soon as she broke the kiss. "Hurry."

Impatience greeted each delay of her need for being sated. He couldn't unlock the apartment building's outer door quick enough, nor the door to his apartment. At least the climb up the stairs had been quick, Maya hopping unladylike over every second stair. By the time the door finally opened, she rushed through it, removing jacket and blouse and unzipping the just zipped pants and pulling them off with her panties. Luckily she wore slip on ankle boots easily removed.

Joe too had removed his clothing, at least that which covered his torso, but Maya was too impatient for the rest of it. "Eat me!" she proclaimed, lying back on his bed and spreading wide. He of course did as ordered, though not direct enough on her trembling clit. "Don't fucking tease," she grumbled, and his chuckle actually made her moan.

He honed in on that stiff little clit, sucking at it and dabbing at it and stroking it with ever more increasing speed and pressure. She writhed beneath him, her lungs filling and releasing heavily. He had to still her movement with his forehead on her abdomen and one hand pressing her down at her chest between her large tits. His other hand brought fingers to the fore, coating them with her prodigious juices before two entered and rubbed along the top of her narrow, lively chamber, stroking the textured surface there, her g-spot. Rubbing and aggressive sucking and a tongue bouncing the tip of her clit like a speed bag brought her over like an undulating seizure that quieted to a trembling both throughout her body and within her depths. Not only that signaled her exultation. She, like he had filled hers minutes before, filled his mouth with spurts of liquid pleasure which he greedily and proudly swallowed.

When she recovered she looked between her jugs at his face. "God I needed that," she said before giggling at the abundance of wetness that covered his cheeks and chin. "Did I squirt?" she asked.

"Unh-hunh," he grinned. "It was delicious."

"God you make me cum like no other," she murmured, catching her breath. She reached down, curving her body to reach her destination: feeling the bulge in his crotch. "Good, you're hard again."

"Almost," Joe told her.

"Let me see," she insisted.

He got naked as did she, removing her bra. He kissed those pale hills reverently, sucking at the pinkish brown little towers and licking the quarter sized motes that surrounded them. She squeezed his burgeoning hard-on, pulling it into further thickness and length and hardness. They relaxed into a sideways sixty-nine so both mouths could return to ministering to the pleasure of their mates. This kept Maya at a high plateau and brought Joe's cock to full stature.

"Fuck me," Maya murmured unnecessarily since she pulled him to sitting on the edge of the bed and straddled him and aimed his cock at her hungry little pussy. Clutching him to her with her arms surrounding his neck once his glans had been properly seated just inside her gateway, she pulled his lips to hers as she lowered slowly and joyously, feeling his cock open her up as it always did with remarkable intensity. Her cunt had become wider with his cock's frequent use of it, but it still retained a petite nature that squeezed him deliciously for both of them.

As usual, they found the shallow barrier of her cervix gave his cock an inch or so to spare. She rested against his thighs in a measured place to prevent him from bruising her, the angle needed to protect her from damage actually helping her enjoy the fuck with the friction it created on the upper portion of her pussy.

The lack of depth in her cunt and the resultant restraint actually let him into her anus soon after that first night in which Carol had done anal with him. In fact he had been Maya's first anal fuck. She had feared her petite nature would cause too much pain. But she discovered she actually enjoyed being fucked there, and fucked hard there, and it often surpassed the pleasure she found being fucked the normal way partly due to the abandon Joe could have not worrying about bruising her cervix and partly because it stimulated her g-spot like no other technique, even his talented fingers, and partly because often she had the added pleasure of Carol sucking her quim at the same time. When Carol added a strap-on dildo to the equation, one that fit into her cunt perfectly, Maya often passed out from it. Carol loved being double penetrated almost as much, but preferred Maya fucking her ass with the strap-on than Joe's huge cock there.

Clutching her perfect round ass in his hands, Joe guided the fuck as much as Maya did, swinging her against him with more and more rapid movement but still with measured care. Occasionally during some fucks he got lost in the pleasure and went too deep, but luckily not often. This time his cock plunging inside her kept its proper depth, and occasional brushing of the cervix only accentuated her pleasure.

With Joe taking control, Maya lost herself in the pleasure, especially when Joe took hold of her nipples with clamped lips and scraping teeth. The last straw came when scraping became gnawing and one of his fingers plunged into her asshole to the second joint. She actually screamed when bliss overwhelmed her. He continued stroking and chewing as she tightened in his arms only easing off the teeth when she relaxed, lapping his tongue across her ravaged nipples.

After recovering, she took over the fuck, her butt slapping against his thighs. Pulling his face from her breasts, she brought his lips to hers where they shared a kiss for several minutes until another orgasm began building inside her and her mouth needed to take in oxygen as did his.

Both of them worked together fucking. The speed became faster than ever. Finally she breathed out a lengthy, quiet moan before becoming inundated with a wash of bliss that only intensified when, with a noise between a roar and a growl, Joe succumbed to his own orgasm, his cock throbbing out jets of cum while surrounded by the vibrations of Maya's orgasmic cunt. Inner comingling of throbs and shivers of two climaxing genitals created a shared moment of exquisite and nearly unmatched bliss only missing the added thrill of their third lover.

After sharing a loving, caressing albeit dangerously tight spaced shower, the two lovers dried and dressed and readied to leave. "Happy birthday," Maya finally said with a quick kiss on her tippy toes against his smiling lips. "Grab your bass."

"Hunh?" said Joe, having never moved it out of his apartment once he had brought it there.

"Throw it in the case and bring it along, Joe. Please?"

Joe and Maya chuckled. Joe because she looked so cute pleading with him and Maya because he looked so cute in his confusion.

"Yes boss," he said, grabbing the long forgotten case resting behind the couch and filling it with the bass.

"Got that right," Maya responded with cute pride. "Forget the amp," she told him when he went to grab it.

Joe shrugged. "Where are we headed?" he asked.

"Home," was all she answered.

When Maya drove in the wrong direction, Joe asked, "Where are we going?"

"You'll see," Maya responded enigmatically, her lips shifting into a Mona Lisa smile.

When they got off the highway at Snelling Avenue, he asked, "Why are we headed back to my work?"

"We're not," she replied. They soon passed it. Several blocks later, just past Macalester College she turned right and then left after three blocks, and parked near the corner. A three story house, or at least two stories with gabled windows of a presumed attic, sat at the corner.

"Isn't that Carol's car?" Joe asked, noticing the uniquely beige colored Miata parked in front of them. The pinkish beige custom color announced its owner. The vanity plates reading "DA D SCURL," definitely did. Carol proclaimed her spoiled brat status as Daddy's Girl for all to see, though, even if he bought it for her upon college graduation, replacing the Jetta he had bought her upon her high school graduation along with renting her fancy apartment, neither Maya nor Joe considered her spoiled. She worked too hard at dancing and at college where she graduated near top of her class and as her father's assistant's assistant. And she was way too humble, almost self-deprecating, despite, in her lovers' eyes, having absolutely nothing to be deprecating about.

"Unh-hunh. Grab your bass."

The inside of the house whose outside looked to date from the turn of the century, nearly a hundred years old, once they passed through a worn out looking porch, surprised Joe completely. Everything looked newly constructed. It had obviously been gutted and reconstructed recently. And beautifully, combining warmth with elegance; modernity without the metallic edges. In fact everything had a curve to it and the warmth of smoothly wrought blond wood. Just left of the entrance a blond wood staircase swept open at the bottom curving up to the second floor over ten feet above the first floor. Joe had seen larger living rooms in smaller houses, but the room held a coziness that seemed to curve around the hearth to his right. And beyond the walls of the living room which served as support for the second floor, he could see the purpose of the smaller space as it allowed for a dining room that seemed just big enough and a library/office that took his breath away and a huge kitchen that abutted the dining room. And behind that, through a blond wood door seeming to disappear into the wall, another set of steps rose from the back mud room much more straightforwardly than the steps at the front of the house, angling to the left and turning left again. And on those steps stood a smiling Carol grasping the bottom of an antique looking set of drawers.

"Set it down a second, Steve," she said to a tall lean blond pale looking man that resembled her enough to be her brother. Carefully setting the chest down and keeping it from slipping, she turned with an overdone scowl at her lovers. "You're late," she scolded.

"I had need of relief," Maya answered.

"Selfish bitch," Carol muttered. They stuck tongues out at each other.

"You get to christen the bed first, bitch," said Maya.

"You got that right," said Carol, her lovely smile emerging along with a cute wink at Joe. "Happy birthday, Joe. I'd give you a birthday kiss, but I'm kind of busy. Okay Steve." Both lifted the chest and negotiated the corner before disappearing upstairs.

"What's going on?" asked Joe, even more perplexed. "Is that Carol's brother?"


They heard the muted roll of drums.

"Bring the bass," she said with a smile and stopped at a door just inside the house from the mudroom. Opening it revealed another set of stairs that headed down. "Come on."

These steps squealed a bit being much less well constructed than the other steps in the house; slats on a wooden base. As they descended Joe could see a finished basement with a tight woven carpet keeping the concrete warm. He noticed the walls covered with acoustic tile. In the corner of the large space with pillars holding the house above it a drum set had been set up and a cute full figured blonde with a taut face that had been more baby-faced the last time Joe had seen her sat at it and performed another roll ending in a splash of a cymbal that got silenced by her hand. "Hi," said the cute blonde. "I'm Barb."

"I know. I used to see you all the time at the Uptown with the Bimbos. You're working with Maya?"

"Unh-hunh. Surprised?"

"Happily," Joe returned with a smile. "The music's kind of different."

"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't. I got kind of tired of bashing around. I think I might surprise a few people coming to just see the old Bimbos drummer."

"I think you might," Joe chuckled. "Although there'll be some bashing."

"I know. Can't wait," the platinum blonde grinned back.

"How much do you know?" Joe asked.

Everyone chuckled, including the pale and shy and tall and thin strawberry blonde behind the keyboards.

"Hey Annie."

"Hi Joe," Annie responded with her usual quietness. "Thank god you're here. I got sick of playing the fucking bass parts." She smiled innocently despite the f bomb.

Looking at Maya busy attaching a chord to Joe's bass and plugging into a big bass amp, he asked her, "So Spike and Spoon..."

"Fired the assholes right after..."

Joe nodded, understanding the implied moment. Then he studied the new amp. "Nice. Whose is it?"

"Yours Joe. Happy birthday."


"Later," Maya said, testing the bass. "Tune it," she ordered, handing it to him. Annie gave him a note to tune to. Meanwhile Maya kept busy, setting up a second microphone. Annie moved from behind her keyboards and adjusted a fancy soundboard.

"Test the mic, Joe," Maya ordered. When he started counting, Maya shook her head. "Lower, like the way you sing."

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